23 September, 2023


Our Pledge To The People – Full Text Of Fake PM Mahinda Rajapaksa’s Resignation Speech

English translation of the text of a speech made by Fake Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa at his Wijerama Mawatha residence on 15 December 2018.

Most venerable members of the Maha Sangha, Clergymen of all religions, Members of Parliament, Ministers, and dear friends,

The Supreme Court has delivered a judgement against the holding of the general election that had already been declared. Since that judgement is a long and complicated document, I will study it carefully and in due course express my views on the constitutional impact it will have on the functioning of the parliamentary system of government in this country. Today however, I wish to speak on the political implications of not being able to hold the general election that had already been declared. We are now in direct confrontation with a group of political parties that have continuously engaged in various subterfuges to avoid facing elections. When this group of political parties tried to get the local government elections postponed indefinitely by petitioning courts over the delimitation of wards, we were able to hold the local government election only because the Chairman of the Elections Commission intervened and declared that he would hold elections at least in respect of the local government institutions that had no delimitation issues pending before courts. If not for that intervention, the people would not have got even the local government election.

Elections to provincial councils have been delayed by more than one year and three months, but no one has any inkling of when those long overdue elections will be held. The law has been manipulated in such a way that those elections will be put off indefinitely. In September 2017, when the Attorney General said that a two thirds majority will be necessary to pass the law designed to postpone the provincial council elections, the then government kept Parliament going till night time and with great effort, mustered the necessary number of MPs to get the law passed. So desperate were they, that when some smaller political parties said they would not vote for the law unless the proportional representation quota was increased from 40% to 50%, the government agreed to that demand in the corridors of Parliament so as to get the required number of votes. They had to perform demeaning contortions to get the provincial council elections postponed.

The people have now been deprived of the general election that had already been declared. After the President dissolved Parliament on 9 November, the political parties opposed to the election petitioned courts and obtained a stay order on the dissolution and with the cooperation of the UNP Speaker, they engaged in various activities to demonstrate that they had a majority in Parliament. But it was only on 12 December when a resolution was passed expressing confidence in Mr Ranil Wickremasinghe and requesting that he be appointed Prime Minister that the people of the country were able to see the real state of things.

A total of 117 MPs voted calling for Mr Ranil Wickremasinghe to be appointed as Prime Minister. Fourteen of those votes belong to the TNA. Even though the TNA also requested that Mr Ranil Wickremasinghe be appointed Prime Minister, on the same day, TNA Parliamentarian Mavei Senathirajah made a special statement in parliament on behalf of the TNA saying that though they voted for Mr Wickrermasinghe to become Prime Minister,  they would not join the government and would remain in the opposition. So what has actually happened here is that the UNP which has a minority of 103 seats, has been taken hostage by the TNA. If they do not adhere to the diktat of the TNA, the UNP minority can lose their parliamentary majority at any moment. The TNA now holds the remote control in Parliament.

On 12 December, even before the Supreme Court judgement was delivered, Mr Ranil Wickremasinghe spoke in Parliament about bringing in a new constitution. This new constitution has already been drafted and published in the newspapers as well. Under the provisions of that draft constitution, this country will be divided into nine semi-independent federal units. The new constitution will also abolish the executive presidency which means that the presidential election that is due before the 9th December 2019, will not have to be held. The new constitution will also change the system of electing MPs to Parliament which means that the parliamentary election due in 2020 can also be postponed citing delimitation issues the same way that the provincial council elections have been put off indefinitely. That is what they are now preparing for. 

The UNP-UPFA coalition that had been formed under Articles 46(4) and 46(5) of the Constitution relating to ‘national governments’, fell apart when the UPFA left the coalition on October 26. Thereafter, a number of UNP parliamentarians joined us and we became the largest group in Parliament. After the general elections of 1994, 2000, 2001, 2004 and 2015, it was always the largest group in Parliament that was invited  to form the government as no party obtained a clear majority. In all those instances, the government was formed first, and the working majorities were obtained later.

After we formed a government on 26 October, the President declared a general election. When I was sworn in as Prime Minister on 26 October, that was to form an interim government that would last only for about two months until the conclusion of the general election which was sheduled for the 5th  January 2019. A President cannot stand by and do nothing when the whole country was facing destruction at the hands of the people running the government. When the main opposition force which is in effect the alternative government is invited to form an interim government that will last until the conclusion of a general election, such a request cannot be turned down either. Furthermore, a minority government would more than suffice to run things till the conclusion of a general election. We appreciate the difficult and bold decision that the President made on October 26.

What we are confronted with now, is an attempt to rule the country without holding any kind of election. Since a general election can no longer be held, we cannot implement any of the measures we had planned to take to prevent this country from becoming another Greece. The UNP government borrowed 20.7 billion US Dollars in foreign currency loans alone within a period of three and a half years, and we have no idea as to how much more they will borrow in the coming months. The UNP brought our economy to the brink of collapse through such foreign currency borrowings. All that money was borrowed for consumption. We borrowed money to develop the country and that development is visible. But the UNP borrowed money only for consumption. Even though some have expressed the view that it will be possible to minimise the damage done by the UNP because the President is no longer with them, we must realise that there is much that the UNP-TNA coalition can do without informing the President.

We should bear in mind that back in 2002, the then UNP government signed a cease-fire agreement with the LTTE without informing President Chandrika Kumaratunga. After the 26th October, we were able to reduce the pressure on the people by bringing down the price of fuel and some essential food items and restoring the distribution of school uniform material. We restored the fertilizer subsidy and reduced income taxes on agricultural incomes to encourage agricultural production. We were also able to take certain measures to address the concerns of  young professionals in this country over the Sri Lanka – Singapore Free Trade Agreement entered into by the previous government. We suspended the excessive taxes imposed by the previous government. We also managed to prevent several local industries from closing down. Even though a general election will not be held, it must be said that the events that took place after the 26th of October have benefitted the public in other ways.

The most important thing that happened during this period was that the two thirds majority in Parliament that was available to the UNP to be used at will, is now no longer available to them. Therefore it is now possible to prevent the passage of the new constitution that has been drafted by the same individuals who turned this country into an ungovernable mess through the 19th Amendment. Furthermore it has now become possible to end the totalitarian system that prevailed in Parliament over the past four years, with partners of the government taking over the position of opposition leader and chief opposition whip and masquerading as the opposition while supporting the government. As a result of that dangerous perversion, the Constitutional Council which recommends candidates for appointment to high office, was made up of representatives of one political persuasion. Consequently all appointees to high office over the past four years belonged to the same group. The whole country is now suffering the consequences of that situation.

After the February 10 local government election, our aim was to have a general election held. Since I have no intention of remaining as Prime Minister without a general election being held, and in order to not hamper the President in any way, I will resign from the position of Prime Minister and make way for the President to form a new government. When I was sworn in as Prime Minister, on 26 October, a feeling of optimism swept through the country. The All Share Price Index which had declined after 2015, suddenly picked up on expectations of a change of government. The LMD-Nielsen Business Confidence Index recorded the sharpest increase after 2015 in November 2018. Despite the political turmoil in the country after 26 October, tourist arrivals had increased by 16% in November 2018 when compared with the same period in 2017. Those trends which took place despite the political instability in the country after 26 October are a clear indication of what the people’s hopes and aspirations are.

The change of government that the people expected has now had to be put off. But the people will definitely get the change they desire. No one can prevent that. The coming together of the Joint Opposition and the SLFP group that was in the government has now created a power block that commands around 54% of the vote base. To this will have to be added the votes of our allied political parties in the North and East and the hill country. What is now gathering against the enemies of the country is a country wide political force that no one can stop. Our main aim in the immediate future will be to hold the provincial council elections which have already been delayed by more than one year and three months. The main challenge facing us in the interval between now and the formation of a people’s government will be to minimise the damage that can be done by the destructive forces that are now seeking restoration to their former positions. There is no doubt at all that the people who stood by us since 2015, will continue to support us in the future as well. We will bring the forces opposed to the country down to their knees by organising the people.

May the blessings of the Tripple Gem be upon you, 

God bless you.

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Latest comments

  • 21

    MR gone kuku . What a whole load of gibberish????/

    • 19

      Mohamed Hisham:
      Don’t be unkind to the man. He didn’t compose or even translate that gibberish into English. A reasonable suspicion would be that the task was performed by the man who has given the term “Professor” a new meaning close to the bottom of the literary barrel!

      • 3

        Well said Emil.MR has done the most honourable thing.

  • 12

    In the outset, he shouldn’t have taken the PM position on the 26th Oct. which he did with a lot of promises and assumptions from SB, Namal putha, W.Weeraya, Dinesh G, Bandula G and with the legal backing from GL et.al. This plot was aided and abetted by the assassination conspiracy theory. framed by non-other than the persons the alleged assassins targeted. But all their game plans came an appalling cropper one by one at the expense of the the country’s image, economy, failing tourist industry more than everything democracy and legal frame works of the country.
    Without finding any other options, MS issued Extra special Gazette notification to dissolve the parliament with scant regard to the legality of the action.
    Now, after the verdict from the SC, after being cornered, MS withdrew his earlier intransigent attitude and has come to see the real situation and has agreed to sworn in Ranil whom MS accused of the mastermind behind the assassination plan.
    And then, MR having found no other options, decided to relinquish the post of ’50 days premiership’ with a sentimental event to cover up his unethical deeds and to recover his lost image. At the end, if we can recollect all the events and view them at a glance, nothing has happened from 26th Nov up to now but the people of this country got an opportunity to get some knowledge on democracy, constitution and the value of the judiciary being independent.

  • 10

    Mahinda – The change of government that the people expected has now had to be put off…


    Mahinda you mean the change of Government that I engineered through the back door has been defeated by the SC.

    UK is also in a turmoil by the peoples vote engineered by the far right

    • 4

      Rajesh: you wrote: “engineered through the back door has been defeated by the SC.”

      It is inappropriate to associate the SC as a body that caused a “victory or defeat”. The Judiciary is an independent arm whose primary objective is to safeguard and uphold the laws of the land.

      In a functioning democracy there are three arms – the Legislature which legislates or enacts laws for the good of the country, the Executive which executes or implements those legislation’s and the Judiciary – which is essentially a watch dog that ensures the legislation’s are upheld in the spirit in which it was enacted.

      It the recent verdicts of the SC and CA, all what the courts have done is upheld the law and declared the acts committed by the Executive as illegal or unconstitutional and thereby having no enforceable validity in law rendering those acts inactive..

    • 0

      Dear Rajesh

      Many Asians and Africans origin PR/Citizens voted for the Brexit is the least discussed phenomenon. Instead of having immigration as a separate discussion as this indeed requires attention the one lot of ‘foreigners’ voted against the other lot of ‘foreigners’. The same think happed in America mostly the Hispanics and African/Asian origin Americans voted for President Trump because they needed to get their jobs back nor they wanted competition. I do know very many in the UK personally and their reasons too. It is a very orchetrated well designed move too from our Neighbours foreign arms set out to change the trend for a much bigger benefits outside the EU trade arrangements. An opportunism misused not taking care of the locals needs/host country/adopted country. You compare this to what happed in SL??? War crimes tribunal (not including all the International scums who participated)/Constitutional assembly rings any bell to you Bro??

  • 13

    Nut case. Thinks the people are fools. Whst a fake and stupid statement. Makes me puke. MR pl f…. Off you democracy grabbing hora.

  • 14

    When ‘resigns’ from a non-existing post, MR began “The Supreme Court has delivered a judgement against the holding of the general election that had already been declared.” He misinterprets even the court decision the way he likes.

  • 11

    There is nothing in the statement, as they didn’t do anything for two months, other than spewing additional racial venom. The main purpose of capturing the power is not full filled. The coup was organized to grab the power only to save him from pending legal wrestling. He had said to the SLFP members asked him to resign to save New King’s image that he cannot resign because his family fears of court proceedings. That threat will be there for long time until he again captures the power by some methods. Now he is fired by the courts, though he hoped to cling on by all known illegal methods. This could be taste before food delivery- for his past crimes. To blackmail the courts they may again device something else like Kegalle Jeyamanne’s suicide. They shot two policemen in East to prove reappearance of LTTE.

    From the secret deals in the meeting took place at SBD’s house to New King’s interview on Donkey Trading is not explained. (Practically all politicians have talked about it. His so strong resolve to hide the open secret is telling what a determined dangerous person he is.)

    Wounded by TNA lawyers, he is attacking Tamils. He lost but he is feeling happy about having killed TNA’s Secret Solution, though that was only before he met his fate in court. Hoping still LTTE can give him a hand in the courts too.

    All credit ratings has gone down but twisting some data to brag nothing.

    Altering the constitution to allow the blocked family members to stand in the EP election is gone. The 19A legal terms are now explained to New King. Trying this game again before the due conditions met will end up his life in prison.

    Here is a lesson for Lankaweyans. Suppressing for long the Tamils rights is not going to let them in peace. IC has expressed its concerns on the coup staged. Not respecting IC or not solving Tamils problems will destroy the country further.

  • 11

    The decision by Sirisena to unconstitutionally sack Wickremesinghe and appoint Rajapakse as PM is the biggest bungle by a Head of State since Independence. It blew up in his face so spectacularly. Sirisena is now like the cat that shitted on a rock. Rajapakse has willingly got that shit smeared all over his face.

  • 7

    I did not want to seriously read his report but had a glance and noticed some of his gaffes, which I produce
    1. 19A of the constitution says firmly that an election can be called by the President only after parliament completes 4 1/2 years, hence the ‘dethroned king’ should not have said that the election had already been called by the President, officially.. The Govt. press should print more copies of 19A and get it distributed freely among the people, all over the country as there was an attempt made by the current President, who is the author of the clause 19A, to distort facts that it did not reduce the powers of the President and it was
    business as usual for him,as Prez.
    2.,The learnt judges of the supreme court have given an explanatory judgment on the violation of the constitution by the executive and there is no need for MR to give further statement on the judgement
    using prime time on State TVs
    3. Chairman of the elections commission is not the head of the State and he could not have decided as
    to which elections should be held at what period but could have advised the executive, the preferable
    4. The forthcoming Country’s constitution may have stated that the powers will be devolved to 9 of our
    provinces and would not have said that the country will be divided into 9 states, which gives a different meaning.
    5. MR’s report centered around TNA & LTTE and gives cover to communalists, who could once again
    stir the people and the rest of the crap in the report is ‘fear mongering in nature’ saying that none of
    the elections are going to take place as he fears that RW will claim that his period as PM takes effect
    from 16th Dec’2018 as he was unlawfully & unconstitutionally dismissed from that position and reinstated as a new PM,

  • 7

    The danger lies ahead . Racist elements did exist before , do exist today and will carry on
    tomorrow ! Mahinda’s message was just that , to his crowd ! No hard feelings about the
    role he played ILLEGALLY , no regrets about the hardships his action caused to the people.
    And this is exactly the characteristics of a careless and ruthless leadership .Our people
    must understand that it is an apology that they deserve from this man , nothing else ! How
    on earth this man , once rejected by the people and defeated at the next attempt and then
    rejected twice by N C M followed by FOUR SUPREME COURT DETERMINATIONS tries to
    demonstrate as if nothing happened recently in the country while the truth is THE
    conspirators to address the nation ? Srilanka sets records upon records that Guinness has
    no pages to publish !

  • 4

    1: “The Supreme Court has delivered a judgment against the holding of the general election that had already been declared.”

    2: “MR wishes to speak on the political implications of not being able to hold the general election that had already been declared.”

    How come MR as a lawyer couldn’t understand the basic fact that no point to think about the political implications if the process is not legally valid?

    MR is an idiot or acting like an idiot?

  • 5

    MR starts with ~ “The Supreme Court has delivered a judgement against the holding of the general election that had already been declared…………”.
    Not correct. The judgement, in Legalese, was “The RW-sack of 26 October was illegal”. The MR version is distorted. MR then goes on to blame TNA for the spanner in his works. Not JVP?
    SLPP will resurrect the language/religion-divide yet again.
    You too MS?

  • 9

    Who is this filthy bugger kidding? His pledge to the people? These are the very same people he robbed from, murdered and put in jail anyone who opposed him. Now he is giving a pledge to the people? Bloody rascal!!!!

  • 10

    Some crooks
    Gave their puks
    Looking for perks
    In the end it all sucks

  • 9

    I being an ordinary citizen, casted my vote in 2015 with the understanding that I will vote for a government for a period of five years. Of cause this government failed miserably to deliver its promises. But it gave us a few things like freeing the judiciary from the executive clutches. I do not want an election presently and most of like minded people are not interested of an election too. When a group of politicos cry saying that the SC deprived us of an election which we never asked for (as we are aware the expense and futility of same). Mr. Rajapakse and clan do not mean us the people but THEM the rulers. Who are waiting to loot us.

  • 4

    This is nothing but NONSENSE. Why those 122 signatories who challenged the appointment of a “Fake PM & a Cabinet” DEMAND the President not to accept the “Resignation” until the Appeal Court finally disposes the cases. At present the “Fake PM & the Cabinet” are on “SUSPENSION”. If they cannot wait for that decision, then DEMAND the President to “DISMISS” the “Fake PM & his Cabinet” just in the same way he (President) dismissed the then PM & Cabinet through a “Letter” and a Gazette Notice as per his decision made on 26th October 2018. Why on earth, those 122 cannot “DEMAND” that action from the President. The answer is simple – POWER HUGER. This “RESIGNATION” of the “Fake PM & Cabinet, if ACCEPTED at this hour, it will “WHITE WASH” the whole of the “COUPE” put into operation staged on 26th October, 2018. In that sense, this “RESIGNATION” is yet another “MODUS OPERANDI ” by MR & Co, Inc. to get out of a damning situation he has to face once the Appeal Court decides to rule in favor of the pleading by those 122 signatories. He got a “SIGNAL” of it with the rejection of his appeal to the SC. But our “Political Crooks” more concerned and bent on “GRABBING POWER” by hook or crook cannot think of a BETTER WAY to handle a situation that would TEACH these vagabonds a LIFE LONG LESSON. They are all the SAME and SHAME on them.

  • 2

    “When this group of political parties tried to get the local government elections postponed indefinitely by petitioning courts over the delimitation of wards…”

    Dear President Sir

    First, thank you for pointing out the facts. This administration does not want to hold elections. We remember how they fared in the last elections. The UNP does not want to make leadership changes either, apparently they are frightened, if we are to believe our President Sirisena.

    Also, thank you for pointing out the facts regarding the new constitution. Why the urgency to abolish the Executive Presidency? This urgency is shown by a party whose leader has never been president, but has been Prime Minister several times. Is this not remotely suspicous?

    That is not our problem, our problem as citizens is how to develop the country and uphold the peace.
    I beleive the current President can do this by negotiating with these nefarious foreign powers and ask them what they want – you know who they are, India, the United States and China.

    You don’t need to ask the TNA what it wants. Remind them that the Sinhalese also have a nation they are proud of. I say Sinhalese because I am not sure of Sri Lankans, if they want this nation as it is, without cutting up their Motherland, they can decide.

    Your popularity and admiration among supporters has only grown through the past few days. Rajapakse haters should not be surprised, we all are a fools, according to them, so they should not be surprised.

  • 1

    There is a story in the
    Bible,about a king-
    Named Nebuchadnezzar
    Who boasted of his power and achievements,lost his mind and began eating grass.
    Your words-
    ” We will bring the forces opposed …down to their knees..’ –
    No, Sir, you are not in control. God is.
    ‘ …until you know that
    The Most High rules in the kingdoms of men and gives it to whomever He
    Chooses’.( Daniel.ch.4)

  • 1

    The most honourable pledge you could make is
    —To return the money looted back in to the Central Bank of SL
    — Return the illegally obtained lands & buildings
    —To defend the pending Criminal cases in the courts
    —To get your kids and stooges to clear the criminal cases
    —To let the mother fathers sons and sisters know where their disappeared relatives are
    —To stop stirring up racial and ethnic violence
    —To renounce the world and become a Buddhist Monk

  • 1

    I believe that the majority of the readers are non resident sri lankans who do not have a credible information on sri lanka.
    During RW government the three major communities are divided never before and it is creating a dislike never before. This is a major threat to Sri lankan society and ranil is promoting that divide to sustain in power.
    I do believe that politicians like RW should not be in power and they should be ignored.
    Having mentioned above I don’t 100% with MR but he has the power to bring sri lankans together which the next generations will stop heating each other where they will look fwd to build a better sri lanka.
    This is the only difference I see between these 2 politicians

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