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Ven. Galkande Dhammananda Thero Highlights Importance Of Understanding Complexities That Led To Jaffna Clash

Lecturer of the Department of History of the University of Kelaniya, Ven. Galkande Dhammananda Thero has said that in any university due prominence is always given to that respective university’s cultural background.

“Even at the University of Kelaniya or the University of Peradeniya, when there are major events, the cultural activities at these functions are based on the locality, hence one cannot find fault that even at the Jaffna University preference was for cultural activities from that area,” he said.

Speaker further on the recent clash at the Science Faculty of the University of Jaffna, the Thero noted that there is a general fear psychosis created because some are saying that the ‘Tamils are attacking the Sinhalese.’

“But university clashes are nothing new although there has been a lot of attention to this clash in particular. There are university clashes from time to time and in all universities, and in some instances students have even been killed, but this clash in particular has been discussed at length,” he added.

Watch the full speech here:

Editor’s Note: The original headline ‘One Cannot Blame Jaffna Students For Wanting To Give Prominence To Their Culture: Ven. Galkande Dhammananda Thero’ has been changed to accommodate the Ven. Dhammananda Thero’s request who in a letter informed the Colombo Telegraph that the original headline was misleading.

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