30 June, 2022


Opposition Is Referring To Our Toy Helicopters: Namal

Refuting the claims made by the Opposition on each of the Rajapaksa ‘princes’ owning a private chopper, the eldest ‘prince’ MP Namal Rajapaksa in a most absurd response has stated that the helicopters in reference are only toys that were gifted to them as kids.

Namal, Rohitha and YoshithaAddressing a UPFA rally yesterday, Namal has said that when he saw news reports of the three helicopters gifted to him and his two siblings by their father, he had rushed home to check whether the reports were true.

“He had not bought us helicopters. There were only the three toy helicopters that he bought for us as kids during a trip to Kataragama. The Opposition has been referring to these toys. If they are resorting to lying, I wish they would at least lie in a way they wouldn’t get caught,” he had said.

Namal had also commented on the claims made by the Opposition about the horse that had been brought to Sri Lanka for the use of the youngest ‘prince’ Lohitha Rajapaksa, all the way from the Royal Mews of the Buckingham Palace.

“They have said we travel to Nuwaraeliya in these helicopters to see horses. I am not aware of any horses owned by my family. But I do know that there was a horse at Temple Trees when Vimukthi used to live there. That was during the tenure of Chandrika,” he had said.

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    same way other dictators ( Libia, Egypt,Tunesia & Siriya) sons behaved, today what is their situation
    and what happen to their illegal money and assets.

  • 9

    Must have been the Matchbox toys which the majority of the poor Sri Lankan children would not have seen far from having played with them. It was kind of the First Son to have explained this to the Sri Lankan people lest they are misunderstood to have lived in sheer opulence. Indeed, there were some very sophisticated and expensive toy shops on the way to Kataragama. Bensen

  • 16

    Namal ,don,t come with that bullshit . Saradial robbed the rich to give the poor , you and your family are robbing the poor willy nilly. If you ask the people who lost the land by the Hambantota beach ,they will tell the real story.Near the Hotel You are building,You grabbed a lot of land from the poor, they were forced to leave, according to some you have written the land in other peoples name with proxy signatures ,and the deeds are in your safe. Buying choppers is peanuts for you.

  • 2

    And the picture with the Article is that of toy children.

    I suppose it is not a crime to kill toy children, even after they grow up.

  • 10

    Who is grooming this immature idiot to be the heir apparent?

    • 0

      If an idiot, corrupt, murderer and a war criminal can manage to to be the President for 2 terms and have the audacity to contest for a third time, his “idiotic heir apparent” can hope to “inherit” the “stupid President ship” in the “Miracle of Asia”

      I hope people will “wake up” this time!!!

  • 8

    Who is the real owner of Dubai Marriot hotel, Lanka steel corporation? Need answers from king,s family

  • 1

    Whether children involved in politics or not, the truth is politician’s children are a part of the political game for they eat, drink and enjoy from the spoils of politics. I am not suggesting for a moment that politicians must not enjoy family life. But when children reach voting age children are not children any longer.

    Today, our President’s children are adults. They must face criticism or chose to live elsewhere with their own earnings. Being a strong supporter of the president, I say if he cannot put them in line with his chintanaya and do not want them to be criticized send them abroad.

  • 3

    I hope somebody will catch this SOB and skin this bastard alive. Look at those fat cheeks of his and the smirk on his face.

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