23 April, 2024


Presidential Commission To Probe Why Hambantota Opening Ceremony Cost Rs. 140 Million

The Presidential Commission appointed by President Maithripala Sirisena will carry out a fresh investigation into the exorbitant costs spent for the opening ceremony of the Hambantota Port in November 2010, which was completed during former President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s term.

MattalaIt is learnt that the organizers have spent a staggering Rs. 140 million of which Rs. 20 million alone had been paid to popular actor Jackson Anthony for the opening ceremony which comprised of various entertainment acts. Anthony had reportedly functioned as the chief organizer of the opening ceremony.

The Presidential Commission of Inquiry to Investigate and Inquire into Serious Acts of Fraud, Corruption and Abuse of Power, State Resources and Privileges (PRECIFAC) has issued a notice to several ex-officials of the Port Authority, including its former chairman Priyath Bandu Wickrema and Jackson Anthony to appear before the Commission to give a statement giving reasons as to why the event cost so much.

The Hambantota Port was developed under two phases, during the first phase the total cost of construction was US $ 501 million, which was jointly funded by Exim Bank of China and the Sri Lanka Ports Authority, while the cost for the phase 2 was estimated at US $ 808 million.

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  • 24

    Another day another revelation and another commission. Number one growth industry in Sri Lanka just behind Grilling’s. Should erect large screens in prominent cities showing the number of new commissions and follow up grilling’s starting up every day plus how many have concluded with a prosecution which would be a big fat ZERO.

    • 9

      This list painstakingly maintained by a commentator may be useful I believe?
      Just 36 !
      The following 36 allegations too should be added, as vital outstanding matters of GG:Kind attention of Hon. Sagala Ratnayaka – Minister of Law & Order

      1) Computer purchases for Mahindodaya labs. in Rs. 5.87 Bil..
      2) Issue of 1000 diplomatic Passports during 9 yrs. of Rule.
      3) 3 PSD Officers: Brig. Capt. & Major in Money Laundering during
      the past Regime
      4) Tourist Board Officials Rs. 5.7 Mil. . transactions
      5) SL Insurance re involvement of a Doc. & ex-Minister
      6) S.E.Corp Rs.4.7 Mil. Transaction
      7) Diary Printing by an ex-Minister Rs. 1.4 mil.
      8) D.A.Rajapakse Museum construction Rs. 91 Mil.
      9) Purchase of Gowers Pvt. Ltd. by a Parliamentarian
      10) 40 luxury vehicles rented by S.Eng.Corp.
      11) Rs. 3117 Mil paid by a Chinese Engineering Co. into 6 Banks A/cs.
      12) Commonwealth Games Trip of 140 persons & exp. of Rs. 358 mil. thereof
      13) Rs. 12,500 mil. found dumped in Temple Trees during Dec.2014/Jan.2015
      14) Prof. S.Wijeyasooriyas allegation re the sale & distribution of 40 Kg.
      Gold, also Siriliya A/c.
      15) Air Force Commanders dealings in the hire of Helicopters to Crain Ltd.
      16) J.C.Weliamuna Committee Rpt. on Lanka Airlines still in the hands of
      the PM of Sri Lanka.
      17) An ex-CJ admitting his lenient or corrupt (?) verdict on “Helping
      Hambantota” Case!
      18) An MR Co-ordinating Secy. holding multiple jobs arrested with 10 Gold
      Biscuits,(1106 gm) by FCID
      19) CICT paid Rs.19.41 mil. to Pushpa Rajapakse Foundation on 21-5-12
      before Cololmbo South Terminal Contract commenced.
      20) JVPs petition filed in Supreme Court re 193 charges against K.P. &
      his assets disposed during MR Regime
      21) Min. Rambukwella`s Rs. 20 Mil. Ex Presidents Fund plus Insurance
      obtained over Med. Treatment in 2012.
      22) illegal renting of Fisheries Harbour by then Minister of Fisheries
      R. Senaratne, under previous Govt.
      23) One man Commission Report by ex- S.C Judge Nimal Dissanayake on
      Elephant Robbery
      24) Rs.372 Mil. Fraud by Diplomat U.Weeratunga in 2006 in MiG purchases
      under Gota then.
      25) White vanning by the past regime: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vgn0k-V31Q0&feature=youtu.be&noredirect=1
      26) Vihanage Rpt. Re Security Forces Headqrts.Bldg. and overpayment of
      Rs.173Mil.by D.Secy.
      27) 11 Dept./Com./Board/State Secretaries (incl.Gota) for corruptions, as detailed hereunder:-http://www.lankaenews.com/news/1423/en
      28) Auditor Gen. Rpt.on SLBFE under Dilan Perera spending Rs.925,309/- on balloons ex-Mattegoda
      29) The real value of Suriyawewa Cricket Stadium estimated at Rs. 852 mn by valuation officers though the previous government claimed to have spent a staggering Rs. 4,500 mln. on the project, says Hon.Ravi K.
      30) Over-valued rice purchases by K.Attapattu of Sathosa and related malpractices.
      31) FCID updates – No.64/15 Basil R. Rs.396 Mil. In 3 Property purchases
      32) FCID No.17/15 Yoshita R in 8 Transaction totalling Rs. 707 Mil.,
      33) FCID 138/15 Namal R in 16 transactions totalling Rs. 347 Mil.,
      34) FCID 82/15 Champika Karunarathna Rs. 5 Mil involving Extortions.
      35) Dr.PB.Jayasundera questioned over an allegation of importing 100,000 metric tons of rice from an Indian Company against the Cabinet Decisions, incurring loss of Rs. 5 billion.
      36) Ministry of Agriculture building rent of Rs. 21 Miln. a mth. and Rs. 402 Mil. sought now for furniture and conversions, owned by Jayasinghe Tours & Transp. with an mishandled Agreement.? Fuller details: http://www.ceylontoday.lk/print20160701CT20161030.php?id=3940
      e.&. o.e

    • 14

      Aney here … please don’t waste any more public money probing why so much public money was spent. We are not going to get it back nor are the perpetrators going behind bars.
      Absolute waste of time and more money.

    • 1

      Why so called Powerful Media men hidden behind Derana, Sirasa have yet failed to have a constructive interviews with those men that abused high sums of people s funds.

      A) Why cant above mentioned Press men interview former minister of finance, secretary to finance, former Central bank governer … revealing all the bits as people – majority of brain men expect them let alone today

      B) Why cant above mentioned press men bring high profile discussions, not just being restricted to SATANA or Wada Pitiya,.. going beyond the margins, why cant bring all transparent programmes.

    • 1

      We love getting more information about all the high criminal handlings but how many of the cases have now been finalized ? Why is that the rulers take that long ? We thought immediately after new Atterney general is appointed, the cases would find its endings wihtint shorter period of time… but why we the citizens cant yet feel it tangibly ? Are we being deceived by all kind of politicians to this date ?
      We have lost almost all the faith kept on the politicians to this date.

      JVPers are fine, but not practical.
      SLFP s are metastasized by all the high criminals
      UNPers of the day – irrespective of various powerful brains as their working forces – still stay on Golubeli move – snail move.

      If the rulers are genuine at least few of the cases filed against SHARKS of the previous regime should be convicted with higher punsihements at least by now. … Unfortuntally we cant see this happening why ?

    • 1

      Jackson anthony the fox held that speech in which MR was lifted to sky – calling him maharaja. Ballige putha should be beheaded to have done that in publicly. I hate the kind of men in lanken society. Even today the bugger is set free… why him to be charged that much of people s fund ? 20 million… as if MR created monies to the nation. He only wasted sums of the people… even today, grass eaters follow him not knowing the gravity of the wound left by MR admin. I believe it is high time cURRENT rulers to expose all these high issues.
      Jackson anthony or others that looted the sums shoudl be hung by their balls… cant wait to see that.

    • 1

      How long the commisson woudl take to prove it ?

      An another year or longer ?

      The kind of issues – if had been the case, Germans, the English or other powrful nations woudl do within few hours .. why cant our counterparts do the job that way ? Say why not in few weeks ?

      Who are they deceiving this way ?

    • 0


      Results of

      MaRa MNaRa ChaTu MaRa
      MaRa MNaRa AmaNa MaRa
      MaRa MNaRa HoRa MaRa
      MaRa MNaRa DhushaNa MaRa

  • 18

    Commission, commission. Stop this nonsense. How many commissions and no action in the past. Who wanted your commissions. We will never change and non of the backboneless Singhalese will stop this wastlands forming commissions and do nothing. It is a curse to our country.

  • 14

    There are so many inquiries into the misdeeds of the previous govt. But so far only the sprats been caught or taken for questioning.Catch the main shark, in anyone of these. So the people will realize that there is some truth behind these allegations.
    So concentrate on one case and produce results than having to investigate a variety of cases. There were over 100 ministers and I’m sure there would be more than 100 cases. Produce one shark and put it behind bars. Then we will see efforts and talks of toppling the govt. will stop or trying to hoodwink the people will stop.
    Same goes with those drugs caught almost on a monthly basis. What is happening to them? Have the authorities burned the drugs? or consumed them or sold them in the open market? Anybody caught? PLEASE EXPLAIN!

    • 1

      Raizuhl LAngai:-
      “There are so many inquiries into the misdeeds of the previous govt. But so far only the sprats been caught or taken for questioning.Catch the main shark, in anyone of these.”

      Have you thought about why the Present Government is delaying Prosecution?

      MR is getting desperate and is organising ‘Paadha Yaatra’ and such like to show that he still has a Vast Following.

      If the Majority of People are still behind the Previous Regime, the present Government will not want to instigate another uprising, which will destroy the Country, totally.

      So the MS/RW Government will soft pedal till they are sure, that the whole country will be behind them when they arrest the Main Offenders!

      • 2

        Its not the people are behind these crooks. Its the money which makes them to have a show to hoodwink all of us. That’s why the need of the hour is to bring at least one big shark into the net. So the need to finish one – not hundred plus case to be finished with clear evidence ASAP.
        Otherwise by the time the govt. waits for all to be foolproof MR will buy most of our “Honest Politicians” with his billions.
        Then its too late. And we will be also singing JAYAWEWA” for him.

  • 6

    Not only that, Rajakaha had that marvellous Elephant killed to obtain its tusks to make an offering to some deity to get protection against his bad karma. He also robbed several hauls of ancient nidhana including that of Yaagoda nidhana where a contingent of army had been stationed there after during and after theft. These crimes too must be investigated and facts revealed roguish nature of Rajapakshas.

  • 12

    The man in charge of Rs. 140 Million Cost of Hambantota Opening Ceremony was in the South Korean Seol Zoo yesterday.

    Has he been caged with the accompanying goons there. They will be fine display for visitors.The Zoo could make lots of money as loads of visitors from all over the world will visit to enjoy their monkey tricks.

    GL Peiris must be given a special cage as is tricks will be unique for the visitors.

    Mahinda’s cage of course will receive much attraction as he will do his daily natumas and people even may think HITLER look alike is caged for a fine display.

    • 0

      You [Edited out]is alive because of the man who was in South Korean Seoul Zoo. In broad day light Arjun and his SIL robbed billions. Put Arjun behind bars and show to people that government is taking action against those who rob public money. Instead of doing that, rumor is that Batalanda is going to give him another position because if he goes back to Singapore he is nothing there.

  • 1

    Such extravagance. No wonder some brats of the previous regime had nice flashy cars, and went on huge shopping sprees abroad, so that they can wear designer duds.

  • 2

    Sueting and Marting entertainment presents another hoax. Add to this the Golden Horses, the Helicopters and the Lamborghinies. The problem for the Diaspora hooray boys is that the Pada Yathra has shaken Bodhi Sira to the core. He has realized suddenly he has no way to go. He will be Sarath Fonseka Part II in Sri Lankan history. All he can now do is just wait until the the momentum picks up and his Hansaya gets blown away in the wind.

  • 4

    MR and crowd must be having a hearty laugh… they know nothing will happen and all these commissions are only eye wash to cheat the people who want substantial action against the culprits who were chased out of power.all these will encourage the unlawful elements in the country.that is the reason why now podubala sena is rising again.

  • 2

    Another of those innumerable commissions! Kshali Pinto Jayawardena has written extensively on these commissions.
    The quickest way is to take Rajapakse on a white van drive;He will spill the beans!

  • 2

    A number of the present GoSL ministers were in the cabinet of the former GoSL – example Maithripala, Champika, Rajitha. Obviously they were in the dark when the alleged misdeeds happened. They must present submissions as to how cabinet meetings were conducted. Will they? Most likely not….

  • 5

    What people cannot stomach is that this govt. has deceived the people on the promises they swore to come into power. People sincerely expect
    -ed the current govt. to eradicate corruption, political thuggery and
    nepotism, which were the main causes for the people to have got disgust
    -ed with the previous regime and elected this Govt. and they could have cleansed the mess within six months of their acceptance of power by organising a special tribunal like in Hague, as there was enough evidence for an immediate inquiry, to try those indicted for crimes done against humanity and got rid of the undesirables in the adminis
    -tration and by now they could have achieved some progress, with all International community supporting them for the 1st time. People now do not buy their bluff any more in their saying that slow working of the AG’s office and judiciary is the cause for delays in prosecuting the culprits who plundered the treasury and made the country a pauper
    They turned their backs on the people and started supporting their own kind in the opposite camp by delaying the process,by calling for inquiries, commissions, arrests with bail outs arranged, and none charged in the courts so far even though the FCID has completed cases of high profiled cases, long time back, and probably awaiting the approval of the political body, who will decide as to who & who should be charged and who, not to be charged and as a kick in the back on the people, who voted for this govt.,the very same people indicted for crimes are in the same old business of embezzlement of money. property,
    and involved in political thuggery , openly & unabated, regardless of their predicament. This shows the weakness of the govt. against the opposition forces.How much of people’s money is spent on this unpro-
    ductive process is the question on every body’a lips.

    The President of Turkey appealed to his people to come out to the streets to save the country from an armed coup and he succeeded and likewise, the President and the PM should come forward to the people
    and explain their difficulties they are facing. They should, instead
    of roaming the Globe on flimsy excuses, stay on ground & explain to the people ,the necessity to introduce VAT and other people friendly
    projects at some cost to the people as Jnt.opposition brain washed them against VAT although they know very well that a country cannot be run without collecting taxes from the people and at the same time the Govt. should also show proof to the people that they too are cutting down on extravaganzas and high spending, unlike the previous regime and what austerity measures they have introduced to gather support for taxing the people.
    For E.G, the Govt. has planned to dump extra billions to develop Ham
    -bantota area to grab power from MR while there are other provinces
    which have reached poverty lines. Is the Govt. not satisfied with the colossal amount of money spent by MR in this area, consisting of two white elephants,like the Airport & the Cricket stadium .Petty political
    rivalries should not cause extra govt.spending and convince the people that they are on the right path for recovery to make Sri Lanka great again. The govt. should be careful that people are now politically educated and their bluffs could boomerang in fast speed and change
    the tide if they do not look out for danger.

    • 3

      The former Chief Justice has publicly apologized saying that the Helping Hambantota judgement, which he presided over and which protected that thief from conviction and ultimately jail, was the biggest mistake in his entire life. What right does this man have to speak of the people’s development and the country’s development? His achievements and energy over the last Ten years have been spent only on own his family’s development and enrichment.

      Mahinda directly or indirectly bribed most of the actors and actresses and Jacko is the main point man of Mahinda.

      FCID has become a big Joke and the head of FCID is a good buddy of Gota. Believe me none of the Rajapaksas will serve Jail time just arresting and bailing is to fool the masses.

      Need to see these fraudsters at the welikada in Jumpers.

      Will this happen??????????????????.

  • 4

    Jackson Anthony was allowed to charge a huge amount on THE decorations/ entertainment! In return, he (Jacky) distorted history by making MR a descendent of Dutugemunu who in turn was supposedly related to Lord Buddha!! What a despicable man!! Just like MR! Interesting to realise Dr. MARVIN is RELATED TO MR!@@ Is MR also a Hewakopera…???!!!!
    How can a Catholic a so called historian be allowed to disgrace Buddha and Dutugemunu?

  • 1

    govt spends what Maids in the middle east earn and serve the country by fooling voters.

  • 0

    It is not enough asking these crooks why the event cost Rs.140 Million. The organisers should be asked for a detailed account, scrutinised and asked to refund the excess paid. When the UK Health Authorities discovered the high cost of medicines, they asked the manufacturers to provide detailed cost breakdowns and costs such as unrelated Research & Development costs and excessive profits were disallowed and a significant portion of their bill was refunded.

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