1 October, 2022


Peaceful Moors, Sinhala Wahabis And The Silver Lining Among ‘Wahabis’

By Hameed Abdul Karim

Hameed Abdul Karim

Responding to A.R.M. Imtiyaz’s ‘Moors of Sri Lanka are Not Perfectly Peaceful’

For the life of me I cannot imagine why my good e-pal Dr. A.R.M. Imtiyaz Razak would want to write an article feeding on the same thrash that racist bigots in Sri Lanka, under various guises, throw at Muslims to propagate their doomsday scenarios in his article ‘Moors of Sri Lanka are Not Perfectly Peaceful’ that appeared in your popular ‘Colombo Telegraph’.

The usual Wahabbi bait is flung to convince readers there is a looming threat posed by this cult that will somehow swamp all Muslims in Sri Lanka. Whilst it is true there is a Wahabi trend among Muslims, writers tend to exaggerate this tendency to emphasize their points and to propagate their anti-Muslim feelings. Saudi Arabia’s backing of the military coup in Egypt has exposed the rulers there and has brought ‘Wahabi’s’ out in the open claiming the backing of their government for the Egyptian military led government is not in their name or faith. So there is a silver lining among ‘Wahabi’s’ just as much as there is one in Sri Lanka in the form of Buddhist monks who speak of communal harmony and get assaulted by ‘Sinhala Wahabi’s’ for their virtuous deeds.  Besides, there is a resistance among Muslims in Sri Lanka to Wahabism and it’s not like as if their ideology is going unchallenged by ‘traditional’ Muslims.

I am surprised that Dr. Imtiyaz had said Moors are not perfectly peaceful. By making such a statement he implies that they are violent if we are to go by opposites. ‘Moors’ have shown great rectitude in remaining peaceable in the face of grave provocation. The overwhelming majority in the Sinhala community have also shown a strong resistance to the ethno fascists among them knowing only too well there is a political hand behind all the shenanigans of the BBS and their acolyte like the Sinhala Rawaya.

And what’s the proof the good doctor provides for Moors not being peaceful? Why, the same diatribe on Madrasas and hijab and abayas those ethno fascists throw about all day every day to sell their hatred for the other. You can be sure those ethno fascist Sinhala Buddhists who revel in creating disharmony among communities for their political paymasters will grab what Imtiyaz had said and fling it with glee at Muslims at will.  Why should Dr. Imtiyaz peddle the same jingoism beats me, considering that he is an egalitarian. Being an egalitarian imposes on one professing such values the spirit of liberalism and even support for the wishes of those who want to be different. Why, there is a heartwarming article in your ‘Colombo Telegraph’ about non-Muslim women in Sweden donning the hijab in support of a Muslim sister who came under a racist attack for choosing to dress in accordance with her faith.

I take mild exception to Dr. Imtiyazs’ equation of Muslim with Moors knowing very well he did not mean any harm. I am not a Moor, but I am a Muslim. And there are Muslims among all communities here in Sri Lanka. Some are converts to the faith. But let me hasten to add that as a Muslim I cringe with shame and sorrow if I hear my co-religionists have attacked a place of worship belonging to another faith anywhere in the world. That’s how attached I am to my faith which strictly prohibits acts of a violent nature like all faiths, I suppose.

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    To Dr. Imtiyaz Razak

    You maid a great effort to settle down the problem but it seems to be two racists attacking you. I’ m very sorry what people like you face in Sri Lanka but for our survival, Sinhalese has to be racist and muslims like you will be never attacked.

    other Jihadist’s article

    The author in the article, pointed by link, is a lecturer. You can think what happen to non Muslim students. He might be same like the Muslim doctor who tried to control population growth in Peradeniya hospital

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      So, you are saying, being a racist is ok and you are identifying yourself as one of them

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    Dear Sinhalese,

    You are fool if you think any muslim doctor tried to depopulate/control populations in Peradeniya hospital. You have chosen to believe in a sentiment echoed through muslim lips along the same lines of what the BBS racists shout out rather than standing for what’s right and just.

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    The tendency is to shoot the messenger. What Dr. Imtiyaz meant was that religious extremism in all forms and on whatever basis it is , leads to conflict and eventually to acts of violence. There is ample evidence in countries like Pakistan and the middle-east because of their own interpretation of what is to be a Muslim. We have to put our house in order first. Moreover Religion and Politics they are a deadly mix. We have a Govt. that feeds on religious intolerance for their own survival and they have made idiot masses to fight among themselves .

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    This writer shows the culture of intolerance encouraged in followers of Islam. What Mr. Imtiaz did was ask Muslims to practise some self-criticism since, it is clear, some Muslims provoked the Sinhalese over a long period of time enabling the birth of ultra-Sinhala Buddhist outfits like BBS, SR etc., It is a good thing at least a few Muslims in this blog have the courage to ask the extremists amolng them to behave. But it is not surprising this minority of peaceful Muslims have been severely attacked by the regular fanatical Muslim bloggers. When the Buddhist priest in Thotalanga (Swarna Chaitya Rd) invited the Mosque in the adjoining premises to use the Temple’s Hall that was a welcome sign of peace of which not much is said on the Muslim side. Muslims must learn to accept the fact there are many faults at their side that annoy the other communities living with them. They must reduce the tensions – and not increase them.


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      It is not Muslims who started the disturbances in Grandpass, but the monks dressed in plain clothes who stoned the Mosque. How can you equate the damage done to the Mosque and the offer of an alternate prayer room inside a Temple? You are not living in the reality of what is going on around you, since you are blinded by you allegiance to your Buddhist kinship to these monks. Muslims have always been at the receiving end of the marauding monks, the stupid government and the impotent police force to have any pity on them.

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        ADJP from Rajagiriya is blood relative of Gnanasara ! Everyone kniws his racism.

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          In responding to the many Muslim fanatics in this blog, I am acting in the interest of my community. I regret some of them have the tendency to over-react. I regret the pain and inconvenience caused to ordinary and peaceful Muslims. The problem in the Muslim community is the more recent Fundamentalists
          who have done a lot of harm to the community – that has been
          peaceful and law-abiding since I was a child. There are many Muslim families in my area living happily for as long as I remember. I am sorry they too are worried.

          What I want to prevent is my country going the way of today’s Syria and the Arab countries. In and around Damascus dictator
          Assad is using chemical weapons – left in the care of the Syrians
          by Saddam Hussein just before the invasion of the Coalition – on his own beautiful children and civilians killing them by the hundreds. As someone wrote here, why is that more than 90% of the major troubles in the world are in Muslim countries. It is the intolerance, hatred and bloodletting that is at the centre of the
          Islamic culture is the conclusion of experts. It seems to have worsened since 9/11. Readers here quote various passages from the Quaran that calls upon its followers to kill and maim followers of other faiths. Where is the love and peace here? The other irritation here is that too much is written and said by too many commentators Islam in these pages claiming to be the best and most wonderful religion in the world.
          This is something others must say about you and not for you to foolishly brag about.

          It is known there has been a conspiracy that has began here many years ago to arm and train terrorists in the Eastern province, where Muslims live as majorities, to support other enemies of India (Pakistan) to attack South India from Lankan soil to encourage an Indian armed attack on Sri Lanka. Already the Police in Madurai are in alert position that such an attack is on the cards. India has been attacked from the West, the North and the East. South has remained free of attack – thanks I think to Sri Lanka. I don’t want that to happen. We will fight to keep Sri Lanka majority Buddhist. We don’t want what happened to the Maldives to happen here.


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    The freedom to practice ones religon is a basic fundamental right of any human being. So calling into question the building of mosques, madressahs, dress code is without any basis. I suppose there are xenophobes and facist who who like to see muslims abandon their religon dance to their various tunes.

    People who dont have a foggiest idea of Islam are trying to advise Muslims what to do and what not. I wonder whether these people even follow their own religon which teaches tolerance and compassion? People like Imtiyaz think that by apologizing to such facist and compromising on our own religon the problem will be solved.

    Your Lord is fully aware of those who strayed off His path, and He is fully aware of those who are guided.
    Do not obey the rejectors.
    They wish that you compromise, so they too can compromise.
    Do not obey every lowly swearer.
    A slanderer, a backbiter.
    Quran (68:7-11)

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      Are these from Quran too ?

      “O ye who believe! Fight those of the disbelievers who
      are near to you, and let them find harshness in you,
      and know that Allah is with those who keep their duty”
      Qur’an, Sura 9:123

      “Mohammed is God’s apostle. Those who follow him are harsh
      to the unbelievers but merciful to one another” Quran 48:29

      Islamic terrorists take and execute hostages on an almost daily basis. So much so, that mainstream Muslims rarely even bother to report. Often we are assured that this practice has “nothing to do with Islam” because Muhammad never executed prisoners of war, or anyone else taken hostage…

      Except that he did.

      Following the Battle of Badr, several defenseless Meccans were slaughtered by Muhammad’s companions. These included a man named Umayya and his young son, who were taken prisoner by a Muslim (a former friend who tried to protect them), but were then set upon by a mob before they could be escorted to safety:

      “I said (would you attack) my prisoners? But… The people formed a ring around us as I was protecting him. Then a man drew his sword and cut off his son’s foot so that he fell down and Umayya [the boy’s father] let out a cry such as I have never heard… They hewed them to pieces with their swords until they were dead.” (Ibn Ishaq/Hisham 449)
      Another heartwarming account of Islamic chivalry during the same battle concerns Abu Jahl, one of Muhammad’s arch-enemies at Mecca. He met his death as he lay defenseless. In this case, two Muslims took the opportunity to administer the death blow:

      Mu’awwidh passed Abu Jahl as he lay there helpless and smote him until he left him at his last gasp. (Ibn Ishaq/Hisham 451)
      Another Muslim named Abdullah then came by and put his foot on Abu Jahl’s neck and taunted him before decapitating him:

      Then I cut off his head and brought it to the apostle saying, “This is the head of the enemy of Allah, Abu Jahl.”… I threw his head before the apostle and he gave thanks to Allah. (Ibn Ishaq/Hisham 451).

      Apparently these companions of Muhammad were unaware that “Islam is against” killing captives. But who could really blame them? Not only did the prophet of Islam praise them for the slaughter, he also ordered the death of another captive brought before him.

      Uqba bin Abu Mu’ayt pled for his life:

      “When the apostle ordered him to be killed, Uqba said, “But who will look after my children, O Muhammad?” [Muhammad’s reply] “Hell.” The man was put to death. (Ibn Ishaq/Hisham 458)
      Other captives were ransomed, but Uqba received special treatment because he had mocked Muhammad at Mecca. His crime was that he had thrown the entrails of a dead animal on Muhammad’s back as he was praying, to the amusement of other Meccans (Muslim 4422, Ibn Ishaq/Hisham 277). The prophet of Islam determined that this fraternity prank was worth killing over, and it became the first of several other occasions in which people were slain on Muhammad’s order merely for mocking him.

      Interestingly, it appears that Muhammad regretted not killing all of his captives, instead of ransoming a few. Verse 8:67 of the Qur’an was “revealed” in the aftermath of Badr and says “It is not for any prophet to have captives until he hath made slaughter in the land.”

      The prophet of Islam went on to execute many other captives, most notoriously the 800 men and boys taken prisoner at Qurayza. His men also brutally murdered an elderly woman named Umm Qirfa after taking her prisoner following a raid on the tribe of Banu Fazara. According to al-Tabari she was killed by, “putting a rope to her two legs and to two camels and driving them until thy rent her in two.” (The woman’s daughter was then doled out to one of her Muslim killers).

      While it is common to hear Muslims claim that their religion is “against” killing hostages, the actual history of Islam proves that nothing could be further from the truth

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        Jim softy,

        Stop your foolishness. no body response to your comment. Also the something you are repeating which has answer to you many times.

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        Stop quoting Ishaq and Hisham and even Bukhari. These are unverified narratives written 200 years after Muhammad. Quote the Quran with context.

        The Quran says to kill after the pagans break a peace treaty with the Muslims and started killing. What would anyone do? Even our SL govt started fighting after LTTE broke the ceasefire.

        I’ll quote the bible with context.

        1 Samuel 15:3
        Now go, attack the Amalekites and totally destroy[a] all that belongs to them. Do not spare them; put to death men and women, children and infants, cattle and sheep, camels and donkeys.’”

        Is Christian god a child murderer?

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        He is reverted Muslim…………….and was a Christian Priest.

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        Softy I do not read or answer your comments because your intentions are rather obvious. If you want to understand the quran and islam you should find someone else to teach you.

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        Apart from sounding like a mindless minion just droning on with anti Islamic rhetoric, perhaps spending your time reading about other religions and what their Holy books said, which all pertained to times of war and strife, might enlighten you. You can keep going on about how violent Islam is, like a broken record, but any intelligent person knows the difference:

        Bruce Feiler writes that “Jews and Christians who smugly console themselves that Islam is the only violent religion are willfully ignoring their past. Nowhere is the struggle between faith and violence described more vividly, and with more stomach-turning details of ruthlessness, than in the Hebrew Bible”.[8] Similarly, Burggraeve and Vervenne describe the Old Testament as full of violence and evidence of both a violent society and a violent god. They write that, “(i)n numerous Old Testament texts the power and glory of Israel’s God is described in the language of violence.” They assert that more than one thousand passages refer to YHWH as acting violently or supporting the violence of humans and that more than one hundred passages involve divine commands to kill humans.[9]


        If you had any intelligence you would have sensed by now, that by the responses to your drivel, no one believes you, nor are they impressed by your comments.

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      Even this writer says
      “… Besides, there is a resistance among Muslims in Sri Lanka to Wahabism and it’s not like as if their ideology is going unchallenged by ‘traditional’ Muslims….”

      It’s a good sign that some forms of Muslim idealogy was challenged by the traditional Muslims … Problem is that whether enough is done to contain that form of Muslim idealogy by traditonals. Judging by the events unfolding in Sri Lanaka, many believe that untraditionsl muslim form was not contained by traditional Muslims … That’s why there are many grass root level movements are propping up to challenge this untraditional Muslim form …
      General population of this country is scared to death about things happening in Muslim countries (Egypt, Iraq, Afganistan …..)!and they are determined to stop those things happening here …… How many Muslims getting killed by their Muslim brothers a day across those countries? I guess it is few dozens ….. It’s frightening .. Isn’t it?

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    Hameed Abdul Karim:

    Read your quran and see how the violence is promoted in it. You know wahabis are interpreting quran in their own way.

    Wahabis, in the name of Allah kill every where in the world.

    When did these so-called Sinhala – wahabis of yours kill any one ?

    You people are expanding in Sri Lanka and Asia. Buddhists have no right to object to that ?

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      Jim softy ,

      Islam will spread on earth and you can do nothing on this! as much as you criticize and protest against Islam it will spread more and more………..Because of you idiots, Buddhism will be vanished out from earth one day. The same thing happening for the Christianity because of idiots like you. Many Priests have been converted to islam and as well as who created anti islamic organizations them self many are converted to Islam. You can see in Europe and USA what is happening. BBS is also one of the creation of Idiots in Europe. If you want to protect Buddhism you tried to be a Buddhist………………when you criticize other religion it is very clear that you have a doubt in your faith. It is a normal philosophy in the world.
      If you want to protect Buddhism be a Buddhist and practice your faith………………………This is what Lord Buddha has preached……….

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        first we, We don’t have a Faith.

        It is Islam, that you have to believe and can not criticize and criticism will be punishable by death.

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          Jim softy

          Learn the Lord Buddhas teachings if you are a Buddhist………Don’t talk non-sense. Do you believe Lord Buddhas Philosophy and teachings??????? If you believe practice it.

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    Lots of words have been flung by many to explain and understand the demonising and punishing of minoritiy communities by a segment of the Sinhala Buddhist majority. The soldiers they recruit are those on the fringe of society, those waiting for a chance to loot and plunder. the line cone commanders have now become high proffile and are embedded in the cyberworld for all eternity.

    The anti muslim soldiers inflicting violence are visible, the line commanders have become high profile,
    But who are the Generals? Who are they who wish to benefit?
    They our none other than our leaders who need the votes of the Sinhala buddhist majority to win elections and stay in power.
    So we know that all this rabble rousing anti muslim rhetoric based on large dollops of fiction has nothing to do with muslims being good or bad or buddhists being good or bad.or wahabis or mosques or whatever.
    What we are seing is the use of a time tested political weapon and method to win votes.
    Mr. siddiq karim, I have the highest regard for you and your intention to defuse the intercommunal tensions currently prevailing in the country. Your erudite and well crafted articles have impressed many of us. Yet such erudite articles serve only to divert peoples attention from the reality. The reality is the use of destructive political weapons for the short term benefit of politicians. So Mr.Karim please use your persuasive writing skills to talk about the real reason for fomenting racial disharmony. Finally, about Dr.Imthiyaz’s comment, he should not have said that muslims are less than perfectly peaceful, he may have intended to say that ” of late the muslims have become more visible on the street via the hijab, abaya, beards, long shirts, madrasas and mosques etc. such increased visibility of a minority may have been seen as a threat by some racist bigots , eventually to become malevolent vote catching weapon for bankrupt politicians.

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    Dear Jim Softy,

    Usually I don’t reply to mischievous comments, but this time I am making an exception. You know jolly well you are quoting the Qur’an out of it’s historic context. I have read the works of many missionaries, and mind you they are no friends of Islam, but none of them not even George Sale (who translated the Qur’an into English according to his wish and will) ever said anything as ridiculous as you say and imply.

    I shall say no more, since it will be like pouring water on a ducks back. Enjoy your delusions!


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      Instead criticizing me, tell me, have I written any lies ?, or those things are not in the quran ?

      Who translated the quran and what he did not do are irrelevant here.

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    Mr Hammed:

    what is the importance of a religion which brings disharmony to the world ?

    If the Almighty is there, don’t you understand he created believers, non-believers as well as the pig.

    My understanding is banning of Pig is not related to the god. It is simply to stop the infection of the parasitic disease that existed during the Mohammad’s time.

    IF God gave the message, why they took 23 years to write quran ?

    I am not making any offensive comments. I am asking for the truth.

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      Please stop commenting to this bastard Jim Softy. He is repeating the same thing everyday. Whatever the question he raised all have been answered to him also it can be accessible and get the answer from web.
      He is basically BBS agent who work for money. So, please don’t waste your time on commenting this guy.

      We don’t want to criticize lord Buddha…..because we respect him and all the religion on earth. Jim Softy you are doing great mistake in your life……………………………….one day you will realize it.

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    “We don’t want what happened to the Maldives to happen here” writes
    Mr. ADJ Perera, who has made some strong but factual comments in this
    blog in recent times. As a Tamil, who knows the feelings of other Tamils in the area, I agree. Look at the EPC. Although Tamils were always identified as the leading of the three communities there, the EPC today consists of all Muslims with no Tamils. The CM is now a Muslim. Many Electorates in the Eastern Province, that
    always had Tamil MPs, are not only replaced by Muslims but Tamil residents of the area, living there for generations, have been chased out. That is the Tamil plight in the EP beaten to surrender to an unnatural population explosion and an international Muslim conspiracy whose true face has not been revealed yet. Readers here and elsewhere point out conspiracies to set India against Sri Lanka on religious war has been planned in the EP by enemies of India long ago.
    Local Muslim political leaders have been used – on massive US$ bribes
    paid in London and Singapore Real Estate – to get the programme going. It is time Sri Lankan officials seriously look into the matter, in cooperation with Indian intelligence officials, before matters assume global proportions and take this island into another armed conflict.


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    i am of the view, as Sri Lankens there is a strong lobby wanting SL to be
    destroyed by civil war.They have employed muslims/Buddhist such as BBS and even tamils to create problems when there is none. The pretext is being created by these so called paid experts bearing titles Dr,Professor etc..We as Sri Lankens must ignore all this and live as we have lived with each other in bad times as well as good times.When the tsunami happened we got together, When we won the cricket world cup 96 we got together.Sri Lanka had too many lost opportunities this time if a civil war starts another generation will be lost.
    Do not trust experts who are paid lobbyist to destroy the country, as there agenda is to serve there master.
    BBS-Funded by Norway,LTTE
    Imthiyaz-Funded by Tempelton university-LTTE Strong hold

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