22 May, 2024


President Snubs Ranil, Puts Central Bank Under Mangala 

President Maithripala Sirisena’s oneupmanship game with coalition partner and prime minister Ranil Wickremesinghe took a new turn when he transferred the Central Bank from Wickremesinghe to the Minister of Finance Mangala Samaraweera,


Earlier, as acknowledged by the President’s Secretary Austin Fernando, a gazette notification was prepared to be released at midnight on March 27th. This was despite representations being made to the President by Wickremesinghe and his trusted lieutenant Malik Samarawickrema the previous night (26th).  

However, for unknown reasons, the gazette was put on hold. However, Colombo Telegraph learns that it’s now a done deal and that the Central Bank will indeed come under Minister Samaraweera.  

In addition, the Securities and Exchange Commission will also come under Samaraweera, according to the relevant gazette notification dated March 28, 2018. 

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Latest comments

  • 4

    Again! Stupidity at its best. Both Ranil and Magala are puppets handled by outside elements but Mangala is thousand times worse than Ranil. The way he got the draconian tax bill and the last budget passed is the best example. President didn’t have any say. Mangala’s connection with LTTE diaspora should have been the one to consider not Ranil’s crookedness.

  • 15

    Such interesting times!


    The betrayer betrays again.. Lol!

    Just heard Harin saying on news that’s his relationship with SLFP in yahapalanaya is over and done with ..

    Actually only idiots thought it would last anyway!!

    Bring on the popcorn.. and let’s sit back and enjoy the final tragic scenes of the movie called yahapalanaya!?

  • 8

    Now the next step should be removing Mangala from Finance portfolio and give it to an SLFPer. I wonder whether the President has the guts to do that!

  • 21

    RW, should not even consider stepping down. He should face the NCM. Let this scum do what he could. He is nothing without RW & UNP.

    Why don’t we impeach this disgraceful piece of shit !!

    • 12

      I hope TNA will not sit it out but vote with the UNP. If Ranil faces the NCM and beats it he will be stronger and should proper individuals for portfolios and hold them accountable then people will really see how the corrupt politicians My3 brought through the back door are performing.

    • 14

      Exactly.Traitor of the decade…must impeach him with the support of all.

    • 0

      He is and has been a scum bag of the highest order.

  • 17

    This gon naamba is behaving like a mad donkey who got a “Dali Pihiya” What this uneducated, uncultured, uncivilized, ungrateful double tongue byya is trying to show is that RW is a total failure and divide the UNP. His tactic will not work as UNPer’s will protect UNP party even if they need a change in the leadership which I feel not necessary at the movement. Until leadership is in safe hand RW must lead the party.

  • 18

    This fool is not fooling anyone. He took the SLFP from its leading position to 4th. place in Sri Lanka politics. Now he is grasping for straws will make a deal with anyone to hold unto power.

    He will drill this country to the ground in the next two years.

  • 2

    Agree……..let’s have some popcorn and take a seat…………………..Yahapalanaya was a still born fetus anyway though various groups have been carrying it’s carcass around the country and the world perhaps thinking to fool intelligent observers. India is trying to use TNA again to carry on with the circus.

  • 4

    The elected Presidency have been entrusted vested interest nation sovereignty of by Republic Constitution even, that after 19 Amending of Republic constitution back to normalcy of Central Bank governance’s . …back to Ministry of Finance . That is right decision of President of D…R.. of SL.
In case of what the ever different of political classes and ideas of Parties you belongs it is immaterial to me.
As long as having vested power by People sovereignty that President having every right correct grave mistakes and wrong doing by Primer and UNP govt. in power which that very vital interest of nation.
    The recent grave errors by RW has to be correct by earliest possible date….is not against people interest.
The Primer of UNP-RW by abusing power that are bargaining with President by UNP of Ranil Wickramasinghe and Malik Samarawickram want further continuation of CB misruling of nation administration will leads destabilization political -economic democracy of Island cannot be no longer permitted by President !
    The crux of issue is not a personal matter between UNP-RW and SLFP-MS that is national interest of Central Bank?. And our nation survival .
While ongoing CB bank scam it has created a system of chaos and that Central Bank under by Primer; CB will remain under the more RW and Milk S… that is having sufficient rooms for maneuvering corruptions. As Ranil W… did in past 2015 February 26 the of CB Bond scandal by has lost confidence jointly scandal with ex-governor of CB governor.
Well UNP- Ranil Wicks of Premier is all sources of corruptions . The UNP’s politics are sources of corruptions and frauds are undebatable an issues so-called of “democracy”. That is not the

    • 2

      To Nimal
      Thank you for your sensible comment amidst a heap of junk with vituperative motives.
      It is only some who look at all sides of an object who will b able to understand the true shape.
      According to 19A authored undoubtedly by RW the assignment of subjects to ministries and the power to decide on the composition of the cabinet is a prerogative of the President.
      No doubt this was allowed to RW in good spirit but the mess he created is now beyond obvious.
      So having waited patiently for some sort of self correction exercise to b initiated by RW, President had to step in belatedly though to correct the affairs in the national interest
      Those who slander due to embarrassment should understand that bringing the CBSL to a ministry removing it from the finance ministry has been viewed by those careful observers as a pre planned affair which paved the way to
      Perpetrate a fraud
      To prevent action against it
      Safeguard the rouges
      Facilitate further frauds
      And white wash wrong doers
      All these have now been established
      Therefore removal of the CBSL from RW and moving it back to MOF where it belongs is more than justified
      But not to nincompoops!

  • 4

    he shouldd have done it earlier
    soon after the bond scam
    time to send octogenerian paskaralingam home after giving wrong advice to ranil

  • 6

    the central bank was always under the finance ministry
    ranil took it away from ravi who was the finance minister as the central bank had filed a money laundering case against ravi and the case was pending at the time

    • 1

      That is absolute rubbish.Central bank did not file a money laundering case, it was filed by the AGS Dept and Ravi brought pressure on the AGS Dept and the case was dropped. Ranil took over Finance Ministry to protect the bond thieves. That was obvious.

  • 0

    Central Bank transferred to Mangala, Gazette notification was stopped, transferred again.

    Some one is putting pressure on MS.

  • 1

    Comment by Champa…….
    President is too that late and while postpone decision of transfer of CB to Ministry of Finance done after the several years by all wrong doing and damages to our country by RW of UNP leadership.
    Presidential Commission of CB scam was incomplete& incompetent of the final report which was unable to identity financial crime committed by as Primer -Minster . Hon Ranil Wicks. his allies of
    Dr Malik, Samarwickram and Dr Kabir Husuan of respectively President and Sectary of UNP highest helmsmen of current good governing circlers
    The Ranil Wicks has no accountability claim of engaged of CB Bond scam while by destroy to National economy and monetary policies has been exonerated an inquire of Presidential Commission of CB scam after substantial evidences are recorded by in Parliament Hansard.
    Majority citizens were exhausted of the act taken by MS as President as well as his political behavior during CB bond scam in last three years-2015 that citizens of Sri Lankan were really disappoint .
    Indeed people do not trust & confidence about MS, hence under the suspected that President want covered operation of CB bond scam by taken so-called exhort measures last 3 years since 2015 February 26.
    It was totally failure of President that bring excuses to public to rise his political image for next coming Presidential election 2019 November ..Therefor people are not going give consent of that President of MS to be exempted from CB Bond scam any way. Meanwhile tax payers money looted by UNP-SLFP govt. under the leadership of MS that having key an accountability cannot be exclude. until going before social justice .

  • 6

    Patholaya , go back to the paddy fields , You will even make Mr Bean lough. Your tactics will backfire on you . Didn’t you see what the Rajapaksas did to Sarath Fonseka , they will squeeze your balls if you have any.

    • 4

      You sure this guy got balls?
      One of the main things you are forgetting is that when MR led SLFP, My3 was almost second in command and everyone one of these crooks were involved although Basil and Alles were the front men to cut a deal with Prabakaran in order to grab power.

      • 0

        MY3 probably has more balls than NO-ball RW!

  • 0

    Who is in running the country…. why doesn’t he put under the charge of the Maharaja Organization – another LTTE affiliate . First we need to get a properly educated President only then will the banana republic change for the better.

  • 2

    Burt – you forget, the balls he got belongs to Maharaja . Of LTTE fame …… 2nd order

  • 0

    Remember just after the presidential elections Sirisena telling Ranil, “Please allow me to address you as Sir”. When he met queen she offered hand without gloves to Sirisena, who was thrilled to sky-high for that. This low life fellow is nothing but a back stabbing idiot, soon will land on his own excrement. After the NCM, MR and Gota will take him to cleaners.

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