26 May, 2022


Plot To Kill Me And Sampanthan – NP Chief Minister C. V. Wigneswaran

A man from Balapitiya revealing his name and identity has telephoned Northern Province Chief Minister C.V. Wigneswarn and said Rs 25 million payment has been made for the CM’s life and TNA Leader R Sampanthan.

Wigneswaran and SampanthanHe had also emailed the Chief Minister a month ago and called him recently to give details of the conspiracy. A month ago the CM received an email from the same man ( He admitted it was him who sent it) revealing about the conspiracy to kill him and Leader of the Opposition, R. Sampanthan.

The informant said an official from the TID one Mr de Silva has haressed him for giving the tip off to the CM.

He had also told the who are the assigned contract killers and their motivation was to kill them and say that the LTTE is still active and blame them.

The informant has given all personal details about him.

The CM has informed the relevant authorities and informed the President about it too.

He said it was the TNA that called for additional police protection for him and the Opposition leader.

Full text of the Northern Province Chief Minister’s statement:

None should stoop to such low level in politics to transform a serious matter into a political gimmick. Political considerations seem to pervade all our institutions and it is regretted.

A person from Balapitiya sent me an email in Sinhala over a month ago. Around end of September I got a call presumably from the same person confirming he had sent such an email explaining its contents. He said he had come to know of a conspiracy on payment of Rupees Twenty Five million to kill Hon’ Sambandan and me and to put the blame on the LTTE making out they are still in existence actively. He gave details as to how he came to know about it, who were to be contracted to kill and so on. I said I will look into it and sent a complaint to IGP with a copy of the email and also gave HE the President copy of what I sent the IGP. I told them it was my duty to bring such matters to their notice. I did not ask for any additional security.

But the Northern Provincial Council having heard of the threat asked for additional security for their CM. The reply by someone from the Government which spoke of political undertones was directed to the Chairman NPC who made the request for additional security not to me because I never made any request for additional security.

The informer phoned up again a few days ago and said the Director, TID, one Mr. de Silva was harassing him for having given the message to me. He had asked the informant as to why he was helping a Tamil and that he should be ashamed for being a traitor trying to help a Tamil. I brought that matter too to the notice of IGP personally. The complainant’s name, address and phone number have already been given. IGP promised to look into it. I presume he will send me a report soon. ( By Myrna L )

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  • 16

    This country has turned out to be a killing paradise.

    Thanks go to Rajapakshes. Lately, I myself happened to listen to a record issued by NETHFM, they confirmed, that there are contract killers roaming scot free even in today s environment.


    They would do anything kind of kilings, for money.
    Caling themselves buddhists, and they continue doing it.

    Police and all intelligence authorities should be even more sensitive in finding the high criminals and their gangs sooner than laters.

  • 13

    Why the president did not take any action?????

    • 0

      Because HE is clueless about a about every thing ! he cannot comprehend that Rajapase was defeated because of dictatorial attitude.You can see in every speach he says could people have been able say anything against the previous regime. the fool does not understand that the people defeated Rajapase because they did not like what they saw. In the case of Aney Sisisena & Batalanda Ranil they wil be thrown out at the very next election because of incompetance and in RWs case shielding roughs

  • 3

    I take the liberty to copy the response by Dr.Laksri Fernando to the comments of ajith in the comment section of the article ‘Desist from violence & Justification of violence’ by the learned Professor as I felt that the response has a chilling message.
    “Wigneswaran appears an adventurist to say the least. He is obstructing in finding a middle ground. Yes, if he continues his actions, extremist demands and rhetoric, he would probably encourage violence to take place in the North. He would probably become an early victim. Please note that this is my final answer and I don’t think it is too healthy for us to debate and debate”
    When I read this I could only surmise the veiled threat in the message. Otherwise why should the learned Professor claim that it is not too healthy to continue the debate and this was his final answer after hinting that the HON.Chief Minister could become an early victim. Also, note the ‘Yes’ in affirmation at the beginning of the sentence is an eye-opener.

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    “Why the president did not take any action?????”

    In this island the murderers, intelligence operatives, their handlers, armed forces are more powerful than the president.

    The armed forces are another political power which determine the cause of this island.

    • 8

      Native Veda


      “In this island the murderers, intelligence operatives, their handlers, armed forces are more powerful than the president. The armed forces are another political power which determine the cause of this island. “

      That is what called Sinhalese Buddhism ( sorry Buddhists )

  • 6

    Sensation again. An assassin confessing before the event…. what poppycock. Come on Viggie, you should do better than that. An ex-judge seeking sympathy, please don’t come down to that level like Mrs B, the first symathy vote seeking politician according to my recollection!

  • 3


    Why Balapitiya .. Why not Hambantota..

    Batalanada’s CID would have had a good chance to round up at least Rajapakasas domestics..

    But then Mahinda said Vwellala Wiggs is sort of joking ,, Or Playing politicks.

    Plus Wiggy has helped the JO beat Batalanada and Bodhisira both in even Cooperative Elections..

    So who could it be?.

    • 4

      KASmaalam KA Sumanasekera

      “So who could it be?.”

      Definitely not you.

      Whoever wanted to bump him off, they needed a hitman, not a b***s carrier.


  • 3


    Who cares anyway???

    What could we call them?? Dried out pumpkins???

  • 1

    Who is this lunatic, who wants to kill two people who are enemies and
    at each other’s throat over the leadership race. Come on Wiggy, you
    are an ex supreme court judge and you know what to do. The police will
    find the culprit in no time,once the matter is reported to them and you
    should not demean yourself to this level of panicking for nothing concrete.

    • 4

      police will find the culprit in no time?

      no time as in never?

  • 1

    [Edited out]

  • 0

    This plot obviously one arranged by the RRR to blame the present govt! They are having a “fall guy” similar to the Lasantha case.

  • 1

    In any other country the Police would have arrested the person who alerted the Chief Minister that there is a plan to kill him and R.Sampanthan. This is not a joke and Police should act fast before the plan is executed.

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    Sam Fenando…dont get Buddhism in to every rubbish you want to express. Religions have noting to do with bad people in a society… I believe you’re not an atheist anyway ?

    • 3

      Thumpane Gamayo,

      if I may say so – what Rajakashes have been doing is not withoutt buddhism right ?

      Please check yourself all the achives of various news articles/videos, where they have been addding their thoughts are either being in a temple, or any other buddhist regliious place. Why ? Can you please elaberate on this without being biased ?

      I am also a born buddhist, but I would not call it as sinhala buddhist since the banner has damaged us all over teh decades. Hidden in sinhala buddhism, they have only damaged this nation and country for their selfish politics.

      I challenge you not even 30% of the Sangaya disguished are real monks. They are just hypocrites to abuse it. Some like BBS lead man are even beyond all ethics and morals.

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