17 April, 2024


Pilliayan Arrested For Pararajasingham Murder

The former Chief Minister of Eastern Province Sivanesathurai Chandrakanthan alias Pillayan was arrested by the CID a short while ago over the killing of former parliamentarian Joseph Pararajasingham.



The CID earlier questioned Pillayan, a prominent former leader of the now defunct LTTE, over former parliamentarian Joseph Pararajasingham’s murder.

Police sources said that a group of CID officers went to Pillayan’s residence yesterday to question him. However he had evaded the CID team.

The CID team had told Pilleyan’s family members to inform the former chief minister to be present at the CID office in Colombo at 5 pm today. Pillayan had arrived at the CID office around 5.15 pm accompanied by another person.

Joseph Pararajasingham was shot dead by a group of unidentified gunmen. Eight others who were attending the mass were also injured in the shooting.

The CID, on Thursday, arrested two former TMVP members in connection with the murder of Pararajasingham who was gunned down on the night of 25 December 2005, during Christmas Mass held at the St. Maria’s Church in Batticaloa.

The Colombo Magistrates court authorized the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) to detain the two suspects for a period of 90 days for lengthy questioning the two susp[ects arrested in connection with the murder.

The two were arrested 10 years after the incident.

The two suspects are, Edwin Silva Krishna Kandaraja alias Pradeep Master, a resident of Batticaloa and Rengasami Kanayagama alias Caajan Mama.

The CID informed the Court that during investigations it was revealed that two of the suspects involved in this crime are currently abroad. The CID will obtain the assistance of INTERPOL to take these two into custody.

The CID also informed the Court that a six spent 9 mm cartridges were found at the scene of the crime and said, three firearms had been used. The CID is carrying out further investigations in order to take into custody these firearms and a van which was used in the attack.

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  • 2

    Nirmala N.

    I am aware that you have experience on such matters.
    It was rumoured that Karuna and Pillaiyan left the LTTE after the Body Massages arranged for them at Thailand.It must have been awesome,quite unlike the Batticaloa massages!

    Your line…..
    Oh no.He will be held in the five star room in the Prison.
    Perhaps,with this Massage he will want to join the LTTE RUMP?

  • 2

    Whatever his past deeds are, he and buddies helped us in whatever way possible to get rid of the LTTE menace. No doubt he acted alone to bump off a figure like Pararajasingham. Everybody who is connected with this murder also should be arrested like the powers who gave him the order and blessings.Then only the real justice is served.
    Otherwise the Tamils wont cooperate with the govt. to get rid of weeds among them.

  • 6

    When former MP Joseph Pararajasingham was killed all fingers pointed towards Karuna as the suspect. Karuna had an axe to grind against Pararajasingham since he was the only MP to defy Karuna and supported the LTTE Vanni leadership. Others like Thayananthamoorthy, Thangeswary were holding rallies along with Karuna in Batticaloa to denounce Prabhakaran, His effigy was drawn through the streets and Thangeswary was seen skippering the portrait of Prabhakaran. After Mr.Pararajasingham’s death Mrs Pararajasingham told me that she suspected Karuna and his acolytes being responsible for the murder of her husband. She was seated just by the side of her spouse at the time of shooting. The church was well guarded by troops, yet the murderers managed to escape. When Mahinda met Sirisena after losing the elections he put forward a few demands like an official residence for him in Colombo, his personal security etc. One of the demand was that Karuna and Pillaiyan should be protected by the state. I don’t know what was the response of Sirisena, but Mahinda asked Sirisena to protect both Karuna and Pillaiyan speaks volumes about Mahinda himself. There is no doubt Mahinda knew the criminal history of Karuna and Pillaiyan. He knew the murders, white van kidnappings, extortions etc carried out by the duo. In that sense Mahinda is an accessory after the fact. Mahindra’s claim he is a democrat sounds hollow. He while serving as president gave blacket immunity to murderers, corrupt politicians, drug traffickers and underworld characters. Now the chickens have back to roost thanks to the regime change on January 8 and defeat of Mahinda Rajapaksa on August 17th elections.

  • 2

    Just as an extension to Thangas list.
    Rajapakse also wanted KP protected as a National Treasure.
    The reason is simple.Karuna and Pillaiyan were the Hit squads used against anyone who is perceived to be a nuisance,whatever community.The irony of it is that they were the Hit Squad in their days with the LTTE; Now they are Govt:Servants! These blokes are Hoodlums par Excellence thrown up by the Tamil Armed struggle.Interestingly,there are no such types thrown up by the JVP INSURRECTION!

    • 0

      Just like times past, thugs end up ruling.

      And yes, no such thing happened with the JVP.

  • 1

    Good, now beat this SOB until he tells everything about the Paksas. Then put a bullet in his head.

  • 0

    Do not even dream about these scums getting thrown inside the jail. They are national heroes and treasures. They will be protected for their help and gratitude and for future use.
    Every one accused of crimes will be saved from ‘harm’. Just wait and watch.

    These arrests, inquiries, media blitz are all fake and just a trick to please the crowd.
    RW,MS are also playing politics and have similar strategies of cheating the masses and the world too. No one is genuine in the miracle of Asia yet.

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