28 May, 2022


Our Opponents Thought We Would Be Completely Destroyed After Easter Attacks: PM

Prime Minister Wickremesinghe took a jab at the outcry the Opposition has been making since Easter Sunday attacks, stating the opponents thought the government ‘would be completely destroyed after Easter attacks’.

PM Wickremesinghe made these remarks at an event in Homagama last evening, where he spoke on attempts made by the Opposition to consolidate power in the aftermath of a national tragedy.

“Our opponents thought we would be completely destroyed with the Easter Sunday bomb attacks. But we have the courage and the strength to face any challenge or catastrophe,” he added.

He also spoke highly of the development efforts undertaken by the UNFGG which he said has brought unprecedented development to the grassroots level. He says the current development drive even exceeds records set by previous UNP governments during 1974-1994.

“The Opposition says there is no government in the country. For the last 21 years when they were running a so-called ‘strong government’, they were unable to provide even Samurdhi benefits to deserving families…Whereas, the present UNP government has managed grant Samurdhi benefits to over 600,000 families within a year,” he added.

Having inherited a bankrupt country in 2015, the PM says the government has done a lot to rebuild the country and the economy and it is the opponents who can’t stomach the development drive who are critical of the government.

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    Ranil, don’t you know you are already destroyed? You were destroyed as soon as the bombs got blasted. Not a chance for your New-World-Order phenomenon via population control, Western-style lgbtquia rights, and city-state scenario on our ancient and holy land. (but we will give you a fighting chance if you convert to the traditional and original Lankan-unified cultural movement….but that is the difficult one, ne?…..get rid of the resentment……take up the challenge!).
    As per the Samurdhi program, I heard recently that a baby in Galle starved to death :'( . Rest In Peace dear little baby.

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    Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe has still not learnt the lesson. He is only worried about the opponents, but still with Muslim leaders like Rauff Hakim. Very pathetic. He has completely ignored the voice of Buddhist and Hindu clergies as well as that of the Tamils which is evident for failure to hear them at Kalmunai. He has forgotten how TULF Parliamentarians rescued him the constitutional coup staged by President Maithripala Srisena. Leave along Mahinda Rajapakse and company, but what about the people and the country. Rauff Hakim or the Muslim politicians are not the leader of Sri Lanka to discuss national issues when the public both the Sinhalese and the Tamils are aware of how they have destroyed the Buddhist & Hindu cultures and also have been a threat to India and the SAARC. It is difficult to understand why Ranil is clinging on to Muslim political leaders. Moreover, there are news that the names in Arabic should be removed but till now it appears that Kathankudy is ready to challenge the government. We are not oppose to any language, but when a country has its own constitution give respect to the language enshrined in the constitution. I understand that both Sinhalese and Tamils have already began to boycott Muslim shops and restaurants for fear of life. There are two cases reported that girls and women have been affected with some disease after buying textiles from Muslim shops at Galle and Jaffna according to a reported news item, in addition to the sterilization cases by Muslim doctors. I think people might discard Ranil like discarding the diapers once they got spoilt. It is useless to take a jab at the outcry of the opposition. This is a national crisis.

    • 3

      Disease from textiles and the sterilisation rumours are not true. Corroborate your “facts”. As for the rest … well … false news and hate mongering only creates discord conflict and unhappiness

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    Ask Deshapriya and Hoole without making BS statements and providing comedy scenes at various forums to call PC elections now. Ranil will see voter appreciation of his “development”. Wonder why Pompeo decided to postpone his visit to meet his poodle at their new crown colony.

    • 5


      “Wonder why Pompeo decided to postpone his visit to meet his poodle at their new crown colony.”

      What is crown colony in the present day context of this island?
      Pompeo is scared to visit this island as he is afraid of super patriots like you, somass, Lalloos, ……………………

  • 4

    Gee Whizz, What a stirring Speech my Friends..
    It made my day..

    The lives of those poor 258 Catholics killed and 500 who lost their Limbs and Sight are not in vain..
    They have helped Dr Ranil to perform miraculous deeds.which Dr Ranil seems so happy about.

    Dr Ranil has has not only Turbo Charged his Yahapalana Development after Easter, to bring unprecedented Development to Lankawe, eclipsing even his Bench Mark in 1994,
    But his buddy Mangala Samare has put 6 Million poor Souls on Smurdhi Dole as well…
    And it is not even Christmas. yet….

    Pity the Jihadhis held it back until 2019.-

    Just imagine what our Lankawe would have been if Dr Ranil started doing all that at least in 2016, after fixing the Yahapalana Development Bonds..

  • 5

    Ranil Go Home

    Your time is up – You cannot deliver a yahapalanaya” and you cannot deliver UNP core values ‘
    – A free and Liberal society who are tolerant to each other under a fair and just government.

    With zero tolerance for corruption and malpractices.

    The Sri Lankan public has rejected you for the last 20 years.

    Please , Please retire now!!!!!

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    Ranil not stupid not to know that they loose all upcoming elections. What is trying to do is show the country UNP is doing OK and keep the leadership of UNP. Then he can be future opposition leader. MR will help Ranil in every where to be the leader of UNP.

  • 6

    Spot on PM . Neither you nor your corrupt , inept politicians were affected in the slightest by the terror unleashed on 21/04/2019 . However the lives of thousands of innocent people have been devastated some physically and emotionally , and others economically . You can continue on your merry way ordering more bullet proof vehicles for your co-conspirators . The end is surely nigh . Enjoy .

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    Next to the President, this PM is most incompetent and failed person in Sri Lankan Politics. In the interview with BBC after the April bombing devastation, this scruffy looking PM was full of excuses rather than taking responsibilities and outlining a course of action and preventive measures. Total failure. Only god can Sri Lankans.

  • 2

    One need not look for the opponents very far, that Ranil mentions. The whole bloody lot have posted comments who are holding a brief for the Madamulane and the Polonnaruwa Donkeys.

    • 2

      Gamini ,

      I just couldn’t ignore your Ranil-loyal , so that arrogantly foolish
      comment about the rest of the posts here ! What makes you think
      that Ranil bashers have to be Medamulana or Polonnaruwa
      Lackeys ? Is that all you know about Srilankan politics ? Why not
      it could be just a frustrated and neutral voice ? Non- partisan ?
      and sometimes a U N Per looking for a change in the party ? Or
      even a J V Per ? You think if not Ranil it has to be one of the two
      you have in your mind ? My view is , all three must go !

      • 0


        What I have mentioned is the general trend of those who oppose Ranil. It does not mean that you have to wear the cap if it does not suit you. You are free to make that choice. Just because you feel that all three must go, does not mean that all think the same. The masses will decide soon, as to who should go and who should stay.

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