17 May, 2022


PRECIFAC Suspends Its Work After MR’s Objection

The hearings of Presidential Commission of Inquiry appointed to probe corruption and abuse of power during the previous regime was suspended until tomorrow following objections raised by former President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s lawyers on the composition of the commission.

Mahinda Rajapaksa

Mahinda Rajapaksa

Rajapaksa after being summoned appeared before the Presidential Commission of Inquiry to Investigate and Inquire into Serious Acts of Fraud, Corruption and Abuse of Power, State Resources and Privileges today to make a statement over the failure to pay monies owed to state owned TV network – the ITN for the advertisements propaganda carried on his behalf at the January 8 Presidential election.

At the outset Rajapaksa’s lawyers objected to composition of the commission questioning the legality of President Maithripala appointing judges of the High Court to the Commission.

Rajapaksa’s lawyers argued that the President had no legal power to appoint High Court judges to the commission and as such the composition of the commission was illegal.

Sittings were then suspended until tomorrow, when the commission said they would announce its decision on the matter.

Meanwhile, Rajapaksa’s media office said that the former President appeared before the Commission in response to a letter sent to him by the commission.

According to statement issued by Rajapaksa’s media the letter mentions five matters which are under investigation by the commission in respect to Rajapaksa.

The first is the appointment of Anura Siriwardene as the Chairman/CEO of ITN at a time when the position was not vacant. President’s media clarified that this appointment is not made by the President but officially by the Secretary to the Treasury as the Treasury owns the majority of the shares of ITN. In addition they pointed out that the appointment was made after the former Chairman left that position.

The second matter is the alleged financial loss caused due to an advertising firm by the name of ‘Media Factory’ not paying dues owed to ITN for televised ads. ITN had issued a letter dated 27 January 2015 claiming what was due to them and Media Factory had settled the outstanding amount in full. ITN has under signature accepted that the payment has been received.

A financial loss of Rs. 2.4 million allegedly caused by an advertising firm by the name of ‘Special Solutions’ not paying their dues to ITN is the third matter under investigation.” We understand that all outstanding amounts due to ITN with regard to this transaction have been paid by the said advertising firm. It should be borne in mind that when advertisements are repeated many times, all media organisations broadcast a certain proportion of them free of charge as an incentive to advertisers” the statement added.

The fourth matter under investigation is the allegation that up-front payment was received for advertisements promoting presidential election candidate Mr Maithripala Sirisena, but that these advertisements had not been aired and Rs 8.6 million had been returned thus depriving ITN of an income the institution should have received. This is an internal administrative matter of IT, the statement clarified.

The fifth matter under investigation is the allegation that Maithripala Sirisena had been charged twice the usual amount for advertising thus discriminating between two equal presidential candidates. This too is an internal administrative matter at ITN, Rajapaksa’s media explained.

Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa contested the January 2015 presidential election as the candidate of the UPFA.

Rajapaksa’s office said that the presidential candidate of a major political party cannot possibly supervise the advertising campaign carried out on his behalf.

His office said that campaign advertisements are given to media organisations by the advertising firm retained by the candidate’s political party. The candidate or even his political party very often has no direct contact with the media organisations over advertising.

“In any event, all matters relating to campaign advertisements are handled by the political party or alliance of the candidate. As such these matters are not the responsibility of the candidate but of the relevant political party or alliance. When it was proposed within the SLFP that President Mahinda Rajapaksa should contest for the presidency for the third time, it was the present Chairman of the party who seconded that proposal,” Rajapaksa’s media office said.

Rajapaksa’s media office further clarified that summoning the former president before the Commission to inquire into serious corruption over matters of this nature is undoubtedly an attempt to convey to the public the impression that the former president had engaged in wrongdoing and to gain some political mileage thereby.

Meanwhile Rajapaksa arrived at the commission’s office in Colombo accompanied by a team of lawyers around 9 am today.

Shortly afterwards his eldest son MP Namal Rajapaksa too appeared in the premises. Several politicians loyal to Rajapaksa too came to the commissions premises in an obvious show of support to the former President.

Among the politicians who turned up were Prasamnna Ranatunge, Udaya Gammanpila, Salinda Dissanayake, Dullus Alahapperuma and Upali Kodikara.

This was the second time Rajapaksa was summoned by the commission. On the first occasion a team of commissions officers visited Rajapaksa’s Mirihana residence to record a statement from him.

The special team on that occasion questioned the former president over non-payment of dues to a state-owned ITN channel for broadcasting advertisements for his 2015 presidential campaign.

An audit inquiry has found that the state television Independent Television Network has incurred losses over Rs. 101 million as Rajapaksa has failed to pay the dues to the state TV for advertising his election campaign.

Same audit has found that the ITN had agreed to broadcast Rs. 44.7 million of advertisements for current president Maithripala Sirisena but only aired Rs. 2.6 million worth advertisements despite the agreement.

Meanwhile former UPFA General Secretary Minister Susil Premajayantha says the former president Mahinda Rajapaksa’s election committee is responsible for the payment due to the ITN for running the former president’s election ad campaign.

Minister Premajayantha says the UPFA Committee for Media and Propaganda Affairs appointed for the January 2015 election was responsible for the payment to ITN.

Premajayantha was called to give a statement to the Presidential Commission of Inquiry after Rajapaksa had claimed that the General Secretary of the UPFA was responsible for the payment of dues to ITN for broadcasting election advertisements for his presidential campaign.


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Latest comments

  • 54

    Be mindful of the fact that, we are dealing with the most corrupt politician of recent times who has several years experience of corrupt and shady deals beginning from TSUNAMI Funds to the latest ones, spanning almost two decades of deceit and corruptions.

    He will also employ the most corrupt CRIMINAL LAWYERS who will scoop down to any level selling their soul for the meat MARA will throw at them, from the Monumental wealth he has acquired from the public coffers.

    Like the shrewd and cunning serial killers, these Financial Killers leave no trace behind for the law to deal with them. They are masters of deceit and fowl play, otherwise how on earth can MARA placate 4 Million Voters, despite his deceitful acts.

    But, they say all serial killers finally do something so silly that even a normal person would’t do and that is the day they get caught. I am sure that clue is not far away and he will be cornered for all his deceitful acts.That is the norm of natural justice and that will prevail over all deceits. History is full of such lessons, where the mighty and powerful people thought that they are untouchable, but finally they tasted the bitter truth.

    All empires collapse and surely MARA’s empire will also collapse very soon, Jan 8th was the first jolt, just like the titanic hitting the ice berg and everybody knows what happened to the Titanic. I read in an article, that there was a statement in the hull of the ship by the Maker, “SINK ME IF YOU CAN”.

    Did MARA say, “CHALLENGE ME IF YOU CAN”. I am sure he would have said, going by his high handed attitude during his heydays.

    • 22

      If Dubai bank has confirmed the partiuclars of the person – this men would be ended with all ridicule if not now stand on it.
      Real colours of Rajanos will come to surface soon.
      His Gonputha will have to shut up his mouth and the other end not trying to defend them anymore.
      Gone are the days, that the buggers could make it white as black and the other way around, but today, justice seems to be proving by this day.

      WHo thought that Rajapakshes would ever end up this way ?

      Perhpas his Royal ASTROLOGER who has not even GCE olvels, as Sannasgala revealed to the nation publicly.

      • 5


        “He will also employ the most corrupt CRIMINAL LAWYERS who will scoop down to any level selling their soul..”

        Do you know yesterday MR brought Gamini Marapone , who is brother of Law & Order Minister of Ranil’s Good Governance ? How is that ? foul ?

        • 0

          Do you think whoever particular Gamini Marapona is, can hide the case easily ? THere you are over stupid okay. Tihs particular former President is smeared by all asuchi (kakka), will have to face to loose his civic rights soon.
          Now the dubai banks issues are becoming clearer. Their denials will have no ground .. today we get more than yestreday, tomorrow will be nice for the investigators. Jaya niyathai

    • 22

      Now I respect more CBK than had been in the past – since she is the first to name these creatures as uncultred rascals.

      Btw, why the govt yet taking time to take action against toy pistol man and others that ridiculed the nation.

      Why they failed to hang Ghansara yet by his balls?
      Why Duminda is not given death sentence but Welesuda ?
      Why Gomanapila was not investigated to have abused Gotabaya using him for his campaigns ?

      Why why why ?

      • 1

        What happened to that ACTORs only sang songs and held speeches in favours of painting the picture MR as a next to Dutugamunu – Jackson Anthony, who held a speech as no other, with all stupid gathering no given chance to rethink – all these have turned to other end with all the grabed sums becoming known to the very same nature day by day. Why if the man loved the nation that much to have done so is the other question. Very same folks – i mean the stupid fractions would see an explaination to this soon. Wimal Buruwanse and Gommanpila are both silent – about the issue. They feel the CB issue could be comparable to this… see real faces of a criminal high criminal but people s choice allowed him govern the nation… killing innocient masses in the elemination of LTTE. I am sinhalese, born sinahelse, but I am more to Srilankens – whoever did it deliberatel< should be pu nished by law prevailing.

    • 15

      The Commission to investigate fraud and corruption sounds very amateurish in their work and are not addressing the big ticket frauds.

      There need to be high powered qualified and competent investigators and lawyers like Mr. Weliamuna and Kang Iswaran and Kishali and financial crime investigators.

      What has happened to the case against Wimal Weerawansa’s wife for the false info and passports? Does he have Parliamentary privileges and immunity and impunity?!!

      This commission is becoming a joke, without a single case being brought to an end.

      • 1

        I think your concern is well founded for the reasons you have mentioned.
        What is taking place can be likened to a big subterfuge with a chink of light in a dark room with smoke and mirrors.

      • 1

        Don Stanley,

        “Does he have Parliamentary privileges and immunity and impunity?!!”

        He is an MP but she is not.

        “This commission is becoming a joke, without a single case being brought to an end.”

        It is a comission not a court or the police. If they find something strong enough they have to pass the case to the police and AG who can take it to court.

        I agree that it is a joke.

    • 2

      Of course, the ISIS cell in Sri Lanka has not, and will not stop throwing stones at Mahinda Rajapakse. He is a strong man who will stand in the way if ISIS caliphate plot. So they want to see that he never gets back in to power.

      This is why all the mud, and pebbles are coming from [Edited out]

    • 2

      In the first instance, how did the government action buckle down? Was it a pre-planned deliberate mess up? How else could have the inquiry become a damp squib?
      Sengodan. M

    • 1


      RE: PRECIFAC Suspends Its Work After MR’s Objection

      MaRa MaRa Chatu MaRa
      MaRa MaRa Amana MaRa
      MaRa MaRa HoRa MaRa
      MaRa MaRa Dhushana MaRa

      Let MaRa Object, you better do your job. Otherwise you will be replaced!

  • 26

    Yes Ansar you are correct. They just buy the time but truth will prevail. Obviously present Yahapalanaya also favoring MARA family. We will wait and see

    • 11

      Dear Rahula,

      I respect you for saying, ” We will wait and see.”

      However, taken as a whole I don’t respect your comment. It is cynical. This is going to be a very complex, long drawn out legal battle. If we try to fast track these investigations, and the punishments that must necessarily be handed down, we may end up being very unfair to this monster, Rajapaksa. Even if the murders are proved beyond doubt, I think it will be politically suicidal to execute this man.

      Yes, that is how much I abhor our deposed dictator. That fact is that he is still a hero to many people. And even we must grant that he did us a favour by bringing an end to the Civil War. Yes, I think that one way or another, every human being in this country at present is happy that the fighting is over. I am personally convinced that war crimes were committed by both sides. There may be a handful of Tamils who must still be made answerable for crimes committed by them. However there are a host of Sinhalese you deserve capital punishment.

      But it would be good if the Tamils showed sufficient realism to understand that punishment on that scale, and of that nature just isn’t politically feasible. We have all been through hell, wouldn’t it be good if we could ensure that our children can have a future bereft of violence and of anxiety?

  • 12


    MaRa also must be having something inscribed somewhere in the Hull of his anatomy[your guess is good as mine] CATCH ME IF YOU CAN!

    • 9


      That was a good one and very appropriate too. Couldn’t have said it better.

  • 0

    [Edited out]

  • 9

    Wasn’t he here recently? Must have imparted his knowledge to MR

    In the time of the previous Labour government, Prime Minister Tony Blair used his office to halt a Serious Fraud Squad investigation into bribes paid to high-ranking Saudis to smoothen the sale of British fighter jets. The reason given was that a prosecution would harm Britain’s security interests. Saudi Arabia is Britain’s largest arms market by far.

    • 10


      Well we are not discussing about UK or Medieval Kingdoms. The issue is about good governance in this island, and not about how other countries do business with each other.

      If you really want to raise your objection please take time to write a letter to the UK parliament (650 MPs), and convey your concerns.

  • 13

    I am living in a country where this kind of animals are breathing free.

  • 10

    This is a slight departure from the unique and highly effective M-A-I-G (keep MUM – Ask for Report – Ignore report – Go to another problem) technique developed by MS. Anyway, the final objective is the same. Keep the focus of the proletariat shifting so that he/she will have no idea whether you are coming or going and finally gives up.

    A list of the problems ‘solved’ with this technique.

    1- Wilpattu incursions
    2- Thajudeen
    3- Ekneligoda
    4- Lasantha
    5- Billions stolen by Mara family
    6- Paddy storage
    7- Port City
    8- Avant Garde

    • 4

      However MS should be judged by atleast filing Cases as detailed below and leaving the
      AGs Dept. to play balls:
      1. Case No. 474/2015 at Fort M.C. dealing with Hedging Fund and involving A.N.Cabraal, PB Jayasuendra, A de Mel, L.Karunaratne (Rs.200-700 Million ) 2. Case No. 24327/2015 at Chief M.C.(3) In the matter of Lanka Hospital shares and connected to G. Rajapakse, Roshini ,Cabraal, N.Godahewa, D.Jayaweera, M. Medihewa, W.Amunugamuwa, D.P.Y. Wijesinghe. (Rs. 600 million) 3. B26907/3/15 at Colombo M.C re Housing deals connected with W.Weerasena,B.K.J.K.Perera. 4. B/40/2015 at Kaduwella M.C. re Land purchases, involving Mrs. W.Weerasena, C.S.Ranasinhe. 5. B323/15 in Tangalle M.C. about Carlton Pre-school construction involving State Eng. Corporation Staff (Rs. 35 million) 6. 8674/15 in Pugoda M.C. re Development works, involving B.Rajapakse, N. Thirukumar 7. B22467/1/15 at Colombo Chief M.C. re Money Laundering by M. Aluthgamage (Rs. 3 – 27 million) 8. B22468/1/15 in Colombo Chief M.C. on Wealth acquired of Dr.P.B. Wickrema. 9. B25389/1/15 at Colombo C.M.Court re Money Laundering by G.Senarath. 10. B25166/3/15 at Colombo Ch M.C. Teleshan TV Network with A.Pilapita S.Wickremasinghe, and Sil Reddi with L.Weeratunga and Ven.V.Somananda Thero. 11. B9825/15 at Kaduwela M.C. re CSN Channel involving ITN Directorate & Staff. 12. B35/15 at Kaduwela M.C. re ownership of Marriot Hotel in Dubai with N.Lokuwitharne and M.Rajapakse ( Rs. 48 to 190 million) 13. B27453/1/15 at Hultsdorf M.C. about Lanka Logistics Arms importing connected to G.Rajapakse, P.B.Jayasundera, Mohan Peiris, J.Wickremasinghe. 14. B/663/15 at Fort M.C. on Bank of Ceylon, Seychelles by M. Rajapakse & family 15. Greek Bonds purchase with names of Cabraal & Rajapakse in Petition Colombo M.C of 15.8.15 involving Rs. 1257 million 16. Sajin Vass Gunewardena in abuse of Public property, at Fort Magistrate Court, remanded since May, 2015. Also at Bribery Com. for questionable Assets. 17. Petition accepted in Supreme Court on 6.8.15 re Vehicle Permits abuse 18. Case No. 50/10 at High Courts, Kandy: Captain Wickremasinghe`s activity in Giritale Army Camp re Torture Chambers – under G. Rajapakse`s directions? 19. On Bail – Rohita Bogollagama 20. B/C Case – BC/2370/2011/B1 – 1 Billion heist: Pradeep Gunawardana (C`man State Trading Corporation) 21. etc etc e.&o.e

      • 6

        Thanks a lot pn. That is a nice list. Perhaps I was somewhat hasty in my opinion.

        However, how much does all these adding up to. Your list does not contain amounts for some cases. So I cannot say. But surely it is no where near the $ 10 billion(Rs 1.25 trillion) alleged?

        Even $ 1 billion for 100 cases would work out as $ 10 million (Rs 1250 million) per case. This means that the above list is not by any means comprehensive or touching the really big ones.

    • 4

      “A list of the problems ‘solved’ with this technique.”
      Don’t forget, Mahendran/Son In Law Bcnd Scam.

      • 3


        1-The bond scam.

        2-Hedging deal.

        3- New round of clear nepotism

        4- 180 million for repairs of residence.


  • 15

    There is a Sinhalese saying that “The Crabs are happy swimming in a large pot of water so long that the water starts to Boil” I compare Mahinda Rajapakse and his filthy rich gang to the crabs now swimming in the pot till it boils and kills them.

    • 1

      IF THIS DUBAI issue would end up with clearing everything. That can be the ausgang point -start to start finding everyhting about the man s high abuses.

      • 2

        Guess what folks . SL will turn into a new Utopia we are dreaming of , when they bring back to SL all the stolen money like the $18 billion . The $500 million . plus all the other money that the Rajapakses have allegedly stolen .Sell the properties in Seychells which the Rajapakses are known to have . WE can repay all the debts , build more super highways , build more schools . build more hospitals . Give employment to all the unemployed with this kind of money . Imagine this is the wonderful era going to dawn in SL !!

        We will be eternally blessed . keep smiling folks SL is in for a big windfall . We can even become the superpower to beat China , India and the USA !

    • 4

      Poor lankan

      “There is a Sinhalese saying that “The Crabs are happy swimming in a large pot of water so long that the water starts to Boil”

      Crabs also known for walking sideways.

  • 7

    I can’t fathom the foolishness of these crabs! So they think that they can live happily ever after with the money looted from the poor. Every breath of the poor man shall curse those crabs and bring hem their doom.

  • 3


    You are right to a certain extend. We all thought, if LTTE was defeated we Tamils will get a pieceful life and a political solution for the course which created LTTE. But what happened – Tamils were worse off than living with LTTE. So we do not want to go back to square 1 again and go through the same process of “sathyakiraga” , communal trouble to Mullivaikal -expecting that from us again is not fair. So we do not need to punish those criminals but we need a solid political solution to stop repetition of the past. During we fight among us, people like Richard Badiudeen is steeling our forest and wealth. All the wealth our ancestors saved without eating proper food or proper sleep ware stolen by MR, army and others- is it fair. I am not saying Tamils are saints, they killed many Tamils collaborating with army, they are such selfish stupids, now talking about human rights and about Viki, who wanted to listen to them.

  • 4


    With no disrespect to you.
    Chandrika now calls the Rajapakses uncultured: An understatement: They have graduated to be swindlers and Murderers!

    • 5

      You may be right, but in a country majority of folks would nevertheless vote for idiots – you cant put the blame only on politicians. It is the folks that have to chose their politicians. Even today, having got to see the many stupid gatherings cheering Mahinda Raja infront of the FCID premises, I felt, why the folks behave so – though it is becoming glass clear to this day, that these Rajapakshe only looted the nation.
      I truly believe, that CBK s decisions were not right to allow Rajapakshe becoming PM, but do you think that she had other options in the men dominate d corrupted island like ours. I really dont think so.
      But for the good thing, that CBK came forward and did it in chasing the bugger forever – making MY3 as the common candidate is the most smartest decision – else, we the folks ( though I myself am not in living in the country) many would respect a lot.
      Today, Iheard donkey SB is holding sober speech about how we can stand against crimes in the country, but being ministers they behaved like THUGS not giving examples to the nation.

  • 4

    No need to waste more time with commissions. just lock the criminal up with his family first so that they cannot destroy more evidence, They are used to this approach because that is the way they ruled the country. The new government is trying to go from one extreme of bad governance to the other extreme of good governance. This is not practical and will take a long, long time. Jail first and then investigate.

  • 2

    EDWIN RODRIGO, says it well. The present bunch of monkeys are taking the poor folks for absurd fools. None of these cases will ever be solved as MY3 is in the shit too. D o noit forget he was a MR pimp until a few months ago.

  • 3

    I have a sneaking suspicion this commission was set up in a Manner where its legitimacy could be challenged as has been done. I also suspect this was a booby trap which could be sprung in case it got too hot for MR or any of the family members so that the charges can be thrown out the the whole affair hushed up. I have not faith that RW and the UNP is genuinely interested in prosecuting the Rajapakshes. They will only go after the small fray and use a gimmick like the one unfolding now to halt the proceedings if the bigger sharks got into danger of being arrested.

  • 3

    WHOLE FAMILY EVEN DEAD MFR DA RAJAPASSAS AND SONS AND ALL WIFES NEWPHEWS NIECES AND OTHER S ETC ARE ROUGES THIEVES RAPISTS MUREDERERS All idiots survive and eat with public money. Village gam bettas doesnt care cuz they dont pay the taxes like we in colombo.

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