30 March, 2023


Nordic Model Of Prostitution Approved By EU Parliament

A vote at the European Parliament that supports the ‘Nordic Model’ of prostitution has been voted through with a large majority, the International Business Times reports.

sexworkerPut forward by Labour London MEP Mary Honeyball, the model of prostitution law criminalises the client instead of the sex worker.

At the vote, 343 members voted in favour of the report, 139 against and 105 people abstained. Commenting on the outcome, Honeyball said: “Today’s outcome represents a vital signal from MEPs that we cannot continue to tolerate the exploitation of women. Rather than blanket legalization, parliament has backed the more nuanced approach already practised in Sweden as a means of tackling prostitution. This punishes men who treat women’s bodies as a commodity, without criminalising women who are driven into sex work.

“The idea that prostitution is the ‘oldest profession’ leads some to think we should accept it as a fact of life – that all we can do is regulate it a little better. This course of action leads to an increase in prostitution levels, normalising the purchase of sex and ingraining the inequalities which sustain the sex industry.

“The outcome of today’s vote symbolises the changing attitudes of EU countries on this issue, and the desire of member states to learn from one another. I hope today’s result will encourage member states including the UK to be radical and ambitious enough to go Swedish.”

The vote went to the European Parliament after being put through by the Women’s Rights and Gender Equality Committee, with 14 members voting in favour, two against and six abstaining.

The ‘Nordic’ model of prostitution punishes the client rather than the prostitute. It has been adopted in several Scandinavian countries, including Sweden and Denmark. In France, the model was voted through parliament after being put forward by Women’s Rights Minister Najat Vallaud-Belkacem.

Under the French bill, anyone found paying for sex will be fined €1,500 (£1,250) for a first offence and €3,000 for a second offence.

While many welcome the model, saying it reduces risk to woman, prevents trafficking and creates gender equality, others – including many prostitutes – say it is dangerous and ineffective.

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  • 7

    Disaster – will fail miserably , as men shy away in fear the women the prostitution will become a cheap commodity – first you need to address what is driving them into the trade , this is utter stupidity , this like treating the symptoms and not he real illness.

    This will back fire badly on EU ,they at least , they must punish both parties , even so they must first and foremost come up with a solution to address the women who are in the trade ,especially those who are in poverty .

    More than anyone you should hang the solicitors and agents behind scenes , I can not understand the Europeans Logic sometimes, The real criminals gets away .. without any hassle.

    I honestly believe most Europeans are dumb.,The English ,Americans & Canadians are teamster.

    • 13

      Consensual sex between two parties is their business and no one else’s, and if one of them want to pay for it, what’s the problem? Making it illegal just adds to ‘criminals’ in jails that taxpayers have to pay for – not to mention court costs, and other expenses to the public.

    • 5


      “This will back fire badly on EU ,they at least , they must punish both parties , even so they must first and foremost come up with a solution to address the women who are in the trade ,especially those who are in poverty “

      Amarasiri’s suggestion.

      Fine the man, and make the man marry the Women.

      That will keep most men away. It will also support the women,but some men may still pimp their “wife”.

  • 12

    As usual stiff English must ban everything under the sun while the open minded Dutch regulate the opportunity.

    The price for sex would go up as in illegal drugs.
    The regulated Dutch sex industry is bound to make a larger impact.


    Like become a Muslim on paper and have 7- 7 days a week ;)

    • 9

      Oh yes the Stiff English Just read books in Bed.

      What about Gays and Lesbians??

      It’s good to know!
      Evening Standard.

      Call me a courtesan, a call girl, an escort … whatever. But basically I was a £20,000-a-night hooker : http://tinyurl.com/pcrlhcq

  • 9

    The irony of these laws is prostitutes, who they try to protect would be the first to reject these laws.

    Every person born into this world sells himself/herself in return for money, be it their knowledge, physical work or pleasure.

  • 1

    @Javi, lot more easier like the Christian do it just live together and beget plenty of bastards ..

    • 8

      European tax laws and divorce proceedings deter folk from going to church or

      council for a piece of paper and socially they are never know as bastard!

      Even rich folk live together as caring parents with out the piece of paper.

      Most uses of massage parlours and prostitutes in the EU are Muslims from Pakistan Bangala Arab nations- Go check even from the Chinese who run massage/acupuncture clinics.

      But Muslim laws in Europe is greedy fuckshit devouring the tax payer and the needy of housing, education, health and everything social.

    • 7


      Published: 12:17am, 28th February 2014
      Updated: 5:47am, 1st March 2014

      Claudia Schiffer has told how she was once offered a million pounds simply to attend a dinner date with a wealthy prince.

      The German supermodel – married to Kick-Ass director Matthew Vaughn – said it was one of the weirdest proposals she has received during her years in the public eye as one of the world’s most in-demand beauties.

      She discussed the megabucks offer – which she rejected – during an interview for the Jonathan Ross Show on ITV, to be screened on Saturday.

      Asked about her oddest offers of work, she said: “Loads of weird ones but the strangest one was from an Arab prince. He asked if he could hire me for a dinner for a million pounds. I declined.”

      The 43-year-old also disclosed how she felt uncomfortable with the term “supermodel”, which was used to describe the catwalk queens of her generation such as Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell and Elle Macpherson.

      “When they started talking about ‘super’ and ‘supermodel’, I thought ‘this is really insulting’ – I want to be taken seriously in the high-end world of Chanel, Yves St Laurent, I don’t want to be some supermodel’.

  • 2

    Yes very good same should apply to illegal garage operators and owners. Those who go to these illegal garages to repair vehicles must be booked and punished.25% cancer hospital patients had lived around the illegal garages more than 10 years. Cancer, headache, skin diseases and disable kids, hearing defects and many more non-curable diseases are happening due to these garages. But many Magistrates are protecting them for money, sex and other influences. If you do not have CEA approval and 40 perches and access road around 20 feet and safe zone you cannot operate spray paintings/tinkering/welding garages in residential areas. These garage owners scare the residents and take forcibly letters and some give money and take letters and some are taking letters from relatives living around these illegal garages. Therefore police cannot do anything and some police officers take money and protect these garages. Mount Lavinia police station is very famous for protecting these garages. Three Wheels and old vehicles are the main customers of these garages. Most of these garages are place for crime, drug and breaking the robbed vehicles. Many robbed three wheels are reassemble in these garages.

  • 2

    If this rule is passed in Sri Lanka I wonder what will happen to our politicians and business men. Also what about those men and women who are gay. We will have to build more prions.

    • 0

      “I wonder what will happen to our politicians and business men”

      Well, you seem to have missed an important category: judges, especially opportunistic ‘gedera yana gamang’ ex-CJ-s!!!

  • 5

    God gave women a pussy NOT to make a living out of… pretty soon due to prostitution the world would face unexpected consequences… Aids is just one and much more are on the cards…

    Prostitutes are just LAZY women who ply their trade without trying to make a decent living.. all they want is MOST money with little effort…. AND THERE ARE MEN WHO ARE WILLING TO HELP THEM ….. by being clients….

    Wonder if Mary HORNYball was a hoe, sometime in her life….

  • 1

    I want to [Edited out], a woman wants to sell her body in return for payment to sustain her life, the demand and supply meets and the transaction is completed. Who the fucking hell are these idiotic parliamentarians who think they have jurisdiction over my and her fucking business? A pregnant woman pays a gynecologist to insert his two fingers into her vagina to check the alignments and no one is bothered, but the moment a man pays a woman just to dip his dick in her pussy these pundits run to the House to pass laws to deprive me of my pleasure and her livelihood!

  • 3

    Diaspora mates must be gutted…

    Bad enough to cough up 50 quid or 80 Euros for a quickie. Now to pay a fine as well is not a joke.

    It is a violation of fundamental rights to the to the nth degree..

    Sooner they get the dual the better.
    And our Canadian Jeyaraj will attest to that after his cool relaxing holiday last September.

    • 7

      Sevela, mean like the former sihala ambassador to Poland?? Ha ha I wont be surprised if you end up there looking for a [Edited out]

    • 0

      I say Sumanasekera,why do you have to drag the sinhala tamil issue into every article?

      do you get paid by the words by your handlers?

      but now that you drag the ethnic issue

      why dont you ask the 100% Sinhala Rajpal from Daily News who lost his wallet in a Swiss brothel ;-)

      the jokes on you Sumanasekera (LEELA)

    • 1

      K.A Sumanasekera

      What do you think most of your Sinhalese women (house maids)are doing in the mid-east other than cleaning? To cough up a 100 Riyals for a quickie and send to their lazy men in SL to whack Kassippu. You are not an exception. It has become a part of your culture now.

  • 0

    The primordial urge is in all of us.
    “morality” in most,is due to lack of opportunity.

    In western countries,’before-early morning TV’,shows women in various settings,in passive posture or actively dancing,with slow music in the background,& with a telephone number at the bottom of the screen.
    The word ADVERTISEMENT appears,below it.
    Street tabloids (free),and newspapers, have similar advertisements in the “personal” section.
    Why should men be debarred from happiness?

  • 1

    In The Of Jesus this what they do the Born again with the Devil in them rather than the holy spirit.

    Check it out readers it will shock you , what do you think The Evangelicals may be up-to here right here in Sri Lanka too?





    Living the same life style as any Hollywood star, living in super luxuries ,running in Rolls Royce, Toilet worth 20,000 dollars odd toilets , 12.5 million dollar mansion , they spend thousands on plastic surgery , Milking cows money used ,poor people in USA neglected.

    Now people should know whatever I said about The Evangelical Churches are true , this is exactly what they are doing here too ,robbing the people whole sale.

  • 1

    oi Amarasiri sinhala modaya ,you will [Edited out]

  • 0

    A conversation overheard between two judges in a private gentleman’s club in London, circa 1910:

    “I say Charles, what would you give a man that allows himself to be buggered?”

    “Oh, I don’t know, ten shillings, a quid, whatever you happen to have on you”.

  • 0

    Booloo Indian [Edited out]

  • 0

    saracen AKA Javi,, when did you get that on you ? you seem to like it?

    or did you visit Africa and had the privilege of an Ape penetrating ?

  • 0

    Why on earth is this newsworthy for a Sri Lankan website? Are the website editors trying to drop a certain hint at our parliament? ;)

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    As long as yo do not pay for sex you are safe. what will it achieve at the end ? total collapse in this industry…?

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