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President’s International Media Point Man Speechless On Nepotism Charge

Harindra B. Dassanayake, President Maithripala Sirisena’s spokesperson with respect to international media refused to respond to questions put to him regarding the President’s daughter Chathurika Srisena arrogating her father’s powers as well as the charge that this was a case of nepotism and abuse of authority.

Colombo Telegraph wrote to Dassanayake on the 8th of September seeking clarification on the President’s daughter getting state officials to accompany her on a supposedly fact-finding mission. She clearly stated that she had deliberately brought officials so that the problems of the people could be attended to.

Since there was no response from Dassanayake, a reminder was sent on the 10th of September to which he replied as follows: “was away from office. Will get back to you tomorrow. delay regretted.”

As there was no communication, Colombo Telegraph once again wrote to Dassanayake yesterday. The following was his response;

“Of course you need an answer. However, in my official capacity, I represent the President and therefore, I am not in a position to give you the answer you need.

Best Regards


This is an issue that directly concerns President Maithripala Sirisena and therefore Colombo Telegraph is at a loss to understand how Dassanayake, even as he admits that he represents the President, believes that for this very reason he is ‘not in a position to answer’.

Meanwhile when Colombo Telegraph contacted the President’s Deputy Director Media Sunil Jayasekara to clarify if Chathurika has been given a portfolio in her daddy’s government, he said that as far as he knows she holds no governmental position.

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