26 June, 2022


Parliament Has No Unlimited Sovereignty – Scotland’s First Minister

By Colombo Telegraph

“Our tradition states that the people of Scotland are sovereign and that they have the power to determine the form of government best suited to their needs. It stands in contrast to the UK principle that parliament has unlimited sovereignty.” says the Scotland’s First Minister Alex Salmond.

Alex Salmond

Talking about upcoming  referendum on Scottish independence  he said; “That UK tradition is one of the reasons that the UK has no written constitution. That makes the UK highly unusual among Western democracies, and unique within the European Union. That deficiency is a democratic deficit that an independent Scotland should not repeat.”

“We will make it one of the first duties of the parliament of an independent Scotland to establish a convention to draw up that written constitution. And we will return to our older constitutional tradition of the people’s sovereignty, by making sure the people are directly involved in that process.” he further said.

Read the speech in full;

‘Why’ For Independence For Scotland – Scotland’s First Minister Alex Salmond

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    My Dear International community: USA,UK,UN,EU,CW, Asian and African Federation member states.

    We Sri Lankans have lost our faith in both tha Ruling Rajapakse Government and the Opposition Parties who give bogus promises until come into power and once in Power use all the country’s resources and wealth for their own selfish greed and power.

    Ever since we got Independence All the ruuling parties as well as the opposition ran the country like a Toddy Tavern ruining the economy,Education, health and social lives of the people
    The uneducated, Uncultured thugs from Both the Ruling and the Opposition Parties ran the Country only to fulfill their selfish ambitions and money greed leaving Citizens to suffer.

    Behadding under age Rizana in Saudi Arabia was due to greedy politiciens looking for foreign exchange started exporting poor and helpless children for slave labor in Middle East.

    Please see Rizana Nafeek’s home in the following web sites.



    It is worse than a cattle farm cottege.
    Seventy percent(70%) of Sri Lankan’s live similar to these houses with tin and Coconut leaf roof houses similar to VEDDA (native) community live sixty (60) years after independence.

    While Politicians treat poor citizens like this, they send their children to all the expensive Colleges in USA and Europe and buying them BMW, Mercedes Benz, and Lamborghini cars and make family foreign pleasure trips wasting valuable foreign exchange these poor people bring to Sri Lanka.

    President and Ministers all have their Foreign Private bank accounts and expensive houses in all over the world using these citizens hard earned foreign exchange, while no effort was made to rescue Rizana from beheading in Saudi Arabia.

    President Mahinda Rajapakse Impeached CJ Dr.Shirani Bandaranayake because she did not allow his brother Basil Rajapakse to steal Divineguma 85 Billion Rupees. Basil Rajapakse has US $ 4.5 Million House in california, USA and definitely he planned to use most of this 85 Billion fund for his personal use, and that’s why CJ Shirani Bandaranayake opposed it.

    As a result of helping us the citizen form allowing President’s Brother to steal, CJ madam Bandaranayake had to sacrifi8ce her Job.

    Now both she and her husband are unemployed while having a son to look after and also now feared for her and her family’s lives.

    Also President Rajapakse Stole Millions of Dollars that International Community sent for Tsunami victims….but due to his friend ex.CJ Sarath N.Silva President got away from that fraud.

    Therefore we Sri Lankans have lost our faith in both Governing Rajapakse Regime and the Opposition parties to help us.


    1)International community should impose travel Ban to President and all the Govt. Ministers and MP’s who voted for CJ Impeachment. Also Isolate Sri Lanka from future conferences like CHOGM,CW,Asian and African Forums and from UN.

    2)Bring President Mahinda Rajapakse for war War Crimes and Tsunami Fraud stealing millions of Dollars of Foreign Donations given to poor homeless people who were effected by 2004 Tsunami.

    3)Terminate USA GSP status, trade and tourism. Let President have his own vacation in Hambantota harbour.

    4)Stop all Aid and Loans given to Sri Lanka by World Bank, IMF, Asian Bank and EU banks.

    5) Freeze all personal foreign bank accounts, personal assets of President’s family (like Basil’s USA 4.5 million dollar house and Gotabaya’s 950,000 dollar house) and other Govt. Ministers and Government officials etc.

    6) use both Internal and external methods and pressure to Change Rajapakse Dictatorial Regime.

    I request this on behalf of all Sri Lankans and you could find their views if you talk to them.


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    Dear Mr Alex Salmond,

    We all know that UK has no written constitution. But we have one. So, we follow it and laws that were passed by parliament on parliamentary Standing Orders. When answers cannot be found through such laws we follow your laws derived by your unwritten constitution.

    Ex CJ, Shirani B made an application to our Court of Appeal as a tactic to remain CJ. President of the Court of Appeal chose two judges out of the norm and together with them considered an interpretation of Article 107 (3) by ex CJ’s own chosen judges of the SC that was meant for another case and used it to issue a ‘Writ of Certiorari’ to the speaker of Sri Lanka parliament.

    Current speaker our parliament has rejected this ‘Writ of Certiorari’ following a ruling by a previous Speaker. I am no solicitor. But I am told that no British judge ever issued a ‘Writ of Certiorari’ to the speaker of British parliament in its history. Based on this ‘useless’ judgement fired CJ says she remain the legal CJ. She is just mad.

    Besides, Scotland is not a sovereign country; it’s a colony of the UK whereas Sri Lanka is a sovereign country. Therefore, Scottish apex court judges stand one tire below UK apex court judges. So, please do not compare the procedure to remove Scottish judges to that of Sri Lanka.

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    A politician voices his opinion to drive his agenda through. Alex Salmond is trying to break Scotland away from UK. So he utters whatever that fits into his agenda. Now remember, the sovereign in UK is neither the Parliament nor its people. It is the Monarch who follows the tradition.

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