13 June, 2024


Northern CM Wiggie Publishes Distorted Accounts: Thvarajah

Concerns have been raised as to whether the Northern province Chief Minister CV Wigneswaran has violated a treasury circular in forwarding funds allocated for several projects for 2014 to be continued until March 2015.

Chief Minister CV Wigneswaran

Chief Minister CV Wigneswaran

This week the Opposition leader of the Council, S. Thavarajah had pointed out that the financial statements of the Northern Provincial Council as at December 31, 2014 published in the Council website contains distorted accounts.

During a meeting of the Board of Ministers held on December 30, some 128 work programs worth Rs. 690,704,473.24 had been approved to be forwarded up to March 31 and it was to be carried out through financial allocations made for 2014.

However, contrary to the meeting decision, the Finance progress report of the council uploaded on the website states the outstanding amount for these programs for 2014 is only Rs. 16,520,000.

When the Chief Minister was questioned on the anomaly by the Opposition leader, he had had replied that due to various reasons the full amount allocated by the government for 2014 could not be spent and therefore, the project will be forwarded to March of this year.

He had also noted that he is unaware of the anomaly contained in the online accounts of the NPC finances and had said that therefore he does not wish to comment on it.

However, the Opposition leader had referred to the Treasury circular issued on November 4 last year no: 238/2014 which states that forwarding of finances unspent for a particularly year requires special approval from the Treasury but the CM had not responded to his statement.

Although several attempts were made by Colombo Telegraph to contact the CM for a comment on the issue, he was unreachable.

We publish below the statement in full;

Distorted Accounts Published by the Northern Provincial Council

Northern Provincial Council Financial Statement as at 31st December 2014 published in the NPC website is a distorted accounts. The Leader of Opposition pointed it out during the question time in the council on 24th February 2015.

According to the minutes of the Board of Minister’s meeting, NPC, held on 30.12.2014, approval was granted to carry forward 128 work programmes totally amounting to Rs. 690,704,473.24 up to 31st March 2015 and this to be undertaken out of the allocation for the year of 2014.

However in the Financial Progress report as on 31st December 2014, published in the NPC website, the unspent amount in respect of these programmes for the year 2014 is shown as Rs. 16,520,000.00

When Leader of opposition questioned Hon Justice C.V Wigneswaran, Chief Minister and Minister of the Finance, as to how the NPC Accounts shows all the money allocated by the government for the year 2014 as expended, except Rs.16,520,000.00, as on 31.12.2014, while on the previous day the Board of Ministers had approved to carry forward programmes of works amounting to Rs.690,704,473.24 up to 31.03.2015.

The Chief Minister’s reply was that day due to various reasons they could not spent all the money allocated by the government before the end of the year, hence they decided to carry forward the work until March 2015. Further he said that he didn’t know about the accounts published in the NPC website and declined to reply why distorted figures are shown in the accounts.

When the Leader of Opposition read out the Circular instruction from the Treasury (238/2014 dated 4th Nov. 2014 – Closing Accounts for the year 2014) that keeping in deposit of the money unspent needs special approval from the Treasury, the Chief Minister could not answer.

S. Thvarajah

Leader of Opposition,

Northern Provincial Council.


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Latest comments

    • 2

      Thavarajas question ? who is he?

  • 16

    This man Thavarasa belonging to the criminal EPDP group is a man of many traits. He never had the interests of the community he represents at heart. His words cannot be taken too seriously. The learned CM would not have unnecessarily violet any rule.

    Sengodan. M

  • 13

    I don’t see any illegality in this. This Thavarajah chappie is an EPDP man with a criminal history. He is trying to create some mischief and the CT appears to have fallen for his crafty plans.

    • 18


      ” CT appears to have fallen for his crafty plans.”

      Every aspect of governance should be exposed and scrutinised, irrespective of its triviality, including corruption, complacency, nepotism, mistakes, misuse of power, …, etc.

      In this case Thvarajah, the Leader of Opposition has eagerly exposed his inability to audit the financial statements, hence I deduce him to be a professional accountant.


      Definition of an Auditor: An accountant with an opinion.

      What happens when you lock a wild hyena in a room with an internal auditor?

      The hyena stops laughing.

  • 12

    Mr. Thavarajah, opposition leader of NPC, of all people, should know that CM could not proceed with implementing the proposals due to obstructions placed by the previous regime through their governor and the chief secretary and problem was known to every Sri Lankan and also internationally and was he sleeping at that time ?

    These proposals are carried forward to end March, probably with the
    consent of the current governor and the govt.and not swept under the
    carpet. Mr. Thavarajah should also know the projects are meant for the
    Tamils of North, Sri Lanka and what is his motive to expose the CM on this issue, after all the Tamils are the beneficiaries. Is he feeding fodder to the opposition, is the question Tamils will ask from him at
    the next NPC election.

  • 9

    The ever bickering Tamils cannot even run a stupid Provincial Council. How on earth are they going to run the independent state of Tamil Eelam? They will just kill each other. Not even a dog will be spared. All Tamils in the north should be made to follow a compulsory course – How To Live As A Member of Human Society 101 – before they are allowed to exercise their rights under the constitution. And yes, Wigneswaran should be asked to find a day job if he can’t just enjoy his retirement.

    • 17

      Off The Wall

      “They will just kill each other.”

      So said Lalith Athulathmudali. If Sinhala/Buddhist were clever as they believe they should have partitioned the island and given it to the stupid Tamils. The issue of genocide and war crimes would not have arisen.

      “Not even a dog will be spared.”

      Is dog’d life expendable?

      • 5

        Native Vedda

        “If Sinhala/Buddhist were clever as they believe they should have partitioned the island and given it to the stupid Tamils. “


        So, Amarasiri is Not alone in the hypothesis of Tamil Mootals, தமுள்S முட்டாள், stupid Tamils. The Expel Tamil speaking Muslims, and discriminate against low-caste Tamils.

        Fortunately still many Tamils with Common sense left.

      • 13


        Haven’t you thought about why this newsroom is like the present UNHRC `hide and squeak` – saving Bosnia must be electric??

        Barca mama mia- Fellatio!

    • 7

      Off the wall- For a moment forget that you are Sinhalese, relax, look back, think and say honestly whether the Sinhalese are any better!! They have been killing Tamils since independence up to now!!! They did not spare the Sinhalese youths either!! On top of that murder, rape, robbery, corruption is normal!! The murderers, people who are responsible for corruption, nepotism are free, but innocent people are behind bars!!

    • 6

      Off The Wall

      “The ever bickering Tamils cannot even run a stupid Provincial Council.”


      The ever bickering Stupid Tamils முட்டாள் தமுள்
      cannot even run a Simple Provincial Council.

  • 6

    Sri lankan govt is chicken.

    Wiggie should have been arrested.

    • 19

      jimbo, why have you become kukul chandhi gembo??

      • 7


        Have you had time to think about thumbs up thumbs down indicators of opinion in this forum?

        Why do OTC, Ram, mechanic, sach/nuisance,K.A Sumanasekera Mati Dombasiri/Sinhala Banda, Wee Thamihz Senior Journalist D; Siva Sankaran Menon ……….. Janz, nike, Nishantha De Silva, Ela Kolla, bla bla blAbhaya, Jim softy,………….. get none or fewer thumbs up and far more thumbs down?

        Is it a good indicator of their stupidity?

  • 28

    1) “”by the government for 2014 could not be spent and therefore, the project will be forwarded to March of this year.””
    2)”unaware of the anomaly contained in the online accounts of the NPC “

    1. international practice to forward upto tax year.
    2. EULA – The internet is not legal but fax still is.

    S. Thvarajah,

    Fidelity is the sister of justice but not the daughter who synchronises with time.

    This time over the jaguar is not seated on Nelsons cap.
    It has no name and form but sits on top of Gupta Chandergupta 11 pillar surrounded by the Mystic Muslim that does not converge vertically and it is not even for Gajendra.

    At times of trouble let it be.

  • 18


    You can’t fool even a 4 year old child. who are you trying to fool now?

    What Northern CM Wiggie said are all naked facts, 99% of Tamils endorse them.

    How many Sinhalese can dispute the truths in Wiggie’s report?

    If you want to fill your tummy, there are more Honorable ways to do it: Go do it, rather than trying to pick the crumbs from the Sinhalese majoritarian masters!

  • 20

    What is this idiot complaining about? If only Rs 16 million out of Rs 690 million allocated in 2014 remains unspent because the projects in question could not be completed that’s a very good level of project completion. If the 16 million cannot be carried over into the next year without Treasury approval, and IF due to oversight or other reason such approval has not been obtained, I guess it is a straightforward matter to approach the Treasury straight away and get retroactive approval.

    The UPFA government wasted, cheated, misused and abused monies well in excess of Rs 16 billion. Thavaraja should question is bosses about that.

    • 4


      Just prove your allegation what you are accusing about on previous administration?

      I do not the difference between yourself and the other cardboard hero Gonjan Goobanayake.

      Do not get comfortable before 100 days, your carnival will be over by then.

      • 21

        Sinhala Banda

        “your carnival will be over by then.”

        Your twin brother/sister typed on another thread as follows:

        Your carnival will be over by then and back to usual life style.

        None Can Accuse Me Of Engaging In Revengeful Politics: MR
        Mati Dombasiri
        February 28, 2015 at 7:14 pm

        So you both you think alike, what a strange coincidence. Did you use different IP address?

      • 23

        sihala banda,

        aren’t seduced by different delusions??

        Hate is going to swam & kill you but nothing else.
        the world at large is in deconstructive mode, – lefty loosely.
        even yoour tool Ashoka Chakra is turning lefty loosely at Hindia- the truth was always known .. it was a makeshift arrangement by Roosevelt and Churchill to tame the east and russia.

        Can you see how cool Obama is?? on reverse with caution.

        No man will ever carry out of the Presidency the reputation which carried him into it.-Thomas Jefferson

      • 13

        sihala banda we got your rotten 32 along wit your 2 rotten
        gadugudangs.. whey hey

        so your deepan pukka lokkata dpl passport extra is at stake and your polish nanny must be moving your grandson to the outskirts of london town.

        come come now tell gtf where you live they have orchids from thailand on wheels – no orchids for miss violet had you chased.

  • 25

    This story stinks of mud-slinging. Since there is no author mentioned, CT should take the blame.

  • 17


    Thank you for your greater scientific findings. There are so many more urgent maters to deal with in north and you are wasting your free time and C.V’s precious time for this unimportant matter. If you do not know the urgent matters needed urgent attention, please ask any kid from that area. Why Tamils always worry about money,that our main weakness regarding money. Money and popularity is our main enemy. There is a saying in a wedding I want to be the bride and in a funeral I want to be the dead man. Shame on you mate.

  • 15

    Mr Thavarajah,What had happened is not serious!

    The correct understanding of 13Amendment is required to differentiate the Financial Management of the government at the centre and the Financial Management of the Provincial Council at the periphery.

    The general treasury releases monthly imprests to the Government Ministries and Government Departments and receives monthly summaries, As far as the provincial Councils are concerned, the Treasury releases “Grants’ and not imprests.

    No need for any feedback to the centre. The Provincial Councils have the necessary autonomy. Do not treat the provincial council as a subordinate body.the centre should not be allowed to interfere in the activities of the provincial council and the leader of opposition should be at the vanguard

    The government should not control the provincial councils

    The provincial councils are not bound by the treasury circulars,They can have their own rules and regulations.
    You cannot find fault with Chief minster on this issue.

    The chief minister could not be held responsible to what appears even in the official web.

    These are normally operated by junior provincial officers and there may be mistakes.

    But if the Chief Minister had made an incorrect figures to the Provincial Council then it is a serious matter.

    Now as it stands, there is nothing improper on the part of the Chief Minister.

    Anyhow, Mr Thavarajah!,what you are doing is praiseworthy.

    Please continue your good work.!

  • 4

    If Wigneswaran, Sampanthan and Sumanthiran cannot control TNA members then its time to kick those who are not in agreement with them out of TNA. Similarly when an inquiry is held locally, those who supported LTTE and now pretend to be out of LTTE but act in a manner that clearly shows they are LTTE, should be brought before the inquiry.

    • 18

      it’s all in the politics you fool- the vote counts.
      one speaks the practical truth and the rest sandwich it with lies- the greed for power and idleness has no limits.

  • 16

    The educated,cultured and well outspoken Hon CM of NPC has recounted the misgivings of successive Ceylonese and Srilankan elites/politicians.
    We salute him for his presentation and calling the “spade a spade”.
    The time is long past for pussy footing ;what we need is straight talk and action.

  • 15

    My dear friends who provide genuine comments, please do not address Mr for any selfish person – they do not deserve that kind of respect, of course people like C.V, Father R or E deserve that. The people create trouble and destroy our culture have to be respected and looked after very well once we are free of Gotha army. We can see the light at the end of the tunnel, we have to crawl up to the end, do not give-up hope.

  • 3

    what has this nutcase done? Has he done a genocide on NPC funds?

  • 2

    Wigneswaran, Sampanthan and Sumanthiran are all considered outsiders, distrusted and disliked by the masses in Jaffna. They are too educated being lawyers. They don’t come from Jaffna. Sumanthiran is even not a Hindu. These three wise men don’t represent the masses in Jaffna. They can reach media and other outsiders outside of Jaffna and SL but never control the rest of ITAK or TNA. Who will take over after Wigneswaran and Sampanthan? Is there anybody qualified and accepted by the masses in the ITAK?

    The Jaffna masses are, of course, misled by the power hungry local Tamil politicians.

    • 19

      “”They can reach media and other outsiders outside of Jaffna and SL but never control the rest of ITAK or TNA.”

      So you are Nandu Porriki, and cannot swim so you are bound to drown.
      Who runs USAID concerns in garments- Jaguar Tiger?? No Hindians and Italians and mussies.
      The same goes to Basque country- Paris & Madrid run the show and the land has gone up in priceso the locals are withering away.

      Your short term solution is like 67 year problem porriki.- annihilation.

  • 2

    We shouldn’t forget that the TNA is an alliance of 4 different parties and even in the parties there are big differences among politicians.

    In the Sunday Observer today Wigneswaran states in an interview that “The Sinhalese should understand that even in a united country we have differences endemic to us. We have a separate language and religion. We have a land with climatic differences. Everyone should understand that Tamil people should have an independence and a corresponding power suited for such differences within a united country.”

    Wigneswaran apparently forgets that there are Tamil Christians like Sumanthiran, Tamil speaking Muslims and that many or maybe most Tamils don’t even live in the North where the climate is different.

    Most Christians in the North are out castes that historically weren’t or still aren’t even human beings for the Vellalah like Wigneswaran.

    The “Tamil people” of Wigneswaran are high caste Hindus in Jaffna.

    He repeats the claim of 150000 soldiers in the North but again doesn’t provide his sources.

    • 15

      “Most Christians in the North are out castes that historically weren’t or still aren’t even human beings for the Vellalah like Wigneswaran.”

      Therefore most christians in the north came to UK with the help of the church back in the 70’s and led the creation of the dreaded LTTE.

      Their kids disliked and feared the father while the mothers were smelly wrecks. Are any of their kids left wing journalist in the UK??
      If they we can see their the level of skunk being extreme left like the kids of old left whites.

      The breed count even in the west. When you open mouth and say jonny we know where you come from as much as Cameron knew Wiggie when he met him.

    • 21

      “Wigneswaran apparently forgets that there are Tamil Christians like Sumanthiran, Tamil speaking Muslims and that many or maybe most Tamils don’t even live in the North where the climate is different”.

      Very similar excuse was given to Gandhiji when the British were asked to leave India so that Indians can rule themselves.

      The racist leaders that arouse the communal feelings of lower class Sinhalese could fool some ethnic minorities like EPDP and SLMC and subjugate minorities by deploying large numbers of military all over their areas. The military occupies civilian homes without paying any compensation and cultivate their lands over 20 years.

      TNA leaders are overwhelmingly supported by Tamils and Mr Thavarajah must stop splitting hairs. His party is murderous and has been a parasite to Tamils with the help of corrupted familial rule. His party has lost power and better pack his bag and go home.

  • 2

    “Have you had time to think about thumbs up thumbs down indicators of opinion in this forum?”
    –Native Vedda

    If one looks at the tend of the “thumbs up and thumbs down”,given to the comments in the CT expressed to any article , it is very patent that there is a pattern: Any comments expressed which appears to be against the so called ‘Tamil nationalism’ and for reconciliation, gets more number of ‘thumbs down’ and vice versa. One can conclude that there seems to be a group amongst the Tamil Diaspora organised to merely sit down click the ‘thumbs up’ or ‘thumbs down’–A very easy job and no bother of writing. The number is no indication of an intelligent or objective understanding and appraisal of the content of the comments/views but an expression of emotional outbursts to manipulate the outcome. This is the curse of the Tamils and unfortunately it is continuing. An articulate and organised minority decide the course artificially just because it is not palatable to their position and their views without giving any due objective understanding to the substance or context of the views/comments expressed. This will continue to be the curse of the Tamils and surely and inevitably leads to worse plight for the Tamils by not giving them any fresh thinking or course correction in the context the emerging/ changing national and international realities.

    • 10

      Butt Syndrome of Tree worshipers you just farted?? Quite a Phew nosey pukke shut up your mouth. Atriculte in Singlish?? Ha ha palayan yakko (plain english is only spoken when it involves the anglo saxons utill the its our principal – Spanish!!

      what makes a skin head spotted heyna think he is right??

      Go sit on a box of Razor Blades Biscuit_Buffor.- pin padde atta prikan seuvara trade union buruvas the end is near’th

    • 23


      Please review what you have typed about your imagined Tamil Diaspora.

      How sure are you that it is only the Tamil Diaspora which sits in front of computer and tick thumbs up and thumbs down all day every day of the year?

      I envy your imagination.

  • 1

    I support the hypothesis of somebody manipulating the “thumbs up and down” often even without understanding the contents. However this is not very important.

    Many comments seem to attack the person who has written something not the contents. Why attack an article because of the marital status, religion, political opinion etc of the writer? One problem in this country is that people are put in small cages of identity.

    I believe that there are more Christians now in the North than in the 70s. The “out caste” areas of the villages are with many small and new pentecostal churches.

    • 19

      Northern Dissident

      “The “out caste” areas of the villages are with many small and new pentecostal churches.”

      Are you accusing the victims?

      People are free to chose their own faith, religion and practices. Please remember they are not living under Portuguese rule.

  • 1

    Native Vedda,

    I think that you have misunderstood me. I also believe in fundamental rights including the freedom of religion. My observation is that here in Jaffna there are many new pentecostal churches for converts who are from the so called “out castes”. Because of this there are more Christians here than before.

    The Portuguese have left but I think that the Hindus in Jaffna feel threatened because of the conversions.

    Hope I managed to make this clear.

    • 18

      Northern Dissident

      “The Portuguese have left but I think that the Hindus in Jaffna feel threatened because of the conversions.”

      Tamil/Saivaites are just like their Sinhala/Buddhists brethren always feel and look for enemies which exist only in their head. They need nonexistent enemies for keep them going or thriving.

      Tamils have always had problem with “others” threatened by up country Tamils, Muslims, Sinhalese, Chritians, Tamil Nadu Tamils, International Community, Hindians, their own parties, elected Chief minister, own people and finally threaten by their own shadow.

      “My observation is that here in Jaffna there are many new pentecostal churches for converts who are from the so called “out castes”. “

      What you mean by “out castes”? Why do you think they convert in the first place? If they are outcasts and do not fall within your unreasonable/barbaric social norms let them live they way they like to live.

      “Because of this there are more Christians here than before.”

      What seems to be the problem? Would you like to open RSS, BJP, VHP, JHU, BBS, …. branches in Jaffna? Alternatively would would you like to deport them back to Jerusalem or Vatican?

      Here is some thing I learnt recently, wise words of Kaniyan Pungundranar:

      யாதும் ஊரே யாவரும் கேளிர்
      தீதும் நன்றும் பிறர்தர வாரா
      நோதலும் தணிதலும் அவற்றோ ரன்ன
      சாதலும் புதுவது அன்றே, வாழ்தல்
      இனிதென மகிழ்ந்தன்றும் இலமே முனிவின்
      இன்னா தென்றலும் இலமே, மின்னொடு
      வானம் தண்துளி தலைஇ யானாது
      கல் பொருது மிரங்கு மல்லல் பேரியாற்று
      நீர்வழிப் படூஉம் புணைபோல் ஆருயிர்
      முறை வழிப் படூஉம் என்பது திறவோர்
      காட்சியில் தெளிந்தனம் ஆகலின், மாட்சியின்
      பெரியோரை வியத்தலும் இலமே,
      சிறியோரை இகழ்தல் அதனினும் இலமே. (புறம்: 192)

      To us all towns are one, all men our kin,
      Life’s good comes not from others’ gifts, nor ill,
      Man’s pains and pain’s relief are from within,
      Death’s no new thing, nor do our blossoms thrill
      When joyous life seems like a luscious draught.
      When grieved, we patient suffer; for, we deem
      This much-praised life of ours a fragile raft
      Borne down the waters of some mountain stream
      That o’er huge boulders roaring seeks the plain
      Tho’ storms with lightning’s flash from darkened skies.
      Descend, the raft goes on as fates ordain.
      Thus have we seen in visions of the wise !
      We marvel not at the greatness of the great;
      Still less despise we men of low estate.

      Kaniyan Poongundran, Purananuru – 192
      (Translated by G.U.Pope, 1906)

      I believe Kaniyan Poongundran must have been the greatest Liberal who lived on this earth many centuries before the word liberalism came into existence or was coined.

      If you are a self respecting Tamil you should be celebrating him (To us all towns are one, all men our kin,) rather than fearing the “other”.

  • 4

    “”My observation is that here in Jaffna there are many new pentecostal churches for converts who are from the so called “out castes”. “”

    Juicy Terminal FROG:[Edited out] Running Off Gas??

    that is an [Edited out] problem in the east as well as in china or india- but you are unloading a barrow load of manure in the lounge. Whom??

    Leave it to the elite they know how to curb the international mess- you need to study and then make money like peter mandelson or weerawansa to talk shit isn’t it Porriki passan?? Paisa like king or be respected by queens rep Cameron who said what?? I never knew there was wisdom there! those were his words of a man in his twilight as he has said-

    [Edited out]

  • 2

    Native Vedda

    The misunderstanding continues.

    I haven’t said anything about Christians here in Jaffna being a problem despite that there are more of them than before.

    What do you know about my social norms? Enough to claim that they are barbaric and unreasonable?

    Why do you think that I want to tell people how to live?

    I assume that you are educated. Please find out more about the caste system in Jaffna and especially who were/are considered out castes.

  • 1

    Thavaraja can benefit a lot from Sri Lanka. There is free education. Please make use of it before it is too late

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