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One Set Of Rules For Fonseka, One Set Of Rules For Me: Gota

“I know my capacities and leadership qualities. Therefore, I can prove that military persons can also become good leaders.” says the former secretary to the ministry of defence Gotabaya Rajapaksa.

Gotabaya“I left the military some years back and then I became an official. I have now been in civilian life for a long time. There is no difficulty for a military person to become a politician. There are enough and more examples in international politics where military persons have turned to be good politicians. But in Sri Lanka most of them proved to be failures. I know my capacities and leadership qualities. Therefore, I can prove that military persons can also become good leaders.” Gotabaya said in an interview with Financial Times today.

Responding to the question; “One Minister recently said you entering into politics would be as a ‘dictator in the making'”, Rajapaksa said; “You see these people make remarks for their political advantages. I have heard this same Minister was promoting Sarath Fonseka to be in Parliament to fill the vacant seat of former MP Gunawardana. Just compare the two statements. On one hand he promotes Fonseka and on the other hand he accuses me of becoming a dictator if I enter into politics. For me, these people just talk with no basis. I also heard him saying I know only to say left and right. It is true because I know what is left and what is right well. But this person has mixed up left, right, north and south and everything.”

When asked about the ongoing discussions to form a new political party by the Rajapaksas and its leadership, Gotabaya said; “Yes, discussions are going on these days to form a new political party but it is not exactly by the Rajapaksas. The idea purely came from the original and true SLFPers, who are thoroughly disappointed and also in the wilderness now that their much-loved party is now in disarray. The SLFPers at grass-roots level have urged us to form a new party for them. However this will be the real SLFP.

“All the original and true SLFPers will rally around this party. The country had the general elections and those who won at the election won because of the hard work of the former President Mahinda Rajapaksa. Those politicians made use of his image to win the elections and get high preferential votes. Remember, those SLFPers who voted for them didn’t want them to join the UNP to form a UNP-led government. They voted for them to form a SLFP government and if not they wanted the SLFP to be the main Opposition. They lost both opportunities and now these SLFPers claim they are lost in politics and they do not have a political party. Once formed, this party will have the cream of the SLFP.

“We have had few rounds of discussions and need to discuss more. When the right time comes, he will take a decision to join the party or guide the party. It is up to him to decide his future with the new party.

“I will be assisting to groom the party. I am not an experienced politician; I hope the party leader will be an experienced politician. As a citizen of this country I have a right to support the political party which I like. Therefore, I am ready to provide any support to build up this new political party, which will lead the true SLFPers in this country.

I believe that the most important factor of a political party is its policies. Today, we see polices of the SLFP are not implemented under this Government. The SLFPers always stood for the country, its unitary status and the country’s war heroes but these policies are challenged under this Government. The SLFP was formed with the support of other communities and represented all communities. They worked together to build the party. The new party is also for the SLFPers from all ethnic groups.”

For the first time he agreed that Fonseka played an important role in the war against the LTTE. He said; “I agree that he played an important role in this mission as the then Army Commander. But the task of ending terrorism was much more than his task as the Army Chief. Without the leadership of Mahinda Rajapaksa, who was the Commander-in-Chief of all forces, no one could move an inch to defeat terrorism. Lots of coordination was done by me. Yes, it was a collective effort that helped the Government end the war in a short period of time.” (By Kavinda Serasinghe © CT)

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  • 46

    I read only the headline and decide that for once I agreed with Gota.

    Yes, whatever the superficial justification for your protest, most people in the country know instinctively that you are a racist thug who has to be judged differently from the roughhewn Fonseka.

    • 20

      Gotta’s and Allibaba’s hip downward is shivering now..

    • 25

      It’s high time that Sri Lankans got used to the simple fact that Gota is a serial killer. That’s it.

      There is no different between Gota and Charles Manson; both sent out crazed killers to do their bidding.

      They didn’t have the stomach/courage to do their dirty deeds themselves.

    • 17

      CBK is a true blue SLFP member and the real SLFP is with her and not the likes of Upavithra Wanniarachchi and the saffron thugs of the Jarapassa family.

      Under Gotabaya Sri Lanka was indeed a military dictatorship in the making with a DEEP STATE run by the Jarapassa brothers, their corrupt militias and white vans to disappear those who spoke for justice and against corruption and the culture of immunity, murder and criminality that flowed from the Jarapassa DEEP STATE.

    • 8

      Oi, Sarath Fonseka was the man with the ‘4year plan’
      Not the coward deserter with the white-van plan

      “In Sri Lanka they proved to be a failure” thanks largely to you Rajapaksas for killing Janaka Perera and jailing Sarath Fonseka.

  • 33

    Shamelessness is shield for political survival

  • 26

    Military persons also can become good(political) leaders – Gotabaya Rajapakse ex defence secretary.

    We have heard of military leaders like Saddam Hussain, Col. Ghaddafi,
    Al Sissi (Egypt),Hussain Mubarak, Marcos and many African, Burmese,
    Latin Americans & Pakistanis army men becoming dictators and the citizens of those countries suffered the consequences but never heard of military men becoming good political leaders following democracy and rule of law, except a few war time leaders in the West. Some of them in western countries of course follow conscription in the armed forces as a rule and even US Prez Barrack Obama may have followed the course but they never served in the army as a career.
    Even Fld. Marshal Fonseka should be kept out of Defence and home land
    security as military men have an instinct to inflict wounds against the opponents.

  • 11

    I do not want to comment much about things I am not sure and convinced about Gotabaya, If he had committed wrongs let the law take its course

    But I do not hesitate to appreciate the good work he did to make a city of Colombo clean and tidy.

    • 8

      By killing a few beggars to instil fear in the minds of other beggars?

      Success has many fathers! The full interview (13 May 2015) has a lot of interesting information.

      I made Colombo Beautiful not Gotabhaya

      Colombo Municipal Council (CMC), Mayor A. J. M. Muzammil has been one of the few UNPers who did well during the regime of former President Mahinda Rajapaksa. His city, along with the Rajapaksas developed rapidly compared to the rest of the country. The mayor in an interview with Ceylon Today spoke about the win-win relationship he shared with the former Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa in order to get the job done.

    • 10

      But… but, our idiotic mayor now claims he is he architect of the transformation!

      Of course he had to wait till Gota left completely, before making the claim!!!

    • 9

      Surely a high-powered Defence Secretary cannot be employed to clean the streets of Colombo, when any Municipality official could easily do it, given the funds and authority as at Mr G’s disposal?! If this is mostly what he’s being praised for, surely there’s a serious systemic flaw in the country.

    • 17

      He can join the CMC as a janitor. Ideal job for this shit eating Pig !!

  • 34

    GR, Your capability could be seen if we view photographic evidence taken during the height of the war whenever FM (then Lt Gen) SF was visiting the HQ at Vavuniya or front line forces. Observe carefully, where was SF and where was GR. Anyone would think that GR was SF’s bag carrier. All of GR’s arrogance came after the war when SF retired. And do not forget that SF’s removal from army and undignified treatment came after the then Spy Chief former Navy Commander planted a fake/ false misinformation report that SF was manoeuvring troops around Colombo to take over the government. The whole thing was masqueraded as intelligence coming from Indian intelligence. I am not creating this news, but I can remember reading this crap on media.

    On reflection we can see that all these were most likely misinformation spread by GR and former Navy Commander, because both of them did not got on well with SF, and GR’s desire to steal someone else’s thunder and honor for himself as a fake Dutugemunu. SF has a habit of not suffering fools gladly; so he paid dearly for that stance of his when these fools became the powerful. We can see clearly that the former Navy Commander was well in Rajapaksha’s pockets by observing the way he had been kow-towing to Yoshita when he was a mere midshipman and later a lieutenant.

    The whole plot stinks, but at the narural justice has balanced the injustice done to SF and former war winning generals; natural justice has put GR and Yoshita where they belong, and put SF where he ought to be, rescuing this country from corrupt and depraved politicians, the same way he saved the nation from murderous terrorists.

  • 30

    A syndrome called This Javaneese ancestry Malaccan “shit eating pig” with a USA citizenship who suddenly got two villas In California wants to suck some more blood from poor sri lankans.

    “””” As a citizen of this country I have a right to support the political party which I like””””””.
    how can this Hothambaya say that,

    How come,
    you are not a citizen of this country,
    Now you are an American, with a purchased citizenship and you ran away from sri lanka for fear of LTTE TO safeguard your life.
    Now talking about to become a war hero.
    but all of you are zeros, not heroes. who sold our country to terrorists,
    who eat from our tax money
    We know who you are and who your clans are!,
    All the family are thieves, eating from our pockets.

    TA KE- CA RE,

    • 5

      Have you seen his two villas? Care to share any pics of them?

      • 5

        Poor treatment by the big boss….
        Poor treatment by the followers…


      • 0

        Truth, sometimes is rather inconvenient, like showing said villas when they are non existent, just like the previously much talked about 18 billion USD, oh dear, now I have provoked the Rajapaksha haters to spew some more vitriol!

        • 2

          “Truth, sometimes is rather inconvenient, like ..” denying all the murderous actions ordered by Gota and carried out by the minions who had no option than to obey.

          “like..” denying those “non-existent villas” when they exist.

          “like” those free laptops given to churn out those “convenient lies” by those journalists for rent to the highest bidder.

          …and the list goes on, whether inconvenient or not for those Rajapakse lovers and slaves.

          • 1

            Who said in that TV interview…”Who is Lasantha” ???????????

    • 9

      YES… ASK him to explain how KP, who was arrested in Malaysia and brought to SL as a wanted TERRORIST was offered luxury life in Colombo … ask him what happened to KP’s ships and assets …. of course the Gold of the citizens of the North and East who had kept in banks for safety…and buried in their compounds which were bulldozed under the pretext of de-mining…

      This Megalomaniac..still thinks he calls the shots… send wijedasa rajapaksa home.. why is Gota a civil servant of the past regime still being offered ARMY protection?

      He said he was poor and only earned a salary… how can he afford a luxury house with floor air conditioners and fish tanks with Sharks?…moreover… what happened to his palatial houses in California? FCID need to get to the bottom of these and throw this SORE Loser in jail… if not let SF personally take over… … PAYBACK TIME…LOSERRRR….

  • 32

    Hello Gota ,
    You have a short memory. During Mahinda’s presidency
    The Rajapaksa”s had one set of rule for their family and friends and no rules for others.

    • 7


      Out of three you have little guts you boy. Well done.

      You have to be ferocious at times. Gota needs ferocious attack.

  • 1

    Abiththaya has finally spoken.

    No White courts and no Hybrid Judges or even vice versa .

    If Batalanada wants to release the 273 hard core Tigers in prison as requested by the Bedouin Prince,to please Sambandan’s mate Surendran, he has to have a duel with Abiththaya.

    Abiththya says a general amnesty was already granted to 12700 LTTE Tigers.

    If the Diaspora insists on War Crimes Trials for our Military Personnel through Bedouin Prince, Abiththaya wants all those 12700 also re arrested and put through the same courts.

    Wonder why this unshakable stand against Batalanada , all of a sudden?.

    Is it seeing the good leaders like Gotabaya been brought to the Arena by our great majority of the inhabitant population who have had enough of Yahapalanaya over the last 13 months?.

    Or has Abiththya watched the mega procession in front of the UN by our patriotic people who still have their memory in good shape?.

    Or has Abiththya got a sudden awakening about his old devotion to Buddhagama and Jathika Hela Urumya ?

    Or has he read Ms S and Mr S recent article in CT .

    Or it it a combination of all the above?.

  • 8

    You my Dear Chap, Pray, that Ranil Wickremasinghe will remain at the helm and keep Fonseka at bay. Fonseka awaits to pounce. He will go for your jugular, for sure.
    Personally I didn’t want Fonseka to be in the parliament. This circle of revenge must end.
    The dead, Sinhalese in South ( remember Matale ?, Tamils in the North and those missing in your white van ops ) will dish ill on you forever.

    Pray, repent; Better become a monk.

  • 9

    I wish there was one set of rules for everybody in Sri Lanka. If so Gota along with his brothers and the rest of the family will be in jail. And most of the present day parliamentarians will also be in jail. Also Chandrika and every other retired politician will also be in jail. Fortunately of unfortunately Sarath Fonseka will also be in jail.

    Basically there never was one set of rules for everybody in our thrice blessed country and will never ever be.

  • 10

    Psychopath alert !!!

  • 14

    This nutcase should be put away forever! Why he is allowed to stir up trouble when there must be enough evidence to put him away for life (or better still hanged for his crimes) is a mystery that the present administration must take responsibility for.

    Better late than never before his shit hits that fan!

  • 11

    Goat said, he knows his capacities and leadership qualities. Yes we know too. Your capabilities are restricted to a paddy field and your leadership qualities are restricted to the bulls running the ploughs.

  • 11

    ” the abduction and disappearance of Prageeth Ekneligoda about six years ago is being heard now at Homagama Magistrate Court.”

    What happened to Prageeth Ekneligoda and others abducted in white vans?

    Is he an LTTEer and in a foreign country?

    That is what MR’s CJ appointee Mohan Pieries claimed when appeared in front of UNHRC in Geneve.

    Because Prageeth is a Sinhalese so much publicity is given to his disappearance and possible murder by military intelligence officers 4 of whom are already in custody.

    What happened to Lasantha Wijethunge?

    Gotabaya Rajapakse must be made to answer so many questions. He knows happened to 4,000 Tamil abductees who were hunted down after the end of the war. They are either kept in a remote military camp of tortured and killed by the military and or paramilitaries such as EPDP, Karuna and Pillaiyan Groups.

  • 0

    GR must spell out his policy regarding Tamils. Today they speak a lot of racism. But they had lot of tamil friends like K P, Karuna and whole lot. When the 18th ammendment to the constitusin was introdced who supported them How did theo get 2/3 majority. They got the support of all Tamil MPS.outside North EAST How did they moblise the support they only know. They speak racism to fool the Sihalese.if at all they form a New Party they should have fair policices and not the same old rot. Have a change in your thinking. Please do inclusive policy. This Country belong to all and all belong to this Country.

    Had only Mr. Pirabaharan agreed Former H.E would have given much more powers.

  • 1

    I was abducted at gun point in 1989 in broad day light in front of my mother. I was one of the lucky few who returned to post this message today.
    I am not the judge nor the jury. Natural justice serves all equally without discrimination. I raise my hand as I am not perfect and bow my head for the one who is perfect. I have not met anyone yet. Everyone has a story , a reason.

    Allow me to share a story narrated by Mr. J.R. Jayawardena at the Royal college in the early 80s when I was a primary student ” A rumor spread in the jungle that sky is falling and all animals started running aimlessly for safety; except a small bird – who was on its back – legs pointing upwards towards the sky. A lion stopped by the bird and asked , don’t you know that the sky is falling and why aren’t you running ? The bird asked the Lion , if the sky is falling will all not die? The lion said , yes but your legs will not stop the sky from falling and prevent us from death ! The little bird said , well Lion I am doing what I can “

    As John F Kennedy said ” its not about what the country can do for you , its about what you can do for the country ” .

    I salute those who fought for our country throughout history. Gota , General Fonseka , Mahinda Rajapaksha are national heroes just as much as Henry Pedris , D.S. Senanayake , Weera Puran Appu , Anagarika Dharmapala , Madduma Bandarsa etc.,.

    Absence of violence is not peace. There is much to do and a lot is currently being done by a government elected by people.

    Lets rid your mind of hatred and fill it with kindness and compassion. As the little bird said , lets do what we can – to make Sri Lanka a better place !

    • 4

      Viraj Hewage

      “Lets rid your mind of hatred and fill it with kindness and compassion. As the little bird said , lets do what we can – to make Sri Lanka a better place !”

      Good thoughts, much appreciated and agreed.

      “I salute those who fought for our country throughout history. Gota , General Fonseka , Mahinda Rajapaksha are national heroes just as much as Henry Pedris , D.S. Senanayake , Weera Puran Appu , Anagarika Dharmapala , Madduma Bandarsa etc.,. “

      Could you give us the reasons as to why you salute them and how did they fight for the country? Have you ever looked at the other side of the coin? If not please revisit their past and let us know what their contribution to your sense of romanticised past?

  • 2

    Its true sir, during your brothers regime!

  • 0

    Dear Native Vedda

    The present is a fleeting moment that creates the past. Future is instantly defined by the current and the past. For the child his parents are heroes and for a mother her child is always innocent. For the Tamil mothers their sons and daughters sacrificed their lives fighting for what they believe in and for Sinhalese mothers their sons and daughters also died for the same reason. They died for our freedom.

    Everyone is entitled to an opinion without any justification.

    Jail does not ” right ” the ” wrong “. Natural justice serves all equally.

    We are all African migrants now settled all over the world. One humanity. We have one planet , one country lets not live in different ones. No one deserves a premature death.

    Life is a journey, we are all actors , we do our part and fade away – William Shakespeare.

    I have chosen peace over hatred , graciousness over criticism and happiness over suffering , selflessness over selfishness , forgiveness for revenge , work for a living over subsidies. Its easy if one tries.

    Lets re-build the nation , make it a better place for all. Dreams do come true. My real name is Viraj Hewage and I ma proudly Sri Lankan.

  • 0

    You got cold feet and ran away from the war when SF stood up and won the war , So one can judge the capabilities of you too Army Officers

  • 0

    You got cold feet and ran away from the war when SF stood up and won the war , So one can judge the capabilities of you two Army Officers

  • 0

    GOta is said to have crocodiles or flesh eating – rib tearing dometic animals trained at his home.

    Please consider all of his devious nature – his aggression potential is similar to that of key actor of silent lamb –

    I REALLY dont think if man graduated from any academy as his journos proudly presents.

  • 0

    Dear Gota,

    At least there are two sets of rules now. During your time there was only one set of rules; yours!

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