27 June, 2022


Open Letter To All Leaders Of The Opposition; Come Together Or Perish, One By One!

By Vishwamithra1984 –

“The first panacea for a mismanaged nation is inflation of the currency; the second is war. Both bring a temporary prosperity; both bring a permanent ruin. But both are the refuge of political and economic opportunists.” ~Ernest Hemingway

ranill-anura- colombotelegraphThis missive or column, whatever you may call it, is intended for all those who claim to represent the broad masses of the land: Sinhalese, Tamil, Muslim, Burgher and all others. In a context of political parties, it is directed at the United National Party (UNP), Democratic Party (DM), Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP), Sri Lanka Freedom Party (CBK wing), Sri Lanka Muslim Congress (SLMC), Tamil National Alliance (TNA) and any other political entity identified with resistance to ‘Familiocracy’, nepotism, corruption, racism, religious disharmony, financial bungling, wasteful State-sponsored carnivals, economic amateurism, ill-planned infrastructure building and all other anti-societal mechanisms and election gimmickry and  to their leaders who are at present embroiled in a distressing dilemma as to how to displace the current governing coalition led by the Rajapaksas.

In short, they have two major concerns: 1. what is the common platform that all of them can get on? 2. Who is the ‘best’ candidate who can deliver the election on that common platform? The more you ponder, the more distressing it gets as the leading parliamentary Opposition has failed, over a period of twenty years from 1994 to 2014, to wrest the national agenda from the Government. So long as the control of the national conversation stays with the Government, the Opposition’s role becomes exclusively one of reactive response as opposed to proactive; instead of dictating the flow of events of national significance, the Opposition becomes a virtual prisoner of the one who controls that flow of events, losing the political initiative which is vital and crucial in the process of recruitment of new members to their ranks. People do not get attracted to an alternative political agenda by random; they do not join new political trends without thinking twice or weighing advantages over disadvantages. People do not back a political party for the sake of the country or patriotism nor do they leave a political party because they find that party corrupt or wasteful. Although negative campaigning in politics always works, that negative campaign must always carry an underlying positive agenda, an agenda which should effectively portray something very helpful and supportive to the voter and it should be communicated in the right lingo and with the necessary coating. This is what, not only the United National Party and its leader but also the rest of the Opposition, have failed to realize in earnest.

Winning an election cannot be executed in a matter of weeks or even months. The essential preparatory work that needs to be conceptualized, planned and undertaken is enormous and could be wide-ranging. It could also be extremely hard at the beginning, in the middle and at the end. There is no rest for crusaders who embark on ‘change’. History has shown us time and time again, from the ancient Roman times in the West and the Maurya Empire of Chandragupta and Chanakya in the East, that change of regime does not just happen. ‘Change’ essentially resides at the end of a long and demanding journey, a journey that takes the warriors through valleys and peaks, minor victories and dreadful defeats and tears and sweat and even blood. That character of a struggle for power is defined and shaped by its leaders; its core message needs to be identified with the leader/s themselves. A glaring example of such a massive campaign was the political campaign initiated and masterfully executed by the current US President Barak Obama in 2008 against the juggernaut called the Republican Party. When Obama offered ‘Change’, people identified the concept of change with Obama. In other words, in a very literal sense, Obama became the change that the people expected. The message and the messenger became one and the same! Now the question is: Is there a leader among those on the field today who could be identified as the “Change”?

The contrast between the Opposition that was led by JR Jayewardene in the Nineteen Seventies against such a formidable and populist political leader like Sirimavo Bandaranaike and the present UNP and other Opposition parties is as stark as the glistening stars on a clear night. The work carried out by the then UNP, ranged from Satyagrahas to 100 meetings in one day all over the Island, keeping the diehard UNP supporters on full alert on a 24/7 basis, structuring the Party so that each Grama Niladhari division had a Party branch, Youth Branch and a Women’s League, feeding the supporters on a consistent and constant basis on the activities, educating the cadre on policies and programs of the Party, organizing workshops, seminars and regional conferences regularly and unleashing the best Party speakers such as Premadasa, Gamin Dissanayake Lalith Athulathmudali, Ronnie de Mel, A C S Hameed, K W Devanayagam and Nissanka Wijeratne all over the countryside on a very regular and consistent basis. Nothing of that sort is being done now. No speakers of extraordinary quality are available today with the UNP. Not a single one who could be compared with those mentioned above, either in the quality and style of speech or the content and substance of speeches is available. Only speakers in the Opposition today who command the respect of the public and the only ones the people would trek dozens of miles to listen to are Anura Kumara Dissanayake, the leader of the JVP and General Sarath Fonseka, the leader of the Democratic Party, for one common reason: ‘Fearlessness’ in attacking the Rajapaksa regime unreservedly. (Karu Jayasuriya too could come close to the other two in this)

Now we come to the crux of the issue. Can all these diverse individuals come to an agreement, firstly on a common political platform and secondly, on one single candidate who would pose the best challenge to the incumbent Rajapaksa. Whatever they could disagree on, they must also realize that if they are really eager and keen to defeat the Rajapaksas then that can be achieved on the election front only by fielding one single candidate on one single issue platform. The sooner they realize it, the better for them and it would be infinitely better for the country.

The Rajapaksas are beatable but that does not mean that it could be accomplished without any labor.

Only potential candidates who have openly declared their objection to and condemnation of the Executive Presidency are General Sarath Fonseka, Anura Kumara Dissanayake and Karu Jayasuriya. True, both Ranil Wickremesinghe and Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaranatunge too have made the same declaration but their word is not likely to be taken seriously by the local voter. They are not trusted by the voter as both have gone back on their word, time and time again. Venerable Sobhitha is untested material. But in writer’s view he has the most credible credentials as far as trustworthiness is concerned; he also has a readymade electoral organizational structure given that at least one temple in each and every village in Sri Lanka would support him. But persuading other lay political leaders to back a Buddhist Monk for the Presidential Elections would be a more difficult task than one would envisage.

Karu Jayasuriya stands as the most acceptable candidate not because he stands as an excellent choice but because the gallery of candidates and platforms from which the candidate has to campaign from, seem far too restrictive of one’s choices. It is quite apparent that not only the government-backed propaganda machines are trying to vilify Karu as a mediocre candidate but the utterly despicable campaign run by another private media group too is trying to paint a totally distorted picture of Karu J and portray him as a person that he is not. Well that is politics. Ones who have taken politics personally would not matter in this great enterprise called politics. Such short-sighted charlatans would fall by the wayside when a well-oiled campaign starts generating vibes that only a politically-savvy person could relate to. Karu Jayasuriya’s greatest advantage is that he stands alone as the candidate trusted by the majority Sinhalese Buddhists while at the same time has no squabble with the minority parties. Winning the minorities without antagonizing the majority is a plus in this forthcoming Presidential Elections.                     

So, all these leaders must get inside a room, argue, quarrel and even exchange fisticuffs, but don’t come out until you decide who the common candidate should be and what the common platform is. No option is available, other than to perish one by one or as a group!

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    Vishwamithra1984 –

    Come together or perish, one by one!

    “The first panacea for a mismanaged nation is inflation of the currency; the second is war. Both bring a temporary prosperity; both bring a permanent ruin. But both are the refuge of political and economic opportunists.” ~Ernest Hemingway


    First they came …


    The best-known versions of the speech are the poems that began circulating by the 1950s.[1] The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum quotes the following text as one of the many poetic versions of the speech:[2]

    First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Socialist.
    Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Trade Unionist.
    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Jew.
    Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

    Socialists, Trade Unionists, Tamils, Christians, Muslims, Hindus, UNP, JVP , workers, farmers, …..

    • 4

      This article and all the material on CT website needs to be translated into Sinhala so the moda Sinhala Masses who have been fed on Jarapassa’s jara diet of Sinhala Buddhist Hate NATIONALISM and speech against minorities may be be liberated from their narrow nationalist mindset.

      The paranoid regime is now telling NGOs whose Mandate and job is to EDUCATE AND INFORM the moda masses to demand ACCOUNTABILITY FROM GOVERNMENT (that is why they are called Non-GOVERNEMENTAL Organizations) not to educate and inform the people. Gota the Goon is violating the mandate of NGOs, and the people’s Right to Information and free expression and should be charged in court.

      • 6

        Kalupahana ,

        What I see is chaos in Sri Lanka for years to come:

        As the secretary to the president said a few months ago, the UNHRC investigation will cause chaos: Before the verdict in a few months’ time the BBS terrorists lead an attack on Muslims.

        Now Gota is muzzling the NGOs. Elections are expected within an year’s time. The author suggests the opposition leaders have to unite: Even if they unite and find a common candidate against Mahinda, the Machiavelli, they will have plenty of obstacles to pass.

        Above all the ethnic problem is still in the front burner with religious problem boiling. The Sinhala Buddhist monks are there to ensure the Sinhala Buddhist hegemony to be entrenched further. Authoritarianism of the regime is getting stronger and stronger.
        Voters have the habit of voting for the most racist leader.

        With all these hurdles in the scenario what can the so-called united opposition front do? It’s just wishful thinking in my opinion.

        Sri Lanka may getting closer to more bloodshed and a revolution of a kind the people of the island have never witnessed before.

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          my take on JVP , JVP prefers to stay with MR than living under a RW administration , therefor JVP will do every thing to sabotage /spoil any deal which combine opposition may agree to do so , early signs indicate that ADK is not in a hurry to do any thing prematurely ,rather he wants MR to continue his rule for the next term as well , proposing Ven Dambara Amila thero is one of their early tricks to discourage any potential unity being made among the opposition.

          Ranil , sajith and AKD all want to see the continuation of MR rule , period !

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          I agree – will MR give up his greediness at all and be it at whatever the Cost: Read-
          [Edited out]

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        “This article and all the material on CT website needs to be translated into Sinhala so the moda Sinhala Masses who have been fed on Jarapassa’s jara diet of Sinhala Buddhist Hate NATIONALISM and speech against minorities may be be liberated from their narrow nationalist mindset.”


        Need a Truth Magazine, With posters.

        Will one be able to get advertisers> who Will fund it
        Need to collect funds from People or some other source.

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      While the analysis of the Obama campaign is right in the article the conclusion is wrong here.

      Karu Jayasuriya has NO charisma to draw voters and has been a very poor leader and is NOT FIT to be joint opposition candidate. He would lose and the purpose of the exercise useless. Anura Kumara of JVP would be far better but JVP is still untrustworthy – particularly the rank and file. If Karu were a good leader the UNP would not be in the mess it is in today with the shameless loser Ranil as virtual dictator of a sinking ship.
      Chandrika Bandaranayake Kumaratunge would be the best challenger to the Rajapakse regime since she could split the SLFP. She must start her campaign now. She could appeal to youth and women, is a charismatic speaker, but she would need to first take a public oath to ABOLISH THE EP.

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      Obama won through a massive NEW VOTER REGISTRATION and EDUCATION CAMPAIGN and by appealing to the youth.

      Karu is an unattractive old man and has no SEX APPEAL or NEW IDEAS. Its more of the same old corrupt Sinhala Buddhist clap trap! We need someone with guts and ideas.

      Karu is also an ineffective politician who cannot get the youth out or drive an effective new media campaign as Modi did.

      I vote big NO to Karu as JOC!

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        no. karu has potential…
        1. ranil is seen as anti buddhist, karu is not
        2. 2001/02 peacetalks and leniency on ltte has been black mark on ranil. karu does not has it.

        • 0

          in other words you encourage karu to stand against MR , right ?

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      “Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected.”
      said Creative giant, late Steve Jobs, Apple co-founder.

      Sri Lanka since independence has not produced a single leader who had/has a vision for excellence of the country and its peoples.

      On the other hand Singapore is fortunate to have a leader with vision for excellence in Lee Kuan Yew at independence: Result a nation built up on sheer excellence and meritocracy of its peoples for the prosperity and happiness of the country. Singapore is well respected in the world today.

      Whereas in Ceylon we have had and still have opportunist, racist, parochial, majoritarian leaders from independence including the so called father of the nation, D S Senanayake.

      So what we have today is not a country of excellence but one of strife, misery and poverty.

      Even if you make a ‘sambar’ of politicians I don’t foresee any leader with vision to extricate from misery and lead Sri Lanka to excellence and happiness: At best we might get some leader to muddle along.

      Sad, but that is the fact of life if we don’t have enlightened leaders with vision and purpose.

      • 1

        “Sri Lanka since independence has not produced a single leader who had/has a vision for excellence of the country and its peoples.”
        Thiru the only one Politician in my opinion, who was not inspired by Greed for Power was LK.
        He had a vision for a United and Unbiased nation.
        All these others are in Politics for Themselves, their Caste Creed or ‘Religion’, and have no Vision “for excellence of the country and its peoples.”

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    This writer has made a valuable point, namely the need for criticism of the government to reach public discourse in the wider community of the Sri Lankan electorate. Right unto rural levels this communication must take place. Under a dictatorial regime such as we have where all media is controlled under the dictator this becomes hard. Yet,looking at the examples from the Arab Spring, it is still possible. The JVP under its new leader seems best able to mobilise the rural masses and they are doing their job. The UNP must improve its act and not rely, as the writer puts it, on mere reacting. Lot of opportunities have already been missed. The latest is the corruption of the Sanga under BBS leadership and the anti-Muslim campaigns the latter engages in.
    What amazes me is how a government is able to act with total immunity and still get away with their sins.
    I think the idea of a common candidate will not play out in practice although the writer is enthused by it. The campaign experience under Sarath Fonseka showed up the biggest weakness of such an approach, namely the lack of coordination and collective passion and drive.

    • 2

      Vishwamithra1984 –

      “Such short-sighted charlatans would fall by the wayside when a well-oiled campaign starts generating vibes that only a politically-savvy person could relate to. Karu Jayasuriya’s greatest advantage is that he stands alone as the candidate trusted by the majority Sinhalese Buddhists while at the same time has no squabble with the minority parties. Winning the minorities without antagonizing the majority is a plus in this forthcoming Presidential Elections.:

      So How do you RETIRE Ranil Wicchramasinghe?

      Give him the Prime Premiership for a while. RW was claiming that People Vote for the party, and he has not given up. He got his chance and lost. bye bye RW.

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    The main sinner today is not MR but Ranil. Because Ranil is there as leader of the UNP MR will always look like the better choice and the PA the better party.In recent world history there is no other leader who has been rejected so much and so many times but continues as leader of a political party.Not only in the country but in his own party so many have left the UNP disgusted with this man. In 2010 the UNP could not even field a candidate for presidential elections instead supported Sarath Fonseka, a known military type with little education. Rotten characters like Sarath Silva and the useless Chandrika Kumarnatunga survived only because of Ranils “subtle” moves to embroil them in a vast web of conspiracy! What a stupid joke !Only the damn stupid UNP working committee votes for him. But that is because the UNP is not a democratic party.It is full of corrupt and anti-national characters with no national appeal. As a person who is from the UNP it will be hard for Karu Jayasuriya to win as Ranil will sabotage from behind. Ranil is a petty-minded and jealous type.The best choice is Rev Sobitha on the limited mandate to immediately abolish the Presidency.

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    Useful as this article is, it does not empahsise that there has to a common programmes FIRST and only then is it psossible to have a common cndidate. But the author glosses over how the six political entities he names, which have widely contrasting social ideologies, views on minority questions and economic approach can reach a common programme.

    There is intelligent appreciation now that the ONLY common thread that binds all six together is desire to abolish the Executive Presidential System. Therefore they should get together on that point NOW, and place their different ‘total programmes’ before the electorate later, in a subsequent parliamentary elections. At that stage, most likely, a consensus coalition government will emerge. That’s OK.

  • 1

    There is a proverb in Tamil says Theer Izhukka minnooru Paer, Mutthukkaddai Poda mOOnru Paer(A three hundred needed to pull and move the chariot, only a three work on stopping it). Doing is very hard, but criticizing is simple. This is the actual status of ruling party and the opposition part in democratic country. That is, the opposition always easily attacks the ruling part. Unfortunately, these maxims are not in operation in Lanka as it is not a democratic country. So, the opposition has to be taught with the examples of Alexander the Great, Chandragupta and so forth. It sounds funny, but it is ok. If you had watched a country side mother feeding her child, she shows the moon to it and promise to get it to play if the child finishes the food. The next day also they two would go with the same story. This election is going to be the tenth election, predicted for Ranil to lose and twentieth year to UNP to lose. So, it is not bad to show the Alexander and Chandragupta to Ranil to make him eat the food.

    These writers are not willing to recognize the real problem. That is the “Mahavamsa Modaya Gang” that cannot be uplifted to vote in democratic election. (The American embassy wants to spend some money to teach them to vote.) We know even Dudley won an election. So why is not Ranil? The problem is that time there was still many part of the Soulbury constitution was there. Now we have it drafted in the most suitable form for us. We have the PR and EP with 18th. Now the situation is “a Diamond can be cut only with another Diamond”; so, to challenge the King, we need another King. That is where it stands. A bold one, who has the courage to call for to go beyond the 1983, 2009, Aluthgama…..so as the writer proposes, a victorious warrior, for the need of Dutu Gamunu type preparation.

    If one had watched the western process of guard changing, normally there is not much activity during the ruling period. There won’t be any Dutu Gamunu preparation during the period. But the opposition will not fail to register its objection against whatever the government tries to do (This is not possible for the opposition in Lanka at these days as King is on the adventure of wiping out the minorities. Anyone who objects this will never win an election in Lanka). Just three- four month before the election only they pick few out of the ones earlier registered as they oppose of and would pitch on those. If the points are attractive to voters, opposition wins, otherwise incumbent go ahead. In any case it is always swing voters decision. Swing voters rule. This is the democratic election in the western world.

    Swing voters look for what the government did not do. That is like the economy did not improve, job opportunity did not improve, welfare payments not enough, foreign policy was weak…et al. Even though it sounds it is easy to take care of all of them, in the real circumstances, they all are connected and work like a child’s See-Saw. If you lift it on one side, the other side goes down and when you move to the other side and lift it, then this side will be back again on the floor. In the real life, the economic and political needs never get fully satisfied. But the Western countries have developed a mechanism that depend on the sea saw motion and keep their country moving forward. What I mean is the one we used to see in the olden days the Railway workers use to move around on the rail road. Two workers one the each side of the cart plays the sea-saw and the hand operated see-saw cart keeps moving. In fact, it looks like they never went up in their effort to go up because they always come down too, but they move a lot latterly. Thought the satisfaction level seems to be appearing never went up, they experience a lot of economic growth movements forward and enhanced life styles. This is why, for those opposition parties, it is important to register an objection for anything the government tries to do. So they can pick on the one at the lowest level during the election time. The Lankan voting does not work like this.

    Unlike the author tries to portray, the Lankan Mahavamsa Modaya voters are neither sophisticated nor analytical in their voting habits. They are crude and easily bought out by unscrupulous politicians. That is why the country has slipped from democracy to anarchy. At this desperate status, if the author acts like that he is going to teach the Mahavamsa Modaya Gangs the Newton’s, Einstein’s calculus and relativity theories in politics, it is certain the author is out there to fool somebody

    As the see-saw motion is not available in Lanka, there is no way of using it to the advantage of the country as a whole. Racism is an important trump card in Lankan election platforms. Family is another important one. Ranil is not seen as a Sinhala -Buddhist. That is too important. He was struggling to balance him on the racism. He attempted to make Ban-ki-Moon to discard the Expert Panel Report. He supported CJ’s dismissal. He purposefully refused to sign ICC accord. He cannot do more than these. He cannot operate Write Van or Grease Monsters. He knows the ICC inquiry is real. That is why he did not sign it. So, he cannot do the extraordinary-ies and get caught. Further now the International Inquiry is real. Foreign involvements are real. He cannot spew ultra-racism to balance his low profile of Sinhala-Buddhism. After losing many elections, he doubt about his ability to win any election. So the critics target him for in-activeness. These writers are good comedy play writers, but not the least political analyst.

    The author’s accusation of Ranil did not keep his promises and that is why he cannot win this election is utter cheating statement. That is a real comedy. There was never ever a Lankan leader kept his/her promise. But they all have always come back, including the incumbent King.

    King has 1). Family, 2). Racism and 3). Sinhala-Buddhist profile. No others can match him on these edge and no others can win, even if they put Dutu Gamunu, Alexander, Chandragupta…. and other efforts.

  • 2

    A Kilo of Milk Powder is LKR 1000. High cost of basic food is the main gripe among the inhabitants.

    Yet the main Opposition is in the doldrums.

    Aren’t these the issues which can roll Govts easily?

    But the Opposition parties in Srilanka have become so impotent because they have no policies or commitment to help the inhabitants.

    They are only interested in rolling Rajapaksas, to please their Western masters,and grab the kitty to fatten their mates who have lost out in the current massive Infrastructure and Economic Development which has taken place since the demise of the Terrorists.

    Plus the Opposition parties are tainted with their associations with the Terrorists and their backers in many ways that, it is hard for thenm to come clean in order to convince the great majority who even tolerate high cost of living for the peace and security which they enjoy now.

    JVP, DNA, JVP even individually are bad , Put them together with the TNA it will be worse as far as the great majotity of the inhabitant population are concerned.

    Unless they all come clean and give an united assurance that thair won’t be separate Homelands,

    No prosecution of brave Soldiers,and no bowing down to the West.

    And protect and propagate the infrastructure which have been put in place to help the rural majority.

  • 4

    The bottom line is that the buffaloes are with Rajapaksa. If the General couldn’t win , no one can.

    Fair means or foul the majority vote will go to Rajapaksa.

    If you want to get rid of them you have to work hard and risk life and limb, not write drivel to internet sites !

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    The problem in Sri Lanka is people are not really educated in politics. Most of people in rural villages are uneducated politically and JVP is doing well in this regard to educate people and yet, People have not convinced with JVP policies with past nostalgia: I’m sorry that UNP is not that much active now like in 1980’s. I think that all need unity. A common candidate is imperative. MR and co have created many enemies. I list some of them to compare and contrast situation.
    1) Unlike in the past, MR earned wrath, anger and curse of former President: CB. He did not give her any respect although it is She who gave him this opportunity to be nominated to President: Alawi Moulana had to beg and plead to CB to get this chance. Yet, Ungrateful MR humiliated CB many time
    2) SF won the war for MR and yet, look at the way he was humiliated.
    Thus, MR eared anger and wrath of SF and it is reported that MR is going to seek support of SF once again. MR is a political fox and he would buy any one except his father and mother ( those people you can not buy) for MR other than these two he you buy anyone in Politics: Look how many UNP members are converted in recent time,
    3) He earned the anger and wrath of many Senior SLFP members. Most of them are made bow down to MR and family: They are humiliated by many people: look how BBS speak about some MPs in vulgar words. Is it possible in previous government.
    4) MR earned the wrath of most of legal establishment for miscarriage of justice system. the case of former Chief justice is known well.
    5) academics and journalists do not like him at all except those are in hi paying list.
    6) people in general do not like him because they no longer meet day to day expense of life:
    7) He robed the country and made fortunate out of politics: most his family made billions out of politics.
    what Lanka needs is a charismatic and honest leader today. given the situation today it is a common sense there must be a common candidate
    JVP, UNP, FS, CB, and all other parties should be united to face this political mafia otherwise, MR would be like Sadam or Qdafi soon.

  • 1

    I agree with Shyamon Jayasinghe on commending the article.
    As Vishwamithra says voters don’t trust RW or CB, out of this 2 I would say CB could get more votes than RW.

    But the need of the hour is to unify the scattered voters, The write has highlighted a important point how in the past UNP utilized network of small party offices across the country to keep the whole voter base engaged in the process.

    As he mentioned this is clearly lacking, I would say this not because people have lost faith on UNP, in my opinion this is because people have lost faith on UNP leadership as they clearly see there is no future with RW.

    This maybe one of the reasons why JVP led by AKD is gaining popular support as they speak the same language as masses. People can relate to their issues through JVP agenda.

    However JVP/AKD alone cannot defeat the present regime. This is where it is paramount that a common candidate is put forward by all opposition parties combined. UNP is eternally entangled in internal power struggles.

    Actions of Buddhist extremist groups has done a favor to oppositions by breaking up even the die hard minority supporter of present government.

    The question is will RW yield ? Signs coming out are not not positive.

    RW is part of the problem, MR gearing up to restoring Gen. Sarath Fonseka civic rights are all part of the game, which means break up the voter base even further. Current regime will use all it’s might and maneuvers to ensure a common candidate concept does not see light of day.

    • 0

      A united opposition is the need of the hour. No question about that.

      But when you say CBK can get more votes than Ranil, it is hard to believe. CBK is a black mark. Karu is the next best.

      My choice is Ranil if JVP agrees to it. But Ranil lacks the sinhala buddhist profile, in such a case Karu is a good one.

      Another thing ignored by commentators and author here is most of BBS supporters dislike this government for its obvious poor economic policies.

      • 0

        isn’t it funny that most MR admires don’t want to see CBK contesting , reasons may be , either they don’t want to see MR governing another term or don’t want to see CBK losing ??

        my guess is they worry tooooo much about CBK’s defeat more than any thing else.

  • 1

    Who is the best?

    No. Karu cannot win. He has not even been able to wake up the UNPers who are sleeping snoring.
    He is no match with Mahinda.
    SLFPers do not vote a UNP candidate because they know that they will be attacked physically in case a UNPer becomes the president.Remember what happened when JR won in 1977. UNPers attacked thousands of houses of anti UNPers.
    Ven. Sobhitha has already lost the fight as he failed at least to condenm the Aluthgama attacks. Muslims will never vote a Buddhist priest.
    To defeat Mahinda we need a common candidate who can garner votes from the SLFP.
    Only Chandrika can. Leftists liberals Tamils and Muslimsalso will vote her.
    She can win as the common candidate if she promises to abolish the executive presidency together with proportional representative system within one year and go home.

  • 0

    If the opposition does not unite, sought their differences out, put their egos aside, and band together to defeat this corrupt and brutal regime, then all Sri Lankans are doomed. We cannot take another term with this useless lot. They have let the country down very badly, and no amount of unused airports, ports, and roadways, can make up for the crap they put us through. It is all about them, and not the Sri Lankan people, their rights, the cost of living, and the breakdown and law and order in this country.
    The brothers Grimm will make sure they do every corrupt and dishonest thing they can think of, to win the next election, and it will be hard task to overcome it. The operate like the mafia, and are quite dangerous.

  • 1

    How could MR loose any election – the money required to buy every Voter
    is planned ahead – Chaos Lalith, Sajin and Gamini have adviced him. Do
    not be guided by past happenings – this MR cabal has an upfront perpetual
    “Democratic” Governance. No I/C, India or Diaspora matters any more for
    this Oligarchy. If Mugabe can do it, why not appe Mahinda. Springs take over
    30 years mind you! Does anyone know where the LTTE gold is held and is no
    part in the UN Inquiry.

  • 0

    Honestly there aren’t any potential candidates that could defeat the sitting President. He has acquired political influence and power the likes of non of his predecessors and he is willing to exercise those powers whenever necessary. Credit where credit is due, he is a good politician, it is self evident.

    The chances of toppling this government or electing a new president are very slim in the next few years. MR will be elected for a another term and so will the current UPFA government. The only major change in the government would be a shuffling of the cabinet and appointment of a new PM.

    I may sound pessimistic but I honestly don’t see how any other outcome is possible. The opposition is in disarray and is just too weak.

    If any one thinks differently, Please I am open for bets.

  • 0

    Vishwamitra – are you joking? You want all opposition
    forces to come together.

    The main one, Ranil Wickremesinghe heads has already
    come together with President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

    All what he is doing is acting. Mahind (through Tiran
    Alles and Kili Maharaja) have successfully programmed
    him as the UNP presidential candidate.

    That will sure make MR win. Ranil does not mind it. MR
    may even make him Prime Minister to keep him from being
    kicked out of the UNP. That way, RW who loves all the perks
    of office, will be the vanguard for UN action against
    the Rajapaksas.

    People’s suffering is of no consequence to RW. This is
    why Sri Lanka in such a mess. RW keeps in touch with MR
    every week.

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