22 May, 2024


President’s Website Hackers Remanded

The two suspects believed to be involved in the hacking of the official website of President Maithripala Sirisena was ordered to be remanded till September 2.

The court ordered the 17 year old suspect who had obtained 9 A grades for his Ordinary Level examination to be detained in a children’s home.

The suspects, the teenager from Kadugannawa and a 26 year old man from Moratuwa was arrested by the CID over their alleged involvement in hacking the President’s official website on Thursday and Friday.


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    “The two suspects believed to be involved in the hacking of the official website of President Maithripala Sirisena was ordered to be remanded till September 2.”

    In the mean time powerful crooks get bail.

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      If I were elected president to the nation, first thing I woudl have done is to work for law and order. Laws are there, but mechanisms are poor not strengthenig the hand of law enforcement authorities. Had he done that as the first step, also not underestimating the allegations leveled as MR et al, nothing woudl have risen to this level.

      Today, the current DUO s actons are not considered as serious looking at thier snail moves.

      We need the kind of milltary leaders to teach everyone a lession. No european style democracies can be applicable to a nation whose majorities are proved culprits. Some own degrees from Haward still remain as high criminals or their supporters. Media men should be subjected to code of ethics as it the case in Germany.
      Today, I happend to watch the degree of punishments that a LKW driver woudl have to go through, if the laws are not repsected.
      They the drivers will be banned to drive any further until 6 months. Even after 6 months they will have to go through new driving traning incl psyco tests. This is common to anyone regardless of the family background they come from.

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        Don Juan Appuhamy

        In essence, you prefer a dictatorship to a thriving democracy.

        I suggest you settle down in North Korea and strengthen their brand of communism.

        Next thing you want the state is to regulate our love life, lovemaking, when to make love, child making, how to cuddle, how to kiss when to sleep, what to eat, what to think, what to read, how to pray, …… show to the world how happy we are under state control.

        Maybe it’s a good idea, not for me.

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      give them bail and allow them to study further in web techniques and keep them under watch and get advice on IT for positive results,. i did warn president office few months back that there are vulnerabilities and safety issues in official website,. but no action on improving the security and standard of official sites,. i see few talent in those boys.

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    Police were quick to arrest the 17 year old and 26 year old suspects in this case, but are still unable to put away the Rajapaksa family for their many large scale crimes!!! Small time criminals get caught fast! Funny how the big criminals are still free!?

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      “Small time criminals get caught fast! Funny how the big criminals are still free!”

      During MR’s misrule, a girl aged 16 was sentenced to 3 months imprisonment for theft of a coconut.

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        Native Vedda

        You cannot blame everything on to Rajapakse. Certainly he was a nasty ruler who abused his power.

        Just because one slips in his toilet, cannot blame Rajapakse for it. I am sure MR did not influence the judge to sentence the girl but it was the sole decision of the judge and he should be blamed for it!

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          They say fish rots from its head.

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    These are two young people. One is just 17. Because of politics, it is the president, now they wreck these two people.

    Why they were not admitted to the paying ward of the private hospital ?

    PArliament has worst thieves than this.

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      PArliament has worst thieves than this. Just becase you guys allow them to get elected, your passiveness and total ignorance allowed them to lead us the minority folks with anti corrupted stances.
      So long you guys support Join bunch of thugs led by Meeharaka Rajakashe, this countriy will never move forward to turning to civlized folks.

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        I think in the war weakened situation, peoples mind sets were no clear enough who would be fit better to lead the nation. In that way only, MR came to power. To that time even, there had been significant fractions that went against MR and his entire political behavoiurs looking at the perofrmamcnes over the years.

        He had been a rebel nature, no second to those days JVPers.

        But time to time, he has changed his nature – as any other leaders coming from poor academic background he too displayed innablities in promoting better systems.

        No any leaders prior ot him have ever introduced low qualified candidates to run foreign offices. Under CBK, external affairs run by LATE Mr Kadirgamara was able to handle it as no other, getting LTTERs banned anywhere in developed world… he was the best example to have done his best job.

        But even if Rajakashe apploogists further remain saying the powerful tactics of Rajakapshhe.. but fo rme any the ones who knews, his external affairs was the worst… not knowing how to go forward.. how to get on with them well. Except few allies in africa, he had nobody by the time he was defeated lately.

        Today again, like EUROPEAN spring start, all powerful developed countries to welcome the current duo of thenation, they should have done a lot to get attract… That is why we have to respect current president and PM.

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    Native Vedda: “In the meantime powerful crooks get bail”. Also they get permission from Courts to travel abroad, even though banned with the passports been confiscated. Also one court refuses bail but still a “Higher Court” orders the lower court to grant bail. Still some others get restrain orders from impending arrests. This is really becoming a “Booru Divayina”. Enjoy the “Drama” and the “Circus”.

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    “Also one court refuses bail but still a “Higher Court” orders the lower court to grant bail. Still some others get restrain orders from impending arrests.”

    So are you saying that this country is being run by a network of crooks?

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    Native Vedda; YES…YES….YES.. it is being run by “CROOKS”,”CRIMINALS”, “THUGS” (all bonded in friendship as Politicians) and their “God Father”; popularly introduced and named “APPACHCI” to the village folks. I heard this “APPACHCHI” (father) boldly printed in banners and shouting by those participated in the recent “Paadada” (sorry “Paada”) Yathra” march from Kandy to Colombo.

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    The boys have done something wrong. Somewhat serious. But Justice demands that this should not be a case of remanding. Maximum a good thrashing by the parents. If I were the big man I would shake hands with them understand what went wrong with my website and offer them a scholarship to study the subject well and make them good cyber security engineers. Make use of the fellows. Don’t make them hard boiled criminals by mixing them with some in the prison.

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    So many websites spewing out Racism out there on the Internet. No action on them!!!!! But this one the Police is on SUPER HIGH SPEED ACTION.

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