21 May, 2024


President Maithripala Sirisena’s Address To The Nation – Full Text

I have decided to address the nation today in the context of the recent political developments in the country, I thought it was essential to clarify the path we have to take in the future and to describe the reasons and the background, why the current political change was necessary. Today, we are at the dawn of another year. On January 08, 2015, it was with so many expectations what nearly six million and two hundred thousand (6.25 million) people of my country chose me as your first servant and the leader of this nation. I wish to pledge that I will always fulfil the expectations and honour the trust and faith you have placed on me, even at the cost of my life. 

President Sirisena

Politicians like us who are committed to serve the people, should always look at what is right for the people and will usher prosperity to the nation, instead of one’s political affiliations.  I believe that you remember the circumstances under which I became the common candidate in 2014 and the dangers I had to face in consequence. It was a risk and a challenge that no politician in the history of the country wanted to accept. I faced this challenge despite the dangers to me and my family. I hope you will believe that the decision I took on 26th of October 2018, is a decision that is far more challenging and risky than the decision I took in November 21, 2014. I must state with respect, honour, and humility that I took both those decisions for the sake of the people and the country. However, Hon. Ranil Wickremesinghe’s political conduct was unbecoming of civilized politics and belittled the victory achieved risking my life in 2015. I believe that Mr Wickremesinghe and his group of closest friends, who belonged to a privileged class and did not understand the pulse of the people conducted themselves as if shaping the future of the country was a fun game they played. I feel that Hon Wickremesinghe grossly violated the very principles of good governance we pledged to uphold. 

I am sure you remember that on the evening of January 09th, 2015, moments after taking oaths as President, I appointed Mr Wickremesinghe as the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka although he had only 47 members in the Parliament. However, I am sure you know that Mr Wickremesinghe destroyed the concept and the noble expectations of good governance by his actions during the last few years. Corruption and fraud spread widely in the country. Thereby, he destroyed the pure and noble expectations of the 49 political parties, organisations, trade unions, and civil society groups including the UNP, who signed an agreement in support of the common candidate. I hope you remember a statement I made recently at a Senanayake commemoration event. The political visions of great leaders such as D.S. Senanayake, Dudley Senanayake, J.R. Jayewardene, and Ranasinghe Premadasa made the UNP a mighty political party, enriched with indigenous thinking, our cultural heritage. They stood for the national identity and territorial integrity of the country. They were committed to protect everything what could be called ‘ours’. It is my sincere hope that the present leadership of the UNP be blessed with the wisdom of those great leaders to embrace a vision with noble objectives that can take our country to the new world. 

Once in the government, Mr Wickremesinghe arrogantly and stubbornly avoided collective decisions, and tended to take individual decisions. This behaviour led to many conflicts. Due to his lack of collective decision making through discussion, our country had to face harsh consequences when he used to take decisions with a group of his very close associates. I must state that, there was also a policy conflict between Hon. Ranil Wickremesinghe and me, during the last three and half years. Apart from a policy differences, I noted that there were also differences of culture between Mr Wickremesinghe and me. I believe that all those differences in policy, culture, personality and conduct aggravated this political and economic crisis. 

When many senior leaders were around, I have suggested to him to work together and work collectively. I suggested to him that we should take our decisions after proper discussion to achieve the goals of good governance. However, he ignored the aspirations of over six million and two hundred thousand people. I am very worried about that. I accepted the leadership of this country to ensure creative governance upholding the principles of good governance and that is free of corruption or fraud. I always tried to bring in past experiences to understand present challenges and build a better tomorrow that in terms of our noble expectations. I committed myself to them fully. However, I had to take a few steps back many times. As you have seen, I had to speak somewhat aggressively from time to time during the last three years. On such occasions, you may have blamed me, called me immature, or getting too aggressive. However, it is my conscience that best knows how much patience and tolerance I have practiced in the internal discussions and at Cabinet meetings. 

I made all those sacrifices for the sake of the people of Sri Lanka. However, you know how those noble expectations of the people who espoused the concept of good governance were betrayed even before three months elapsed since we were elected. The robbery of the Central Bank dragged our country into a deep crisis. As you know, we had not heard about such a big fraud of public finances in the history of Sri Lanka. The Central Bank robbery was an abortion of the pledge of good governance we had given to the people to eliminate corruption and fraud. I remember that there came a lot of resistance and protests from people, opposition parties, political groups, civil society and responsible people in the society, when the Central Bank robbery was committed. That led to a lot of tensions within the government. At that time, Mr Wickremesinghe behaved very impatiently and restlessly. When I decided to visit the Central Bank and meet the staff of the Bank, I remember, he suddenly came to my residence and asked me “the Central Bank belongs to me, why do you want to go there?” At that moment, I told him, “It is true that it has been gazetted under your purview, but as the President of the country, I have the right to visit that place.” And I told him that I was planning to go to the Bank in a while anyway. Mr. Wirckremesinghe left immediately. When I got there, Mr. Arjun Mahendran, who has been sent on leave pending investigation, came to welcome me with a bunch of beetle leaves. I was surprised to see how he had got there all of a sudden. I saw how disturbed, restless and panicking they were. This shameless robbery led to a serious economic crisis and a political crisis. Then, I appointed a commission to investigate into the Central Bank issue in response to people’s demand. When the Commission was carrying on the investigations independently, leaders of the UNP started pointing fingers at me. They asked why I appointed this commission. They considered this move was a disgrace to the UNP. But I assured them that the appointment of the Commission was necessary to clear those who are not involved and to bring to book those who were culprits. As you know, this robbery has dragged our country into deep economic crisis, from which it is difficult come out.

I believe that the result of the Local Government elections that was held last February was a warning by the people to correct the course of this government. At that moment, I called the Mr Wickremesinghe and other leaders of UNP and explained “People have taught us a lesson about the way we have governed, and we must correct ourselves now”. And I told Mr Wickremesinghe “You have acquired my powers to do what you did, and I silently gave you that power in gratitude as you took leadership to bring me to power.” As a result of my gratefulness, which is a noble human quality, the country had to suffer very bad consequences. That was because I allowed him to conduct freely, sometime even acquiring my powers. I do not wish to go into a detailed account of the negative consequences of his tenure. I wish to explain those consequences to you from time to time. I would now like to explain the most proximate and powerful reason that made me appoint the former President Mahinda Rajapaksa as Prime Minister and remove Hon. Ranil Wickremesinghe from the post of Prime Minister. 

My political life is now spans over 51 years. Recently, a person called Namal kumara came before the media and disclosed about a plot to assassinate me and Mr Gotabhaya Rajapaksa. I handed over the task of investigations to Criminal Investigations Department. However, Inspector General of Police did not assign the investigations to CID. Instead it was given to another division. Then I realized that there was an issue of trust about the investigations. Within 48 hours of the disclosure made to the media by the person called Namal Kumara and investigations could be commenced on the plot, Inspector General of Police made a statement stating that there was a doubt about the voices in the tape recording provided by that person. I would like to raise the question, with respect, is it suitable for a Police chief to behave in such a shameless manner and express doubts about the recording, without seeking any technical expert advice on the tape recording, when there was a revelation that a plot was hatched to assassinate the President of the country? 

The reports provided by the CID and other investigating authorities including the Intelligence Bureau showed that this is a very serious matter. In this plot, there is a wide range of information which has not been disclosed to the public.

There is also an involvement of a Cabinet Minister in this plot to assassinate me. Furthermore, there have been tremendous pressure on investigations. There were instances of some responsible officers of the Attorney General’s Department evading the investigation duties. Under these political problems, economic troubles and the strong plot to assassinate me, the only alternative open to me was to invite former President Mahinda Rajapaksa and appoint him as prime Minister to form a new government. I extend an open invitation to all 225 honourable Members of parliament to join the new government. I do this with the pure intention of taking the country out of the present political crisis and economic problems. Now, the political crisis has been somewhat declined. I appeal to everybody to extend fullest cooperation to the new government formed by me with Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa as Prime minister to strengthen democratic governance, freedom of the people, human rights and fundamental rights and media freedom and take our Motherland towards prosperity and make a better and decent society.

While referring to past bitter experiences, I wish to reiterate here that Mr Ranil wickremesinghe must take the responsibility to bring Mr Arjuna Mahendran to Sri Lanka and produce him before courts. That is because, as everybody knows, Mr Arjuna Mahendran is a very close friend of Mr Ranil Wickremesinghe. Local industries of the country were weakened in the last few years and for them to recover, the blessings from the government alone are not enough. 

In the last few years, the economic policy kept the trust merely on foreign investments and that weakened our local industries. On one side, the there were these weaknesses of the economic policy. At the same time, I ask you to examine what has happened to the amendments presented last week to the Commission I appointed to probe Bribery or corruption to bring to book those who are guilty of Central Bank Bond robbery. All those legal experts, Attorney-General’s Department, the members of the Commission on Bribery or Corruption and those who made investigations informed me earlier this year that it would take at least 15 years to punish the perpetrators of Central Bank Bond robbery under the existing laws in the country. Legal experts explained that more than 15 years will take to prosecute and punish the guilty and recover the money stolen by them. The Commission on Bribery or Corruption and Attorney-General’s Department recommended to make some amendments to the Commission Act, so that the guilty persons could be sentenced within one year and recover the huge amount of money they had stolen. Accordingly, we have drafted the amendments to the Act at the Presidential Secretariat and sent to the Parliament six months ago. 

However, the amendment was not submitted for five months. It got buried in the Office of the Leader of House. I made serious inquiries into this. I asked the officials of the Commission on Bribery or Corruption. I asked the officers in the Attorney-General’s Department. Finally, the Amendment Bill to Act on Commission on Bribery or Corruption was presented to Parliament. I am sad to say that the Parliament postponed the approval of the Amendments Act indefinitely. Why was it deferred? For whose benefit? Due to pressure from whom? This will result in the country losing a large sum of money that belongs to the people.

It would take 15 to 20 years to mete out punishment to the guilty persons. That is why the Amendments Act was postponed indefinitely. You must have seen in media about the monetary deal of EAP company. That company was given to a foreigner. That deal was done fraudulently without calling for tenders. There will be a thorough investigation on this in near future. Many valuable assets were given to foreigners without tenders. Construction awards were also given without tenders. The emergency cabinet papers were presented to award such tenders and massive construction awards were given despite objections at the cabinet. One such example is the Kandy Highway project. Another is the Land Ordinance Special Act, which was presented to Cabinet last week. Then there was the paper on establishing a Land Bank. I lodged strong protests and postponed those cabinet papers. Majority of Cabinet Ministers were against these proposals.

If the last week’s Land Ordinance Special Act was passed by the Cabinet and then by the Parliament, all the lands of our Motherland could be bought outright by foreigners without any difficulty. All the agricultural settlements established by honourable leaders like D S Senanayake, Bandaranaike and Gamini Dissanayake will be destroyed. This bill presented under the political and economic vision of Mr Ranil Wickremesinghe to adversely affect the land rights of the country must be totally blocked by us.

I must also tell you that the committee set up by Mr Ranil Wickremesinghe to manage economy was totally fraudulent. The decisions taken by that committee were fraudulent. It was a major challenge to abolish it. As an alternative to that committee, I have established the National Economic Council. Mr Ranil Wickremesinghe has taken everything possible to weaken that Commission. The monthly emoluments for the economic expert, who was appointed the head the Commission was paid by an international monetary institution respected by all of us. On Mr Wickremesinghe’s advise, that payment was stopped. Mr Wickremesinghe took steps to prevent the Commission from functioning. I clearly state that this crisis situation has emerged due to Mr Wickremesinghe’s stubborn decisions.

Because of all these issues, the only alternative I was left with was to establish a new government with Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa as Prime Minister. Mr Ranil wickremesinghe and the UNP complain that the establishment of a new government and appointment of Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa as Prime Minister was contradictory to the provisions of the Constitution of Sri Lanka. I categorically state that the appointments were made totally in accordance with the Constitution and the on advice of legal experts. No constitutional violation was done when appointments were made and removal was enacted. With all respect, I completely reject the charge that what was done was a violation of the Constitution. 

I wish to thank the people of the country, public officials, Police, security forces, Army, Navy and Air Force and others for the support extended to me by strengthening law and order, strengthening democratic structure and facilitating the day-to-day needs of the people. While concluding the speech, I appeal to UNPers who made a broad commitment to make me President to jointly commit ourselves to achieve that beautiful vision for our Motherland. I am confident that if a leader with a vision, who values what is local, who understands the common man’s feelings, values the vision and policies of Senanayakes, Jayewardene and Premadasa becomes the leader of your UNP in the future, we will be able to achieve those noble objectives. Finally, I appeal to the Mahasangha, other religious leaders, politicians, all the public servants, and all the citizens to give your blessings and support to the political decision I have taken on behalf of the country and the people to end the economic crisis and political turbulence and build a prosperous economy and a decent, spiritual, enlightened society. 


President’s Media Division


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  • 40

    So you decided to join once you referred as thieves. What about the Russians warship, your son in law running away when you chief of staff was arrested, how about you scolding the director for arresting you chief of staff, how is your daughter getting all the government averting contracts and your family trip to New York, how about your frequency deal with Kili and sacking Muhunthan for raising the issue on Public.
    You are third rate scoundrel not that Tamil is saint but you and Malinda are the worst rogues on the world.
    Do not speak like a saint nobody will believe you

    • 11

      This balligeputha has been brainwashed by his power intoxication.

      The very same happened to Rajapakshes in his 2nd term.

      No single word about the high profile murderous nature of Rajapakshe. All about that bond scam and several issues during the last 3 years.

      See, I am sure, this ballige putha with Rajapkshew will sooner than we think.

      Even Rajakashes could kill him next days. His life is in danger.
      In Nov 2014, UNP rs saved him not being assasianted by Rajaakshe men.
      But this time, entire world will be ready to damage him. On one hand it is fair. Since he has done it to all depth levels.

      • 3

        He just wants a second term ………. simple as that.

        And all this for that.

        But will any Lankan pol have the honesty to say it straight?

        It’s always the country they love! :)))

    • 4

      Well said. Shall I copy these to my wall quoting you as a fb member please?

    • 2

      Leave Mahinda alone. He was not a party to Maithri’s government when all those listed in your comment occurred.

  • 11

    I didn’t even listen to President’s speech. I don’t want to read this either.
    There is a shooting incident at the CPC when Minister Arjuna tried to enter his office. It is believed that one of his security officers has shot people amidst a commotion there.
    As I said, there are TWO Prime Ministers in Sri Lanka right now. Both the appointments are legal until November 16.
    I most sincerely request BOTH Prime Ministers to come before TV and issue a joint statement calling both their supporters to show restraint and calm down.
    There are all the signs for violence from supporters of both parties.
    It is no secret that JO was suppressed and subjected to political witch-hunt for 4 years by the government where Maithri was the President and Ranil was the PM. Then there was the betrayal of the country and our Army. Then the general public were also subjected to lot of hardship.
    Therefore, it is natural supporters of both parties resort to violence when there is a reversal of power.
    We are facing a crisis right now. Country is in a serious political turmoil.
    The administrative structure is divided. The Police and the security forces should remain neutral and their only responsibility should be securing democracy, law and order WITHOUT TAKING SIDES.
    It is the duty of the leaders of both parties, Mahinda and Ranil, as Prime Ministers (plural), restore normalcy in the country. I don’t think there is any reason for them to be enemies. After all, both are not responsible for this crisis.

    • 2

      There is only one Prime Minister on constitution , the second one
      is a squatter ! The man who proudly and saintly declared that he
      won’t stand for the second term is now fighting to stay on with a
      man he accused of his ” would be assassin .” This is the truth .
      They have together taken the country as a land of Donkeys !
      Economic management alone can not take a country anywhere as
      the citizens of Donkeyland expect ! People have to toil for it and
      then comes financial management to improve the conditions !
      All are bringing in economic experts just for juggling with an empty
      treasury lying to the people through all holes with false promises
      until their pockets are filled . Small parties and unavoidably desperate
      MPs are now being sought for a price with a guarantee of power in the
      hand ! The old trick is at work ! A NEW KIND OF DEPARTMENT STORE
      This is opening the doors to hell !

  • 20

    This rot started from the 56 Banda’s ‘Pancha Maha’ Balawegaya with those monkeys got elected to the parliament and see what a country this has become over the years.

    A Gramasevaka acting like a Bull in a China shop with ultimate power and do not follow the rule of law.

  • 24

    President Maithripala Sirisena,

    RE: President Maithripala Sirisena’s Address To The Nation – Full Text

    Thanks for the full text. It is entertaining.

    Can you also give a full text to the 6.2 million who voted for you to become President and do the things promised, instead of being a Traitor, Sevalaya and Mala-Perethaya?

    • 3

      possible . One major reason why he was chosen for presidency was to
      abolish executive presidency and apart from that he gave a big assurance
      that he won’t go for the president the second time ! Now I feel he extracted
      a guarantee from MARA to stand for president the second time and MARA
      as his prime minister leaving U N P high and dry for ever ! This is their
      cracks were appearing on the walls of SLPP about next president candidate .
      He knows very well that with his strong commitment to SLFP , there’s no
      place for him in a future U N P power house . He has now become country’s
      top most traitor among others , all for selfish end ! Ranil is not clean either !
      MARA , MY3 and RANIL all are A grade plotters ! We can see our country
      has now achieved one more level towards ANARCHY which will pave the
      way into a Miyanmar style Junta for good number of years . POLITICS is
      now purely personal in the country . All we have done since independence
      is , allowing our space for common goals to shrink to such low as 90% full of

  • 25

    RE: President Maithripala Sirisena,

    “However, Hon. Ranil Wickremesinghe’s political conduct was unbecoming of civilized politics and belittled the victory achieved risking my life in 2015. I believe that Mr Wickremesinghe and his group of closest friends, who belonged to a privileged class and did not understand the pulse of the people conducted themselves as if shaping the future of the country was a fun game they played. I feel that Hon Wickremesinghe grossly violated the very principles of good governance we pledged to uphold. “

    While you do have a valid point here, the fact remains that you two , Sirisena and Ranil, collectively allowed the crooks and killers to roam free, and now you have appointed the SAME CROOK as the Prime Minister, so that he can continue the damage.

    You should be impeached.

    • 4

      Very True.

    • 1

      Correctly Said.

  • 17

    I need to attend to very an important matter.
    I am sorry I will have to be away for about six or seven hours.
    I will be back to see how Hopper Sirisena doing.
    Let me know how many of you bought, China’s long wall, Taj Mahal, Sri Pada, Eiffel tower, Petronas, entire Harappa, Google, ………………………. from Hopper Sirisena. Some of you would have noticed a handful of hardcore Mahinda fantasists would have bought all at the same time.

    I am sure most of you wouldn’t buy ice lollies from him.

  • 15

    What a load of BS

  • 15

    Might as well rename Sri Lanka and call in Sli Chanka. Fools spread anti India paranoia while secretly selling the country to China and filling their pockets! China is the only country colonizing countries around the world. You don’t see India colonizing any countries. These criminals greed has no limits they even sold our country to the Chinese and now want to finish the job. Now they want to turn Sri Lanka into one of the battle grounds that might trigger a new world war. The world will unite to crush China like they united to crush Hitler and his Nazies.

  • 22

    This slime ball does not say a single word about the govt of MR’s trail of corruption, nepotism, mayhem, looting and murder. Will he pursue the pending court cases against his family and “friends” or is the deal that he will make sure all of them are gradually thrown out for lack of “documentation” from the AG’s Dept? He has obviously endorsed and promoted the raiding of Lake House, ITN and Rupavahini by goons. The Rajapakses will very soon run amok mercilessly. I am ashamed of myself for voting for this imbecile.

    • 7

      Oh, come on, give our Honourable President a break. In 2015 he told us that if he had lost to MR he (Sirisena) will have been consigned to 6 feet under, and now he is so gracious as to appoint MR, whom he suggested was capable of such diabolic an act, as PM. See what a forgiving, saintly, magnanimous man our President is. Of course, he does have a few problems. Constitutional niceties are difficult for him to grasp and it seems he is not aware of a simple thing called gratitude!

  • 3

    OK, his reasons are plausible. But, why of all MPs did he choose Mahinda R to replace Ranil W ?
    That he was the former president, is not good enough. He is/was the most corrupt of all MPs.
    There are still a few in parliament who were never corrupt, and whose personal integrity is/was unquestionable.

  • 5

    Mr President, don’t you Realise that you are being Manipulated by the Rajapakses?

  • 3

    You will have all excuse to capture power and to stay in power …
    It is said ( we do not have eternal enemies or eternal friends in politics but eternal interest .
    You have proved that dictum ?
    Good luck with you sir ..
    But you know support some one who.was trying to kill..
    Suppose you lost 2015 with out UNP votes you would have been killed .
    What a hypoctratic politics is this ?
    How can someone trust you any more?

  • 7

    What a bunch of horseshit coming from this spineless pigs mouth. You will reap your truly just reward very soon. You have ushered in a dark period in Sri Lankan history once more. So while you may be taken care of by your enemies in sheeps’ clothing very soon, our children our left behind to face an age of impunity, corruption and silence. Thank you so much you hopper eating scoundrel of a man. May the future generations spit on your grave as they walk by.

  • 5

    The Traitor of the Nation must have seen the file MR is holding to piss in his underpants.

  • 6

    Anura Kumara Dissanayaka

    Where are you?
    Going back to your party’s earlier position, tacitly supporting MR and the gang.
    How long are you going to sit on the wall?
    You have been talking hours and hours without any break about corruption in Mahinda’s time. If you truly believe in democracy, go sit on the parliament terraces, demand immediate discussion, an opportunity to weigh the merits,…. tell the Hopper Sirisena to immediately allow MPs to attend parliament and vote for or against Ranil.

    In your party’s case you must take this opportunity to show your genuine long term displeasure at Mahinda and his gang of looters, by voting against him.

    Don’t worry too much about stability of the government and state.
    You can deal with it later.
    You can also bring no confidence motion against Ranil say day after tomorrow.

    I hear a lot of wind.

    By the way, have you secured all files relating to FCID, CID, …………….. investigations.
    It won’t take more than a few hours for the cronies take those files for walkies.
    People will hold you morally responsible for missing files.

  • 5

    If only this uneducated Appa President has some idea about international political mood he would not have taken this action. In this speech its very clear he is not doing anything for the sake of the country but only due to his crushed ego. He has once again proved that Sri Lankan politicians cannot be trusted by the International community. The cold war between USA and China is going to be fought in the Sri Lankan waters and land. At the end USA, EU, Canada, Japan, India and other major western countries are going to ban travel by Government MPs, Ministers, top Govt officials, PM and President to their countries. There is going to be trade embargo passed by these countries, especially with Donald Trump dead against Chinese Belt and Road project. GSP Plus is going to be removed soon. At the end this act of the uneducated Appaya is going to send SL in to the dumps.

  • 6

    This “Takarama” knows only talking, talking endless talking. He is giving some reasons for removing RW and appointing MARA as PM. Then Central Bank bond scam and his assassination coup. This “Hikanala” has easily forgotten what he has spoken about Rajapaksha family before Jan.8th . He is telling that RW is responsible to bring Arjun Mahendran as he is close friend of RW. Then what about Jaliya Wickramasuriya and Udayanga Weerathunga? They are close relatives of Mahinda Rajapaksha. Then about this assassination plot. I don’t know who wants to kill this “Garandiya” This guy Namal Kumara calling conferences daily and uttering something. Latest one is that he claims FM Sarath Fonseka and Ranil Wickramasinge is behind the plot but he don’t have any proofs. This “Ola Mottalaya’s” hero is Namal Kumara now. He wants everybody to act on this guys statements. Again i have to repeat what that young guy said to me about this double tongue man. He said if there is any birth after the death I would like to be this Horikadayas farther. I asked why? Is he such a good person? he said oh no no then i can F ** K this Horikadaya’s Mother.

  • 3

    Rubbish – I don’t know better word for any of those three languages- Kuppai- Kunu. By presenting a statement like this, he established what took place is only a coup, by power hungry to control the government in that way he thinks it fits. It is only naked Ranil Bashing. He didn’t mind if there is need to explain how or under what authority he dismissed PM. He just can’t care if it is legal or illegal. He has not told how the man he accused as criminal now qualified enough to be the PM.

    The way he presented Central Bank Issue ” the Central Bank robbery was committed” is completely out of control.

    ” I wish to reiterate here that Mr Ranil wickremesinghe must take the responsibility to bring Mr Arjuna Mahendran to Sri Lanka and produce him before courts. It is unbelievable he is talking like this in an speech like this. This is comedy of the century.

    This much hate and poison this man spewing indicates that there is no point for waiting 16th of November. He is telling that there is no reconciliation if he loses on November 16th. There can be a Rapist Army coup or even something else may be waiting for 16th of November. Before any mass death take place in Lankawe UN has to use R2P. It can let everybody to die always in Lankawe and have a phony internal investigation.

  • 4

    Load of bullshit. How did MS become 3rd richest in SL within 3 years? Now teaming up with richest man who defrauded the citizens claiming to be innocent. It’s like a prostitute claiming to be a virgin

  • 3

    If the president no need a person like Wikramasinghe to be the PM of Sri Lanka then Rajapakesha shouldn’t be his choice,

  • 1

    No mention of bringing back Udayanga and Jaliya who are not merely friends but close relatives of MR

  • 6

    What a fucking joke by MS. He says he wants to end corruption…..hobby appointing MR?

  • 3

    President Sirisena, When you did something that we felt detrimental to the country we condemned you. But when you have done a good deed which we thing will be good for our Motherland we admire and appreciate that. You proved that in politics there are no permanent friends or permanent enemies.
    With long experience in politics, it is difficult to understand your inability to understand the true nature of Ranil Wickramasinghe. We knew who he is. As soon as he became the PM, few vultures who were living in foreign countries returned and planned to rob the country. They did not care two hoots for ‘Yahapalanaya’. I am sure by now they have left the country with the loot stacked in foreign countries.

  • 4

    I just went through the comments…it was a load of bullshit…

    Instead of making absurd allegations against RW he should have remembered the circumstances under which he was promoted by the UNP as the Common Candidate..he was not doing a favour to the RW/UNP nor RW did a favour to come to power…but for a common objective…to free the Country from the clutches of the dictatorial MR with the 18th amendment …as such the entire UNP & minority voted for him.. RW won the parliamentary elections marginally….He must thank Ranil Wickremasinghe and UNP for promoting him for the position ….MS was a person who did not perform well as the Minister of Agriculture….Minister of Health..both were in a mess during the period he was in the Government of CBK…MR. He never held a position of a Prime Minister or Leader of the opposition…he was just the General Secretary of the SLFP… Imagine when such a person become the Executive President of Sri Lanka ..the Position held by JRJ…RP… He is an very unstable man to hold such a powerful position..he realized his time is over and intentions to be until 2025 is a dream because of his own weaknesses… The assassination plot was his creation…
    He made the Country a mockery…

  • 4

    The Anglican Bisop Canasabey has spoken whereas the ‘human rights’ conscious cardinal is maintaining a sepulchral silence. Why do you always let the Anglican bishop steal a march over you, your eminence?
    And be careful about what you say about other religions. Your endorsing Buddhhism should receive due place,though true, is unworthy of you. This was proved by the fact that MR used it on political platforms to his advantage. And now he has realized that advantage.

  • 4

    Mr. President
    Well, let us assume what you say is all true and you are an honest person (while assuming Ranil tried to cover up the bond scam and his coteries were out to make money as did by Rajapaksha and his coteries ). Nonetheless, how do you explain appointing Mahinda as a prime minister in place of Ranil, who was rejected by the 6.2 million who voted you. On that account don’t you think that you are culpable of betraying those voters.. Is Mahinda is a lesser evil than Ranil?

    At the end of the day you might have a place in the history as මූණත් එක්ක තරහට නහය කපාගත් ජනාධිපති.

  • 1

    Captain of Rajakeeya Vidyalaya Polonnaruwa has single handedly dismissed the entire Royal College Colombo 7 team. What an incredible feat ? Captain and hamu mahattya of RC has retired to pavilion to contemplate next move but game is now over. Best if he voluntarily steps down and give the second eleven a chance to play in the future. Disce aut Discede !

  • 4

    No one with any common sense will give an ear to My3 who is a party to
    topple Ranil government . People thought this man would be ok for all
    powerful presidency to run a balance between the rival parties ! His lies
    VERY PEOPLE WHO BROUGHT HIM TO POWER .He now talks rubbish .
    Many people feel that Asxxxle is the dirtiest part of the body but Harvard
    school of Dental medicine has discovered Mouth , Tongue and Throat
    have more bacteria than the other hole and My3 just proves that ! He has
    put party before the country ! His self interest before everything else !
    The timing was well organised with the quick return of Basil from the US
    to run around collecting support for the move ! Before the next budget
    which may have had sweets for the votes ! Things happened in the open ,
    like Subramani Swami visiting MR with a follow up visit to India by both
    Mahinda and Ranil ! So now, elections are just PAPADOMS and it looks
    third parties play the roles of game change ! YOU VOTE , WE RULE !

  • 3

    I am sorry to say this Mr. President, but your statement is unprofessional.

  • 2

    My post on the CT dated 27th Oct 18 in fact summed up this President’s address to the nation, giving them his reasons for firing Ranil. At last the gangleader of the theives has been exposed and what he has been doing for 4-years in President’s shadow. My only regret is that MS did not fire him earlier, i.e. soon after his fake evidence to the Presidential Commission, and lock him up for sedition while holding the responsible role as the PM. Good riddanc,e and with this list of misdemeanours, the only place fit for Ranil is the jail. For those that missed my post I copy it below: PS I assure the readers, I was not MS’ speech writer!

    thrishu / October 27, 2018

    MS said publicly that he had had been deceived by the UNP. If it was so, then so were the 6.2M that voted for the MS/RW combination. My interpretation was MS wanted to perform Yahapaalanaya, but the UNPers that were hiding in his shadows and came to power surreptitiously had another agenda that MS saw only belatedly as it was unraveling. The alternative agenda to the much publicized Yahapaalanaya were the unwholesome anti social activites such as bank robberies, betraying the country to the biggest foreign bidders, trying to partition the country yet again surreptitiously as RW once did with Norwegians, and piling up enormous tax burdens on the oppressed citizens. At last MS had the strength of character to own up to the fact that he along with the electorate had been deceived by UNPers, and so, to do something about it and to correct his mistake. I too was taken by surprise when I read the news this morning, but it was pleasently so.

    • 0


      KASmaalam K A Sumanasekere is Mahinda’s official b***s carrier. There is no more vacancy for another one.

      Perhaps there may be a vacancy for a b***s carrier for Hopper Siridena.
      Apply within:
      Presidential Secretariat
      Galle Face,
      Colombo 1

      Wish you well.

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