30 May, 2024


President Or Prime Minister Never Asked Me To Resign: Ravi K

Minister of Foreign Affairs and Lotteries Ravi Karunanayake has refuted all newspapers which carried headline stories today claiming that President Maithripala Sirisena and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe had asked him to resign from his ministerial post.


Updating his Facebook status a short while ago he posted a comment which reads “There has been recent media articles stating that the Hon. President and Hon. Prime minister has asked for my resignation. I would like to clarify that there has been no such discussion – Ravi”

Earlier today daily newspapers such as Daily Mirror, Lankadeepa and Lakbima carried headline stories claiming that President Sirisena and Prime Minister Wickremesinghe had asked Minister Karunanayake to resign.

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    When Arjuna Mahendran’s name was proposed Rajitha and Champika have objected. Then Ranil has told that it is his decision and he will take the responsibility for his decision. Moreover, Mahendran has told he acted on the instructions of Ranil. So PM should take the responsibility for the Bond scam and resign. I think Ranil and Malik are trying to put RK’s head under the guillotine and save their heads.

    Politicians have thick skins. Look how Chandrika who was crowned as ‘Choura Regina’ for plundering millions of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$s returning to Sri Lanka pretending as nothing happened and doing a great service as a promoter of reconciliation in order to top-up her bank account.

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    You obviously have no shame. Your pathetic excuses are a joke. Either you are naive, as trying portray your self as, or just dumb, either way, you are not suited for public office. What I see in you is a crooked opportunist with no morals. How can you look people (let alone foreign dignitaries) in the eye, knowing very well everybody is aware of your sordid dealings (& most probably treating you with contempt & laughing behind your back)?

    Maybe Royal College failed to teach you honor, dignity & integrity but it’s time learnt, so don’t wait till you are sacked, leave now & save SL the embarrassment of a crooked Foreign Minister.

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    RK says that neither the President nor the PM suggested him to resign. This is probably correct.
    However the mud slung by JO has stuck. So it will be in RK’s interest to take leave of absence and demand fast-tracked investigation of the allegations.

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      The PM and his “lokka” are eunuchs.
      Both lack testosterone in their blood; ?male menopause.

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    Desperate Sinhalaya

    Quote: “Champa we are clear that you would always bring the kind of stupid thoughts. Where on the earth, PMs have resigned just because ministers have made mistakes?” Unquote: (on the other page)

    Yeah.. very stupid. I should have said the President should sack the Prime Minister instead of suggesting the most decent way to remove him by asking him to resign.

    Very stupid indeed. President should actually sack him without letting him plunder the country further.

    For your information, “Desperate”, PM was the mastermind of the Central Bank robbery. He seemed to have planned it even before Yahapalanaya came into power in January 2015, because in less than three weeks in February he appointed non-Sri Lankan Arjun Mahendran as the Governor of the Central Bank, breaching the Constitution. Mahendran put Ranil’s plans into action right away by starting the Bond auction even though Mahinda left approx. 9+ billion Central Bank Reserves at the time (despite leviathan Chinese loans).

    At the time in early 2015, Perpetual Treasuries which was a primary dealer did NOT even have the capital of Rs. 15 billion to invest in CB Bonds!!”

    On the direct instructions of Ranil, it was the Bank of Ceylon which gave Rs. 66 billion loan to Perpetual Treasuries to purchase Bonds from the Central Bank!!!

    Perpetual Treasuries made “Rs. 5 billion profit” right away with the first sets of 30-year bond deal. What justification is there? This is a daylight robbery, in colloquial terms. Ranil is the mastermind.

    You are right “Desperate”, I am stupid. Here, I am going to make a wise request now. Actually two.

    Mr. President, you should sack the Prime Minister. Enough is enough.

    Now, I have a second earnest request to made to the President.

    Contd’ …….. 2

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    This comment is to H.E. THE PRESIDENT

    1. Mr. President, can you please appoint a Presidential-Commission to inquire into Hambantota Port Agreement before its implementation, in order to “re-evaluate Sri Lanka’s strengths and weaknesses?”

    2. PM played a crucial role in Hambantota Agreement. Nobody can rule out the possibility of a foul play in this, same like CB Bonds.

    3. On the other hand, I couldn’t find any information of a Third-Party Mediator in the agreement, which is imperative in a politically, economically, socially and environmentally highly sensitive and also regionally and globally highly competitive, multi-dimensional agreement such as this, which causes suspicion.

    4. According to Hambantota Agreement, all movable/immovable properties should be transferred to two-companies namely; HIPS and HIPG. Who are they? On what ground did the PM select them? Did he call for tenders?

    We have no question of the credibility of the CMPorts. It is the credibility of the PM which is in question. Mr. President, people only trust you in this government. Not a single citizen trust your PM!

    I am from the general public. There is nobody in the Parliament to voice my concerns about Hambantota Port. CT is my only platform. Can you please take this as a formal complaint?

    Could you please investigate into HIPS and HIPG and see whether Perpetual Treasuries has any connection to these two companies? I have a right to know because the SLPA and CMPorts have to go through them. At present Perpetual Treasuries is involved in all major transactions in the country including stocks. It is highly likely your PM has offered this ‘golden goose’ too, to them in a fraudulent way.

    Mr. President, can you please stop the implementation of Hambantota Agreement for an indefinite period, until you look into my complaint? Thank you.

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    IF Ravi Karunanayake pretends the PM and President have not asked him to resign ; assuming he is telling the truth in this one instance; What stops him from resigning without being asked?

    The reasons he will not resign without being asked are:
    1. There is a lot more that must come out of his wheeling and dealing as Min of Finance and the only
    way he even marginally controls the flow of information is being inside the cabinet of rogues.
    2. He is holding the entire issue over Ranils’ head to minimise the final outcome.
    3. Wait to see more names drop to muddy the waters and thereby leading to the SLFPer pretending
    there is nothing to see here! For now it is a UNPer who is caught!
    4. Arjun Aloysius managed the ill-gotten gains of most of the crooks in Sri Lankan politics. He
    was well supported by the his father-in-law Mahendran, who was a top executive at a Dubai
    bank at the time.
    5. Ranil and Sirisena are putting on a show for us buffoons! They know the crooks who have
    deposited moneys through Aloysius are from all corners of the Parliament. They know at the
    end, none will vote against Ravi or anyone else.
    6. What we need is an Attorney General who will pursue investigations independently and a
    Supreme Court ( Like in Pakistan and India) that can order an investigation and
    pronounce judgements. For 40 years, Ranil Wicremesinghe has talked and talked and done
    nothing legistatively. Sri Lanka does not have the mechanism or processes to try these crooks
    and punish them.
    7. That is why when the last Bribery Commissioner ran to Dubai without any preparations, she
    was told to get lost! Why? The Dubai authorities told her; go file a case in Sri Lanka and bring us
    the court decision inorder to reveal account information. That was over 18 months ago!!

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    “President Or Prime Minister Never Asked Me To Resign: Ravi K

    Yes, Ravi, but the people have asked you to go. If the fair inquiry does prove your innocence then you are welcome back. The amount evidence is compelling that is sufficient for you to at least temporarily step down.

    The principal of German Technical training Institute was arrested. He will have to step down otherwise according to your argument if he can also work till proven guilty that will take 20 years and by then he would have retired! There is a strong prima facie case against you and so you have to step down.

    If you argue you are facing a trial by media then that is also same for the German Technical training Institute principle and more so for Mahinda Rajapakse , in your own admission you led the campaign against his corruption. Isn’t that too trial by media instigated by you and after all nothing has been proved of his guilt. Don’t you think Rajapakse too will be thinking the way you think and you are guilty of causing mental hurt to him especially when after all these efforts nothing was found to pin him!

    Remember the golden advise, “those who live in glass houses must not throw stones”. Now it has become true to you. If you can lead an character assassination against the former President Rajapakse then why is it unfair when it comes to you? After all nothing has been proved that Rajapakse stole money and many places has been searched and nothing found. Is it not right without holding him for ever and to declare him innocent for the allegation he was wrongfully blamed?

    What goes around comes around and now it is your turn and face it. You can fool many people all the time and you can full all the people for some time but you cannot full all the people for all the time.

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    I think this is the heist of the century, we just ask journalists from other countries to investigate and write!
    Financial times, New York times.

    Come on writers, let us start from this one, let us send one by one to where they belong!

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    JO Leader ex President said in public that Dr Mahendran organized a Strategy Meeting in his Singapore Apartment. just a few weeks before the Yahapalana Election………………. A few SLFP Ministers and MPs attended the meeting with the UNP heavies………Obviously they were there not just to drink Sangrias and eat Singapore Chilli Crabs………..It was Financial Planning Strategy Meeting to loot the Mahavamsa Assets …….And enrich themselves and the UNP…………….. The way it panned out after Yahapalanaya kicked in , Dr Mahendran seems a lot smarter than the others ,,,, especially Sira’s mates……….Intelligent souls will know what I mean………. Don’t tell me Dr Ranil didn’t know about it …………Good riddance……

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    This guy doesn’t remember where & who was sleeping next to him all these years. How does he remember what the President & PM told him a few days ago? Please give him the benefit of the doubt!

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    This is a conspiracy to kick out a Buddhist minister and to replace him with a Tamil minister. We should ensure Ravi K is not forced to resign by the terrorists.

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      Religion is a personal belief but we can’t choose out ethnicity. If we were born in SL, we are Sri Lankans & SL needs honest leaders with integrity, irrespective of religious or ethnic background. We had (& have) enough politicians with dubious backgrounds playing the race card & it has not taken the country forward.

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      As long as the new Tamil minister is good,honest and capable, what is the problem? you silly man?

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    Hey Jim Softy, Don’t bring in crap to this discussion.
    RaviK’s religion is not Buddhism but Money. He worships money and ‘meditates’ about money! In short, Buddhism has nothing to do with this kind of alleged criminals.
    By the way, there is a Mahanayake of a certain chapter in Kandy, who praises RaviK when he comes in Lily white national Upasaka dress to offer the ‘Atapirikara’ and other goodies. However, Kandyans are aware of the fact that this particular mahanayake is more like the Mahanayake of the UNP and not of a Buddhist chapter.
    After the Asgiriya chapter issued that famous declaration on the Yahapalana government’s lunatic behavior, this so-called mahanayake is now silent! Therefore, there will be no one to protect RaviK at this time!

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      I know Nothing RAVI is Catholic. That i what he said in the commission.

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