8 June, 2023


Protecting Buddhism From Extremist Monks

By Tassie Seneviratne

Tassie Seneviratne

Tassie Seneviratne

There is widespread concern about the betrayal of Buddhism by extremist monks.  These concerns have been reflected in the media.  The Sunday Times Editorials of May 11th 2014 and June 22nd 2014 were entirely devoted to this serious concern.

I, though a Christian, have the highest respect and regard for Buddhism as it is the religion of over 75% of the people of this country.  Buddhism is a cultural heritage of our country that has to be protected and preserved in the manner laid down by its greatest teacher, Gauthama the Buddha. Due to its long history of Buddhism, our country is known as the Dhamma Dveepaya – the Island of Buddhism.  No lesser person than the enlightened Buddha has himself told his disciples that if they wished to honour him, they should follow his teachings.  His teachings have been divided into three main disciplines:-

  1. Pubba Hasi – Pleasant appearance; a smiling and friendly face.
  2. Pubba Bhasi – Pleasant and friendly speech.
  3. Pubba Kari — Pleasant and friendly action.

It is the breakdown in these disciplines that has led to conflict, hate and violence that are   spreading throughout the country raising serious concerns in all right thinking people of all religions.  Loving kindness, compassion, equanimity, patience,   tolerance and endurance are religious attributes generally common to Buddhism and Christianity – in fact to all religions.  Hence there is no justification at all for religious intolerance.  The enlightened Buddha preached these attributes 500 years before the advent of Jesus Christ the Messiah.

The danger today is that there are some people wielding enormous power who are misusing religious fervor for personal agendas.  The irony is that under cover of protecting Buddhism they are resorting to means diametrically opposed to the disciplines taught by the enlightened Buddha, thereby betraying Buddhism wholesale. Age old dirty tricks of unrighteous leaders, to distract the people when there is unrest in the country and their dues cannot be met, keep coming to the fore.  Shakespeare, through King Henry IV talking from his deathbed to his son at his succession, puts it like this :

“ ………….God knows, my son,

By what by-paths and indirect crook’d ways

I met   this crown; and I myself know well

How troublesome it sat upon my head:

To thee it shall descend with better quiet,


And by whose power I might lodge a fear

To be again displaced: which to avoid,

I cut them off; and had a purpose now

To lead out many to the Holy Land, (to wage war)

Lest rest and lying still might make them look

Too near unto my state.  Therefore, my Harry,

Be it thy course to busy giddy minds

With foreign quarrels; that action, hence borne out,

May waste the memory of the former days.”

In the meanwhile there are also breakaways from different religions, forming sects with evil agendas causing aberrations to the body politic of this country.  These sects are not interested in the people or their respective religions, but are driven as suits their evil agendas.  As the activities of these sects have no bearing on any religion as such, they have to be dealt with on a case by case basis.

The ‘Bodu Bala Sena’ (BBS) which enjoys the patronage of the Secretary Defence Gotabaya Rajapakse has come into much controversy and is being described as an Ethno Regligious Fascist movement. ‘Meth Sevana’, a cultural centre comprising of a library, dharmashala halls, meditation centres, and a number of mind relaxing places, situated on two hectares of land at Pilane, Wanchawala in Galle, was constructed and donated by a German philanthropist Michael Kreitmeir, to the Maha Sanga, obtained with the collaboration of the BBS amidst allegations that the property has been arrogated by the BBS. It was declared open by the Secretary Defence and Urban Development authority Gotabaya Rajapakse on 9th March 2013.He had earlier donated the Ashraff Memorial Hospital in Kalmunai in 2010 and International Maria Theresa College also in Kalmunai in 2011. Michael is a child-lover whose interest is to help destitute children. His projects are carried out under the name, Little Smile Association. There are rumblings suggesting paedophilia as the motive behind Michael Kreitmeir’s projects. It has to be borne in mind that all paedophiles are not necessarily child molesters, and vice-versa – all child molesters are not paedophiles. Clandestine sex is the strongest temptation a human being is confronted with – paedophile or otherwise.  Those in charge of women’s and children’s affairs are the most exposed to temptation – talk of stalkers also.  The Catholic Church too has its share of sex scandals. It is up to the individuals in charge of women and children to exercise restraint, and to the institutions concerned and state authorities to closely monitor institutions dealing with women and children.  As for the Little Smile Association which is a very large project, it will be in the best interest of all concerned that the Women and Children’s Bureau closely monitor its activities.  Nor can Michael Kreitmeir be expected to control the attitudes and conduct of the BBS, just because the Meth Sevana Project is his donation.

The task at hand is protection of Buddhism from extremist monks.  There is news that a separate Police Unit has been set up under the auspices of the Ministry of Buddha Sasana and Religious Affairs to handle complaints related to religion.  What training they have in order to set about their job is a major question.  Proper training and being well informed are obvious prerequisites if the police unit is to deliver the desired results.  But in an environment where even the judiciary is being controlled, will the Police unit be able to act impartially in the light of the patronage of very powerful individuals that the people believe the mischief makers enjoy?  The motives behind these atrocities as discerned by the people and exposed in the media, send shudders through our bodies. However apart from the basic laws in the Penal Code, it would be appropriate for the special police unit to invoke provisions of the Buddhist Temporalities Ordinance, (Part v – Miscellaneous- that deals with appointment of Bhikkus), and act in concurrence with the Mahanayake Theras and the Nayake Theras of the respective Nikayas who are the appointing authorities of Samanera Bhikkus and Upasampada Bhikkus and who hold disciplinary authority over them, and with the Ministry of Buddha Sasana and Religious Affairs, if positive and righteous action is in fact intended.

*The writer is a retired Senior Superintendant of Police

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Latest comments

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    “Protecting Buddhism From Extremist Monks”

    If you want to protect Buddhism ( i.e., Buddha’s teachings) first ban the book Mahavamsa by the racist monk Mahanama.

    If you can’t do it then you are aiding and abetting them too.

    • 4

      Dear Tassie Seneviratne –

      RE: Protecting Buddhism From Extremist Monks,

      The root cause is the lies and imaginations of Para-Monk Mahanama as written in the Mahawansa. It needs to be revised and all the lies and crap removed, because the Sinhala Buddhists believe the lies and crap, and go berserk.

      But there in an additions dimension to this. Who is trying to benefit here. The interested parties wants to damage Buddhism, and Muslims, kill two-birds with one shot, inexpensively and gain politically.

      Read Amarasiri’s analysis given below to the Muslim Shoora Council.

      Dear Shoora Council,

      “National Shoora Council (NSC) – an alliance of national level Muslim organisations in Sri Lanka has urged those concerned of an Al-Qaeda presence in the country to lodge complaints with the IGP without demonizing the Muslim community.”

      Very good Move, BUT The IGP is a liar as well, on behalf of the State and Racist Sinhala Buddhists.

      Challenge and Expose. Challenge and Expose. Go after the Truth. Truth is a Process, says Colombo Telegraph.Truth is what Buddha, Jesus and Mohamed taught.

      Yes. Challenge them to Prove that the Sun goes around the Earth as well.
      Translate into Sinhala and Tamil and point out Amarasiri’s points, given below, clearly.
      What we see is a Norwegian-Israeli- Western Christian Fundamentalist Conspiracy against Sri Lanka, Sri Lankan Muslims, and Sri Lankan Sinhala Buddhists. Why this conspiracy?

      1. Norway, in Collaboration with the LTTE and the Christian West Failed in an East Timor style division of the country, to Eelam.

      2. With about 35% of the Tamils being Christian, converting the balance 65% Hindus to Christianity will not be a bog challenge for the Christian Fundamentalists and the Christian NGO’s like the World Vision.

      3. In Sri Lanka, it is the Sinhala Buddhists (70%) and Muslims (9%), whether Tamil, Sinhala or English speaking, who do NOT want the country divided and want a unitary state. Division of Lanka, the Land of Native Veddah, will make it easier for for the Christian Fundamentalists to carry on their unethical conversion and finally turn the whole country, divided or not into a Christian Country. As a Christian Country, Lanka will follow the dictates of the Christian West, and will not tow the line of the Chinese or Indians, who wants to be independent of the Western Imperialism..

      4. The Christian fundamentalists were being attacked by the Fundamentalist Sinhala Buddhists for a ling time, based on unethical conversions. The Christian Project started with the Portuguese in 1505. The Christian West wanted the Christian attacks by Buddhist deflected. So the Sinhala Modayas, were brainwashed with lies and fed more lies, so that the Muslims can be made to be a target. This started around 2011/2012 period, and gave breathing room for the Christian Fundamentalists to continue their conversions.

      5. BBS and other racist groups were funded by Norway, Israel, Christian West and and other trouble makers, who wanted to take advantage. The Sinhala Buddhists being Sinhala Modayas fell into this trap an false flag operation as willing participants , and destroyed the harmonious relationship between the Sinhalese Buddhist and Muslims that was built over 1,000 years as neighbors. This will give relief for the Christian Fundamentals to continue the unethical conversions. Muslims do not do unethical conversions.

      6. To kill another stone, to remove the Support SRi Lanka has from Muslim Countries. What better way to achieve this than attacks on the innocent Muslims in Lanka, the Land of Native Veddah Aethho.

      So, it is very true Sinhala Buddhist are Modayas..Fools… Remember, even if there were no Muslims, the Christian West had plans for Lanka, to turn Lanka into a Christian Country… ask the Portuguese..

      • 1

        Amarasiri, Let the Mahawansa be as it is. I don’t thing changing the pages will change the mindset of people.

        Instead let us focus on what to do and how to do in order to protect the Buddhist values in this country.

        The problem is the moderate, pure Buddhist monk from all Nikaaya can speak op louder and tell their followers to take the massage to public using all sort of media.

        No need to wait till mainstream media raise these voices. Almost all the followers visit the Nikaayas have smart phone and connection to social media. They can do a simple job that make the ext-ream Buddhist elements such as BBS, JHU, gans of Wimal Weerawansa and Gotha away from betraying Buddhism.

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      Tassie Seneviratne –

      RE: Protecting Buddhism From Extremist Monks

      What is the need to Protect Buddhism from Extremist monks.

      Buddhism provides a steady supply of young boys to Monks, and they have a good time. so, if you protect Buddhism, you protect the Monks, both good and bad.

      So if there-is no Buddhism, atheism and Agnostics, there would be no Monk problem. Religion is the Opium of the Masses-Karl Marx.

      See how the Chinese liberated Tibet from the Monks and from Buddhism.

      Buddhism The Great Evil — Part 1


      Buddhism The Great Evil — Part 2


      Child Abuse by Sinhala Buddhist Monk


    • 2

      Tassie Seneviratne –

      This is a Norwegian-Christian and LTTE Conspiracy to attack the Muslims using BBS.

      Listen to the Tape in Sinhala.


      Audio: Gnanasara thera met LTTE, Ravi Karunanayaka paid expenses – Rajitha

      The General Secretary of Bodhu Bala Sena (BBS) Galagodaaththe Gnanasara Thera had discussions with the leaders of the LTTE and UNP Parliamentarian Ravi Karunanayaka spent for these tours says Minister Rajitha Senaratna. Minister Senaratna made several revelations during the past few days while the true face of Gnanasara Thera is being revealed now.

      Minister Senaratna says, “I have photographs of Gnanasara thera meeting LTTE members. I would like to ask Gnanasara thera where he was during the war. Wasn’t he with the UNP? It was Parliamentarian Ravi Karunanayaka who spent for him. I would like to ask him who he went to Mullaithivu with. Didn’t he meet me after that? Ask him what he told me.

      He went to Norway, met members of Tamil Diaspora and later met me. He said ‘Let’s forget the past. I’m with your standpoint now’ and said both of us can join and convene a ‘Sangha’ convention at BMICH. He went away saying he would make all arrangements. After leaving he started an anti- Muslim campaign. He doesn’t have any opposition for the Tamils. I still have photographs he has taken with members of Tamil Diaspora. Didn’t he meet Mr. Solheim in Norway? He met members of Tamil Diaspora, ate and had tea with them. I have all these photographs with me.

      Minister Rajitha Senartna made these revelations participating in an interview with ‘Neth FM’ yesterday (2nd).

    • 2


      Majority Must Not Be Blamed For Aluthgama Violence? what are the facts/

      1. All the Rioters over 600 of them were Sinhala Buddhists.

      2. Over 500 Police were mostly Sinhala Buddhists and they assisted, gave State Protection to the rioters.

      3, The STF was Sinhala Buddhists and they assisted the rioters,

      All the rioters and criminals were Sinhalese Buddhists. The Wold knows that. This really exposed Simnhala Buddhism?

      Just listen to Ganasara of BBS, for whom the Mahanayaka gave his blessings.

      “After the Aluthgama riots, I was at a meeting where a Buddhist monk exclaimed in anguish, that an entirely wrong picture of the Buddhists has been given to the world.”

      “He was not denying that the Aluthgama riots had taken place and that innocent Muslims had even been killed and their properties burnt. He was merely trying to say that those who attacked the Muslims were not doing this with the consent of the Sinhalese masses. These were small groups acting without the blessings of the larger society, although perhaps with the blessings of powerful elements in society, which is what has given them their vast power and immunity to attack as they will. This is all the more tragic because the message that goes to the Muslims in Sri Lanka, and to the larger international community, is that the Sinhalese are attacking Muslims.’

    • 4

      Tassie Seneviratne –



      Who want’s to break the cordial relations between Sinhala Buddhist and muslims?

      1. Norway
      2. Iserlis
      3. SEstern, American Christian fundamentalist West,

      so that the Christian West can continue their unethical conversions.

      They could not Divide Lanka.

      Now they want to to Destroy Lanka, and take over as Christian Country.

    • 0

      It is very pleasant to see nice and wise opinion from a retired senior police office. Generally it says people get wiser with age and you are proving that natural law is applicable to SL too, but unfortunately not many other examples show in SL.
      Extream monks or priests were always there in all religions and throughout the history. Is the real problem with extremist monks or faith/understanding of good monks OR in SL situation, S-Budhhist Mahanayakes?

    • 2

      Tassie Seneviratne ,

      Protecting Buddhism? Sign this Petition. Sign or do something. Expose the Para-Racists, in the land of Native Veddah Aethho.



      Why this is important to me

      To STOP further GENOCIDE in Sri Lanka against its peaceful Muslim community similar to the Genocide unleased against them on 15th of June 2014, in southern Sri Lanka. 90% of the people of Sri Lanka are AGAINST this racist violence but NO ACTION is taken by the Government which indirectly supports this groups racist actions and agenda.

    • 3

      The Next Buddha has already arrived

      Gotama Buddha predicted the coming of next Maitreya Buddha but however the Sinhala-Buddhists always wanted a violent Barbaric Buddha as depicted in the Mahavamsa instead of a peaceful Maitreya Buddha as mentioned in the Tripitika.

      As per the Mahavamsa, CHAPTER I THE VISIT OF THE TATHAGATA Please read the whole chapter here: http://lakdiva.org/mahavamsa/chap001.html

      If you read the above, the Mahavamsa Buddha seems to have taken on a character which the original Tripitika Buddha would not have recognized.

      In the first visit of the Buddha to Mahiyangane where Yakkhas lived, the (Mahavamsa) Buddha did not try to win them over them his compassion as the original (Tripitika) Buddha did in similar circumstances. The (Mahavamsa) Buddha TERRORIZED the Yakkhas by MANIPULATING natural phenomena. The Yakkhas appealed to the Buddha NOT TO TERRORIZE them if they were not harmed, they would vacate the land for the Buddha. The Mahavamsa Buddha seems to have taken the innate evil/barbaric character of the Sinhalese. “he struck terror to their hearts by rain, storm, darkness and so forth.” The yakkhas, overwhelmed by fear, besought the fearless Van quisher to release them from terrors, and the Vanquisher, destroyer of fear, spoke thus to the terrified yakkhas:

      “To this great gathering of the yakkhas went the Blessed One, and there, in the midst of that assembly, hovering in the air over their heads, at the place of the (future) Mahiyangana-thupa, he struck terror to their hearts by rain, storm, darkness and so forth.’ The yakkhas, overwhelmed by fear, besought the fearless Van quisher to release them from terrors, and the Vanquisher, destroyer of fear, spoke thus to the terrified yakkhas: `I will banish this your fear and your distress, O yakkhas, give ye here to me with one accord a place where I may sit down. ‘The yakkhas thus answered the Blessed One: ‘We all, O Lord, GIVE YOU EVEN THE WHOLE OF OUR ISLAND Give us release from our fear.”

      We have a good news for the Sinhala-Buddhists, the Buddha that they dreamed of, the Buddha as portrayed in the Mahavamsa, the true Sinhala-Buddhist Buddha, the Barbaric Buddha who can terrorize the non-Buddhists has already arrived in the form of Galagoda Atte Gnanasara. Saadu! Saadu! Saadu!

  • 0

    Out of the three main disciplines you have spoken about the 3rd one [Edited out]

  • 4

    Time is opportune for the 4th Council of the Sangha (Sanghayanaya) to reform the Sangha. The last one was during the time of Emperor Asoka.
    Who will bell the cat?

    • 1


      “Time is opportune for the 4th Council of the Sangha (Sanghayanaya) to reform the Sangha. The last one was during the time of Emperor Asoka. Who will bell the cat? “

      Agenda Items.

      1, Debunking the lies and imaginations of Para-Monk Mahanama.

      2. Declaring Sinhala Buddhism is not Buddhism..

      3. Get the monks to be clean both morally and physically.

      4. Morally by following the Buddhas teachings.

      5. Physically, by getting rid of all the accumulated “Polkudu”, Coconut Refuse by circumcising all male monks.

    • 5


      “Time is opportune for the 4th Council of the Sangha (Sanghayanaya) to reform the Sangha.”

      It is not in their interest to reform Sinhala/Buddhist Sangha.

      The reform can only come after a Renaissance, rediscovery of rational civilisation.

      The century of wars and riots are the products of irrational behaviour of the population as a whole.

  • 5

    Crocodile tears Tassie. Your lot has done so much to protect Buddhism in Sri Lanka over the past 300 years, how can we forget?

    • 3


      “Your lot has done so much to protect Buddhism in Sri Lanka over the past 300 years, how can we forget?”

      Now he is trying to protect it from you lot, the Sinhala/Buddhists.

  • 3

    Pubba hasi means good humour or good laugh, not what you claim.

    Please limit your commentary to your area of expertise..that of policing.

  • 5

    More than the Buddhism, It is the Sinhala -buddhist civilization that has to be protected.

    It looks Mr. Tassi Seneviratne is completely out of point with respect to that.

    Once christianity and Islam encroached into Sri Lanka, when the objective of both of those religions is to expand, Sinhala buddhist culture and the civilization is threatened.

    It is Buddhist Kings who allowed both the Islam and catholicism to establish in Sti Lanka.

    Muslims traders were slaughtered by Porteugeuse. Muslim have forgotten that. Catholic missionaries were slaughtered by Dutch soldiers in order to establish their version of Christianity.

  • 3

    Muslims have forgotten that it is a Sinhala buddhist king who gave them refuge when Muslim Arab traders were slaughters by Portuguese.

    Catholics were also slaughters by Dutch soldiers in order to establish their version of christianity.

    Now, they hold the moral high ground.

    They don’t want to talk about how they cornered Sinhala buddhists for centuries.

    Sinhala – buddhists have to survive before buddhism.

  • 1

    The writer is in the dream world.

    In Sri Lanka Buddhism is betraying Buddhism.

    An anti-Buddhist process that started six decades ago is progressing like uncontrollable cancer.

    Theravada Buddhism does not offer redemption. Even Dalai Lama cannot help. Even Tamahalk missiles will not end it.

    Fanatics will thrive.

    Gowinda! Gowiinda!!

  • 2

    He is not Galagoda Atte Gnanasara but Galagoda Atte Gon-thakadi-sara. I just cannot understand why some Buddhists are still supporting this Gon-thakadi-sara who is insulting Buddhism (Buddha, Dhamma, & Sangha).

  • 2

    Let me ask my million dollar question again.

    Why Theravada Buddhism is not transforming mankind into a higher consciousness?

    Religion, be it Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism or Islam is for transforming humankind into a higher consciousness. This is a “type of “ changing the “identity” into another.

    No matter who we are, we take the birth in the lowest realm where controlled by the fear, yet later, some can transform into higher level, (Virtue/Merit) depending on their associations and background regardless whatever the religion is.
    All others who stuck in the lowest level, shall not transform due to fear of changing identity (Like, life time Sinhala Buddhist or Christians or Muslims) and will be suffer whole lifetime in the darkness of ignorance. No matter the level of material knowledge they gain (Like the Professor who write the column in Divayina “Dakma”), or regardless the robes they wear (Like Samanera to Maha Nayaka), or like Buddhist scholars or lectures at the universities, they all, no matter what, lives in the darkness of ignorance. They only take verbal meanings of teaching and their duty is nothing, but mislead the society. Inner meaning of the teachings is missing for them as they are not yet ready to get it. So what to talk about Gnanasara?

    True spiritual teachings come from a tradition where it “Physicaly” linked to the founder and cannot give openly to everybody. Reason is, anybody who follows spirituality must have courage to change himself. It is the teachers’ responsibility not to give the knowledge to who are not ready for it. Remember, Buddha selects one person every morning; not thousand of followers as our most temples do. Just wearing yellow robes of the Buddha or just eating dates, like Mohammad or just grow the beard like Mohammad, wearing a hat like Mohammad does not make true followers. The link, for the true spirituality must be stabilized and maintained.

    We, never had pure Buddhism Linked with the founder. We are lacking many original teachings. That is why as a whole, we are not transforming into a higher consciousness. For example, we do not know what is Loving kindness means. We repeat like parrots, yet we don’t know. Love emerges from the heart, not in the mind. The mind knows nothing about love. We still do our loving kindness from the mind….? To love others we have to open the heart. In Theravada, there is no way to do it. That’s why inner transformation cannot be seen.

    Now let me quote, a real Buddhist monk Rev Budhdhadasa Bikku from Thailand here. (Still Theravada, yet transformed into the last, final consciousness. It is another debate)

    “..Buddhist have much to learn from Christian teachings about the practice of metta (Loving kindness), that Malta requires more than just sitting on the cushion wishing other beings well…”

    All religions designed and developed to transform humankind immediately into higher consciousness, but Theravada is not rich enough to do it. That is why all Theravada counties suffering like hell. Please do not underestimate this. If you really want a change, please take this seriously.

    (Born to Buddhist family, now I have no religion)

    • 0


      “Why Theravada Buddhism is not transforming mankind into a higher consciousness? Religion, be it Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism or Islam is for transforming humankind into a higher consciousness. This is a “type of “ changing the “identity” into another. “

      It is the Monks, Priests and Ulema, Mullah hegemony and self-interest.

      1. monks- Triple gem, Monks the 3rd Gem?

      2. Priests , kind of Infallible

      3. Ulemas, they want to control the people, the sheep.

      See hoe when Ulema power was minimal, how Islamic Science advanced.

      The Erosion of Progress by Religions Islamic Science


      Western Science, advanced only after getting liberated from the Church.

    • 0

      Let me ask my million dollar question again. Why Theravada Buddhism is not transforming mankind into a higher consciousness?
      Answer: Because we leave it to the religion that you hold close to your heart – Christianity. just believe in him Him and repent occasionally. You will be cosigned straight to heaven upon death.

  • 1

    I do not understand what these people up to. Seems to be all are ”yanne koheda malle pol” I have few questions to all you commentors.
    1. If our ancestors did not fight for country and for buddhism, where we are?
    2. Is buddhism came to this country the way of sword in one hand and bible or Quran in other hand?
    3. Who made SriLanka’s culture and civilization back in 2000 years before?
    4. Who claim Kuuragala as muslims religion place and try to destroy buddhism place?
    5. Who destroy most of north and east areas buddhist temples and historic places?
    There are so many I can ask or point out…..but only one question will answer all above question and all of yours yanne koheda malle pol theory,


  • 2


    Protecting Buddhism From Extremist Monks.

    It is too late. Buddhism has been hijacked by the Terrorists ( Headed by Gothta, The Monks and supported by 20 million Racists.) The flight has been re programmed and is on auto pilot flying over the Vast Indian Ocean. It will ditch into the sea when it runs out of fuel and it is too far out into the sea to return to safety to be refuelled.

  • 0


    Countdown 39 Days

  • 0

    This comment was removed by a moderator because it didn’t abide by our Comment policy.For more detail see our Comment policy https://www.colombotelegraph.com/index.php/comments-policy-2/

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    I have a question. Not a million dollar question. Just a simple question. The Buddhists claim that Christians are trying to convert the Buddhists to Christianity. That such conversion is unethical. If such conversions go on then Sinhalese Buddhists will become a minority.

    But such arguments don’t stand against test of time. The Sinhalese Buddhists themselves are converts. They were converted from Hinduism to Buddhism. In fact Vijaya is a Hindu. Mutu Sivan the father of Devanampiya Tissa was a Hindu. So what if the Hindus in Ceylon and India wish to establish a Hindu Kingdom in Sri Lanka. Logically the Sinhalese Buddhists should have no objection to going back to status qou ante!

  • 3

    Don’t be fooled by Mr Tassie, he has been one top corrupt officer in his day. He’ll write just about anything and anyone for publicity. Like some fellow commenters has pointed out he’s got no idea what he’s talking about. He has no academic qualifications like Edward Gunawardane. News papers must be scraping the bottom of the barrel to publish his poor articles.

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