23 May, 2022


No Response From President For Muslim Council’s Call To Ban BBS

Despite the Muslim Council calling on the President to ban the Bodu Bala Sena (BBS) in Sri Lanka, no measures have been implemented so far that indicates the realization of their request.

The Muslim Council of Sri Lanka in a letter to the President had urged for an immediate investigation into the activities of the BBS accused of instigating anti-Muslim violence in Southern Sri Lanka.

Mahinda at Dome of the RockMCSL President and Secretary, N. M. Ameen and Asker Khan in their letter have urged for a probe into the hate speech and actions of the BBS that have had a direct impact in the communal violence and to ensure the organization’s functions are implemented within the law of Sri Lanka.

“We also urge your Excellency to immediately investigate the actions of all extremist groups and ban those that have promoted racial hatred, intimidation and violence against Muslims, Christians and other religious minorities,” the letter read.

The MCSL letter to the President has also expressed concern over the inaction of law enforcement authorities with regard to attacks on Muslims in Aluthgama and Beruwela as well as during the periodic flare-ups in several other areas in the country.

The Council in their letter to the President has asserted the violence that erupted in Aluthgama and Beruwela last week was not spontaneous, but a well-planned and coordinated assault to attack the Muslim community and their economic base.

They have stressed on the importance of ensuring that Sri Lanka does not repeat the same mistakes of July 1983 and has called on for immediate action to ensure that private feuds are not escalated into racial violence.

Moreover, the MCSL has expressed the commitment of the Muslim to maintaining peace within the countr.

“Your decisive and immediate action at this point will reinforce the faith of the Muslim community of your resolve to ensure that all communities will be treated as equal citizens in Sri Lanka,” the letter further read.

We publish below the letter in full;

19th June 2014

His Excellency Mahinda Rajapaksa


Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka

Presidential Secretariat

Galle Face,

Colombo 1

Your Excellency,

The Muslim Council of Sri Lanka calls upon your Excellency to immediately investigate the actions of all extremist groups and ban those who have been carryout a campaign of hate, intimidation and violence against Muslims, Christians and other religious minorities. The incitement and provocations have been well documented and are available in the public realm. The consequences as witnessed in Aluthgama and Beruwela this week, but also during periodic flare-ups in several other places, have been dire. Appeals made to the police and other authorities by several Muslim groups and the Muslim politicians to stop the rally in Alutgama that preceded the attack was not heeded.  We feel that it is necessary and urgent that the climate of impunity with which these groups have been permitted to act thus far is challenged. We urge decisive action by your Excellency’s Government to restore and uphold the rule of law in this country. It is necessary that a culture of respect for ethnic and religious tolerance– a part of this country’s rich and ancient heritage –is endorsed and encouraged at the highest levels. Five years after the end of the war as this country attempts to strengthen peace, democracy and development under your leadership, this violence and hate threatens to undermine the stability that serves as the foundation for the progress of Sri Lanka.

The BLACK June 2014 for Muslims in Aluthgama and Beruwela reminds us of the black July of 1983, where thousands of Tamils lost lives, livelihood and their properties. The recent incidents have heightened fears that the violence will spread and that Muslims in other areas will come under attack, resulting in deaths and injuries, the destruction of businesses and homes, and the mass flight of Muslims from their homes and communities. Immediately after the pogrom in Aluthgama, extremists had organized a rally in Mawanella on the 18th with provocative messages on leaflets. It was with a court order that the rally was stopped. On the 17th, a rally was organized in Badulla which led to damages to two shops. Organizing these rallies during the troubled times shows the intention of the extremists. There has been a strategic build up to this violence during the last two years by the Bodu Bala Sena, the Sihala Ravaya and the Ravana Balakaya. Your Excellency, the violence in Aluthgama and Beruwela is not something that happened spontaneously, but was a well planned and coordinated assault to attack the Muslim community and their economic base.

Extremists continue to inflame and incite violence against the Muslims and other religious minorities, and this must be stopped. It is important that, under your Excellency’s able leadership, Sri Lanka will not repeat the same mistakes of July 1983. This country cannot continue to witness private feuds being turned in to racial violence. Therefore we urge you to commence an investigation into these groups’ activities, including into the hate speech, inciting violence and direct involvement in violence, and ensure that they function within the law of this country.  We also urge your Excellency to ban any group that continues with hate campaigns and inciting violence.

The Muslim community are committed citizens of this country and your Excellency’s decisive and immediate action at this juncture will reinforce their faith in your Excellency’s resolve to ensure that all communities will be treated as equal citizens of this, our blessed nation.

Thanking you for your kind consideration.

Yours sincerely

N M Ameen                                                        Asker Khan

President                                                            Secretary

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  • 3

    Should not the Wahabi and Salafi and other fundamentalists who had killed Sufi and other moderate Muslim in Sri Lanka, demolished their mosques all over Sri Lanka, burned their houses and forced or branewashed them to be fundamentalists during the last twenty years be banned?

    Fundamentalist Muslim organisations have links with terrorists all over the world whereas BBS is a local outfit. Who are more dangerous?

    • 4

      Regardless, ban every group or person who is a hate monger. Punish all wrong doers regardless of their religion, cast or creed. Right and Wrong has already been identified by the law of the country. All communities in Sri Lanka have already agreed on these laws which is why they are universally accepted and enacted. We all pay a hell of a price to implement it via Police force, Courts etc. It’s not about we against them. We are all one Sri Lanka and our goal should be to keep it that way.

    • 2

      We are talking about minorities in Sri Lanka.

      We must maintain law and order in Sri Lanka.

      Worry about other nations after putting our house in proper order.

    • 0

      i am no Muslim, but i am Mulism, Look You will loose this war my friend… Already Gota is beaten as he is going to arrest BBS to show the Muslim countries as SINHALA is a SLAVE of MUSLIMs aahhaaahh. ( Sorry this sentences only for BBS supporters)
      Mahinda is already scared of them and he knows if Muslim Rich countries got togather they will fund with Arms to finish Sri Lanka… and send them off from House Maid Slaves… ahahah [Edited out]

  • 6

    His Excellency will not do anything to reduce the votes he expects to receive at the presidential election, by even ONE.
    The Muslim Council is asking for the impossible.

  • 7

    This is just because -no secret his brother is the hand of the BBS being behind the scence. As some astro men predicted, there will be a power struggle among the siblings of this stinky Rajas in thhe near future. As President CBK named it that earlier, they are uneducated, uncultured rascals.

  • 4

    Hey brother muslims,
    telling something sweet and palatable but doing the other way around has been the life motto of this president. This MNISTER Hakeem should have sensed long back now. At the time, his NEETHIPATHI dept was taken away from his Justice ministry, he could have gone on a protest saving his rights. Until these clashes took the lives of the innocent muslims, Hakeem behaved as if he is fed with kirimati (clay). This time ONLY he has articulated it clearly. Had the man reacted as a MINISTER OF JUSTICE considering the paragraphs… nothing would have gone this far. Then people regardless of race religion would have respected you – Hakeem that much. Do you know the late Mr Kadirgamar was respected by his excellent service rendered by him as a minister of External affairs – even today. He as a tamil – people did not attack him, but People including me would categorically say, Hakeem you are over selfish personality… your people are known this very clearly. Azwer is the other rabid dog, not even single word would drop out of his flattery mouth piece even if DOZENSs of muslims were attacked in the recent past.

    • 3


      Not only Hakeem but all other Govt.Ministers and MP’s including the opposition party MPs are been made mere lame ducks by King Rajapakse.

      Every Government Institution including CJ, Supreme courts, Attorney General, Police Dept, Election Commission, Bribery commission,Foreign Ministry, all media, all Govt. Institutions etc,etc, are been made to act and behave like mere Dogs by Pres. Rajapakse and his siblings.

      There are over 65 UNP MP dogs who joined Rajapakses for mere bones.What are they doing in Parliament. Rajapakses control 90% of Economy, Budget, all contracts, trade and finances.
      Therefore even if Hakeem leaves tomorrow, he cannot make a dent in Rajapakses behaviour.

      Only a Foreign intervention with LLRC type war crime and human rights violation could change Rajapakses behaviour.

      What I suggest is Hakeem should work more with International community to intervene ASAP into Sri Lanka.

      Also sarting with Travel ban on Pres.Rajapakse and all his political and administrative coolies and their families, freezing all their foreign assets, freezing visas, freezing travel and residence permits and restrictions to all those who are affiliates including Ministers, Judiciary,Foreign ministry,BBS thugs, Police Dept and all others who are directly connected to Pres.Rajapakse should be carried out first.

      Even if Pres.Rajapakse does not still change his behaviour, then there should be an economic, trade and Currency transaction embargo. This will collapse Sri Lanka in one week.

      These will lead to an uprising and a regime change and could take Pres.Rajapakse and all his thugs to Hague to face criminal charges.

      Pres.Rajapakse has already opened the BBS Gene and the Pandora box.
      There is no way he could get away from it now and Sri Lanka could become another failed state.

      Pres Rajapakse may become Sri Lanka’s next Sadam Husain or Gaddafi. Sri Lanka is heading towards destruction very Fast.

  • 2

    Poor [Edited out] is afriad of his little brother, how could he even think to ban BBS?

  • 1

    Why ask Mahinda Rajapaksa to protect the minorities in Sri Lanka. He has time and again proven to be incapable of doing that – or worse still wants the killings to occur.

    The best bet for the ‘Muslim Council’ is to appeal to international organisations such as the UN.

  • 4

    Muslims account for 10% of the population…… 2.10mn
    Hindu account for 12% of the population………..2.40mn
    Christians / Catholics account for 10% ………….2.10mn
    Buddhist account for 68% ………………………….13.89mn

    The President of Sri Lanka represent only the interests of Buddhists because he does not possess the capacity.. ability to think broadly to represent the whole country…..IT IS THE TRUTH… This terrible weakness has now ensured the division of the Society into religious groups that was Tamil, Muslim, Sinhala then…

    His only concern now is about to stay in power…he knows that the minority vote cannot keep him in power but it is only the majority buddhist vote. The only avenue to draw the the Sinhala Buddhists vote is on Racial / Religious prejudices .because 90% of the Sinhala Budfhists are ..poor…ill educated ..backward. The Govt knows that increasing poverty has made people to hate them and the rich affluent in the Society…and the downfall of the Govt is imminent.

    So the creation of BBS… they know that the only way to keep the sinhala buddhist gulible voter swinging is by igniting racial / religious hatred and portray the President as the only Sinhala Buddhist Patriot…one sinister remark unleashed to the Society by the BBS is that” the Muslims dominate the trade as such they have become Rich…the economy ofthe Country is dominated by them..and that they multiply their race in all over the country and Sinhala race will be a minority….” this infact has taken root … hik…hik…hik……this is food for poverty mentality of Sinhala Buddhists…they simply forget that there is a Govt appointed by the Buddhist majority…and it is that Govt that should ensure the balance in the economy….and that it is the Govt of President Rajapaksha that is responsible for their poverty…

    This is why the Mahanayaka’s and other Buddhist leaders are very silent of BBS actions eventhough the action is a clear violation of the Constitution and a serious offence punishable in a court of law. Becaus e they know who is behind this…Had the lay people led the mobs and conducted in this manner by now they would have been slaughtered by the Govt forces..GOVT DESPERATELY NEEDS AN ENEMY OF THE MOJORITY COMMUNITY…..

    What is needed at present is for the poor Muslims to keep quiet…and pray for wisdom …guidance ..by their most high God…the vengeance belong to GOD….the rich and politicians in their Community are in this game…cheating their GOD…Allah….

    Therefore not a single Muslim Politician will resign and the Govt or the President will never Ban the BBS….how can one destroy their own making…!!!!!!

    The worse is yet to come as the saffron robed buddhist psychopaths have unleashed the venom on ill educated…poor backward society..

    • 1

      Valid points R Dias.

      Keep the analysis coming.

      The disaffected youth with no hope in the short term of finding meaningful employment, idling away the days are easy prey to any cause, even inhumane hateful and murderous causes. BBS is making hay as the economy slides further down the drain.

  • 0

    To ban BBS? It will be blessed thrice by the government!

    Sengodan. M

  • 1

    I just can’t understand why these people are writing Letters to Hon.President and wasting his precious time. He already announced that this is a minor Incident and he will appoint high profile Commission to Investigate in to the matter and bring the culprits to Justice. According Lake House Papers Hon. President asked Muslim Ministers to come up with evidence. so far nobody come up with the evidence. You know Mr.Ameen he cannot act without evidence. He already send a Twitter massage from Bolivia and ordered IGP to Investigate the matter as a Responsible President. IGP’s Investigation revealed that Muslim extremists behind this and they disturbed the Sinhala Buddhist peaceful rally 2 days after the Poson Poya. Also Muslims burnt their own houses and blaming Sinhala Buddhists. Police Investigation already revealed that Panadura “No Limit” fire was due to Electrical fault or by Cigarette Butt. That was the conclusion even prior to the No Limit Fire. Our Muslim People should knows that our Hon. President is very straight forward and definitely he will appoint a High Profile Commission to Investigate Aluthgama Incident, and punish the culprits like he Punished former IGP Mahinda Balasuriya in Katunayaka by posting him to foreign Embassy as Ambassador, Sumith Edirisinha, Army Officer in Ratupaswella, as Military attach in a foreign mission along with photographs with Victims Families and so on. Do not Worry Mr. Ameen you will also get the Justice like others in Sri Lanka.

    • 1

      It is reported elsewhere in the electronic media that DIG Indran was
      suspended following his refusal to release 13 culprits taken in by the
      Panadura Police and whose statements in the GC Record book have gone
      missing! So does one think that MR will ever ban the BBS, even after
      the so-called Commission?

      Were the 13 culprits hailing from H`tota?

  • 1

    Why no response??? When Minister Rishard Bathiuddin asked about this in the cabinet meeting, Mr President in a angry mood told “Kata vahanne….” – (SHUT YOUR MOUTH)


    So what response needed NOW???

  • 0

    Mr Ameen, you like so many others, including concerned nations, are being totally ignored by the dictators of this country. They have selective hearing, and lie like criminals when caught.
    They have an agenda, and their silence says they are complicit in the crimes of terrorists and racists.
    If Gota can silence journalists, and control what the armed forces do, he can easily stop this violence.
    But as we learn day by day – they do not want to.

  • 0

    What a ludicrous spectacle! Muslim leaders are trying to extract a feather from a tortoise back! Lokka knows the calibre of Muslim leaders and that they will never get down from the gravy train!

  • 0

    I hope the Muslim Council did not forget to send a Sinhala translation of their appeal to the President.

    Everyone who writes to a government official in English or Tamil should include a Sinhala translation. This is applicable right from the President to the local Grama Sevaka Niladari and of course to every other government servant in between, including Supreme Court Judges.

  • 0

    If the BBS does something that is against the law or is likely to breach the peace, they should be prosecuted and dealt with under the law but you don’t go around banning organisations like the BBS simply because the Muslims ask the President to do so. There have also been many who have asked for ethnically/racially based parties like the SLMC and the TNA to be banned. So, should those requests also be granted, just like that?

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