14 April, 2021


On False And Misleading Statements About Me

By Mahinda Rajapaksa

Mahinda Rajapaksa

Mahinda Rajapaksa

False and misleading statements continue to be made about me by members of the present government. At a recent TV interview, it was said that over Rs. 100,000 million (Koti dahadahak) had been allocated to the Presidential Secretariat for the year 2015 and that it had now been reduced to Rs. 2,720 million (Koti 272).

A sum of 100,000 million was never allocated to the Presidential Secretariat. The actual sum allocated for 2015 was Rs. 9,593 million (Koti 959). No less than 25 state institutions such as the National Salaries and Cadres Commission, the National Ocean Affairs Committee etc, were listed under the vote of the President. Former presidents and their widows are also maintained by the Presidential Secretariat under this vote. The Establishments & Organizations Division of the Presidential Secretariat serves all the above mentioned institutions and absorbs the bulk of the expenditure. This expenditure therefore represents a large number of institutions and not only expenditure allocated to the President.

The actual sum allocated to the Office of the President (which is only one component of the vote that is designated under the President) for 2015 was Rs. 3,754 million (Koti 375). This included Rs. 1,000 million (Koti 100) which was meant to be spent on the construction of various community projects around the country. If this item is removed, the expenditure on the President’s Office is reduced to the Rs. 2,750 million (Koti 275) that is said to be the new allocation for the president.

It was also said that a special plane for my exclusive use was to be bought with taxpayers’ money at a cost of 16 million USD. No plane was ever ordered for my use. When Sri Lankan Airlines ordered new aircraft, Airbus Industries had provided a complimentary VIP conversion kit to install a cubicle with special facilities for special customers on commercial flights which can be installed and dismantled as required. The sum of 15 million USD was only the manufacturer’s indicative value of this kit which is actually provided free.

The various presidential residences are being mentioned in such a manner as to convey the impression that I had built them for my use. Temple Trees, President’s House and the residences in Nuwara Eliya and Kandy have been used by heads of State and government since the colonial era. The presidential residences in Anuradhapura, Embilipitiya, Mahiyangana and Kataragama were built by President Premadasa. None of these properties were built during my tenure. It was reported in one newspaper that Temple Trees and President’s House will be opened for public viewing soon. I welcome that because tens of thousands of schoolchildren from rural and remote areas and adults toured Temple Trees even when I was occupying it. It was indeed a pleasure to meet and interact with them and to find out snags in development in their areas. Crowds flocked to Temple Trees for my Poya day programmes as well.

It was also said that some vehicles of the Presidential Secretariat had not been returned. News reports said that 22 Defender Jeeps had been ‘discovered’ in Borella and another 53 vehicles belonging to the Presidential Secretariat found ‘abandoned’ in Pitakotte. These are official vehicle yards of the Presidential Secretariat and to say that vehicles were ‘discovered’ at such places is absurd. The vehicles found in Pitakotte are mostly high security vehicles dating from the 1980s which were condemned but cannot be auctioned off as per the normal procedure. All vehicles used by me and my staff have been returned. The details of other vehicles that had been issued to various officers and institutions under the Presidential Secretariat should be known to the Establishments & Organizations Division and can easily be traced by perusing the register maintained for the purpose.

*Statement issued by Mahinda Rajapaksa -Former President of Sri Lanka

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Latest comments

  • 40

    Blah blah blah. Now when are you going to pay me back for all the money you took from me?

    • 15

      Mahinda Rajapaksa –

      Is Lying a Medamulana MaRa Tradition?

      Claim Ignorance?

      You do not know?

      Why not disclose your asses every year since 2005? Also your Shills ands Cronies?

      Did the Chinese Gift you?

      Anura Kumara Dissanayake’s first public speech after defeating Mahinda Rajapaksa


    • 5


      Mahinda Rajapaksa goes to jail yo Check on His Shills
      February 9, 2015 03:24 pm



      Former president Mahinda Rajapaksa spent time briefly at the main prison in Colombo visiting his recently acquired ally Tissa Attanayake.

      The former president spent a few minutes at the Welikada Prison Hospital where Attanayake has been warded since he was remanded a week ago on criminal charges of falsifying documents.

      Rajapaksa was asked if he was trying to contest upcoming parliamentary elections, but remained non committal.

      Asked if he was addressing a political rally next week organised by former Housing minister Wimal Weerawansa, Rajapaksa has told Economy Next news agency: “What meeting? Where? Ah Nugegoda? I didn’t know, I am coming from my village today.”

      Attanayake, who defected from the then opposition United National Party and was made Health minister for less than three weeks, is accused of fabricating a document to discredit Sirisena and Wickremesinghe.

      Attanayake has said that the purported document was received by him the day he assumed duties as health minister, but he also told investigators that at least two other individuals may have been behind the fabrication.

    • 12

      On False And Misleading Statements About Me ?

      Family First Country Second..

      Rule of the Family by the Family for the Family


    • 7

      You govern this country like a mafia boss, the traces you left behind confirmed our doubts. Your extricating yourself from temple tree on that fateful dawn of 9th as if the house was on fire has given only one impression, that is something gone awfully wrong for you, which you didn’t quite expect. A sitting President running away from his palace in the wee hours is something unheard of, and no body asked you to do it. You know why did you do it and what your state of mind was then, did you put yourselves into your buddy Gadhafi’s shoe and feared the people would be chasing you away comes the day light? Could figure out? A very eerie morning indeed for you? Maybe an interim message as to what you expect for the karma you were carrying on, how many poor souls would be hovering above you, it is a wake up call for you. However the spin you gave to that move later after realizing people were not behaving as bad as you thought is what I call Mahindasindanaya Sir. Can you give an explanation as to why you ask the AG’s signature and what the document was about?.

      On this President allocation reconciliation (you and reconciliation!), it is funny and very bizarre to note that the amount allowed for the current President matches the amount finally you arrived at, as your expenditure for Y 2015. It is so obvious that, there was a concerted effort in matching these figures than telling the truth. Suppose MS expenditure was not RS2750M but RS2000M, you could have come out with one more phony liner balancing there was $750M for maintaining the white van fleet to safeguard the SL sovereignty. Such was the ease with which you govern, the total contempt of the public office afforded on you by the people. This kind of matching explains the intelligent of the one who prepared this document for you.

      You say “These are official vehicle yards of the Presidential Secretariat”, you should be kidding sir. Who could believe this spin?. No body knows this was a Government vehicle yard, let alone one belong to Presidential Secretariat. The ones made or condemned ( not sure)in 1980, where were they before you assume office as President in 2005?. Do you say this official vehicle yard of Presidents was in existence since CBK time or before?. As a voter, these questions are coming to my mind and wondering if you buffing your way out of this mess, you haven’t expected. Don’t take us for granted like the ones that surrounded you and living on your grace. Even some of them now started saying you really was a mafia boss, hmm I am referring your soul mate Dr Mervin. Tell some thing about that, did you smack him?.

  • 31

    Idi Mahin, we don’t believe what you are saying! It will be back to square one when the new regime scratches your back in anticipation of you scratching theirs. You, Nande Master, sunthetic lowyer Namal and a host of other jokers may go scott free??

  • 29

    Mr ex Prez, as you behaved as if nothing was done by you even if you did sometimes, not that 6.2mio voted against you would agree all what have now been saying. This you should have grasphed by self or through your Astrlogers or mouth pieces hired for you (wimal buruwanse and Dayan Buruwanse aka/Silva/Jayathilaka) – Have not you heard that you cant fool the very same folk again and again.: Pleae go out of our sight and let current leaders to do their job with assitance of people s power.

  • 24

    Hey Mahinda, this is coming from a Sri Lankan Canadian. When you finished the LTTE off, I thought you would do wonders for the people of the country. No, you sat there with your entire family…………murdered, pillaged, plundered and robbed the entire country. Today we hate you………..hate you to the core.

    • 6

      Tamil from the north east/west Pakistan

      “Today we hate you………..hate you to the core.”

      Hatred is corrosive of a person’s wisdom and conscience; the mentality of enmity can poison a nation’s spirit, instigate brutal life and death struggles, destroy a society’s tolerance and humanity, and block a nation’s progress to freedom and democracy.

      Liu Xiaobo

    • 6

      Tamil from the north east/west Pakistan

      ” Today we hate you………..hate you to the core.”

      Hatred does not cease by hatred, but only by love; this is the eternal rule.


      • 1

        Hey NV from a tree, I neither practice Buddhism nor interested in it. Read the old testament, it will shed some light on what I am saying. He massacred little children and women. He should be given exactly what he did to the innocent just like what Praba got.

        • 0

          Tamil from the north east/west Pakistan

          “He massacred little children and women. He should be given exactly what he did to the innocent just like what Praba got”

          If you want this madness to continue who is going to hang the last person? Probably you won’t be the last person.

          Don’t waste your time and energy hating others. You must be self hating Tamil from the north east/west Pakistan. First stop hating yourself and you will stop hating others.

  • 26

    Dear Sir

    Firstly thank you for your courage and leadership in winning a war that was not your own fault, one that you inherited from previous governments.

    Thank you also for your article. No doubt our excellent journalists and politicians will verify what you have stated so we can know the truth.

    The accusations against you were made so many times during the election campaign that I myself started repeating it in my mind until I stopped myself. That is the strength of propaganda. Of course I had no proof.

    When I read about the hundreds of vehicles supposedly ‘hidden’ or ‘lost and found’ I jumped to the conclusion that some misappropriation had taken place, but this is what these revenge-seekers intended. Then came the explanation. I think the former Secretary has explained about the ‘lost’ vehicles just as you have in your article.

    You must be aware of the fact that under the present constitution of Sri Lanka, a person is innocent until found guilty. This ideal is found in the Constitution of the United States of America, and I am surprised to find it here.

    “Section 13

    (5) Every person shall be presumed innocent until he is proved
    guilty :

    Provided that the burden of proving particular facts may, by law, be
    placed on an accused person.”

    Those who want to practice good governance please note this. They should also note that democracy means allowing those you do not support to run in elections, unfortunately they do not want the ‘previous regime’ to take part in any democratic processes. They are afraid of Democracy.

    Your temporary successor has promised ‘ten times the development’ with funds that otherwise would have been misappropriated. (Manifesto)

    We shall see, I am personally looking forward to 6 more highways, 8 more airports, 8 more ports, and a annual average growth rate of 70% over the next ten years. I hope that you will see these benefits as well.

    It is not what you take but what you give back to the country that is important, in my vote.

  • 10

    Dear Sir

    Another shining example of Good Governance here, perhaps you have read it?

    Mr President, Hang Him Or He Will Hang You


  • 10

    CT stands Beyond Somasuntharapulavar!

    “Veddunar thaankum viyan peru Nilame. Kollunarkaru nillal koduppana maramE”( The great big earth sustains the ones who cut it deep. The great cool trees give dear shades for those who kill them.)

    Shamelessly the use of the free media is taken as granted by the murderers who murdered it.

    Time for to call UNHRC and put forward a denial like this is the most urgent one needed. There is an answer needed for the 146,000 peoples life which is unaccounted as per the Mannar Father’s statement. If one word these peoples saying is true they should have the courage to face the UNHRC!

  • 17


    Looks like you are slowly awakening to reality. You seem to have shed your Rajathuma persona. But you still need to learn to speak the truth. What I’d strongly recommend is you undergo the same rehabilitation program that the captured Tigers were put through by your defence secretary Gota in Mullivaikkal. You need to be detoxified of your sense of self-entitlement. Because even now after your humiliating defeat you are only defending yourself and that too only of allegations of financial plunder. How about the murders of so many Sri Lankans under your watch? How dare you even think of returning to politics without addressing this burning issue?

  • 16

    And that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Your fragile explanations do not wash!

    Let’s see you also try and explain away the protection rackets and mega-deals when the Commission of Inquiry is established.

    When all is said and done, we may need a new “political prison” in which to dump all the crooks.

  • 13

    MR baby,Give us a percentage wise breakdown of Rs spent and the truth (known by all) can be seen.

  • 16

    The problem with being a congenital liar is that even if you tell the truth no one (except the congenitally dense) will believe you. And you sure have a great record of being a great liar.

    So what to do????

  • 14

    Now that a commission is to be established to inquire into all corruption of the previius regime under MR, the public will come to know the truth and of course the punishments should follow on those found guilty.

  • 25

    When Sirisena came on national TV and informed to citizens of this country that a plane that was ordered has been canceled by him and the money was put to purchse spare parts , we were laughing are heads off thinking how this man canceled an airbus plane order just like that!!!!!! What does he think we are ??? Fools????

    Sirsena must use national TV to educate public as to what his planes are for the development Of this country. His priority shoud be “development “and not “gossip.”
    The interim budget is being amended still and I don’t think Ravi has a clue what he is doing.
    Mangala is going around the world thanking all the governments that helped topple the Rajapaksa Governtmnet.
    Ranil seems to be threatening the parliament and putting commissions for matters he cannot solve.
    Chandrika informs the country that her two children went to the worlds best universities in London and not to the “thuttu deke” universities in Sri Lanka????
    Sirisena regimes priority seems to be handing over all key Governtmnet positions to minorities.
    The country has two chief justices at the moment.
    We are tired of listening to previous governments bogus corruption charges.

    For us, president Rajapaksa is and always will be the greatest president ever! The day president Rajapaksa lost, we stopped breathing.

  • 15

    Why does CT publish articles of MR trying whitewash his past ?
    Do not forget that this man barred your website in Sri Lanka while in power.

    • 10

      To expose and thrash !

  • 13

    My3, people are absolutely disappointed the way your administration deal with corruption. Bring this man to justice, before he swallow you alive.

    You have lot of talkers not doers. Please get rid of people restricted to wheel chair from 100 day stint.

    RW, remember you face an election very near future, you will be sent back home if you cannot get rid of impotency.

  • 10

    Kudos to CT, these buggers obviously took you seriously !

    First they blocked you and now they write to you for publication…unbelievable.

    • 3


      This comment shows the intelligence levels of CT readers, along with their perception of free media.

      Rajapakse didn’t write to CT. This is a statement he issued in public tp the public. Various media have decided to publish it, including CT.

  • 23

    This is heartening to hear, finally a factual response to the absurd desperate allegations which has been going on for years, while you Mr Rajapaksha was in a bubble or asleep..can you at least now get someone to respond to these ludicrous allegations.

  • 23

    Give ex-President want fair play by mass media and listen his views, what he says a to public.

    What ever the politics an opinion hold by others ,but that MR played leading role, which ensure and enrich bring back democrat norms and its values to ours democratic society last 9 years.

    The last 30 years of WAR ON TERRORISM BY TAMIL have clearly not been working in the way of DEMOCRACY. Now we are supposed to be stable ,but that National crisis had been avoid unstable and devastating consequences totally eliminated from Sri lanka soil.

    Without his political leadership it was quite impossible brought down Tamil Terrorism from North.
    But a closed look at the our democracy system showed end of war was not by accident ,but his brave leadership.

    As we talk ,it is clear to majority of people that specific unstable and uncertain instability varied our nation of Sri lanka since 1977.
    Ours democracies grivireances very different from those in the West and India. But were some values shared of democracy themes.

    Before 2009 May in fact there was a common understanding that in SRI LANKA many ways our democracy, its economic and political governances had failed and that both were fundamentally unfair. MR should be give due respect of recificty wrong doing democracy.

  • 11

    No, no, I dont believe you.Now you are also going to tell me there were no White Vans only red ones and orange ones. Hic hic…..Then you are going to say there was no Grease Yakkas but only good-intentioned Army recruits trying to help minority women with their daily household chores and that Lasantha killed himself because nobody was reading the Leader which was full of crap. By now we all know that you are the Patta Pal expert so nobody would believe what you say.

  • 12

    You have been telling lies since you started to talk.
    You have misled public for so many years.
    Still foolish people blindly follow you.

    Majority of Sri Lankans know about you very well.

    You just talk to your heart and your heart will tell you the truth.

    We wish you a long life to pay the price back and to suffer years and years.

  • 14

    Mr Rajapakse

    You had a great opportunity to be a great president, but you chose to be divisive allowed corruption and lead an extravagant lifestyle in public money. You set a bad example for your ministers to follow.

    Why don’t you tell us what happened to the 120 hard disks at temple trees, why didn’t you hand over the assets properly? Did you have proper record of all the fixed assets including the vehicles. If this was done why would this problem arise about the whereabouts of the vehicles?

    It is laughable that a former president of Sri Lanka writes to the news papers about assets that should have been handed over and accounted for.

  • 12


    I will not address you as ‘President’, as you do not deserve any respect. You are a disgrace to SL. You are an uneducated, uncivilised and uncultured thug. We the people of SL never voted for you into power. You paid the LTTE in 2005 and in 2010, the Election Commissioner changed the results when a gun was held to his head. However, we were smarter this time around. As rightly mentioned by your murderer brother Gotabaya, you lost this time because the elections were free and fair !

    I will not spend any more time on you. From what I hear, it won’t be long for Karma to catch up with you !

  • 11

    Don’t lie Sir, You were right royal robber. You are no petty thief.

    You won a war but we all lost our peace and dignity as Sri Lankans because of you.

  • 10

    “A sum of 100,000 million was never allocated to the Presidential Secretariat. The actual sum allocated for 2015 was Rs. 9,593 million (Koti 959).” [Edited out]

  • 10

    MR choses 1-2 items for propaganda purposes and to gain public sympathy – mainly to keep his blind supporters. It is time the Sirisena Govt. prepare a full list of items
    where MR and his brothers calculated to steal public resources.
    The real value of projects, the inflated differences and other
    rackets should be exposed to the public eye. Wherever possible,
    the Agencies of the UN established to unearth stolen money by leaders of banana republics, should be approached to expose the mass economic crimes. The US Govt. should not lend itself to be the home of stolen money and assets as the 2 Rajapakse Brothers have brought very expensive properties there – far in excess of their known income.
    If the Rajapakses are fully exposed and punished other possible rogues will not attempt to steal the public’s family silver again.


  • 9

    ”Kotte” is a place you have to escalte intensive search for evidence against MaRa Hora regime. I’m suprsied to see Municipal Council still displaying the portraits of Mahinda and his bootlicker, Tuk-Tuk driver Mayor who also a ‘Nilbalakaya Thug’ Janaka Ranawaka.
    It’s frustrating the new people’s Govnt. slow in action against all these day light robbers!!!!!!

  • 22

    Are these false and Misleading Statements made against you? IF so, why don’t you sue them for defamation?

    From today’s London Times:

    Sri Lanka’s Former President Has Been Accused Of Looting The Nation More Than $5 Billion, With The New Government Preventing A Former Central Bank Chief From Leaving The country.

    Mahinda Rajapaksa, Who Suffered A Shock Election Defeat This Month, Is Accused Of Spiriting The Vast Sum Out Of Sri Lanka Over A Period Of Nine Years.

    He is also being investigated for attempting to Organize A Coup In His Final Hours In Office, After It Became Clear That He Would Lose The Poll to Maithripala Sirisena, The New President.

    Billions Of Dollars Have Been Stolen And Taken Out Of The Country.

    We are taking steps to bring them back.

    We will go after the foreign assets, Rajitha Senaratne, a spokesman for Mr Sirisena’s Cabinet, Said.

    The IMF, World Bank And Indian Authorities Have Agreed To HelpTo Trace The Money.

    Nivard Cabraal, The Former Central Bank Governor And A Close Ally Of Mr Rajapaksa, Has, In The Interim, Been Prevented From Leaving The Country.

    Champika Ranawaka, The Energy Minister, Claimed That The Rajapaksa Family Had Siphoned Off More Than $5 Billion During I’ts Nine-Year Tenure.

    The former regime used taxes from fuel and basic food items to finance their luxury lifestyles of racing cars and extravagance, he said.

    Mr Rajapaksa ruled Sri Lanka with an iron fist from 2005, with the help of a number of family members given key positions within the government.

    Pressure on the family increased yesterday with the discovery of a fleet of 53 presidential vehicles, including bulletproof limousines, which had been abandoned in Colombo.

    Ajith Rohana, a police spokesman, said some were wrecks, but others still had food and bottles of water inside.

    More than 70 other vehicles belonging to the nation’s Presidential Secretariat were still missing, he added.

    Mr Sirisena’s Election Campaign Focused Relentlessly On The Rajapaksa Regime’s Alleged Corruption, Authoritarianism And Nepotism, Winning Support From A Broad Coalition Of Tamils, Christians And Muslims, As Well As Disaffected Members Of The Sinhalese Buddhist Majority, The Ethnic Group From Which The Rajapaksa’s Hail.

    Police said this week they had found a cache of weapons at a conference centre in central Colombo, fuelling allegations that Mr Rajapaksa and his brother, Gotabhaya, a former defence minister, had plotted a coup when it became obvious they were going to lose the poll.

    Yesterday, Gotobhaya Rajapaksa, who has been accused of running a death squad and ordering the murder of a journalist, rejected the coup claim as false and baseless .

    So far, prosecutors have not filed charges against the Rajapaksas, but some individuals have filed police complaints against them.

    Mervyn Silva, a former government minister, has accused Gotobhaya Rajapaksa of overseeing a number of “White Van” abductions, in which critics have disappeared.

    He also alleged that the former president’s brother was behind the killing of Lasantha Wickrematunge, a newspaper editor who was shot dead on his way to work in 2009.

    In his final editorial, written as a letter to President Rajapaksa and published posthumously, Mr Wickrematunge wrote: When finally I am killed, it will be the government that kills me.

    We Both know Who Will Be Behind My Death, But Dare Not Call His Name. !!

  • 19




  • 6

    Dear Mahinda,

    What if this govt reopened the “Helping Hambanthota” case?

    What if The Election nite coup is investigated?

    What if they find 50% of your “front ” operations?

    What if son Rohitha , was found to have sold our satellite wave length to China and got himself called a rocket scientist?

    What if……………….

    When will we see these and many more inquiries commence?

  • 9

    Now why is not Rajpal Abeyanayake putting this in as headline news?

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