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Open Letter To The Government Of Sri Lanka On The Port City Review

By Ranil Senanayake

Ranil Senanayake

Ranil Senanayake

Open Letter to the Government of Sri Lanka.

Through :

Prime Minister Hon. Ranil Wickremesinghe

Minister Hon. Rajitha Senaratne

Minister Hon Lakshman Kiriella

Dear Sirs,

On the Port City Review

I am writing this open letter to you all as I have doubts that you might receive it through the layers of bureaucracy and entrenched interests that support the proposed ‘Port City’ project. A recent news report quotes a senior government spokesman stating that a “comprehensive review would look into every aspect of the project, including its environmental impact.” Obviously a ‘comprehensive review’ will take a few weeks at least for a project this size and any decision taken in a few days would mean that no ‘comprehensive review’ has been undertaken and we are once again lulled into a state of false complacency while our nations future is dismantled.

It will be salutatory to have the names of the scientists who are on the ‘comprehensive review’ committee, as there is serious doubt of quality of work by the ‘scientists’ who performed the initial EIA, which we the public have no access to as yet. We trust that you will not continue the underhand, opaque transaction procedures of the last government and be tarred with the same brush, we trust that you will you give us the Government that you promised us, open and transparent. I as the only qualified Systems Ecologist in this country, offer my services to this nation and to you GRATIS in the defense of this nation, if you are to set up an independent Sri Lankan committee to investigate the EIA that allowed the “Port City’ to proceed.

As we, the public have not has access to ‘Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) that has been done in regard to this project there are some serious concerns that I would request you to consider. These considerations are basic, they impact this nation far into the future and if not addressed could create irreparable negative consequences for the public of this nation. May I list a few to illustrate the magnitude of the problem?

  • Air Quality. The pollution from the new city will be swept into Colombo city by the prevailing sea breeze. Will there be controls of the air quality in the new city, so that the residents of Colombo will not have to suffer increased rates of emphysema, lung cancer and related illnesses? How will be the standards for air quality from the new city be set and monitored?
  • Water Quality. The new city will need huge quantities of fresh water for its use. Where will this water come from? There is not enough surface water in the Kelani basin to supply such a quantity. Will the citizens of this nation have to compete with the new city for its fresh water ?
  • Where will the energy to operate the new city come from? At the moment we are promoting dangerous coal fired power plants that have been demonstrated to bring ill health to our citizens, destroy our agriculture, poison our fishery and ruin our heritage. Will this new energy needs be met with more such disastrous power generation being foisted on our nation?
  • Garbage and pollution. Who will deal with the garbage and toxic effluents that will be generated by the new city? Will Sri Lanka be used as the dumping ground for the new city? What waste treatments plans are in place, recognized by the current EIA?
  • Destruction of the land environment. The massive amount of rocks that will be used in filling up the sea has to come from our land. What will be the effects of this blasting and quarrying? We have already witnessed the earth slips and erosion at Koslanda and elsewhere through bad land use practices.

There are many other considerations including offshore sand transport, marine biodiversity and climate change impacts that should appear in a reasonable EIA. Thus it is clear that any ‘comprehensive review’ will have to address these issues. To do less will be to cheat the public. Thus we the public, await an open discussion.

Please do look around to see the other similar problems created without consultation with the public, the Chinese Trans Canal project in Nicaragua is a case at point. Already a large segment of the population are dissatisfied with the secrecy and political instability looms. Such secretive contracts, will always breed national discontentment.

Wishing your new government well in its endeavor to protect this nation and to bring us prosperity and well being.


Ranil Senanayake

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  • 1

    This about it this way.

    The land being reclaimed from the sea. Had there been no land erosion some infrastructure would have stood there anyway.

    • 4

      I never Understood the TNA politicians. Today Lanka SIno reletions are at lowest point, SO why haven’t the TNA taken advantage of this fact and sent a delegation to the 2nd largest economy and super power??? These TNA politicians need to change their Approach. Its time they make in roads into China. Its beyond me why these fools will never take advantage of this situation. Always stuck with the ‘I am Super power’ poverty ridden nation.

      • 0


        “I never Understood the TNA politicians. Today Lanka SIno reletions are at lowest point, SO why haven’t the TNA taken advantage of this fact and sent a delegation to the 2nd largest economy and super power??? “

        Let me help you understand.

        There are Two Types of Tamils , as well as Sinhala and Muslims.

        a) Those With Common sense and
        b) Those without common sense, generally called Mootals, முட்டல்ல்ஸ் Modayas, or Fools.

        Put them into two different baskets, “Di-pitaka”.

        Those in the First category voted for Mr. aitripslsa Sirisena.

        Those in the second category either boycotted or voted for Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa.

  • 8

    China, part of a problem, wherever they go. Here in Sri Lanka all their major projects are doomed to failure, let it be Mattala airport, H’tota Habour or infamous Port City.
    Port City, with the blessing of corrupt Rajapuckse Regime, became the ”Gibraltar of the East”; the gateway to the Chinese dream of imperialism; monitor the vast Indian Ocean with the mighty People’s navy; major threat to national security of Sri Lanka, India, Maldives and many more. The Rajapuckse sold the national sovereignty for his very selfish, greedy, dirty Chinese Yuan.
    Chinese will reciprocate even a visa requirement to enter our territory!
    It’s time chase the Chinese away from our shores and welcome those who come with proposals that will befit both countries!!!

    • 5

      MirakRajBanda . What stupid assement. Still stuck in Propergenda mode than actual Facts.

      ‘imperialism; monitor the vast Indian Ocean with the mighty People’s navy;’

      Yes MAO style Communist dream of imperialism. S

      ecurity?? Both India and China have missiles tha carry Nuclaer war heads. Those old strategy of land is the key is now outdated as Technology has advanced. But God help US all if there is a Nuclear war. Today India Fears Sri Lankan Economic Development

    • 3

      Raj, don’t blame China. Whether it be China, USA or Russia, one strategy of any super power is to prey on the local’s STUPIDITY. Our leaders for that matter are the epitome of stupidity. The Chinese will build just about anything that is of strategic interest to them. I agree that the Chinese had no concern for the environment, air quality, energy & power generation, feasibility, quality assessment or social factors to evaluate so long our leader were bought. However, look at the detail and strategic planning that has gone into China’s own projects? Even the USA is using Chinese construction to revamp their own infra structure from the Golden Gate to Oakland Bay Bridge in San Francisco. Every aspect of an economy needs to be managed strategically. Most of this knowledge is beyond the average citizen of this country. I know this being part of one of the largest projects ever engineered in the UAE that failed in Lulu Island.

    • 1

      I thought MR, not any Chinese, was the President.
      Did he hand over his Presidency to any Chinese?

  • 6

    It is shocking to see work continuing on the site despite the government’s indication that it has been suspended.

    If the city comes up, then the wonderful open sea view will also disappear from the steps of the Presidential Secretariat…all that will be seen then are masses of high rise buildings. How awful.

    If this project had been placed in the public domain, all the arguments counselling against it that are coming out now could have been made and saved us entering upon this foolhardy scheme.

    The government should make it clear to the Chinese that work must stop until a final decision has been taken. The loss to the Chinese in holding up work for a few weeks will be minimal in comparison with the bill to Sri Lanka if it decides to cancel the project.

  • 7

    All the questions Ranil Senanayake raises are crucial and one cannot be confident that the EIA addressed all of them — indeed, ANY of them.

    As one member of the concerned public — I call upon the Government to place the EIA in the public domain. Transparency was one of the promises the Opposition made to us during its election campaign. We need to know NOW that all the negative issues have been raised by the EIA for the government committee to consider.

  • 6

    I am dead against the Chinese doing any constructions in Sri Lanka simply because all their projects have been utter failures! This Port City Project is going to add to the list!The Govt should listen to the environmentalists and stop the project immediately ,without prevaricating.The Chinese never did anything for other peoples good!You can take for example, killing of elephants for tusks and rhinos for their horns in Africa!I dread to think what they will do once they get a foothold here!In short we should keep them at arm’s-length! They are rooting for a strategic point in the Indian Ocean

    • 4

      Indra Rajapakse, I am no fan of the Chinese, but you are all an ungrateful lot. When we were being bashed internationally through the UN etc. the only countries that came to our aid was China along with Russia. The projects that were developed by the Chinese were failures, if indeed all were failures, is not because of the Chinese but because basically there was no demand for them except personal ego. Also the costs could have been halved if not for the alleged kickbacks and bribes paid to the government heirarchy. E.g. The Mattala Rajapakse Airport, the epitome of a pink elephant if ever there was one, second only to the reclaimed land from the sea and the highways.

  • 4

    Not sure about Rathne, Sobitha and Champika, but the 600,000 Buddhists who voted to make Ranil the un elected PM of Srilanka, wouldn’t even get to a chance to see inside of the super luxury pads which are going to be built in the new Port City.

    Kiriella, Rajitha and Ranil are the guardians and protectors of the Elite with the Dosh, who have expressed interest in blocks which are going to cost LKR 80 Mil a perch, according to Gota’s early estimates.

    Now that Ranil is going to give Duals to the Diaspora, 25 Perch block will fetch USD 40 – 50 Million, because anything up to 24 super luxury condos can be accommodated on a 25 perch land even with a car park.

    Galleon Dollar Ravi must be rubbing his palms together thinking of financial planning advise which he can offer the the Disaoora mates,like the same service which he provided to Galleon Raja,

    Isn’t his Mr Senanayaka an Elite to talk about Greens Party Politics?…

    • 3

      K.A Sumanasekera

      Whats going on in this island?

      Read the following news and explain to me as why including yourself go after Hindu god.

      Sri Lankan president offers prayers at Tirumala
      IANSBy Indo Asian News Service | IANS 6 hours ago


      President Rajapaksa visits Jaffna Nallur Kovil
      By Janaka Alahapperuma
      Jan 10, 2010


      Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa in Tirumala to Offer Prayers
      December 09, 2014


      Sinhalese Buddhist politicians and Hindu gods

      Gamini Weerakoon

      29 June 2008

      This column does not get involved in matters spiritual or theological but the headline two Sundays ago in a weekend paper under the double decked headline: “Ranil holds two-day pooja in India worshipping Hindu gods,” which so far had gone uncommented, we thought cried out for a comment.

      The article was by a former journalist guru of ours in the mid ’60s – H.L.D Mahindapala with whom we still maintain very cordial relations despite his abode being now in Melbourne. Our comments are not intended to defend or criticise Ranil Wickremesinghe who is well able to defend himself. Our intention is to go into the issue of the worship of Hindu gods by Sinhala Buddhist politicians.

      The thrust of the argument in the article – despite the many pot shots taken at Wickremesinghe – is that the UNP Leader ‘had prayed at the Lord Krishna temple at Guruyayur (South India) and ‘had closed-door sessions for two days with the well known astrologer Parappanangadi Unnikrishnan Panicker…’ for an ‘Ashtamangalya Prasnam’ (astrological pooja for knowing what is in store in the coming days).

      We will not go into the issue of whether the worship of gods is acceptable or not in Theravada Buddhism or the variety of Buddhism now being practised by Sri Lankan Buddhists, be it Mahayana, Tantric or any other form. Being mere journalists, whom the Defence Ministry pundits recently said are not even competent to comment on military strategies or armament purchases – corrupt or not – we will not venture into Buddhist metaphysics or Hindu theology.

      But we are competent to say quite confidently that Sri Lankan Buddhist politicians and in fact the vast majority visit Hindu kovils, worship Hindu gods and make solemn vows in times of distress and also consult Hindu astrologers.

      President Rajapakse himself

      It was not very poya moons ago that President Mahinda Percy Rajapakse on a visit to India also visited and prayed at the holy shrine in South India. Readers will remember the incident if they recall reports about some unrest caused among devotees of the temple following allegations made that the Sri Lankan President’s entourage that entered the temple included a Christian – some one very near and dear to the President. It is a rule of the temple not to permit non-Hindus to worship there. It appears that Buddhists are pass‚. The incident has been forgotten as most such incidents do.

      Mahinda Rajapakse is from the Medamulane village in the Deiyange Rate – god Kataragama’s country – and would undoubtedly be a devotee of the god. History has it that the legendary King Dutu Gemunu – whom many politicians want to be considered as his reincarnation – had worshipped at the Kataragama shrine before he commenced his march from the south to storm the forts of King Elara at Anuradhapura.


      Buddhists outnumber the Hindus and adherents of other religions worshipping at Kataragama. When the Sinhala Only Act was moved many Sinhala Buddhist politicians journeyed to Kataragama to seek the god’s assistance for the successful implementation of the act. Cynics say that the god in his holiest of holies had whispered to the Sinhala Only supplicants: But I am a Tamil god! And does anyone say that Mahinda Rajapakse does not have astrological advisors telling him what the future holds?

      President Premadasa

      Mahinda Rajapakse appears to be following in the footsteps of President Ranasinghe Premadasa who worshipped every conceivable god of every faith that he came to know of. A dear departed friend at my club, a punter, described Premadasa as one ‘Who placed – win or place bets – on all the horses on the betting card.’

      By this he did not mean any disrespect to gods of any religious pantheon. My friend’s gods were the horses and jockeys in the British and European courses and his rice and curry as well as his whisky and soda or his arrack with water in leaner times depended on his gods out there.

      There are similarities between Rajapakse and Premadasa such as TV crews and press cameras covering every angle of Presidential of Presidential devotion probably for historical record and of course, public consumption. Ranil Wickremesinghe, however plays it different. He goes to temples and kovils sans publicity units as he has done recently in South India. Little wonder that the gods and the public are not much enthused about him.

      All the gods in Premadasa’s pantheons could not help him The Sun god, Suriya Theivam blew him up to bits at Armour Street junction. But such acts do not deter devotees and Buddhists retain faith in Hindu gods.

      Before Premadasa and Rajapakse there were the Senanayakes and Bandaranaikes. Senanayakes were traditional Sinhalese Buddhists and worshipped at temples and kovils. We covered Dudley Senanayake placing the pinnacle (Kotha) on the Kirivehera for The Observer shortly before his disastrous rout in 1970.

      Bandaranaike, scion of the leading Protestant Christian family, became a Buddhist and Christians accused him of selling out his faith for political power. He worshipped at Buddhist temples and Buddhist monks, Buddhism being one of the props of his celebrated 1956 victory. He however did not make a show of worshipping at Hindu temples.

      His wife Sirima Bandaranaike was a staunch Buddhist and worshipped Hindu gods. During the latter part of her life she was a well known devotee of Sai Baba who is described as an avatar of many Hindu gods.

      Sai Baba

      During her time as well as that of the UNP under J.R. Jayewardene and Premadasa, Sai Baba attracted the Sri Lankan powers that were, by the hundreds if not thousands. Presidents, presidential advisors, cabinet ministers, army generals and other top brass in the services, leading public servants, press barons and baronesses and of courses arms dealers and racketeers, all flocked to Puttaparthi where Sai Baba held Bajans.

      An Indian journalist told me that he (Sai Baba) was far more popular in Sri Lanka than in his native India. Since everybody who was somebody in the Lankan political firmament – government and opposition – were fanatical devotees, it made me wonder to what extent he could or was influencing government policy and decisions.

      As an editor of an independent newspaper we physically felt the power of Sai Baba. When widespread allegations of misconduct and misdemeanours of him appeared on the internet, I was firmly told: ‘Not one word. That’s how power of gods prevails over power of puny newspapermen and freedom of the press!’

      The don who challenged the gods

      This article would have a gaping hole in it if no reference is made to one person who dared to take on the gods openly in the 1970s and even the ’80s: Prof. Carlo Fonseka. He took on the biggest of them all, god Kataragama. He made his laboratory attendant walk burning embers barefooted before a howling mob of devotees to prove that the secret fire walking at Kataragama and elsewhere was nothing spiritual.

      ‘It is the thickness of the sole and not the soul,’ he argued. He strung up a youth with hooks passing through his skin on ropes suspended on a ceiling and made him eat a piece of meat which was considered sacrilegious and quaff a glass of arrack shouting: Vidyawata Jayawewa – Victory to Science.

      But time brings about change and now a mellowed Prof. Fonseka leaves the Kataragama god in peace. Instead he has declared war on the Greek god Bacchus – the God of Wine and under the Drugs and Alcohol Abuse Act he is thwarting young future adherents of Bacchus from quaffing a glass of the cup that cheers at big matches and even little brats puffing off their fathers’ cigarette butts inside toilets.


      • 2

        Dear Native,

        You are right. My Three went to visit Lord Venketeswaran.

        But My three took the Dalit entrance , although the Boss Priest invited him to use the main entrance.

        How Cool.

        Whisky madam has trained him well.. Don’t you think Native …

        But Kataragaman is the Lord my people are interested in, as he has protected the South well since Dutugamunu put us on the map.

        Specially in the last ten years after the Dalits took charge.

        Even your mate Prabakaran couldn’t come pass Yala.

        But what worries me is when ” devotees” like Galleon Dollar Ravi goes to break coconuts for the Lord.

        May be Galleon Ravi was asking the blessings of the Lord to make his Boss Ranil the legit exec PM, so that Ranil can give the Vellala Sambandan the North.

        And the Lord will soften the resolve of the South not to put the spanner in the works.

        BTW, Is Galleon Ravi a Buddhist?..

        Did our Defence Minister give him a Cab Charge to take the Helicopter ride at our Taxpayers expense?..

        • 1

          K.A Sumanasekera

          Could you shed some light on MR’s regular visits to Hindu Temples.

          “But Kataragaman is the Lord my people are interested in, as he has protected the South well since Dutugamunu put us on the map.”

          Is Kataragaman a Sinhala/Buddhist deiyo?

          Why did he/she let MR down in the last elections?

        • 2

          I disagree. You said, “But Kataragaman is the Lord my people are interested in, as he has protected the South well since Dutugamunu put us on the map.”

          This deyya has not protected the south and infact gave the south a notorious robber baron as their leader. The people are still struggling to make ends meet while the robber baron is driving around in expensive cars in the four lane streets he created out of your money for his pleasure and his families pleasure. It is also out of your money that he built that useless edifice for his ego, the Mattala Airport. Ah Sumanasekera if you can only see and think.

  • 3

    Correct me if I am wrong. Wasn’t this project mooted somewhere in 1998 – 1999 and if so where are the feasibility reports conducted then and if they have been prepared why have they not been published after all there is no big security issue in it.

  • 3

    Ranil – Hopefully there will be some (any?) response from the government on the vital issues you have raised. If not, it will be a serious problem of the credibility of the new administration.

    We can not afford to fool around with our fragile ‘Island-Ecology’ for all the reasons that should be obvious to any discerning individual.

  • 5

    Already about 10 percent of the land is reclaimed. A major environmental disaster is about to happen. Non of these politicians can be trusted, be it Maithripala who has no back born even to punish the Rajapaksa crooks, Ranil – who wanted to give Prabha North and East, Ravi – who is a proven crook, and Rajitha – convicted for corruption. Only hope for Sri Lanka is Anura Kumara’s JVP and JHU. Only other option I can see is by strengthening the social movements like Ven. Sobitha thero’s National Movement for Social Justice.

  • 3

    Dubai couldn’t afford it . Could we ???

    read the article below

    The World is sinking: Dubai islands ‘falling into the sea’

    The islands were intended as the ultimate luxury possession, even for Dubai.

    The World is sinking: Dubai islands ‘falling into the sea’

    The low-lying islands represent a vague shape out to sea when viewed from Dubai’s beaches Photo: AFP/GETTY

    Richard Spencer
    By Richard Spencer, Dubai

    9:30PM GMT 20 Jan 2011

    But the World, the ambitiously-constructed archipelago of islands shaped like the countries of the globe, is sinking back into the sea, according to evidence cited before a property tribunal.

    The islands were intended to be developed with tailor-made hotel complexes and luxury villas, and sold to millionaires. They are off the coast of Dubai and accessible by yacht or motor boat.

    Now their sands are eroding and the navigational channels between them are silting up, the British lawyer for a company bringing a case against the state-run developer, Nakheel, has told judges.

    “The islands are gradually falling back into the sea,” Richard Wilmot-Smith QC, for Penguin Marine, said. The evidence showed “erosion and deterioration of The World islands”, he added.

    With all but one of the islands still uninhabited – Greenland – and that one a showpiece owned by the ruler of Dubai, most of the development plans have been brought to a crashing halt by the financial crisis.

    Related Articles
    Dubai-style atoll ‘to be built in the Adriatic’
    30 Nov 2012
    Island off coast of Barcelona provokes dismay
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    21 Jan 2011
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    Telegraph Tours: Churchill’s Morocco with Con Coughlin
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    Nakheel, the developer, was part of Dubai World, the state-owned conglomerate that had to be bailed out of debts put at around $25 billion at the end of 2009. The Dubai World Tribunal was set up to hear cases arising out of the restructuring and separation of the companies involved.

    The low-lying islands represent a vague shape out to sea when viewed from Dubai’s beaches, but are visible by satellite or from the top of the city’s Burg Khalifa, the world’s tallest building, which opened to the public last year.

    According to the company, 70 per cent of the World’s 300 islands have been sold. Nakheel is also behind Dubai’s famous Palm-shaped offshore developments. Villas in the only one near completion, Palm Jumeirah, were given to or bought by footballers including David Beckham and Michael Owen.

    Though few celebrity buyers were found for The World, it was rumoured – or joked – that Brad Pitt and Angeline Jolie had considered Ethiopia.

    Many investors who did buy the islands proved unwilling or unable to finance further work when Dubai’s property prices halved in the space of a year.

    Some were hit by troubles elsewhere – the owner of the company which bought Ireland for £24 million, John O’Dolan, committed suicide, while the man who bought Britain for £43 million, Safi Qurashi, is serving seven years in jail in Dubai after being accused of bouncing cheques.

    The dispute being heard by the property tribunal involves Penguin Marine, the company which bought the rights to provide boat travel to the islands.

    With little business, it is trying to exit the contract, which involves paying an annual fee of just under £1 million to Nakheel.

    Nahkeel say they will cash an advanced payment guarantee worth just over £1 million if that happens.

    Penguin claim that work on the islands has “effectively stopped”. Mr Wilmot-Smith described the project as “dead”.

    Graham Lovett, for Nakheel, said the project was not dead but admitted it was “in a coma”.

    “This is a ten-year project which has slowed down,” he said. “This is a project which will be completed.”

    He said Penguin would make money eventually. “That’s the price Penguin makes to stay in the game,” he said. “They have the potential to earn millions.”

    The tribunal found for Nakheel on Thursday, saying it would give full reasoning later.

    A spokesman for Nakheel insisted the islands were not sinking. “Our periodical monitoring survey over the past three years didn’t observe any substantial erosion that requires sand nourishment,” a statement said.

  • 2

    The whole issue must be re-thought and 100% transparency must prevail.

    As part of this land is to be leased, its usage in the future must be
    tied down to security issues too. (US did manage to attack Talibans
    land using a space of 45 acres, being their biggest naval ship, right
    from the seas).

    The origin of the current phase of Port-city is I presume unsolicited as
    far as the Chinese Co. is concerned – has this anything to do with our
    Commission takers?

  • 2

    First and foremost, let us agree on one premise. This project was prompted by the Rajapaksa Bandits to make 1000 percent commission. That’s the bottom line.

    It is indeed an irony that the “capitalist, imperialist” Ranil W is against this project, while the “Patriotic Blue Force” is largely in favour.

    I am 100 percent sure, that there is no way Sri Lanka is going to find the money to spend on providing protection against:

    1. Air Pollution
    2. Water piracy against the existing city
    3. Supply of poisonous Energy
    4. Dumping of Port City Garbage in the Colombo suburbs
    5. Mass robbery from the mainland of rocks and soil required by the Port City.

    I do not claim to be a gentle man. So I will not go the Senanayake way. I demand that President Sirisena make available to the public the “Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)” supplied by the Rajapaksa regime. This should be done BEFORE appointing a new committee to study anything at all. We will read that report first and then decide whether we are going to do any further studies.

    If the SLFP Maithripala is honest at all he will have no difficulty agreeing to this.

    • 3


      “This project was prompted by the Rajapaksa Bandits to make 1000 percent commission. That’s the bottom line.”

      This is a serious charge. MR is going to hide himself, his clan and cronies in whipped up patriotism.

      Be warned Dayan is already hiding there.

  • 1

    What writer Ranil Senanayke says is absolutely correct. The govt.could
    not find even one person engaged in corruption and put behind bars and men involved in alleged coup attempt are free, after the govt.passed one month in power, but they were able to give the go ahead signal for port city project developers, to re commence work tho’ govt. promised a ‘comprehensive review’ including its environmental impact will be done before a decision is made to go ahead or cancel the project. It surprises the people as to how, in a such a short time, a lengthy study was completed on a major project involving 1.4 billion dollars of peoples’ money. The Govt. should release a statement to the effect that the price was right and it does not affect the environment. Once the project is completed,nothing can be done to dismantle it and our children’s health should be protected, at any cost ,hence the govt. should involve environmentalists further, and get their views before the final OK is given. One wonders whether there was any arm twisting done by the developers.

  • 0

    A few Little facts needs to be studied , there is a sea breeze and land breeze too. wind blow both ways.Garbage problem etc, why do we allow large building to come up in the city, will it not add to the problem too, why only from this filled up land?. There are advantages and disadvantages too. They too can be discussed. I would have considered this money had gone to develop the Marsh across the Kelani River upto Puttlam. I would have got Gota to do it, with the help of the army. But then there are advantages and disadvantages. There will always be that Long Live Sri Lanka

  • 0

    A contract signed by the Prime Minister of China & the President of Sri Lanka must be honoured by all subsequent governments. What is the Yahaplanaya if Sri Lanka does not even honour a contract between the President of Sri Lanka and the Prime Minister of China?

    A gentleman’s word is as good as a signed contract. No excuses can be now given by Sri Lanka.

    The construction of the Colombo South harbour as well as the port city will have some negative environmental impacts. A part of the income from these projects should be used to minimise this negative impact.

    • 1

      Truth -You say that ‘A gentleman’s word is as good as a signed contract. No excuses can be now given by Sri Lanka “.
      The question remains where is the “gentleman”? What about a crook’s word, should that be as “good as a signed contract” as well?

      Then you say, “The construction of the Colombo South harbour as well as the port city will have some negative environmental impacts. A part of the income from these projects should be used to minimise this negative impact.”
      That’s like shutting the gate after the horse has bolted, isn’t it???

  • 2

    Well, I mean, if Lankans want to send their children for the Western Experience, then they’d need money from the Global-Marketplace.

    This means, it’s either the Port City Project, or IMF micro-loans to cut up the whole of Sri Lanka into a bunch of American corporate offices selling things like Monsanto to the rest of the region.

    Or we can go the old-fashioned way, keep the experiences for our children In-House (education, especially), and build up from the natural attributes of Sri Lanka (should have never done too much of the infrastructure projects……never mind, US can pay back the loans to China for keeping China away from the region; or China can absolve the loan repayments for keeping US away from the region).

  • 1

    There is some truth in what you say Truth. We must honour our committments.

    However the rogue who represented us as our president was a robber baron and the Chinese president who did business with him knew that he was dealing with a Maha Hora. Both parties are complicit in defrauding the people of Sri Lanka.

    So what do we do now?

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