27 May, 2022


Pope Denounces Religious Extremism In Sri Lanka

Pope Francis during a meeting with Sri Lanka Bishops noted the “rise of religious extremists who, in promoting a false sense of national unity based on a single religious identity, have created tensions through various acts of intimidation and violence,” in Sri Lanka.

Pope Francis

Pope Francis

During the meeting held last night the Pope called on the Bishops to remain steadfast in seeking partners in peace.

“remain steadfast in seeking partners in peace and interlocutors in dialogue.” The pope told the Bishops while commenting on religious extremism ” by certain groups”.

Highlighting the importance of Church’s contribution of charitable work to redevelopment, the Pope told the bishops their work must include all in the society and the “poor must not be forgotten nor inequality permitted to grow.”

Read the full text below for Pope Francis’ discourse:

Dear Brother Bishops,

It is a great joy for me to welcome you here on your visit ad Limina Apostolorum, which serves to renew your communion with the Successor of Peter and provides an opportunity to reflect on the life of the Church in Sri Lanka. I thank Cardinal Ranjith for his warm words of greeting from you and from all the faithful of your local Churches. I ask you to convey my greeting and love to them, and to express my solidarity and care. I recall with affection my recent meeting in Saint Peter’s Basilica with members of the Sri Lankan community during the pilgrimage to Rome to mark the seventy-fifth anniversary of the consecration of your country to the Blessed Mother. It is my hope for you, dear Brothers, that these days of reflection and prayer may confirm you in the faith and in knowledge of the many gifts that you, the priests, consecrated men and women, and lay faithful have received in Christ.

I wish now to share some reflections with you on this treasure, which is at the heart of our life in the Church and our mission to society, the beauty and richness of which we saw so clearly in the Year of Faith. Our faith and the gifts we have received cannot be stored away, but are meant to be freely shared and to find expression in our daily lives. For our vocation is to be a “leaven in the midst of humanity … proclaiming and bringing God’s salvation into our world, which often goes astray and needs to be encouraged, given hope, and strengthened on the way” (Evangelii Gaudium, 114). Sri Lanka particularly needs this leaven. After many years of fighting and bloodshed, the war in your country has finally ended. Indeed, a new dawn of hope has arisen as people now look to rebuild their lives and their communities. In response to this, through your recent Pastoral Letter Towards Reconciliation and Rebuilding of our Nation, you sought to reach out to all Sri Lankans with a prophetic message inspired by the Gospel that seeks to accompany them in their trials. Though the war has ended, you rightly note that much work needs to be done to promote reconciliation, to respect the human rights of all the people and to overcome the ethnic tensions that remain. I would like to join you in offering a particular word of consolation to all those who lost loved ones during the war and remain uncertain as to their fate. Mindful of Saint Paul’s appeal to bear one another’s burdens (cf. Gal 6:2), may your communities, steadfast in the faith, remain close to those who still mourn and suffer the lasting effects of war.

As you have expressed, the Catholics of Sri Lanka wish to contribute, together with the various elements of society, to the work of reconciliation and rebuilding. One such contribution is the promotion of unity. Indeed, as the country seeks to come together and heal, the Church is uniquely positioned to provide a living image of unity in the faith as she is blessed to count both Sinhalese and Tamil among her number. In parishes and schools, in social programmes and other institutions of the Church, Sinhalese and Tamil find opportunities to live, study, work and worship together. Through these same entities, especially through parishes and missions, you also know intimately the concerns and fears of the people, particularly how they can be marginalized and distrust one another. The faithful, knowledgeable of the issues that cause tensions between the Sinhalese and Tamil, can provide an atmosphere of dialogue that seeks to construct a more just and equitable society.

Another important contribution of the Church to redevelopment is her charitable work, which shows forth the merciful face of Christ. Caritas Sri Lanka is to be commended for its outreach following the 2004 tsunami and for its efforts on behalf of post-war reconciliation and rebuilding, especially in the most affected regions. The Church in Sri Lanka also gives generous service in the areas of education, healthcare and outreach to the poor. While the country has enjoyed increased economic development, this prophetic witness of service and compassion becomes even more important: it shows that the poor must not be forgotten nor inequality permitted to grow. Rather, your ministry and outreach must work for the inclusion of all in society, because “until exclusion and inequality in society and between peoples is reversed, it will be impossible to eliminate violence” (Evangelii Gaudium, 59).

Sri Lanka is a country not only of rich ethnic diversity, but also of various religious traditions; this highlights the importance of interreligious and ecumenical dialogue for fostering mutual knowledge and enrichment. Your efforts in this regard are commendable and bearing fruit. They allow the Church to collaborate more easily with others in securing a lasting peace, and ensure the Church’s freedom in pursuing her proper ends, especially in educating young people in the faith and in witnessing freely to Christian life. Sri Lanka has also seen, however, the rise of religious extremists who, in promoting a false sense of national unity based on a single religious identity, have created tensions through various acts of intimidation and violence. Though these tensions may threaten interreligious and ecumenical relations, the Church in Sri Lanka must remain steadfast in seeking partners in peace and interlocutors in dialogue. Acts of intimidation also affect the Catholic community, and so it is ever more necessary to confirm the people in their faith. The Church’s initiatives in developing small communities centred on the Word of God and in fostering popular piety are exemplary ways of assuring the faithful of the closeness of Christ and his Church to them.

In the important task of transmitting the faith and of promoting reconciliation and dialogue, you are aided in the first place by your priests. I join you in thanking God for the many priestly vocations he has raised up among the faithful of Sri Lanka. Indeed, the many local priests who serve the People of God are a great blessing and a direct fruit of the missionary seeds planted long ago. So that your priests may give worthy service and be true shepherds, I urge you to be attentive to their human, intellectual, spiritual and pastoral formation, not only in their years of seminary training, but also throughout their lives of generous service. Be true fathers to them, attentive to their needs and present in their lives, recognizing that they often minister in difficult situations and with limited resources. With you, I thank them for their fidelity and witness, as I call them to ever greater holiness through prayer and daily conversion.

I also join you in giving thanks to Almighty God for the ministry and witness of the consecrated men and women and all the laity who support and serve the apostolates of the Church and who faithfully live out their Christian lives. Together with the clergy, and in communion with you as the Pastors of the local Churches, they show forth the sanctifying power of the Holy Spirit, who transforms the Church and makes us all a leaven to the world. Their vocation is crucial to the spread of the Gospel and is increasingly important, especially in the vast rural communities and in the field of education, where trained catechists are often lacking. Since the ministry of the Bishop is never carried out in isolation, but always in concert with all the baptized, I encourage you continue to assist the faithful in recognizing their gifts and in placing them at the service of the Church.

Lastly, I appreciate your efforts to minister to the family, that “fundamental cell of society where we learn to live with others despite our differences and to belong to one another, …where parents pass on the faith to their children” (Evangelii Gaudium, 66). The forthcoming Ordinary Assembly of the Synod of Bishops will discuss the family and seek ever new and creative ways in which the Church can support these domestic churches. In Sri Lanka, the war has left many families displaced and grieving the death of those closest to them. Many have lost their employment and so families have been separated as spouses leave their homes to find work. There is also the great challenge and increasing reality of mixed marriages, which require greater attention to preparation and assistance to couples in providing for the faith formation of their children. When we are attentive to our families and their needs, when we understand their difficulties and hopes, we strengthen the Church’s witness and proclamation of the Gospel. Particularly by supporting marital love and fidelity, we help the faithful to live their vocation freely and joyfully, and we open new generations to the life of Christ and his Church. Your efforts in support of the family assist not only the Church, but aid Sri Lankan society as a whole, especially in its efforts for reconciliation and unity. I urge you, therefore, to be ever vigilant and to work with governmental authorities and other religious leaders to ensure that the dignity and primacy of the family is upheld.

With these sentiments, my dear Brothers, I entrust you to the intercession of Our Lady of Lanka, as I willingly extend my Apostolic Blessing to you and to all the beloved priests, consecrated men and women, and lay people of Sri Lanka.

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  • 10

    Dear Holy Father, Representative of Christ on Earth,

    “Pope Francis during a meeting with Sri Lanka Bishops noted the “rise of religious extremists who, in promoting a false sense of national unity based on a single religious identity, have created tensions through various acts of intimidation and violence,” in Sri Lanka.”

    Thank you for speaking up. This is a big problem in the land of the Native Veddah, by the Paras.

    What we have in Sri Lanka is called monk Mahanama Sinhala “Buddhism”. It is not Buddhism as such, It is called Para-Sinhala Racism, as promulgated by the imaginations of a Para-Monk Mahanama in the 5th Century. A.D. in a book called Mahawnasa. It has a lot of lies and imaginations and written in Pali, a dead language. The scholars called it a tissue of imaginations.

    Let us call All Sinhala Monk Mahanamaa “Buddhists” Heretics as per the Inquisition, convert to Roman Catholicism or just burn them at the stake.

    In fact, a few months back a saffron robed ‘monk: burned himself to death, but still many remain and they need your help and guidance.

    Can you talk to to the Spanish? They are good in this business.

    • 2

      It is very easy to bag Christianity same old stories inquisition sex abuse, corruption, intolerance, murder, dictator ship, living the high life while the poor get poorer, Gambling, indulging in hedonistic pleasure’s, money laundering.I looked for a modern day comparison then I came came across gem of a example a country diametrically opposite to Vatican clean purified lead by a world’s most compassionate riches’ Buddhist leader and his band of siblings yes you guess it Amarasiri miracle country Wonder of Asia ruled by majority Buddhists according to Buddha’s teachings a superior breed of Buddhist Sinhalese almost supper humans to all other breeds in the planet likes of Amarasiri shining example. A country Haven on earth for every Christens Paradise for every Muslim a sanctuary for every Buddhist who can obtain enlightenment by walking pass a Bodhi Tree without an exception Pope Francis should visit today not tomorrow or next week to beg for forgiveness from the Riches Buddhist people of this country behalf of corrupt Christens, do well to get life skills teaching how to be a modern compassionate Leader form Venerable Gnanasara Thero from BBS in tolerance, compassion peace & love & important lesson on how to abstain from consuming Alcohol which we all know weak point of Christens un like Lankan Buddhist Amarasiri & Ganasara Thero who are devout Teetotallers.

      • 2


        1. ” Religion is the Opium of the masses. Sinhala Buddhism is no exception and follows Christianity, Judaism, Wahhabi, and Hinduism.

        “‘Religion is an insult to human dignity. With or without it you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion.”

        2.Steven Weinberg


        His views on religion were expressed in a speech from 1999 in Washington, D.C.; see also Quotations related to Steven Weinberg at Wikiquote:

        “‘Religion is an insult to human dignity. With or without it you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion.”[14]
        He modified his comment in a later article derived from these talks:

        “Frederick Douglass told in his Narrative how his condition as a slave became worse when his master underwent a religious conversion that allowed him to justify slavery as the punishment of the children of Ham. Mark Twain described his mother as a genuinely good person, whose soft heart pitied even Satan, but who had no doubt about the legitimacy of slavery, because in years of living in antebellum Missouri she had never heard any sermon opposing slavery, but only countless sermons preaching that slavery was God’s will. With or without religion, good people can behave well and bad people can do evil; but for good people to do evil — that takes religion.”[14]
        He has also said:

        “The more the universe seems comprehensible, the more it (also) seems pointless.”[15][16]
        He attended and was a speaker at the Beyond Belief symposium in November 2006.

        • 8

          Yo Amarasiri or whoever,

          The world cannot function without a RELIGION.
          If the mainstream religions is what you call the OPIUM, then CAPITALISM,FREEMARKETISM, GLOBALISM, ATHISM, COMMUNISM, INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION, SOICIALISM & all sorts of “ISM”s where people flock, become a part of it and defends with blood and sweat are RELIGIONS by definition.

          If you think you’re smarter just because some bloody stupid ass-ole said so “RELIGION IS OPIUM” and you’re subscribe to it.

          FREEMASONRY is the biggest OPIUM GROUP that brought disasters to the humanity. Until then the world was almost peaceful.

          The western world began their expedition (ANOTHER OPIUM RELIGION) to the undiscovered lands by invasion and hoarding of wealth inventing weapons of mass destruction and still continuing in the world with bigger WARS are all religions.


          The only ones without a religion are those in the animal and plant kingdoms.

          The present world is in a BIG SPELL by the SATANIC FORCES that has mastered the Art of Mind Control. These are the forces that is preventing the justice to work. Mahinda is trying to get himself covered by this group for protection.


          But, the evil forces work in a different plain and already US has targeted MR’s regime. Wait until the results of Indian election…everybody could see a full turnaround of events…unpredictable turns of events.

          Until then, have a ganja shot that you usually take and go to sleep you smutt (Amarasiri)

          • 3

            >> “The only ones without a religion are those in the animal and plant kingdoms.”
            You must be insane or blind to say the above.. Most of Children and younger people I see around me have no religion or specific faith. But they have strong moral and ethical values.. Have you ever heard about Secular Humanism? (human capacity for self-realization through reason)

            • 2

              Yo AVB (Anti-Velocity Balls),

              OK! let’s assume that I am insane or blind as you say above. You’ve said
              “Most of Children and younger people I see around me have no religion or specific faith. But they have strong moral and ethical values.. Have you ever heard about Secular Humanism? (human capacity for self-realization through reason)”

              What do you mean by reason? Reasoning itself is a religious phenomena. Every created thing has a reason. The Sun has a reason to burn energy and light up part of a universe. It was the reason by which other lively beings (animate & inanimate functions)….

              Hitler was a child before he became a misguided adult. So, according to you he belonged to “Secular Humanism”???? What do you mean by secularism???? That’s another religion presented with pseudo scientific explanations. Like what CHARLES DARWIN espoused.

              Let’s discus this further….(an extract)

              How Did Inanimate Molecules Come To Life?
              The theory of evolution has collapsed in the first place, in the face of the question, “How did life begin?” Evolutionists, who tell pages of stories and create countless speculations about fossils and origins of species, cannot produce an imaginary scenarios to answer the question “How did life begin?” and fall into a deep silence: This is because it is not possible to explain how even a single protein molecule came into existence by itself through blind coincidences. There is no answer to explain how inanimate molecules came to life and turned into living organisms.

              You want more details…..check here:

              • 1

                Interesting… You were trying to prove hard that you are not insane or blind. Sorry if I heart you. Again you said according to your understanding and your perceptions (your “NAMA PARWATHA”), Secular Humanism is a religion.. So my children and I are religious people in your universe and not animals anymore . Thanks you for the promotion :-(..
                By the way, when somebody read definitions or meaning of words in Google and repeating it doesn’t mean that person learn something new.. What usually happens is they reiterate their own perceptions (Nama Parwatha), and that doesn’t mean they learn anything new… Example – “Hitler was a child before he became a misguided adult”… In my universe, above sentence doesn’t make any sense…. When a child is born, 25% of his brain neurons and synapses are already built, rest of of 75% neurons and synaptic pathways are completed by the age of 5, but still a child. This means our egos, our base perceptions (basic Nama Parwatha) are built by age 5. In our life, every information we get though our senses are filtered through those almost hard-coded synaptic pathways in brain, —-egos, personality…Mamathwaya, Ahankaram… If my understanding has any truth, could all Hitler’s misguidance happened as an adult?
                I guess universe you live in is fairly different to mine, so I won’t expect you to understand or find anything interesting what I say here. Anyway, it is good to express our thoughts…

            • 1

              Yo AVB (Anti Velocity Balls)

              Just for the sake of argument let’s take the following explanation to consideration with regards to “WHAT IS RELIGION?”…

              You may find following when you google search:

              the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or gods.

              “ideas about the relationship between science and religion”
              synonyms:faith, belief, worship, creed; More
              a particular system of faith and worship.

              plural noun: religions
              “the world’s great religions”
              a pursuit or interest to which someone ascribes supreme importance.

              “consumerism is the new religion”—-NOTE THIS POINT….
              SECULARISM itself is a RELIGION.

              • 0

                To many relay on Google to shape their lives because one can be a instant expert in their insecure life on any thing just click on the Google one can have the answer of their liking. Problem is every serial killer & murderer VP, Col Karuna, Bundy, Dahmer, Amin, Starling. Pol Pot, Ripper Sutcliff to mention few became immoral adults. So dose it matter some one use the teaching of a religion to better their life. Even the huge majority don’t abide by the doctoring of the religion they believe better to have a even a minority who do try and live according to teachings.

      • 2


        Here is a cure for your ailment, The Lord’s Prayer

        The prayer as it occurs in Matthew 6:9–13

        Our Father in heaven,
        hallowed be your name.
        Your kingdom come,
        your will be done,
        on earth, as it is in heaven.
        Give us this day our daily bread,
        and forgive us our debts,
        as we also have forgiven our debtors.
        And lead us not into temptation,
        but deliver us from evil.

        • 0

          Lords prayer was resisted by Jesus.It didn’t occur in Matthew as you put he recorded it. Its time you start some Panadole’s for your ignorance.

    • 2

      amASSiriri, whenever altar boy the amASSiriri sees the words pope, cardinal, bishop, church…he gets very excited. we all know the reason why you get excited.[Edited out] pope has nothing to do here in SL, except something with amASSiri

      • 2

        Para-ela kolla and Avatars,

        “whenever altar boy the amASSiriri sees ….”

        How did the so-called Jihadi Amarasiri become an Alter boy? Just curious. He wasn’t a Samanera either. Is this Para-ela-kolla-Monk -Mahanama Magic. After all, he made Buddha Fly to Mount “Adams Peak”, using the Dandu Monera Yanthraya, Giant Flying Machine.

        “Religion is the Opium of the Masses”- Karl Marx, hoe true for Lanka, with the Paras.

        Amarasiri is still an egalitarian Agnostic.

        • 3

          amASSirir, as usual coming up with some rubbish to waste the space…you 3rd grade ignorant fool…

          • 3

            ela kolla and avatars,

            Did you return to Habaraduwa?

            A Monk in Habaraduwa gives proper education.


            • 0

              amASSiri the altar boy, don’t worry, you’ll get your time with pope when comes next year…till then keep dreaming about all the fantacies you have enjoyed during your altar days

  • 3

    ‘promoting a false sense of national unity based on a single religious identity’

    He should know, it’s just like the Vatican and the RC Church.

  • 4

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  • 5

    I hope the Pope warns Cardinal Ranjith to back-off from his close relationship with Mahinda Rajapakse.

  • 7

    Srilanka is the only country in the world, where the President and the first lady belong to two different religions.

    Can you imagine the British, US or even EU Presidential or PM candidate going for election with a Buddhist or a Muslim spouse?.

    His Holiness should receive briefings from more independent advisers than Bishop Raiappu and his followers…

    • 2

      Rayappu Yousuf and his brother in Jaffna are Tamils first, maybe Christian 2nd, and I wonder whether they consider themselves to be Sri Lankan at all.

      • 5


        “I wonder whether they consider themselves to be Sri Lankan at all”.

        I hope not. Sri Lankan ghetto is exclusively for Sinhala/Buddhists.

    • 7

      They are not of two religions, they don’t have a religion period. One was born into a religion but gave that-up for power and prestige and the other is using religion to take idiots on a ride.

      • 5

        I second that :) You just beat me there.

    • 5

      K.A Sumanasekera et Avatars,

      “Srilanka is the only country in the world, where the President and the first lady belong to two different religions.”

      Sri Lanka is the only country in the world, where the Politicians Change their Religion to get elected, where the Monks invent New Religions different from the original one, and where the monks kill the elected Prime Ministers.

      • 1

        Amarasiri is a Marxist – Tamil writing the same crap over and over again.

        So, what should be expected from him.

        • 2

          JimSofty and Avtar say “Amarasiri is a Marxist – Tamil”

          Ela Kolla and Avtars Say .& Comments..: “How did the so-called Jihadi Amarasiri become an Alter boy? Just curious. He wasn’t a Samanera either. Is this Para-ela-kolla-Monk -Mahanama Magic. After all, he made Buddha Fly to Mount “Adams Peak”, using the Dandu Monera Yanthraya, Giant Flying Machine.”

          Amarasiri says, all these are Paras.

          Want’s to know when they will return to Mother South India.

          • 1

            amASSiri the altar boy, you can go to hell

            • 1

              Para-ela Kolla,amf Avatars

              “amASSiri the altar boy, you can go to hell”

              Amarsori is no alter boy. Therefore do not know Hell, Heaven, Purgatory, Limbo Rebirth, Nrvana or Nibbana.

              Therefore, can you tell to get to Hell?. Apaya? Will the following methods work?

              1. Becoming a boy and being allowed to be abused buy Monks?

              2. Becoming a Samanera and being allowed to be abused buy Monks and returning the favor to new Samanersa when grow up to be Senior monk.

              3. Becoming an Alter boy, your desire, and being allowed to be abused buy Priests and returning the favor to new Samanersa when grow up to be Senior monk.

              4. Rape Women.

              5. Rape Foreign Women, and kill their boyfriends.

              6. Deport those who have Buddha Images on their Bodies.

              7. Do Sunday night Sill an do Monday Night kill.

              8. Add your methods to the list….There must be other ways.

              Will prating to a Statue, Building, a Tree or a dead person get you there?

              • 0

                amASSiri, you are a copy-paste zero

        • 3

          Jim Softy and Avtars,

          So, you are K.A Sumanasekera.

          Good to identify the Avtars.

    • 5

      ‘President and the first lady belong to two different religions’

      Gon Sumano, This megalomaniac couple belong to no religion. Their only religion is to live a lavish on looted money.

      Preme and Hema were thousand times better than this ugly couple.

      • 0

        Tsunami Hora

        Salli Deviyange Malli

        Money is Gods younger brother!.

    • 1

      “Sri Lanka is the only country in the world where the president and the First Lady belong to two different religions”
      Miracle of not Asia but Miracle of the world !

    • 0


      Clearly it was not Bishop Rayappu Joseph who arranged that “blessing” of the Papal Father to Kudu Mervin and his wife. How did kudda bluff the Vatican claiming both were Christian in Rome while conning they are saviours of the Buddhist Religion and the Dhamma at sacred Kelaniya. Are Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith and our Ambassador in Rome part of this hoodwink.


  • 2


    This is VATICAN is

    Vatican Vice: Sex, Drugs and Downloads Taint the Image of the Holy See
    Someone sent condoms filled with cocaine to the Vatican Post Office, but that’s only the latest in a series of revelations about nasty habits and cardinal sins.
    The Vatican Post Office serves two purposes: selling stamps to tourists who want to send letters and postcards from the world’s smallest city state, and accepting packages and mail destined for the 800 people who live within its fortified walls.

    So when a package containing 14 condoms filled with $55,200 worth of liquid cocaine was confiscated in Germany en route to Vatican City, police felt fairly certain it was meant for someone inside the hallowed gates.

    The package originated from an as-yet-unnamed city in South America last January, and addressed to the post office, but not to any individual. So German police along with the Vatican’s gendarmerie set a trap to find out just who might come and claim the mysterious shipment.

    No one showed up. The recipient apparently had been tipped off. The cocaine was sent back to Germany last week, and the investigation has been taken over by Interpol, which is reportedly searching for anyone with links to South America—presumably excluding the Argentinian Pope Francis. Police believe it might have been someone working in the Vatican postal services, since employees might easily intercept a package with no recipient name.

    Whoever the cocaine was destined for, it is certainly not the first report of vices in Vatican City. There have been ample examples lately of Vatican residents treading on the dark side, starting with allegations that a gay priest ring solicited the services of so-called rent boys who cater to clerical desires. Last summer a former priest named Patrizio Poggi, who was convicted of pedophilia, told Italian police that a Carabinieri police officer effectively “pimped” young male prostitutes from gay discos, saunas and a bar called Twink near Rome’s main train station for Vatican City residents. The cop apparently used an emergency vehicle marked “fresh blood transport” as his pimp-wagon to avoid parking fines and get the boys to the Vatican quickly. The National Catholic Register reported that the Vatican denied the allegations and charged the former priest with aggravated slander.

    The cop apparently used an emergency vehicle marked “fresh blood transport” as his pimp-wagon.
    Alcohol is another Vatican vice. In February, the Wine Institute in California announced that the Vatican has the highest per-capita wine consumption anywhere in the world. Each Vatican resident drinks, on average, 74 liters—which is roughly 105 bottles—each year, according to the research. The figure is double what is drunk per capita in Italy or France. The Vatican pointed to the use of wine at mass, and the general demographic—elderly single men—as the reason for the high consumption.

    Vatican residents also seem to have a weakness for online porn. In April of last year, Torrentfreak which specializes in web user statistics, pointed to research that several IP addresses inside the Vatican walls were downloading pirated American movies and hardcore pornography. The list of porn sites Torrentfreak publicized included a high concentration of transsexual flicks. “We spotted some downloads to get pulses racing,” according to the statistician at the Torrentfreak website. “It seems that while Vatican dwellers aren’t all that interested in Hollywood movies, they do enjoy adult related celluloid.”

    To be fair, the same sort of statistics might easily be found in any small town of just 800 people, but because it is the virtuous Vatican, people might be forgiven for expecting more. And the mystery of the cocaine condoms could have more than one explanation. As the joke goes in Rome, based on the Vatican’s ban of birth control, it was just as likely they were smuggling the condoms into Vatican City, not the cocaine.

    • 4

      It looks like you put lot of your time and energy to find issues with Christian practices. Why don’t you put even a small percentage of your energy and brain to find S-Buddhist issues and try to fix them instead of trying to fix others issues….

      • 1

        Sinhala – buddhists have issues with invading middle eastern politico-religions.

        Pope Francis should think more about why his religion became extinct in Europe, now disappearing in North america where Islam and buddhism are the fast growing religions.

        His knows it is part of their battle for Asia, new millennium goal which causes problems to Sinhala – buddhists and to burmese buddhists.


        • 0

          Jim Softy,

          Your comment is partially incorrect.

          First many young natives or Anglo Saxons in Europe or USA simpy do not follow any religion. They have simply become Atheists and this is fast spreading across the globe. But many other communities such as Arabs and Asians in USA or West still follow their own religions.

          Second the Catholic church is been over shadowed by the Christian Evangalists and other Christian churches in USA and in West. This is the current trend. But in USA still Catholics lead.

          Third, in USA and Europe the Buddhist Followers are mostly Mahayana and less of Therawada Buddhism.

          Fourth Yes, Muslim religion now spreads fast in USA and EU mostly among young Blacks and among Immigrants. But there are no barriers or restrictions for it’s followers. There’s freedom to follow any religion in USA or in West.They follow true democracy and freedom of expression.

          Finally I say President Rajapakse could build any number of Buddhist temples, Viharas and Dagobas or Lord Buddha statutes where ever he wants in Sri Lanka and he has all the freedom to do it.

          But he should not allow BBS racists to take law into their own hands and to go on vandalizing other Religions Mosques, churches, businesses and their property.

          This is against Law. Even in Itally which is a strong Catholic country, there are Sri Lankan Buddhist Temples. This is called Democracy and freedom of choice.Everybody has the right to follow any religion he wants and also change if he doesn’t like. No body can stop it.

          Finally I say it is a not Morally and ethically correct to recruit five and Six year old children as Samaneras.
          These children do not know anything about life at this age, and who are pushing them to be future monks and the reason is to be answered.

          This is the age they should be playing with their siblings and with other children and should also get tender care of their parents and is not advisable to be isolated from family and society.

          I think our sociologists should look into this. They could be taught buddhism in Pirivenas, but still could live with their parents and siblings until they grow up and it should be them who should be deciding to commit their future as Monks.

          That’s why I herd many Buddhist Buddhist monks leave their robes ones they grow up, and others could grow up as anti social.

          It is a serious issue in a closed society like Sri Lanka.


      • 1

        Sinhala buddhists are trying to survive from the invasion of Abrahamic religions and culture.

        • 1


          Sri Lanka was under Christian European rule for over 400 years; yet, the Sinhala Buddhists survived along with Hindus and Muslims. You are now in charge then what is the problem? Why don’t you be honest and say that you want to create an exclusive Sinhala Buddhist state and completely subjugate the minorities?

          I always said on these forums that LTTE and VP through their extreme nationalism inadvertently delayed the project of the Sinhala Buddhist chauvinists! Now, they have no obstacle apart from the Tamil Diasporas and some NGOs.

  • 2

    Shall we proscribe him and list his name under Interpol Red Notice?

  • 1

    Looks like the less problematic religion is Hinduism. No celibacy, no restrictions, no conversions, just an easy and accommodating religion we can find today. Non violent, non jihadi, less criminal, absolutely tolerant and very practical. Hinduism doesn’t restrict the people. For example it tells people to avoid killing or eating animal flesh, but it doesn’t force anyone to do that or this. It teaches about the simple life, support non violence, accepts all religions as equal and show the man kind a peaceful way of living and existence. But it does have some flaws too since nothing is perfect in this world. Religious extremism is very minor in Hinduism compared to other religions. That may be one main reason why Hinduism is still lasting and no one had to take care of or safeguard it. It’s continuing to be a sane religion on it’s own merits. This is just a humble opinion and not an attempt to portray otherwise.

  • 0



    Death Stalks Muslims as Myanmar Cuts Off Aid
    New York Times – 2 days agoMyanmar’s Buddhist-led government has targeted the Rohingya people, … his recent Asian tour, saying: “Myanmar won’t succeed if the Muslim …UN envoy: Myanmar must give status to Muslims

  • 0

    Are our Petrol dollars Mulsim Brothers afraid thier Oil will run dry if they reach out the world’s worst persecuted People for now nearly 40 years none stop.?


    You ca solve this problem in 24 hours if you reall wish to,,or are you testing God?
    Press TV Death Stalks Muslims as Myanmar Cuts Off Aid
    New York Times – 2 days agoMyanmar’s Buddhist-led government has targeted the Rohingya people, depriving them of liberties even as it trumpets democratic reforms.

    News for myanmar muslims
    Press TV Death Stalks Muslims as Myanmar Cuts Off Aid
    New York Times – 2 days agoMyanmar’s Buddhist-led government has targeted the Rohingya people, depriving them of liberties even as it trumpets democratic reforms.Myanmar Muslims face health crisis: Rights groups
    Press TV – 2 days agoUN envoy: Myanmar must give status to Muslims
    Aljazeera.com – 3 days ago

  • 0

    Dear Petrol dollars Muslim brothers reach out ,before God almighty ,before The Anger of The Lord is seen ..

    A Living Shame our Petrol dollar brothers

    Do you not feel anm obligation as a Able wealthly Muslim, who waste millions daily on entertainment ,or is it that you dare to challenge The Lord by showing ungratefulness and arrogance for all the blessing he has bestoved uon you and rather spend it in vain curropt entertainment and to pease the enmies of God almightyly ,his messnger and The Brothers and sister in need and persectuted ,just as to be able to boost your ego?

    Are you feeling secured ? do you feel nothing can touch you? do you think what happened in other Muslim countries can not happen to you? or is it that God has made you different with two hearts?


    BBC News – In pictures: Desperate plight of Muslims in Myanmar camp
    4 days ago … Images from camps for Burmese Muslims or Rohingya.

  • 3

    SL denounces sexual abuse of Catholic children by the church.

    How can pope point finger at SL when his church is full of pedophiles?

    Do these things happen in mosques? NO.

    Only in churches and temples.

  • 0

    [Edited out]

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    Pope Francis,

    Good thoughts. Thank you. Our priests are divided on ethnic lines even Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith is sometimes very racist that many Tamil Roman Catholics were planning to leave Roman Catholicism if he got elected Pope as was rumored.

    So how will the priests bring unity within their own parishes or how will the treatment of clergy be fair internally with such divisions and the present pattern of marginalization and distrust? Even caste is an issue within the religious.

    Pope Francis, please enable every priest, especially those with ecclesiastical authority to truthfully practice what you have requested of them. If the Church is strong the persecutions from outside is bearable for the Christians. We boast of 600 martyrs during St.Francis Xavior’s time and the persecutions did not deter us. This is not to say that there are no living saints in Sri Lanka within the Church or martyrs. But you have not empowered them as much and they do not politically maneuver.

    May Our Lord make every Christian priest and religious an instrument of his peace in Sri Lanka; and may the Lord grant them his peace. Please help us.

  • 2

    @Fukashima , you are such a sadsack hiding behind a Muslim name ,are you so ashamed to let the world know you are a Sinhalese Budhist ?

  • 1

    In Europe, Devotees are leaving the Church because of SEX scandals. Those Bishops move to developing countries in order to continue with the conversion.


    Mathew Schmalz, theologian and professor at the Massachusetts-based College of the Holy Cross, who now lives in Sri Lanka, said without its resources, the church could not support projects in developing countries.

    And in Germany, that is the crux of the problem, analysts say. It is important to show congregations that clergy are not the arrogant, aloof spiritual advisers that many German Catholics believe they have become.

    For example, after the spending on the renovations came to light, petitions for Tebartz-van Elst to step down circulated. But the bishop remained silent.

    And even though he flew to Rome for an audience with the pope on a budget flight rather than the first-class fare, many say such a gesture was too little too late.

    Now the question remains to what extent the traditional German church can keep step with Pope Francis’ reforms and whether their efforts could put a stop to their bleeding membership rolls, predicted to reduce Christians to a minority within Germany in the next 20 years.

    In 2010, 181,000 left the church after the sexual abuse scandals involving German priests were made public. Another 126,000 in 2011 and 118,000 in 2012 followed suit.

    “I think this conflict surrounding Tebartz-van Elst, who is not willing to resign, will be one of the defining moments for the future course of the Catholic church,” Weisner said. “This is a historic moment in time and a unique chance for renewal.”

    [Sumi Somaskanda contributed to this story from Berlin.]

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