7 December, 2023


Proposal For New Constitution: Kandy Forum’s Submission

The Kandy Forum has submitted the following proposal to the Public representation Committee on Constitutional Reforms:

Constitutional Solution for Territorial and Non-territorial Ethnic Minorities Some Proposals for Constitutional Reform

We, the members of the Kandy forum, a research and advocacy group focused on the areas of national unity, co-existence, religious tolerance and social integration, welcome the Government’s proposal for constitutional reform that would fulfill their commitment to the people to promote post war reconciliation, ethnic harmony and power sharing and also to build Sri Lanka as a united plural society, thereby preventing further conflicts and war taking place in the future.

We wish to submit the following proposals toward the making of the new constitution in order to meaningfully achieve the objectives of constitutional reform.

1. Power sharing at the regional level

Power sharing has come to be understood in terms of ethnicity and territoriality. Power sharing at the regional level is a demand put forward by the Sri Lankan Tamil nationalists from the early period of independence in the face of deeply felt grievances as regards discrimination, and Sinhala majoritarianism, which led to repeated ethnic violence and thirty years of war and destruction in this country.

With Indian Intervention materializing in the Indo Lanka Accord of 1987 and the 13th amendment of the constitution, the Provincial Council system was introduced with the conditional merger of the North and East. The people of the Eastern Province were not consulted about this decision to merge the north and the east. However, the Supreme Court demerged the provinces in 2006, and at present we have separate Provincial Councils with limited powers in operation, less than what was proposed in the 13th amendment.

The current moment is an opportunity to reflect on regional autonomy and to enable the establishment of autonomous regional or provincial councils which are beneficial not only to the Tamils of the North and East but also to the people living in the other parts of the country who need power sharing and decentralization.

Therefore, the Kandy Forum proposes that the existing Provincial Council system shall be retained and that more powers be devolved to the Provinces, curtailing the powers of the Provincial Governors.

2. The Eastern Province

Re-merging the Northern and Eastern Provinces should be ruled out, as it is not a pragmatic demand given that the Muslims and Sinhalese and also some section of the Sri Lankan Tamils in the Eastern Province do not want to re-merge the two Provinces. Further, it should be taken into consideration that, the Tamils in the Eastern Province are a minority consisting only 39.79 % of the total population of the Province.

We are of the opinion that the demand for a noncontiguous separate Muslim Province in the East is politically and pragmatically not suitable to the needs of the community and that it further complicates the existing ethnic problem; therefore, we strongly oppose the idea of setting up a separate province for Muslims.

The Eastern Province could be a model for co-existence of communities in Sri Lanka. It is the only Province in Sri Lanka that has a near equal ethnic balance, where the Tamils constitute 39.79%, Muslims constitute 36.72% and the Sinhalese constitute 23.15%. It is an ideal situation for the evolution of a model for ethnic pluralism, good governance and peaceful coexistence and this province could be equipped with special constitutional provisions to strengthen inter-ethnic relationships within and between other regions.

3. Non-Territorial Minorities

Since mainstream thinking is focused only on the Tamil national question in the North and East, the equally important case of non-territorial minorities in Sri Lanka, who form the larger portion of ethnic minorities in the country, is not considered by any politician, academic or civil society in the country.

Even if maximum power is devolved at the Provincial level, it will not resolve the ethnic minority issues once and for all in this country, since a large majority of the total Tamil speaking minorities, more than 55%, are non-territorial minorities living outside the North and East as thinly scattered communities in all the other Provinces and Districts. These minorities include nearly 1/3 of the Sri Lankan Tamils, 99% of the Tamils of Indian origin and more than 2/3 of the Sri Lankan Muslims. These are the most vulnerable groups that had been severely affected by ethnic violence from time to time in the past and also constrained by increasing Sinhalization of administration.

Regional power sharing would not cater to the political needs and the socio cultural and economic security of this large number of non-territorial ethnic minorities of this country. Specific constitutional provisions and an institutional setup should be provided to guarantee the rights of these non-territorial minorities.

Therefore, we propose that the new constitution should guarantee:

  • Their proportional representation in the parliament, Provincial Councils and Local Bodies by appointed membership, if it is not possible by elected membership.
  • To exercise fully their language rights, to practice their religion and culture without any fear, threat and hindrance.
  • The opportunity to receive education in their mother tongue, to freely engage in economic and livelihood activities and to get employment in the Government, semi-government and private sectors without any kind of discrimination.
  • We hereby propose the establishment of an Independent Commission of Social Equality to look after the interests of minorities, and help prevent and rectify any kind of ethnic, religious, cultural and linguistic discrimination.

4. There are other smaller ethnic and cultural minorities like Burghers, Malays and a number of others who are also non-territorial minorities. As Sri Lankan citizens, their individual and group rights should also be protected by the constitution

5. The new constitution must recognize the multi ethnic, multi religious and multi lingual character of Sri Lanka and should guarantee the equal rights of her citizens despite their ethnicity, caste, gender, religion and language.

6. The executive presidential system should be abolished and executive power shall be vested in the Parliament. The last 35 years of our experience under the executive presidential system tells us that a fascist regime can emerge using the same democratic process under this system and seriously undermine the functioning of democracy in the country.

7. As the constitution is the supreme law of the country, legislative and executive power of the Parliament should be governed and controlled by the constitution in order to prevent the Parliament from enacting and implementing any act or legislation that adversely affects the fundamental rights of the people in general and the rights of the minorities in particular.

On behalf of Kandy Forum

Signed by

Prof. M.A.Nuhman, Mr. J.M.Niwas, Prof. S.H.Hasbullah Prof. M.A.M.Sitheeque , Mr.M.M.Niyaz, Prof. M.S.M.Anes,

Dr. A.L.M. Mahroof, Dr.A.S.M.Nawfhal, Dr. M.Z.M.Nafeel, Mr. A.J.M.Mubarak, Mr. U.M.Fazil

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Latest comments

  • 3

    The Kandy Forum

    RE:Proposal For New Constitution: Kandy Forum’s Submission

    “Constitutional Solution for Territorial and Non-territorial Ethnic Minorities Some Proposals for Constitutional Reform”

    All these are good proposals toward nation building.

    However, will there be a constitutional proposal to save the Nation from the Idiots, Fools, Bribe Takers, Racists, Rapists, and some kind of threshold to keep them out?

    1. Minimum IQ 100?

    2. Must have passed GCE OL in at least 5 subjects with at least 3 Credits.

    3. GMAT score that is above for the National Average

    4. Term Limits for Ministries.

    5. Add yours to the list…

    • 2

      all the citizens are equal before law. it’s discriminating to set qualifications to contest in elections.

      there’s no guarantee that educated aren’t corrupt
      look at the big names and their titles we have in (corrupts) lists

      after all voters enjoy the right to vote as they like so respect voters decision

      On majority minority issue – we have a wrong approach towards this.instead of highlighting differences we can highlight similarities and shed differences. it’s sad that Tamil and Muslim brothers/friends have failed in this regard

      • 1


        “all the citizens are equal before law. it’s discriminating to set qualifications to contest in elections.”

        Agree but should be disclosed. When a women or man runs people know that the candidate is a woman or man. If they are Sinhala, Tamil, Muslim, Burger, Christian, Hindu etc, the voter needs to know.

        Similarly, they need to know the qualifications of the candidate and his intelligence level.

        So with full disclosure, the more effective candidates will be elected in a in an “evolutionary” process.

        Do they want a less intelligent Sinhala, or an intelligent and effective Burger or a Tamil, and vice versa.

        • 1


          sad, you seem to be bit racial; why should we know whether a candidate is Sinhala, Tamil, Muslim or any other.(however we can guess through their names or directly question them after nominations but it’s important only for racial people).

          generally media reveal candidates profile so no need to make an extra effort for that.

          and vice versa; people don’t want less intelligent Tamil, Muslim or less effective any other.
          finally it’s good to mention that respect voters decision,

          • 1


            “sad, you seem to be bit racial”

            No I am not. It is a question of full disclosure, so that the mind of the voter can be read.

            The voter needs to know what the voter is voting for.

            Those racist voters, will always vote for racists, their own racists. However, they are there but with less impact, and will prevent them claiming that the candidate did not disclose his race, religion, ideology, gender etc. It is very interesting to see how the voters perceive Hillary Clinton, Obama, and John McCaine. Please read, to Kill a Mockingbird, to undersea the issue I am bringing up here.

            When voters voters voted for the Communist Party or the earlier LSSP, the were voting for a particular ideology, not race,not religion or sex.

            However, the religions voters, gender-based voters,will also vote to their own “kind”, perhaps less so than the racist voters. By full disclose, the voting will indicate the preference of the voters.
            President Obama was elected in 2008. He would ever have been elected in 1968.

            The advantage of competence based voting, with fill disclosure, will make the racist voter twice before he votes for the less intelligent candidate, irrespective of race, religion, ethnicity, or sex.

            In the US for 2008 Presidential Election it s likely to be between a women, Hillary Clinton and a man, likely Donald Trump, the capitalist. Many think that Trump is a bigot and racist, and those voters have voted for him in the Primaries, and will vote for him again.

            • 1


              no i’m not. it’s a question of full disclosure

              as a matter of fact, it’s there in our country.if it’s not there it’s an issue with media.
              however voters must be able to deal with exaggerations as it’s common in any part of the world

              when racialism is an issue in a country there’s a tendency for voters to decide on racist lines. it’s our duty to minimize it and the best thing our minority can do these days is discouraging the UNHCR involving in our internal problems.
              sad things may have happened from both parties but we have to reconcile now.
              finally, please let me tell you again that you are bit racial and you made an effort to mask it.
              thank you.

  • 6

    No Eelaam or Wahabi Land according to Kandy Forum..This is a good sign.

    Wonder whether Kirra is a member there..

    • 3

      KASmaalam KA Sumanasekera

      Don’t you think this “Proposal For New Constitution” is the hard work or the handiwork of a forum from a far far far away Islamic Republic of Kattankudy?

      • 2

        Dear Native,

        I am disappointed .

        Are you also getting Batalanada Ranil’s old decease where he got mixed up with Killinochchiya and Medavatchiya…

        BTW , Batalanada’s old mate Fonny Marshall seems to be so happy addressing the Yaha[alana Parliament.

        Did you see how he said ” Bring it on ” about your Hubrid judges and White Court.

        or is it Vise Versa?..

  • 4

    At last a rear breed of sensible Muslims.

    • 3

      Are you insane?

  • 7

    This is not the Kandy Forum; it is the Kandy Muslims’ Forum!

  • 5

    There are only Sri Lankans in Sri Lanka!

  • 6

    The coming together of intellectuals in the Kandy area as a group to express their views on important issues is welcome at this time when National Census is absolutely essential. But for this group to gain validity and acceptance the Forum should represent the plurality of the Kandyan District – Sinhalese, Tamils, Burghers and others.

    I wish the Forum strength, useful service and long life.


    • 2


      The forum is talking bull when it say

      “Re-merging the Northern and Eastern Provinces should be ruled out, as it is not a pragmatic demand given that the Muslims and Sinhalese and also some section of the Sri Lankan Tamils in the Eastern Province do not want to re-merge the two Provinces.”

      Forum has this deterministic political model that it has already decided the outcome that no one has control over. The decision to re-merge North and East should be best left to the people who call North and East their respective habitat.

      The people who live in North and East should be given an opportunity to exercise their democratic right in a referendum to decide what they really believe and where they want to live and prosper.

      If North and East vote to live in merged province so be it.

      A Tamil forum from Ratnapura should categorically state that some section of Northern Tamils do not want to re-merge the two Provinces.

      Therefore a referendum in North and East is the only way the re-merge/merge debate can be brought to closure and not by any Tom, Dick and Harry of the Kandy Forum.

      “However, the Supreme Court demerged the provinces in 2006”

      The Forum is unaware of the fact that the Supreme Court headed by Chief Justice Sarath De Silva refused to hear any argument in support of merger.

      If Forum believes in “The Eastern Province could be a model for co-existence of communities in Sri Lanka”, given that Tamils in Eastern province constitute 39.79 % making them a minority which the forum is happy to acknowledge, then one wonders what stop the rest of the 60.21% living with the enlarged territory and additional people?

      By the way the Forum is focused on the areas of national unity, co-existence, religious tolerance and social integration.

      • 3

        Native Vedda

        I always enjoy your comments and I consider them always to the point. However I beg to disagree on one point you have made here that people who call North and East as their habitat should decide through a referendum to merge or not. It is evident that it is the NP which demands the merger of the EP with it. Natural justice therefore demands that the people whose province is to be merged namely EP and only them who should decide to merge or not.The referendum must be held only in the EP. Even the Indo-SL pact of JRJ and Rajiv Gandhi stipulated a referendum only in the East. If NP is also allowed a referendum the outcome would be a forgone conclusion.

      • 2

        The Sinhalese are not indigenous to the east. Were only settled there illegally using government force from the 1950s. These Sinhalese settlers who were settled in the province illegally by various Sri Lankan governments on ethnically cleansed Tamil lands in the east should not have a say in this referendum, only the Tamils who are the real and indigenous owners of the east and the Indian origin Tamil Muslims refugee immigrants who came and settled there seeking asylum a few centuries ago, are the only ones who should be allowed to take part in this referendum.
        Most of these Sinhalese settlers have only been in the east around 40 years brought in using government force and settled on ethnically cleansed Tamil lands. The government also merged Sinhalese majority areas from the Uva province with the Amparai area in the southern parts of the east to create a Sinhalese majority area. They then took out many border Tamil villages from Batticaloa and made them part of the Polonarruwa district. This was done deliberately in order to change the demography of the east to make the Tamils a minority in their own land and to prevent the formation of a future Tamil North East province, as the Muslims by them selves could not have prevented this.
        You cannot come here illegally around a few decades ago and then decide on the fate and future of the Tamils of the east who are the real owners of the land. How would the Kandyan Sinhalese like if the Indian origin Tamils and the Tamils Muslims in their areas gang up together to deny them their lands.
        Oh but all racist Sinhalese governments used their power since Independence,to avoid this by deliberately making most of the Indian origin Tamils who had lived in the Central parts of the island for around 150 years stateless and forcibly deported them back to India. However in the Tamil east and north, especially in the east,they adopted another tactic. deliberately settling hundreds of thousands of Sinhalese illegally, in order to marginalise the Tamils and make them a voiceless minority in their own lands, especially in the east, with the help of Muslims. On the other hand in the Tamil areas it was the opposite they wanted to marginalise the indigenous Eelam Tamils of the north and east, so illegally settled Sinhalese in their areas, especially in the east and with the help of the Muslims of the east want to marginalise the Tamils and steal their lands.
        The multicultural central province is Sinhalese land but the east where the Tamils were the majority until the 1950s is not Tamil land but everyone’s land due to large scale state sponsored illegal Sinhalese settlement.
        They wanted to protect the Kandyans so marginalised the Indian origin Tamils and made most of them stateless and chased them away, after living in the island for 150 years. On Who are these people from Kandy to decide on the fate of the Tamil east?

  • 5

    What a racist and a separatist post hidden behind a so called co existence. I am not going to point out the historical inaccuracies of the article.

    Lets think what he is talking about.

    1. He says power devolution is the way to deal with minority issues. Is that so? Has the whole world goes on with power devolution to solve so called minority issues? Minority issues are not dealt with power devolution. If any minority issues are there they can be solved with out any power devolution. The reality is there is no minority issue. What these minority people think of as minority issue is lack of devolution of power. Devolved power is not a minority right. Got that?

    2. NE Tamils do not ask for devolution because they are minority, they ask for devolution because they think NE is their homeland ( no matter how untrue their claims are). That is the basis of the devolution they ask for. Therefore it is never related to the SL Muslims or Indian origin estate tamils.

    3. What are these minority issues the muslims face in SL? Muslims have the priviledge to destroy and steal any historical buddhist place in SL. when they are pushed back or countered they cry victim. Kuragala, Muhudu maha viharaya, devanagala and now Kirinda too. And these people cry victim

    4. SL is the homeland of Sinhala people , no any community can have that claim on SL.

    5. Do other countries give devolution to so called minorities? Do indian labour who were taken by the British in other countries have special powers?

    This letter is not only racist but outright ridiculous.

    • 0

      “Has the whole world goes on with power devolution to solve so called minority issues?”

      This is not just a minority, it is a territorial minority, a minority with a separate territory.

  • 4

    This is a threat to SL’s integrity and its existence. But will create more and more racial problems

  • 4

    If these muslims and tamils cannot live among Sinhalese, they cannot leave these areas and go to NE

  • 4

    5. The new constitution must recognize the multi ethnic, multi religious and multi lingual character of Sri Lanka and should guarantee the equal rights of her citizens despite their ethnicity, caste, gender, religion and language.///

    where has SL’s current constitution violated this?

    • 0

      “where has SL’s current constitution violated this?”

      Giving foremost place to Buddhism is a gross violation. Where is the equal rights to all religions in the SL’s current constitution?

  • 0

    The Kandy Forus proposals are interesting.
    Sach is a downright Sinhala racist.

  • 5

    sachooooooooooooooooo the stupid II

    “where has SL’s current constitution violated this?”

    To start with read the


    9. The Republic of Sri Lanka shall give to Buddhism the foremost place and accordingly it shall be the duty of the State to protect and foster the Buddha Sasana, while assuring to all religions the rights granted by Articles 10 and 14(1)(e).

    What is the difference between you and a knife?

  • 3

    This prof Hasbullah was Anti-sinhala and pro-LTTE or pro-Tamil.

    Now, his tune is different.

  • 3

    Someone please propose against noise pollution done by religious places and events, so called musical shows, modified vehicle silencers and the horrible nuisance of choon pan sellers on three wheels.

  • 3

    Country have a constitution and cultural heritage. Cultural heritage define the countries race and its history.
    Sinhalese were in the Island with more than 4000 year history well before the Buddhism. As a intelligent race it embrace Buddhism and brought cultural values for last 2600 yrs as Sinhalese Buddhist.
    If any Thambi or Kallathoni have a problem then they can choose a other country other than SL. Period.
    God is invented by control freaks and dishonest lot to control humanity and also push them down and as such we Sinhalese Buddhist are proud of our heritage and religion since we do not believe in False Gods. You have to be a freking idiot to believe , there is a such a person as a God.

    Some mention here about plebiscite only to North and East to decide for the merger.
    Only idiot or stupid indian will push for that agenda since SL is a Unitary country and AS SUCH, plebiscite should decide by the whole country .

    • 2

      A people called the Sinhalese and the Sinhalese language only came into existence from around the 8th century AD the earliest. So how can Sinhalese exist in the island for the past 4000 years ? As what birds trees or as some log or as undersized sperm and eggs in some ancient human? So you admit the Mahavamsa fairy tale about Prince Vijaya is a myth?
      Humans existed in the island for more than 14000 years but they were not Sinhalese. The descendants of some of them may be modern Sinhalese but this does not mean they were Sinhalese. The Sinhalese are largely descended from indigenous and immigrant Indian Tamils(ancient medieval and recent) as well as other tribes and from a small number of influential Prakrit speaking immigrants from some part of India.
      The island is not the sole heritage and land of the Sinhalese. Old Sinhalese and Elu the semi Tamil indigenous dialect spoken in the island during prehistoric times, were far closer to Tamil than modern Sinhalese. Even the vocabulary of modern Sinhalese,is around 40% Tamil.
      Large parts of the island was only inhabited by the Tamils from ancient times. The Sinhalese were only found in the central western and southern parts of the island. They never had a peep in the north or east of the island until the British united the entire island in 1833 and gave it to the Sinhalese on a platter in 1948. Statistics as at 1948 show that Sinhalese were less than 1% in the north and around 4% the most in the east. The Tamils were the outright majority in the east in all the districts. So did the Sinhalese population increase from less than 4% to 23% in the east, within 50 years of independence and the Tamils from an outright majority to a marginalised minority of 40% during the same period? The answer is large scale killing and ethnic cleansing of Tamils in the east at the same time large scale state sponsored illegal settlement of hundreds of thousands of Sinhalese from the south in these ethnically cleansed Tamil lands in the east. Look at the maps of the east and north as at 1948 every village town river hill nook and cranny has a Tamil name. Now many of these name places have been changed to Sinhalese in the modern maps. Pattipalai to Galoya Kantalai to Kantale Padavi Kulam to Padaviya the most recent Manal Aru to Weli Oya. Aruvi Aru to Malwathu Oya. The list goes on. Ancient Tamil Buddhist and now even Hindu sites are now being claimed as Sinhalese like the seven hot well in Trincomallee, with fake trumped up stories and Buddha statues deliberately being buried by the Archaeological department and then dug up.
      The Island for most of its history was ruled by Tamil dynasties, this is the reason none of the ancient kings and queens ever called or identified themselves Aryan or Sinhalese,as they were neither. They were Buddhist or Hindus from largely powerful Tamil dynasties from India.
      Until European colonisation, the Tamil areas were ruled by Tamil kings and chiefs. When the European colonials arrived the entire island was ruled by Tamil dynasties. The one in Jaffna openly Tamil the other two Kotte and Kandy nominally Sinhalese but ruled by Tamil dynasties. Get your facts correct.
      The Sri Lankan Muslims definitely are not indigenous but are Dravidian immigrants from South India. If there is any Arab in them it is very little and very distant. This is the reason they have no real love for the land and will not lay down their lives for it but are cunningly trying to use the historic hatred the Sinhalese have for the island’s Tamils and the marginalization of the island’s Tamils to their advantage to steal their lands. Strange over 70% of them live in the Sinhalese areas but they only claim exclusive Muslim areas only in the Tamil areas, as they feel they are weak and they can get away stealing Tamil lands with the help of the Sinhalese. As they have correctly identified the Sinhalese hatred for the island’s Tamils and their hunger to destroy them, is far greater than the Sinhalese hatred and disdain for the Muslim. Despite being ethnically Tamil and still speaking Tamil as their mother tongue. They will never acknowledge their Dravidian Tamil heritage and will go to any length to deny this, such as claiming a fake Arab/Moorish origin and will do everything in their power to destroy the Tamil language culture heritage. Most of them have stopped practising their ancient Tamil form of very tolerant Sufi Islam, the Tamil culture, Tamil Muslim names and dress forms and have become like some pathetic pale imitation of the Gulf Arabs in dress culture name and have started to practise the extremist intolerant fundamentalist Wahhabi form of Islam from the Arabian gulf. In the Sinhalese south they are still a bit afraid to show this openly but go to the east this sort of behaviour is now being openly displayed and encouraged upon. Thanks to the Sinhalese they now feel very powerful in the east and are openly stating that this is their land and not the land of the Tamils. Came as refugees seeking asylum a few centuries ago and now trying to steal the land of the people who gave them refuge as fellow Tamils.
      The indigenous Tamils from the north and east have the same right to their land as the Sinhalese to the rest. The Sinhalese have no right to any land in the north and east. Using the might of the racist Sinhalese government and armed forces to settle hundreds of thousands of Sinhalese illegal on ethnically cleansed Tamil lands in the east in the past 50 years does not give the Sinhalese any rights in these lands. If they have the rights to these Tamil lands then the Indian origin Tamils who have lived in the central province for the past 200 years and are the majority in Nuwara Eliya Hatton and large parts of Kandy should claim large parts of central province as theirs and all Colombo and large parts of the Puttalam district should also be part of the Tamil land it was part of the Tamil land a few centuries ago, as many place names suggest. What is good for the Sinhalese is good for the Tamils too.

  • 3

    Problem with the islamist is that they have serious mental issues and also want to re-write history to fit in in with their sorry slavery ancestry since it other than old indian tamils that came as a marauding orders majority are just slaves that brought in to the island by Dutch and british to do coolies jobs.

    The Sinhalese script originated from the Brahmi script, thought to have been brought from Northern India, around the 3rd century B.C.,[1][7] however there are recent findings on pottery from Anuradhapura, dating from the 6th century BCE,[8] with lithic inscriptions dating from the 2nd century BC.[9] Thereafter it underwent a largely separate process of development, than the mainland scripts. It was also influenced by south Indian scripts, at various stages of its development, particularly the Pallava script (early Grantha script).[10] By the 9th century CE, literature written in Sinhalese script had emerged and the script began to be used in other contexts. For instance, the Buddhist literature of the Theravada-Buddhists of Sri Lanka, written in Pali, used the Sinhalese alphabet.

    Do I have to say more?

    Mahavamsa is a conical of historical record and it did not start 6th century and viraya is never part of Sinhalese since it was invented by the british and ugly indians to suit their needs. Remember that brits control almost all of the publishing those days to suit their agendas.
    Since Sinhalese Buddhism goes back to 2600 yrs,where did this paul character got 8th AD? Same old monkey coolie mentality that harbour serious trait, which has serious mental disorder due to inferior genes being slaves to whites.

    Sinhalese Aryan name came from Veric culture that emirate from middle east and Arayan means knowledgeable one and not hitlers blue eye rubbish.
    The parent Vedda language(s) is of unknown genetic origins, while Sinhalese is of the Indo-Aryan branch of Indo-European languages.

    It is that Verda civilisation that brought Sinhalese well before 6th BC and mix with Buddhism that created this great civilisation and which is UNIQUE to this island and Sinhalese advanced technical and agriculture growth was possibly most spectacular and one example is of SL ancient tanks.
    Sinhalese race is extremely proud of their agriculture technology which is even today most find intriguing .

    Hope sincere tamils admit that they are invaders and others came as slaves to white masters and still today worshiping their white masters rather than working with the majority to create truly SL identity.

    • 1

      “Sinhalese Aryan name came from ..”

      From http://www.sangam.org/2011/08/Aryan_Theory.php?uid=4446
      “…final conclusions are that the Sinhalese are a Dravidian race, who never came from outside, but have been occupying this island from time immemorial, and that their language too has been Dravidian from the very beginning. “

      “Names and Places and Geographical Objects in Ceylon derivable from Tamil Words “

    • 2

      “where did this paul character got 8th AD?”

      From http://nakkeran.com/Tamilidentity.htm

      “At this juncture it is pertinent to quote Geiger 58 who studied the Sinhala language in depth. He has divided its development into three phases.

      They are: Sinhalese Prakrit (3 rd century B.C – 4 th century AD), proto–Sinhalese (4 th century AD – 8 th century A.D) Sinhalese proper (after 8 th century A.D). E!u, is the original language from which the later Sinhalese developed. However, data from the Brahmi inscriptions show that the Eïu would have been either old Tamil or a dialect of Tamil. In the light of the evidence from the Brahmi inscriptions it is now evident that the proto–Sinhalese speakers, namely the Eïu speakers came into contact with Prakrit, the language of Buddhism. This process of bilingualism gradually gave way to monolingualism, the development of the Sinhala language by 8 th century AD. This is corroborated by palaeographic features as well as the presence of Dravidian forms in these inscriptions as indicated above.”

  • 4

    Anpu, you ask for this..

    If Sinhalese came from tamilnadu, “Why there is NO Sinhalese language in India?”
    You are a comical character and history cannot be whitewashed from a Ilamist point of view and you need to check your mental condition.
    This is the latest finding from SL.

    The Sinhalese script originated from the Brahmi script, thought to have been brought from Northern India, around the 3rd century B.C., however there are recent findings on pottery from Anuradhapura, dating from the 6th century BCE, with lithic inscriptions dating from the 2nd century BC.

    Now start scratching your head or your ba…

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