29 May, 2023


On Attacking Students Without Addressing Issues

By Karu Jayasuriya

Karu Jayasuriya MP

Karu Jayasuriya MP

What was unleashed at the Pambahinna junction along the Colombo Badulla main road on a group of Sabaragamuwa University Students is by no means an action by a civilized Government of a civilized nation that values basic human dignity. Launching of peaceful demonstrations is an inherent right within a democratic system and no person has any right to rob that from anyone.  

The Sabaragamuwa University students launched this Satyagraha campaign as a protest against the abolition of the University Students Unions, suspension of some students from the University and non-implementation of recommendations of the Human Rights commission. It was against this kind of peaceful and just campaign that some political thugs were unleashed. According to eye witness reports as well as those of the police investigations, these attacks were directly attributable to some Government politicians in the local area.  Therefore, there is no moral right for the Government to abdicate from its primary responsibility. This is clearly an extension of the unilateral and dictatorial way in which this Government is treating the University Students.  Instead of viewing these student problems with sensitive hearts and minds, the Government has chosen to show its might and authority in the silliest fashion. We are most adamant in our appeal to the Government that they must be utterly impartial in the way they handle this sensitive issue regarding University students who are an integral thread in our social fabric.

History has shown us that University students have always shown a propensity towards militancy. The present Minister of Higher education who had been a University student himself, once in his past should realize this indisputable fact.

On the other hand, the problems that the Sabaragamuwa Students are clamoring about are not only limited to that University. They are common to all universities scattered in the Island. University students should have a correct platform to take their grievances to. There is no way in which can they agitate about their grievances if their main Unions has been abrogated. That is why they are looking for alternative avenues.

We could have avoided all these unnecessary and unfortunate incidents had the authorities looked impartially into the grievances of our University students and sought right answers. The problem arises when they turn a blind eye and show lack sensitivity to their grievances. They are used to viewing all students’ problems with a warped mind and skewed eye. A meaningful solution to all the student problems could be arrived at through a proper dialogue between the University authorities and the student bodies. In such a scenario, local politicians have no role to play whatsoever. These local politicos obviously were acting on instruction received from outside bigwigs.

The Sabaragamuwa University remains closed to date. That seems to be the answer the authorities have given to student problems. It is only illusionary if they think that they could solve all these problems through such timid and simple methods. Instead of closing the Universities the Government must make every effort to address the issues pertaining to students.

The physical resources and the security of the University students is at great danger. Three years ago, a student was electrocuted due to the negligence of the authorities. One year ago, a wall collapsed and it was fortunate that there was nobody close to the collapsed wall. The Sabaragamuwa University has managed to acquire such clandestine reputation. It is incumbent upon the Government which is boasting about being sensitive to student unrest in the Universities to look at these numerous issues with compassion and sensitivity. The Sabaragamuwa University matter has reached such unsolvable heights because of the sheer incompetence of the Government and its University authorities.

In this convoluted context, we appeal to the government to address all issues pertaining to University students in general and Sabaragamuwa students in particular to resolve this matte without any further delay.

*Karu Jayasuriya, Chairman Leadership Council, UNP

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    This is how Jathiye Adambarakara Thatha trying get his proud children to the correct track.

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      Karu Jayasuriya MP says:

      “…. is by no means an action by a civilized Government of a civilized nation that values basic human dignity. Launching of peaceful demonstrations is an inherent right within a democratic system and no person has any right to rob that from anyone.”

      When did Sri Lanka have a civilized government or a peaceful Sinhala nation?

      A peaceful satyagraha by Tamil MPs in Galle Face Green was beaten up the thugs hired by the then government in 1956.

      In the early Sixties another peaceful satyagaha in front of Jaffna kachcheri was baten up by the police and the security forces let loose by the then regime.

      Please don’t talk of Sri Lanka ever having civilized governments when you consider all the government sponsored pogroms let loose on Tamils.

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        Dear Mr. Karu Jayasuriya ,

        Many thanks for this article. We hope that the university students will start the Sri Lanka SPRING following the example of Hong Kong Students negotiating with the Chinese Govt. and will EDUCATE the Sinhala people on the crimes of the Rajapaksa regime.

        Karu, am afraid that your UNP and its economists – Harsha de Silva seems to be sleeping on the job – are NOT doing a good job to EDUCATE the Sinhala Modayas on the ECONOMIC CRIME and FINANCIAL TERRORISM, corruption and criminality of the Mahinda Jarapassa regime.

        Your leader, Ranil Wickramasinghe is particularly despicable, useless and shameless, supporting Rajapaksa covertly in order to remain UNP dictator and keeping the people ignorant on the true state of the nation and governance.

        So our hopes are on you Karu to play de fact LEADER OF THE OPPOSITION and educate the people and help out the elderly and impoverished who are suffering due to the ECONOMIC and FINANCIAL TERRORISM of the Rajapaksa regime and its corrupt cronies at the Central bank and treasury.

        Karu, Could you please do us elderly folk a favor and also write something on the Rajapaksa regime’s ECONOMIC TERRORISM against the poor and vulnerable? My month saving interest income on which I live have been reduced in the last couple of months from 12 to 6 percent by the central bank. This for Nivard Cabraal can borrow from from already INDEBTED local banks at low interest rates to fund Rajapaksa’s illegal reelection campaign.
        Many of my elderly friends who live on fixed deposit savings are in the same boat of IMPOVERISHMENT due to the corrupt crook at the central bank manipulating interest rates based on FAKE inflation rates. As for growth rates: if there is so much growth why do we all feel so poor today? I hear that Sri Lanka has JOBLESS and CREDITLESS growth because people are scared to invest or take loans for business enterprises because of corruption and lack of policy stability.

        There is no real growth in the REAL ECONOMY only printed paper money…because Rajapaksa’s and his cronies are involved in FINANCIAL TERRORISM. Today P.B. Jayasundara is saying that elderly pensioners should put their savings on the stock market rather than in fixed deposits and lose their life savings! The Colombo stock market is effectively Rajapaksa cronies’ PUMP AND DUMP casino to steal from the poor. The stock market is manipulated by cronies as we well know and telling pensioners to risk their savings is Criminal. PB is a financial Terrorist as is Nivard Cabraal who has been spinning lies about inflation rates and keeping interest rates down so he can borrow from already indebted local banks to fund Mahinda Jarapassa’s illegal reelection campaign while forcing pensioners to play the stock market and lose life savings. As PB said: “We can already see some concern over low interest rates by those who live on interest income from traditional savings for which the capital market could provide alternative opportunities”. His solution is for the elderly is to put their savings in the corrupt colombo stock market because their income from fixed deposits are so low!! Bloody criminal – he should be held accountable and put behind bars!

        Thank you. Please ask Harsha and Eran to get cracking on the job of exposing ECONOMIC TERRORISM of the Rajapaksa brothers, sons, in-laws cronies…

        Best regards, Dodo

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          Dodo very sorry to hear your sad situation caused by the economic terrorists at the Central Bank and treasury.

          Karu, hope that you will take note of this problem – Dodo is speaking from the ground level – and we need a REAL solution because there are many people suffering greater impoverishment and inequality is galloping in this Miracle of Modayas, as the CORRUPT and CRIMINAL Rajapaksa family and stooges ENRICHES itself at the expense of the middle class and poor.

          The Casino and car race mad Jarapassa family are GODEYAS – NO CLASS. They are into the mindless and uncultured BLING-BLING, glittering gold PLATED KINGSBURY/BLINGSBURY lifestyle of eating BRAND NAME because they lack EDUCATION and Culture, and think that they can buy CLASS! But as we know Rajapaksa family is a bunch of uneducated village thugs from Hambantota and all that glitters is NOT Gold…

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            Dear Hon. Karu ,

            please tell the masses what is happening behind the curtain ! if you can , please provide some answers for the following questions

            1)why does Ranil want to expedite the presidential election ?
            2)why doesn’t Ranil support Sarath/JVP legitimate constitutional question ?
            3)Why doesn’t Ranil support the common candidacy notion ?
            4)Why doesn’t Ranil demand to have the LLRC (17 A )in place before the PE ?

            As JVP rightly declared , MR can’t seek another term , most logical thing to do is challenging MR to prove that he is eligible for a third term , engaging that alone creates a huge public awareness among the general public (especially rural masses) , next step should be the legal avenue (yes we know the final verdict of that one ), but all these exercises take time which means skipping his Astrologers dooms day , time is against the king , why can’t our experienced opposition leader understand this simple logic ? why the hell is he pushing for a an early election ? who is he trying to fool ? on the other hand , all these idiotic price reductions , if the proposed election is to be postponed , can our fragile economy sustain for a longer period than expected ? rather than running behind MR’s own agenda , why can’t Ranil challenge the fast forwarding election strategy of MR ( yes we all know that baila , constitutionally he can do that bla bla ) ,when actual date is due in 2017 , who has asked for for an early election (except Ranil of course )

            Mr karu , the other double agent is Sajith , he is also same as Ranil , he will do every thing possible to defeat the opposition, i heard one of his whip crackers suggesting sajith’s name for the candidacy ! Mangala , you , Ven MS , CBK need to take the initiative and counter attack accordingly , Ranil sajith Duo does not need to do any thing , pack them and send away for a long holiday…..

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      1. UNP must EDUCATE the Sinhala Modayas on the need to ABOLISH the executive presidency before it is too late to undo the Mahinda Jarapassa military dictatorship.

      2. UNP must educate Sinhala Modays on the regimes ECONOMIC TERRORISM against the poor, vulnerable and elderly. Nivard Cabraal has reduced interest rates based on FAKE inflation rates in order to BORROW from already DEBT ridden local banks at LOW interest rates to fund the illegal re-election bid of Mahinda Jarapassa. The elderly folk who live on their fixed deposit savings are suffering. At the same time that corrupt clown PB Jayasundere has told the elderly to put their life savings in the stock market which is operated by the Rajapaksa regimes mafia – who pump and dump stocks to make money and defarud unsuspecting investors. This is criminal economic policy and financial terrorism against Sri Lankan masses… Cabraal and Jayasundara must be held accountable and put behind bars. Tried in open court.

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      Karu Jayasuriya MP.

      RE: On Attacking Students Without Addressing Issues

      Mr. Jayasuriya, “Victory Sun”, can you also make your Sun shine on the following.

      The Mara administration, De jaVu,,, have seen it before.

      On Attacking Muslims and killing Muslims Citizens at Aluthgama without apprehending the Law Breakers in this “Civilized” Sinhala “Buddhist” Country” following Buddha Dhamma.

      On attacking Demonstrators Without Addressing Issues, in this “Civilized” Sinhala “Buddhist” Country” following Buddha Dhamma.

      On Attacking those ask for the grievances to be heard in this “Civilized” Sinhala “Buddhist” Country” following Buddha Dhamma.

      Mr. Jayasuriya, there was an Author Thomas Paine, who wrote a Common Sense pamphlet in 1776, before the American revolution describing why the King had to be removed.

      Can you find some, any author who will write a Common sense Pamphlet in Sinhala, Tamil and English and distribute to the masses on the dangers of MaRa and the MaRa Dynasty?

      But First things first. Get Rid of Mahinada Rajapaksa, his goons and shills and terrorists.

      Everybody needs to pitch in. Here is a suggestion for you.

      Whatever opposition candidate comes forward, there need to be exposure of MaRa corruption and nepotism. There is a dire need for a Common Sense Pamphlet, like what Thomas Paine did in 1776 for the American revolution, exposing King George III.

      What can writers and other do? Expose.. Expose and Expose the Mara regime.

      The current perception is that Rajapaksa Hegemony has taken over the UPFA/SLFP and people do not want dynasties

      What can the writers do? Expose. what can the people do? Vote against MaRa and the criminal gang.

      Can you be the Anonymous Author and Produce a Sri Lankan version of Common Sense in Sinhala, Tamil and English? You will do as much service to Lanka, the Land of Native Veddah Aethho, just like Thomas Paine did for America and France.You can expand this write up, and get there.

      Say, Because I have Common Sense, I will not vote for Mr. Rajapaksa and their criminal cronies for a continuation of a Family Dynasty, and say that Sri Lanka is a Republic.

      Rajapaksa had the opportunity. The power corrupted them. The People are sick of them. They even used Buddhism towards their ends. Even Sinhala Buddhists are fed up them, and they are showing their true colors.

      An Anonymous Author like Thomas Paine or an Author with guts is needed with a Common Sense Pamphlet to expose the King, King George, the Rajapaksa Clan. Read, the Common Sense Pamphlet , by Thomas Paine, that inspired the American Revolution along with the other events. Common Sense (pamphlet)


      Produce a Commons sense Pamphlet for Sri Lanka and say why it is in the best interest of the people of Sri Lanka to remove the King, aka Rajapaksa Dynasty from power and let the Republic be a Republic and Not a dynasty. This Pamphlet, in Sinhala, Tamil and English, need to be sent to each and every Sri Lankan Citizen, just like Thomas Paine’s Common Sense pamphlet.

      • 1


        You give very good advice to Mr Jayasuriya; but dangerous all the same.

        It would great for every man and woman in Sri Lanka to get a pamphlet to set them thinking, BUT everybody caught distributing the pamphlet could be ‘thrashed’ ‘white-vanned’ ‘disappeared’ declared ‘missing-in-action’ and worse. But that may be the sacrifice needed to bring about change.

        • 0

          Spring Koha

          “It would great for every man and woman in Sri Lanka to get a pamphlet to set them thinking, BUT everybody caught distributing the pamphlet could be ‘thrashed’ ‘white-vanned’ ‘disappeared’ declared ‘missing-in-action’ and worse. But that may be the sacrifice needed to bring about change.”

          In a war not every combatant gets killed.

          In a guerrilla war, not every guerrilla combatant gets killed.

          In fact it takes 100 times as many regular soldiers to neutralize one guerrilla.

          Putting up posters, and distribution of pamphlets can be done on the sly and at night, Yes, some may get caught, but there should be enough citizens with guts to that.

          It is those citizens with guts who should be recruited for the task.

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      Lapatiya @,

      his actions ar followed by his stage talks.
      Did you follow that the words the man added in day before yesterday public speeches in nother soils ?
      eKA aru mu tho – is this the way of a leader who really wants to restore peace for all folks ?

      This fictious figure – acting all along making every efforts to turn the mind sets of poor men for his political survial. Is this a talent ? no, it is the abusiveness that has no margins.

      Are we the entire folks STUPID MEN AND WOMEN to see this happening to this nation further ?

      I am today to pro INVESTIGATIONs by any internatioanl courts – since i have lost my all faithers put on this man and his rhretorics. He only allowed criminals get bred easily as the termites would – while neglecting real causes and sufferings of the poor of the poor for which any leader shold do more

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    It was 1979…..
    Group of students (JVP) from Kattubedda were protesting, fasting till death on the roof top.
    No one from ruling UNP or even SLFP showed up.
    Then Opposition Leader Amir and other TULF MP’s showed up.
    They even went to the roof top to talk to the students.
    Sinhalese Students shouted “Amir’ta Jaya weva”…..

    The rest is history…..


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    University students are generally socialist. Because of that, it is natural that they attracted to JVP.

    The politicians who are trying to go against these students are those who never knew about the university life.

    If the SLFP or in the future by UNP want to subjugate these students Just by attacking them, that would become a stupid and futile approach.

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    One of the nearest reasons of this beatings and battering carried out against students ia a sbotage worrk by the ruler of SL as he has no plans to do with the students after their university. With no prospective job opportunities or any broad based focus, in the ruler’s useless viewpoint, these young members will be even bigger problems for him. That is why he is trying to sabotage the prestigious university heritage and let them line up in the Slavery Trade Que. This serves double bonus for him.1) money from slavery business in the ME deserts toilet cleaning 2) no need to find jobs inside SL, which is his responsibility.

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    Dear Sir.
    This is a timely needed article and basic human rights of students are violated. These thugs think that they could get away with it. This higher education minister does not have any clue about education. Lankan parliament is today so called a wonder of Asia: do you know more than 50% of MPs are without A/L or basic level of education: then what kind of debates they could have in parliament: I do think that never in the history of Sri Lanka we had a Parliament like this. A group of idiots and educated people make decision for 20 million Lankan what could you expect from those:
    Drug dealers, looters, thugs and murderers dominate this parliament:
    Already MR family deposited a large amount of money and jewellery in Itallian banks
    Already they made their fortune
    When they came to power they came to power from poor economic background
    Even they did not have enough meany for election in 2005
    Now they owned half of Lankan assets
    Where did they get it
    It is nothing but public money
    Why UNP can not expose these?
    As JVP does

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    Has the JVP leased the Uni Student Unions Leadership to Uncle Karu…

    Makes sense, Now they can run FUTA and the JVP Students together .

    Imagine the savings in rent, admin expenses and most importantly Logistics.

    I mean they can all sit in one bus to travel around, which is the most expensive bit with the Vans charging LKR 50 upwards per KM…

    With the amount of travelling which will be involved until the election,, it will be big time savings for the UNP treasury.

    No wonder these dudes are known as masters of Economic management…

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    Wow a UNP turd talking about how not to attack the Student unions in Unis . what a joke . They did an excellent job of doing that during Premes time LMAO . of some of those students are now in heaven . not that they did not deserved it .



    • 0

      Hey Abhaya

      Are you talking about Trinitians from Watapuluwa or ratnapura wiplawawadeen in Perdeniya

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    Mr. Karu Jayasuriya: I feel sorry for you. Once you defected to MR’s Government with a “bunch of Mps” and left them there and came. since then you had so much difficulty in getting to a “higher seat’ in the UNP. That too under the “National Leadership” of RW. Your National Leader is a “Leader” who lost more than twenty nine elections in the country for the last twenty years. Yet he has failed to “assess” his position in the country and the electorates. That is why the “Public Opinion” that he is another “Stooge”, “maintained” and “nurtured” by MR. I have a simple question for you: WITH ALL THE CORRUPTION, NEPOTISM, MISMANAGEMENT OF STATE RESOURCES, DICTATORIAL ARROGANCE OF A FAMILY RULE etc; etc;… WHY THE OFFICIAL OPPOSITION FAILED TO DATE TO EDUCATE THE PEOPLE AND PROVIDE AN ALTERNATIVE FOR THE WELL BEING OF THE COUNTRY AND THE NATION?

    I find and read quite a large number of comments highlighting that the mass voters are “Bloody Fools” and “Idiots”. NO, NOT AT ALL Please note the reality is they (people) DO NOT HAVE AN ALTERNATIVE.

    Mr. Jayasuriya, you cannot every now and then “hang” on to an instant problem and make capital gain out of it. It should have been a “long and concerted” effort over the last so many years. For example, the other day I saw a video clip of a speech made in Parliament by MP Anura Kumara Dissanayake of JVP as regards the “Blatant Mismanagement” of the the funds of “Samurdi Recipients” producing official statistics and documents, in terms of which the lowest who get Rs. 250.00 are not receiving a cent to their hands. Among the deductions made there is a deduction of Rs. 10.00, a month, towards a “Lottery” and that has not been drawn for the last two years. There are 15 lakh of “Samurdi Recipients” and the monies deducted and remitted to the General Treasury are “mismanaged” and “robbed” openly by the Ministerial Authorities. Have you ever taken up or cared to address you scrutiny on a matter of public importance that which directly concerns the “Poor People” of the country living in the remote villages. That is how you have failed to get closer to the “ordinary citizens” of the country and “deliberately” allowed this regime to “hoodwink” the masses and be living in them and directing them to muster their support. This is one among many and many social issues you and your leadership have failed to address and establish your power base in the majority vote base of the country. I can write a thesis on your dismal failures to get closer to the hearts of the ordinary citizens of the country and thereby failed to make your presence “felt among” them. So in a very correct assessment by them you and your leadership and the party are “ALIENS” to the large majority of the voters. That is how the ULF led by MR has gained and they will do every thing in their power and disposal to maintain that “TREND”.

    So please do not underestimate the voters as “fools”; “idiots”; “modayas”. They know they have NO ALTERNATIVE and correctly decide not to fall from the PRYING PAN TO THE FIRE. They know they are “losing”, “sacrificing”, “foregoing”, “suffering” BUT do not want to COMMIT SUICIDE by bringing in a quantity that was tried once and NOT CHANGED or GIVEN ANY HOPE of an ALTERNATIVE. Leave aside everything, you have not been able to stop the INFIGHTING that is going on for ever within and outside your head-quarters in Sri Kotha. What does that show to the people? So who are the “fools”, “idiots” and “modayas”. Go before a mirror and look at yourself and try to answer that question. You will feel thoroughly ashamed of yourself and will show how you have lost your “self respect” if you have any ounce of it.

    If you could not do that for the last twenty years, people know that you are not the ALTERNATIVE who can make that change during the coming few moths before the elections. Please make a note of this REALITY and decide to live where you are and NO MORE. However, I feel very sorry for the country and the people for having to continue without that much desired ALTERNATIVE.

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    A government elected by the people resorting to thuggery against a peaceful demonstration of students shows to what depths this government of thugs has descended to. Things are going to get even worse now that the chief thug is looking to win a third term.

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    Karu,This is not unique to the present Govt.
    Accepted that the present Minister of Higher Education is nothing but a pervert.His financial honesty is also in doubt.I place the blame for the latter on his then President CBK.She should have got him investigated.In fact all leaders since 1977 should have got their party politicians investigated and also the politician the previous regime. That did not happen.To me it is a good example of one group scratching the back of the others.Remember how your ex-MP Dayaratna(presently UPFA) and Nimal Siripala shared the spoils of the Health Ministry.

    Regading your present topic, this had been going on since 1970- 1977, when Weerasuriya was shot dead by that pervert ASP Gunasinghe, then it was the turn of the Kelaniya University, remember how either Mathews or RWs thugs went on attack and the students hammered one to death.

    Remember what happened in the period 1983-1989, where students were killed enmass. The students may have been JVP, but the JVP was forced to go under ground after Jayawardena accused them of the problems of 1983, which Jayawardena himself created not the JVP or Vasudeva.

    Then came the 2001-2002 regime of the UNP. Remember the incidents at Jayawardenapura and Ruhuna, where the sitting Ministers were involved.For the damage done to the students of Ruhuna, that man is now suffering.The damage done at Jayawardenapura led to the killing of a student. The man behind is one of the leaders of the UNP today.

    Fortunately your history is clean.

    There were some comments made about Cabraal and Jayasundara.Was it not your leader who kept Jayasundara hidden in the PERC and implemented that idiots policies? Cabraal was one time your candidate.More could be done by the UNP by exposing these two jokers,Cabraal of Pyramid fame in the parliament and exposing these two to the Multi lateral agencies providing us with loans.

    Over to you Karu. Elections are due and the UNP will judged on what it had done in the past 10 years.To my knowledge this Govt is going to get re-elected. People have no trust in RW and RW’s past does not indicate that the people can expect any thing different Remember the incidents at Batalanda housing scheme.

    The silence of RW is an indication that he will repeat performance if he wins.

    Over to you Karu. I will vote for the UNP if you take over the UNP not RW nor that “political insurgent” Sajith using lack of backbone in RW to become a bogus leader.

  • 0

    Attacking students is addressing issues.

    We saw it in Weliweriya also. It works.

  • 1

    “According to eye witness reports as well as those of the police investigations, these attacks were directly attributable to some Government politicians in the local area.”

    Have these politicians been interviewed by police with a view to charging them? What are their names?

    • 0

      “Have these politicians been interviewed by police with a view to charging them? What are their names? “

      why ? what are you going to do about it ? i think all these fabricated stories are manufactured by the “Tamil diaspoara ” to destabilize a democratically elected government , so the best answer for you to is , carry on what you are really good at , that is diverting the real issue to some thing which you are not comfortable .

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    Gotha gets advice from the Chinese. He does what the Chinese tell him to do. Chinese did this in Tianamen Square and in Hong Kong. What else can you expect when the procedure is the Chinese procedure. A new world order is being propagated by the Chinese Government and Sri Lanka is the first country which is following it under Gotha. President is only a puppet. A silent military coup has taken place in Sri Lanka. The minute Rajapakse is defeated we will see the public face of the military coup.

  • 0

    Mr. Jayasuriya, you seem to be clueless about what is happening in the university system in Sri Lanka. As many concerned citizens of Sri Lanka, I certainly support human dignity, democratic rights and civilized values in Sri Lanka. However, as Thiru has pointed out, these values have rarely been upheld in Sri Lanka – whether within the country or within the university system itself. As an insider, who left the university system very quickly and in total disgust, I can vouch for the lack of democratic values there.

    Do you think the JVP led Student Union of Sabaragamuwa University represents anyone except themselves? Do you know how the JVP gets “elected” to the student union? They intimidate everyone else who might genuinely want to represent the students until only their names are on the nomination papers. Then they get “elected” without any contestation from others. Some years ago an independent group of students submitted their nomination papers at Sabaragamuwa University. After nominations closed, the JVP leaders came with one of the independent candidates and informed the elections officer that the independent group wished to withdraw their nominations. The election officer (academic) pointed out that nominations were now closed and the election will determine the outcome. The JVP group tried to intimidate the elections officer without success. Then the JVP group went to the then vice-chancellor and got the nominations anulled by that spineless man (or perhaps he was an ally). In the second round, only the JVP candidates were on the nominations list. Such is the democracy practiced by JVP students in the university system.

    Give us a break, Mr. Jayasuriya. I don’t condone violence against peaceful protesters. But thugs against thugs? What do you expect?

  • 2


    You are a real insult to the Sinhalese, as if there isn’t enough.

    You measure everything in monetary terms. I always ask this question and you never answer. Did you come out of your mother’s womb or somewhere else?

    You and your MURDEROUS MARA CLAN do not have an iota of morality or respect for other people’s feelings or freedom of expression.

    I know for once that, the whole of MARA family never entered the campus premises for their academic purposes, except MARA being a librarian after not even been able to do his A/L.So understandable about their brutal and thuggish response.

    I now have serious doubts about your academic background, going by your scant regard for the plight of the university students. Typically following the MARA family footsteps.

  • 0

    Karu Uncle is supposed to be the Leader of the Sinhala Buddhist Faction, which is made up of a lot of our naive village people who have been mislead by Keselwatta Kid.

    Now that Keselwatta Kid has become the Deputy to the Christian Faction Leader, may be Karu uncle is on a diversion strategy to protect the Leader from his assurances to the TNA and the Diaspora, after his meet with the Cameron emissary Swire and Reverend Emmanuel.

    He now says no revisions or amendments to 13 A .

    And he will grant full TNA Police to Vellalas and hand over the Government Land with it.

    Wonder whether Keselwatta Kid has agreed to it?.

    Because with more devotees catching the new Yarl Devi, to Jaffna on their way to Nagadeepa, they would want to know whether they will have the same freedom and access without any harassment when the UNP Christian Faction Leader becomes the temporary President…

  • 0

    Sumanasekara, you are an insult to those who try to maintain a decent discussion.You have still not answered the question raised, from where did you come, from the front or rear? Please and kindly answer.

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