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Petty Sirisena Exhibits Stupidity – Says Certain Officials Cut Off From Security Council As They Were ‘Poking Their Phones’

Petty Sirisena is ever ready to dish out excuses and cover his back. In his latest series of absurd claims, he has exclaimed that certain government leaders and officers were excluded from National Security Council meetings as they were ‘poking their phones too much’.

He had made this absurd claim during a speech delivered in an event in Panduwasnuwara yesterday, making a pathetic attempt at ridding himself off the blame of not inviting vital top security personnel as well as the country’s Prime Minister and State Minister for Defense, to the NSC meetings to satisfy his vengeful agendas post October 2018 coup.

“Some of these officers have no clue about the meeting even though they attend it. All they do is poke at the two/ three mobile phones they keep by their side…This happens even during Cabinet meetings; they have no clue about what has been discussed because they have been too busy poking their phones. That is why I banned bringing mobile phones into Cabinet meetings for the past year,” he told the crowd at the event.

He had noted blame is being shifted in his way for excluding certain officers from the NSC as well and had added that it was the same reason that got the officials ‘kicked out of the meetings’.

“They had no sense about what decisions were being made regarding the national security of the country because they were too busy being on their phones,” Sirisena adds.

However, if the testimonies made before the Parliamentary Select Committee is anything to go by, it is pretty clear that Sirisena was the biggest clueless individual on national security out of all in the NSC.

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