29 June, 2022


Rajapaksa Military Behind Intimidation Attempts Of BASL President

The Rajapaksa regime has directly intervened in the attempts to intimidate the President of the Bar Association of Sri Lanka (BASL), Upul Jayasuriya earlier this week Colombo Telegraph learns.

 Upul Jayasuriya

Upul Jayasuriya

During our investigations it was revealed that Jayasuriya, in the complaint he lodged at the Cinnamon Gardens Police station on Tuesday (July 15), had noted the vehicle registration numbers of the motorbike and the three-wheeler that had followed him for hours – namely 207-5314 and WP UB 4072.

Colombo Telegraph learns the Police investigation team had immediately radio-messaged the information to the Registrar of Motor Vehicles (RMV) to check the registration details. Astoundingly, the RMV had responded stating that details pertaining to the two numbers are not available.

This response of the RMV is quite baffling and indicates a direct government involvement with the unidentified individuals who tailed Jayasuriya. It has been made abundantly clear that whoever that issued instructions for these intimidation attempts also possesses the authority and the power to obliterate/expunge the registration details relevant to the two vehicles in question, from the RMV software database.

Meanwhile, Colombo Telegraph has learnt that despite having the data expunged from the RMV database, the hardcopies of the information (the document files from which the data was extracted and entered into the database) should still be available and hence, should be probed.

Although there are no restraints preventing the Police from accessing these files and obtaining the relevant information that is so vital for this case, they are yet to take steps that would enable the probing of the hardcopies of the registration information.

The mysterious disappearance of the registration data and the lackadaisical attitude of the Police towards uncovering those behind the offense, are also clear reflections of the government or the military (on whom the Police powers have been vested indefinitely) involvement of the incident.

This information uncovered by Colombo Telegraph has also led to revealing these two vehicle numbers are not bogus. If they were, the Police should ideally be able to track down the real owners of the vehicles that bear the same registration numbers.  But in this instance it was found by the Police that no such motorcycle or a three wheeler bearing similar registration numbers exist.

Meanwhile, Rajapaksa state-owned media has been circulating false information alleging adequate security has been provided to President of BASL.

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    I think by tomorrow our President will order IGP, Mr.N.K Illangakoon to appoint special Police teams to investigate the matter Independently and bring the culprits to books irrespective of their political allegiance.

    In return our IGP, Mr. Illangakoon will appoint around 50 special police teams headed by Anura Senanayaka to Investigate the matter.
    D.I G Anura Senanayaka is a capable, Independent, Oldest Police Officer in active service will find another “Kangatta” as responsible for this as there was a personal dispute between Kangatta and President SLBA .

    Keheliya Rambukwella will say that this is conspiracy to tarnish Govt. Image.

    Police and Army Spokespersons – Both Parrots will say that Gotabaya Rajapaksha has no hand in this incident.

    …….Chapter close………

    • 5

      Rajapakshe rule nourishes the criminals. Please watch the following video.


      Latest incident – is Sapukanda refinery fact finding mission.

      This country has been drawn to an appalling levels comparably to levels of Ruwanda and the like country. These may be what Rajapakshe have learnt from those states.

      This kind of impunity governing state, we have not had in the entire history of lanka. They are feared of anyone coming to any cooperation or any places to study the ground realities.

      So how can an OPPOSITION work against this kind brutal men ruling the country. Sure, these goons have been organized by Mervin for the Rajapkshe regime.

      No long, this man Rajapkashe will have to collect his own pieces is what I felt having watched the video. Aney apoi, this is the wonder in Asia

    • 2

      Bar Association of Sri Lanka (BASL), Upul Jayasuriya

      So, what is your counter plan to identify the culprits?

      Make a supreme court Fundamental Rights

  • 7

    Oh yes! the tale of the missing files… when have we not heard that canard before.

    Amazingly the cops have not accessed any of the CCTV video that must exist for the long ride from Hulftsdorf to the Galadari and then to Buller’s Rd.

    And why do reasonable editors choose to publish statements made by politicians or their stooges, which any person with some sense should know is full of lies? Is it to fill space? To win favours? Or to continue to mislead the stupid? Please don’t tell me it is done for public service.

    Also are the CT editors getting lazy that the moving banners has been the same for the last couple of months. Who really gives a damn about RW’s demand to unblock news sites? The UNP does not care, why should you and I? Surely plenty has happened in the last few months that deserve to replace these links.

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    Problem with our President MR and his Brother Gota is very short mind, racist and can not think wisely.

    In my opinion having a collective punishment for all of us, to an extent let us feel difficult to eat and have un-bearable life and then reacting to government collectively can be the way that can bring change.

    As a way forward, exposing the war crimes with leaking evidence by armed forces more than what they already leaked can do better.

    As a way forward, reveling to Arab World that the mosque where Muslims pray for their spiritual development being demolished and stormed. Muslims housed and business properties are probed. Let Muslims take these with facts and convince the Arab governments and let them to place control on oil supply as well as restriction to employment opportunities and donations to government to build bridges and other infra structures.

    As a way forward Christian community take their side of the story to the world that the Christian society is not let free to practice their religion and push the world christian bodies to talk to their government and world bodies and demand to come with restrictions for visa, imports and export restrictions from Sri Lanka.

    As a way forward Hindu communities can take their portion of discrimination to countries like India and other world bodies and let them to come with more isolation.

    When we citizen feel holistically impossible to bear the cost of living, at that point the hate projects will not work as our problem will be filling the stomach to survive.

    The sooner the Isolation comes the lessor the amount of destruction we face and will be able to find a way forward.

    Do any one think any other way we can come out of the mess we are in?

  • 0

    Most black-coats are UNPers. Upul Jayasuriya has been an open UNP man throughout his life. But he [Edited out]. So none would bother whitevan him. This claim is either a publicity stunt to be popular or a vendetta from one [Edited out]

  • 1

    whats the K A Sumanasekera school of thought on this issue?
    are these things acceptable post nanthikadal?
    will the majority of the inhabitatns approve of such tactics?

    Please enlighten us with the Sumanasekera doctrine!

  • 1

    So why is the oppositions silent? Ranil is probably remembering how he did the same thing. He is also probably considering the fact that he will use the same thing if he comes to power.

  • 0

    These lawyers are the most notorias people live in SL

    • 3

      are they more notorious than the UPFA Ministers?
      please can you explain

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    Upul Jayasuriya as a BASL President using all the tactics to raised every thing possible incidents critized against the MR government.This not the precidents followed by our former BASL Presidents.Mr. Jayasuriya has been since his early period failed UNP man throughout his political life.Every thing he try to achived covering BASL President post.All the acts he is so far done 90% are politically motivated things.When he went to UK recently joined hands with All the possible activities against the MR government.[Edited out]
    What expect from this man BASL President post should honestly hold by impartial way.This tradition ruiend by few past Presidents those who are politically motivated inexperience of Legal profession in our country.Dear Mr. President don’t behaved like a third rate politician.(Kudalla mette Thiyana Bay)We expect from you honest high caliber behaviour.Don’t bevaed like wise man.If you behave like a maddog purpose it not save.your life in a danger.Could have a brain to use your position properly at least in the future as highest institution represented in our county.That’s what our Lawyers population expect from you.Then file a fundermental Right case against the brutale acts.Every government when they are in thier oppostion critised ruling party.Since JR,Chandrika.Premadasa,MR all are following the same tactics to stop rasied any thing against their activities.That’s how politician brain work.They are not bother to look back any thing .UNP period how many lawyers,Journalist or other killed to protect thir government to remaing in power.This is the reality.Do you think MR government is act differently from this path.No.no no…That’s how work, their menality Politics is a dirty game.How why when where,no any answer or no barrier for this dirty game.You also dancing according to the that old tune
    Mr. Jayasuriya.We know who are you?what are you upto?Keep bloody dignity of BASL at least your next periodor behave like a wave of third rate politician.Most of the BASL exco are politicaly motivated people.But there are honest individuals as well in this team.They are the cream of the Bar in our Conntry.They are really a minority.That’s the truth.They never ever approve your way.That’s 100% sure.Good luck Mr.BASL.

    Kumar de Silva

  • 3

    Dear Kumar De Silva,
    Do you mean to say that you approve what the Rajapaksha government is doing? Do you approve the militarisation of the civil society? DO you approve the massif amount of corruption? These sorts of acts havent been committed in the past. Even if they have been, definitely not to this extent. Do you know that the police powers are vested in the armed forces? Do you know the repurcussions of that? DO you know that the loss of 3 lives at Rathupaswala was as a result of that? Do you approve what happened in Aluthgama? Do you think 7.2 Billion Rs. spent per KM on the outer circular high way is a fair price? Do you know that these are all unsolicited contracts? DO you think 14 M USD spent on 1 Km of a rail road is a fair price? Do you think it is right to issue a gazette stating that certain persons are not allowed to make statements? Is this the freedom of speech that has been guaranteed by the constitution?

    We as the civil society must appreciate the fact that there at least few people in this society with the guts to take on this corrupt military government. Have you noticed that the civil society did not even appreciate the existence of a bar association until about a year back? We must thank this man for intervening in these public issues. It is not a secret that he has been a UNPer. What ever his motive may be he has stood up against this corrupt military government. That must be appreciated ! The problem with the BASL is that they should have intervened in these public issues even before. But until recently they were dead. Therefore 3 cheers to the present executive committee and the office bearers of the BASL and the legal profession for being smart enough to appoint a forthright fearless person to lead you in these critical times !

  • 3

    With all due respect to Mr. Kumar Silva, can some one pl. translate this guy Kumar’s “singlish” to English that could be understood!

    Also May I crave the indulgence of this intelligent gathering to find answers to the questions below.

    1. How Come that there were two, a motorcycle and a Three Wheeler bearing No. plates which were later found out that those No’s were not registered at the RMV?

    2. If these vehicles are moving about, around the Presidential Secretariat and the Prime Minister’s office how come that they were not recorded by the CCTV cameras around,

    3. The security guys around these strategic positions, were they so dumb not to notice them or did they have advance information to ignore them?

    4. The killer squads operating under the “Senior DIG” – Colombo Anura Senanayake, have they been disbanded? (He is the same officer who whisked away the killers who came to shoot at the Chairman Kollonnawa Pradeshiya Sbhawa from the local Police Custody arrested by the people of the area.)

    5. How did Anura Senanayake amass money to buy the land mark business establishment Bake House at eye hospital junction Colombo?


    • 2

      Peter Hill,

      Kumar de Silva writes – and probably speaks – that delightful variety of English we used to earlier call Galle Face Hotel
      waiter ingreesi. Our Cabinet is full of fellows who speak like that. For instance, our PM-aspirant lawyer Nimal Siripala speaks similarly and so does the Rt. Hon’ble PM. In fairness to Percy Mahinda he is a league better – but he hardly talks the language. Not a sign of confidence, admittedly. Its that old story of the one-eyed man being the king in the land of the blind.


  • 0


    You should get your screws tightened. all screws are loose my dear fella.


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