2 June, 2023


Single Issue, Common Candidate And The Thorny Question Of Sri Lanka’s Executive Presidency

By Manny Thain

Manny Thain

Manny Thain

Your ongoing debate on tactics for a future presidential election is being read with interest far beyond the shores of Sri Lanka. All those – and there are many – who oppose Mahinda Rajapaksa’s regime are grappling with this question.

As some readers may be aware, campaigns such as Tamil Solidarity promote a strategy of linking up oppressed people from all backgrounds, and we are closely linked to the trade union and workers’ movement in Britain. As the joint national secretary of this campaign in the UK I can report that we pay very close attention to all developments in the movement of opposition to the current regime in Sri Lanka.

Naturally, the discussions in Sri Lanka are echoed in Britain, and it has been interesting to read Kumar David’s strategy for the future presidential elections: Single Issue, Common Candidate, Road Map (SI-CC-RM).

https://www.colombotelegraph.com/index.php/dont-elect-a-cat-to-defend-the-mice-a-response-to-kumar-david/ (TU Senan, 5 July)

https://www.colombotelegraph.com/index.php/single-issue-or-single-purpose-with-many-issues/ (Dr Laksiri Fernando, 5 July)

https://www.colombotelegraph.com/index.php/knotty-bonds-with-the-executive-presidency/ (Kumar David, 13 July)

Given the nightmare facing the vast majority of the population in Sri Lanka – land grab and settlements in Tamil areas, attacks on Tamil Muslims, clampdown on the press, cutbacks and privatisation plans in the public sector, etc, etc – the need to find a way out is urgent. The desire for unity among all those in opposition to the current regime is strong.

It is not, of course, a simple matter. Clearly, Kumar David believes he has found the answer. His strategy raises a number of fundamental issues, including the thorny questions of how to unite disparate groups around a single issue, and who the common candidate could possibly be. Before raising some points for consideration on those, however, it might be worth looking at the ultimate aim.

The road map

According to Kumar David, the road map binds the president elect to a step-by-step procedure. S/he would be elected to dissolve parliament, presuming parliament does not agree to change the constitution and abolish the executive president. Then there would be a general election. What would happen then is anybody’s guess – there is just no way of knowing.

The road map has a route clearly marked out with milestones: a constitutional amendment after X days of the election victory; XY days to dissolve parliament; XYZ days for a new election. Using this magic formula, six months after the election, Sri Lanka will emerge from the dark days of authoritarian rule and crony capitalism, into the bright light of democracy.

There is an old saying that no battle plan survives the first skirmish. The inconvenient truth in this case is that the road map makes no allowance for unexpected eventualities – and we are all only too well aware that in politics, above all, the one thing we should always expect is the unexpected.

Kumar David acknowledges (13 July) that one of the possible candidates, Chandrika, has been guilty of ‘procrastination and cheating’, ‘twice’. Twice bitten thrice shy!

The candidate shortlist

So, who should be the candidate? This is the thorniest thorn on this very thorny tree. Kumar David’s position is intriguing. He floats the idea of different people, while backing no one in particular. That can be perfectly understandable in the early stages of delicate negotiations.

Initially, however, he strongly suggested that Sobitha Thero was a real contender. Unfortunately, Kumar David writes (13 July), ‘The gross misbehaviour of the BBS has given rise to an unexpected hiccup.’ He went on to say: ‘But after the BBS monster raised its head I have detected some reserve among Muslims, Catholics and Tamils towards a monk…’

Leaving aside that those must be the understatements of the century, it also has to be asked: who was surprised by this development? The unleashing of Sinhala chauvinism and communal violence by Rajapaksa was predicted at the time of the presidential elections in 2005. Tamil Solidarity has been drawing attention to the threat of Bodu Bala Sena over the course of the last year and more. It was inevitable, and clearly marks an extremely dangerous development.

Moving on, Kumar David writes: ‘In any case naming a candidate is a future matter and anyone who can win the election and do the promised job is good enough. His/her policies in general are irrelevant for someone who will be gone in six months. Sobitha appeared to be one of the persons who should be considered alongside Chandrika, Ranil and Karu – there are no other credible SI-CC-RM options.’

So, while backing no one in particular, Kumar David has drawn up a very short list – of four. It looks like a rogues’ gallery from the point of view of working people, the poor and oppressed struggling to survive and struggling against state repression. Once again, we must warn: twice bitten, thrice shy!

This goes to the heart of the issue. Kumar David stresses that the common candidate is only possible on the basis of the single issue. That is because the individuals and organisations he wants to get on board are based on different, and often mutually exclusive, interests. There is, however, one thing that unites them all: they all stand for the political establishment, for those at the top, and defend the exploitation of the vast majority of people living in Sri Lanka.

Cut out the middlemen

History is littered with examples where the working class, poor and oppressed – the majority of the electorate – are told they have to vote for this or that person at the top because it is the only way to get rid of an even worse person at the top. But why should they always be given the rotten option of supporting figures from a corrupt, discredited establishment?

A succession of governments in Sri Lanka – SLFP and UNP, and the parties they have roped in – have consistently let down and betrayed the vast majority so often, and so brutally. Where can the SI-CC-RM strategy take them? It can only bind the workers, poor and oppressed to the politics of the rotten establishment politicians.

If the needs and demands of the majority are to be raised and pushed to the fore in this campaign, support for a common candidate would require a mass mobilisation. Or, to put it another way: if there is no mass mobilisation in this election plan, the majority will become mere cheerleaders for the elite politicians.

Far better, therefore, to cut out the middlemen and middle-women, and build a movement from below, which takes up the needs of all the workers and oppressed in Sri Lanka. An independent, non-sectarian movement, campaigning for decent jobs, homes, public services, national and minority rights.

There is no easy route or short cuts. Any road map promising one will lead us into a dead end, or upside down in a ditch.

Finally, I would like to thank Kumar David for prompting this discussion – and to the Colombo Telegraph for airing it. It certainly has sparked lively debate. Kumar may consider me to be one of the ‘new folks, sans background’ who has joined the discussion – for the first time, today. Nonetheless, I hope he recognises that this ongoing discussion is of vital importance to all of us involved in campaigns connected with Sri Lanka – not only on the island itself.

*Manny Thain – Tamil Solidarity (UK) joint national secretary

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Latest comments

  • 5

    Looks like you are being taken for a ride. You obviously think you are helping the working class, poor and oppressed.

    Please click on my Avatar to the right -> and read “Saving Cinderella”

  • 3

    Tamil Solidarity is taking the correct path, trying to seek unity with the progressive forces in the South. That could be the only hope for the future of Tamils in Sri Lanka though it may take quite some time to realise the benefits.

    Sengodan. M

  • 5

    Manny Thain:

    Tamils are excellent in taking you guys for ride.

    Have fun and you understand later.

  • 2

    Scare mongers of the world- Trade Unionist Authority that run charities UK.
    eg. lefty Prescott tot tot- the scam the economic disaster, the WMD.

    One cannot Love and be Wise.

    The rich always “run”;
    the rich always win;
    the rich always have power;
    the rich always get the best;

    and, most of all,

    the rich always break their promises to the poor fools who voted for them. LOL

  • 2

    How about dropping the Tamil Solidarity in favor of SRI LANKAN SOLIDARITY???? That would get all sri lankans working together to build a better future!

    • 4

      The hindians lost 2 million in the European war WW2 and the golden hand shake was partition and 1.5 unarmed unwilling folk killed- that is UK the land of the EngGaylish.

  • 1

    The incomparable leader of the UNP Ranil Wickramasinghe is a good common candidate as he is totally against bribery , commissions and kick backs.We can all see that as his main adviser on constitutional matters is former defense minister Tilak Marapone who is a Presidents Counsel ! No need to say anything more ! !

  • 2

    The writer’s bottom line recommendation is this: “Far better, therefore, to cut out the middlemen and middle-women, and build a movement from below, which takes up the needs of all the workers and oppressed in Sri Lanka. An independent, non-sectarian movement, campaigning for decent jobs, homes, public services, national and minority rights.”

    Isn’t that a close enough description of the JVP? So why not arrive at the logical conclusion?

    • 6


      Dayan types:

      “Isn’t that a close enough description of the JVP? So why not arrive at the logical conclusion?”

      What do you think?

    • 4

      Fitzpatrick has exposed you badly on GV, without responding to him you went into hiding and now seem to appear on CT :-)

      • 4


        Here is the comment Fitzpatrick made in GV:

        Fitzpatrick • 8 days ago
        On 22nd Sep 2013 soon after the Northern Provincial Council elections, Dayan wrote as follows on GV (emphasis mine).

        The TNA victory has shown that Sri Lanka remains a functioning democracy; that it functions when there is competition; and that with or without the 17th amendment and even under the tightest military supervision, the government can be electorally defeated.

        link: http://groundviews.org/2013/09

        So what pray has changed between September 2013, and now? If the election and the daily lives of the northern people can be run under the tightest military supervision as Dayan put it, then why is Dayan suddenly so worried about this new circular?

        Dayan states in this article:
        Is our society one in which freedom of voluntary association, expression and activity prevails so long as these do not violate existing laws, starting with the Constitution?

        Could he elaborate how those northern woman demanding to know where their loved ones who surrendered before their eyes are violating the “constitution” and the ” freedom of voluntary association”?

        Why did he stay silent then instead of defending their right to know but speaks now?
        Is it because is affects him? his it because the former only affected the livelihood of the minority Tamils and this affects the southern majority?

        Dayan is so full of contradictions that one does not have to go far to discover them (sadly). If one had a single principle then you don’t have to worry about trying to remember what one’s position was in September 2013 or for that matter as minister of the short lived North-East Provincial council in the late 80s.


  • 4

    This Union Boss from Queen’s turf is all for the Oppressed class in Lanka..Isn’t that cool…

    But not sure about Tamil Muslims whom he is talking about because there are no record or reports ofthe BBS Boss Norwegian Gannna going after any such group.

    But our Batti Tamil brethren have been Oppressed for centuries by the Vellala compatriots,since this Union Boss’s ancestors took away our Tamil Sinhala King Rajasingham..

    If this Dude really wants to help the Oppressed , a generous monetary package to the poor Batti Tamils will be most welcome.

    These Tamils have no income from the Diaspora and unlike their Vellala brothers they have to plough the fields to make a living.

    These Union Bosses who collect Millions every week from their members surely have the dough if they want to help.

  • 4

    as I read the above piece, I was anticipating the British author to name an Englishman for the vacant Common Candidate position. Perhaps he will name one in his next contribution. Perhaps Blair, now retired, with WMD fame and million plus dead Iraqis to his credit?

    • 4

      lal loo

      “I was anticipating the British author to name an Englishman for the vacant Common Candidate position.”

      Why not Manmohan Singh or Soniaji? May be Lalu Prasad Yadav.

      Would be an ideal regional solution for home grown problem.

      • 2

        Dear Native,

        How about your friend Reverend Emmanuel on a joined ticket with Venerable Sobitha?.

    • 1

      at least Blair with Rajiv Shah will solve the jihadi problem overnight and with it the pent up emotions (66yrs of which over 30 years of terror)of villages jacakals of the north would be in the nude.

  • 2

    What the hell’s wrong with the CT webpage it threw me out after one line. Anyway to get back.

    OK, the author raises some important problems, uncertainties and roadblocks. I am not going to say “We know all this; we are battling uphill on a daily basis”; instead I am going to say “Come on board comrade; come on board and help us”. What’s the use of you saying, say 12 months down the road: “Ha I told you so”, parked on your sedentary arse, over the dead body of Sri Lankan polity, instead of going down with us, fighting?

    If the writer has a better, more credible, more feasible strategy that is going to work, that’s absolutely crucial. Well please comrade, state it; our minds are open to constructive inputs.

    We have 1000s of critics already at hand; they are all breft of even moderately feasible, clear and positive alternatives. I look forward the author’s strateic and tactical alternative.

    • 0

      [Edited out]

    • 2

      Kumar David,

      Hold a Wrong Way sign to Pillai Police, and mothball the TNA dream of delivering Eelaam to the Diaspora.

      This has to come from the Vellalas whom the West has been made to believe are the sole custodians and caretakers of the inhabitant Tamil population.

      Then get Abraham, Sajith and Hakeem to come forward and say this is a new beginning and all they want is to make all inhabitants of the land to live as one and as equals.

      And put out a manifesto to ensure independent , corruption free environment to continue the current development with specific targets of living standards, in incomes, growth, housing transport etc…

      That is the only way to convince the great majority of the inhabitants that there is an alternative to Rajapaksa rule.

  • 3

    Let’s assume a scenario, in which, a common candidate succeeds in defeating Mahinda Rajapaksa with a convincing support from the masses; then it is highly probable that the new President WILL get parliament’s support to change the constitution and abolish EP. Thus, the NEW elections obviously would take place under the NEW constitution. For this reason, the first part of Manny Thain’s case seems quite weak.

    However, for a totally different reason, I argue, Kumar David’s project might not work: The Rajapakse-Regime has created an unprecedented social reality as never before. The leading figures in this regime know very well the crucial importance of staying in power. They’re too deeply immersed in corruption, disappearances, killings (the list is too long). This Mafia-type administration is full of oligarchs whose wealth & crimes are too deeply intertwined with state-power. Thus, they just cannot allow elections and votes to determine their future. They know that without state-power many of them would end up in prison. Hence, by hook or by crook they have to make sure that all elections are won by them! They’ll probably go to the extent of military intervention & naked dictatorship to protect themselves. Anti-Muslim, anti-Tamil, anti-Christian sentiments, a network of military intelligence and a loyal media have been adequately groomed for such eventualities.Those who cannot see this reality are living in a dream-world. Only a mass-struggle will bring down this regime one day. That will be the only way to achieve Sri Lanka’s democratic & socialist transformation. But, never underestimate the fact that there’s a formidable enemy in the form of a well-organized state to confront any revolutionary uprising of the oppressed class.

    • 2

      How could Rilavas struggle against themselves??
      Tamils fight amongst themselves, muslims sell everybody, sihala kill everybody.

      Only a Bangala type IAF air raid before the greedy west can blink would solve the issue for the island.

      As per the IAF command who carried it out before it takes 3 days flat – kaput no more western bull shit, more shit.

      You are right but there is no other way.

    • 1

      This is true. It is possible that the regime may resort to a coup or something like that rather than give up power after an electoral defeat.

      Vasantha Raja is also right; “Only a mass-struggle will bring down this regime one day” – but it will be in some such context. Mass struggles do not not come out of thin air but out of outrage but when, for example, a regime tries to nullify an election it lost. Therefore a part of the election mobilisation must be preparation to meet these tangible threats after election victory.

      It is ultra-left adventurism to turn ones back on an election that is going to happen (and which the regime may lose) and say “No we are only planning for the revolution; we will boycot elections”. Wasn’t that the 1971 tragedy?

      • 1

        Looking from the guns and knives on the street
        Only an air raid north to south would bring in the best of the best to run a nation. 2 worlds wars for europe to be one.

        you are not Czechoslovakian people who did it with calm precision- transition.

        in every hierarchy there is a level of incompetency.peter principle

        Fonny was the lighter side of the force that would be used to stop any change. Any good man/woman who stands would go missing- who would take the chance but must be greedy and he wouldn’t resign because power overwhelms Me Me I won the war. Don’t you see?? The west will always exploit like any other nation too.

  • 3

    We all talk about getting rid of Rajapakse from becoming next President. Did anybody realise that what is the single most factor that Rajapakse scores high?
    Is it economy? No, Is it development? No, Is it employment?No, Is it law and order? No, Is it rule of law? No,
    Then what factor makes him continue to win the elections and get a two third majority in Parliament?

    It is the policy of devolution of power to Tamils and continued denial of fundamental rights of the Tamils as equal citizens of this island.
    Is any of the opposition candidates can convince the Sinhala majority that they will guarantee that Tamils are not getting what they want under their government? In other words they should be better than Mahinda in denying the rights of the Tamils. It is only possible if TNA joins with the hands of Mahinda!

    • 2

      Don’t be so narrow!

      The JT’s and Sihala bite the hand that feeds them even today.

      both Sihala and Ceylon Tamil made the million tea estate workers Indian Tamils who have toiled for generations non entities worse than Bush and the black Americans.

      Even today the major export item is tea- JT’s wont do it- climbing the hills barefooted with even a baby hung on the shoulder like goats at 3 am.
      arnt you folk slave masters in a way in the 21st centunary??

      To top it every time the JT’s terrorised the indian tamils have been massacred.
      When you get hammered you talk of only your rights like the sihala and muslim. not the

  • 0

    A mass struggle in Egypt did bring down Mubarak. But that ‘revolution’ did not result in a socialist revolution, at least, not yet. The question is:Why? This is the central question we should study. All true Marxists know that the working class is the social force that can bring about the Big Change. For, that’s the social force that can bring a capitalist economy to a standstill.[A Capitalist economy cannot thrive without an obedient working class.]

    However, even an all-out, continuous, general strike cannot make the Big Change unless that general strike is led by a conscious revolutionary leadership.[Nothing of the sort took place in the JVP struggle in 1971.]

    Thus, the central question today boils down to the issue of building a revolutionary leadership within the working class.

    • 1

      `A mass struggle in Egypt did bring down Mubarak. But that ‘revolution’ did not result in a socialist revolution, at least, not yet. The question is:Why?`
      its the culture+religion entwined- Palestinians born in Egypt and and listing to the bedtime war stories as little children.
      I have seen many of them in India who had come for education and also in spain.
      They have not been issued spanish nationality neither their offspring via a spanish cathoilc woman. Some have evaded the net in Spain because they were already in drug and gun smuggling.
      Ous is a question of culture that knows only the cane- 98% lit but less than 40% IQ for 90% of population.

      All you stuipd pricks are so lustful oh my wealth and like rats prolong freedom but never to see the light of day rather than have it 3 days.

    • 1

      “”building a revolutionary leadership within the working class.””

      You live to work but not work to live liar!

      if you put your fingers in gootas light socket you would get a fizzy pop.

  • 1

    “Your ongoing debate on tactics for a future presidential election is being read with interest far beyond the shores of Sri Lanka. All those – and there are many – who oppose Mahinda Rajapaksa’s regime are grappling with this question.”

    In order to write my comment, I need to make an assumed meaning for this statement, i.e there are sectors do not see problems there with GOSL, but with King only ( they may not remember from DS to Sirima, or they may not know them) . Prof. David and Prof. Laksiri are left centered politicians. They may see problems with the UNP created constitution. But, as far as Tamils are concerned, they were left out in the Soulbury Constitution; they were left out in the Sirima’s Constitution; they were left out in the JR’s constitution; so their problem is not the EP, but the GOSL’s constitutions and GOSL. For them, going for SICC would mean like when there were no supplies at home, everybody at home was hungry and they all send the housewife to grocery stores. She saw a new makeup item in the store and bought that just for her and came back home. The EP issue for Tamils is only a cosmetic issue.

    Tamils have observed, in America like democratic countries, even a black can become a president. But In Lanka, CV like candidates has no hope at all in EP. Tamils have observed further, when communist China was going for 40 High Speed Trains, USA could not go for 4, only that is the number their EP proposed to have installed in USA. When Russian President blew down a Malaysian plane with the help of Ukraine rebels, American President can do nothing about it. That means, when you want to do good things to peoples, even EP is not enough. So, EP is a problem in democratic countries, not because it is loaded with dangerous authorities, but because it is just a handicapped job. It is not the EP a problem is Lanka, it is having a government in Lanka is the problem. They never had candidates even to become M.Ps. They have Wimal, Champica, Mervyn and so forth. Even the more famous ones are DS, SWRD Bandaranaike, JR, Sirimavo, K.M.P Rajaratne, R.G. Senenayke, Cyril Mathew, Premadasa and Royal Family….This is where GG’s 50:50 justified. Removing EP is not going to save Lanka, Lanka has to be ruled by somebody else or 50:50 has to be brought in, so Tamils can manage Lanka with CV likes EP.

    The other side story, the western world’ interest is only a regime change, not to seek justice for Tamils, is not one worth enough to talk under Single Issue Common Candidate. When Prof. Kumar David was putting forward his dream out, he has said SICC was not to address Tamils right issues; it was only to solve the issue of EP.

    The gentleman’s article shows western world’s inability to understand the Lanka politics, at least as back as from Soulbury. So, we will leave Tamils problem here, as Prof.Kumar David originally proposed, let us talk about the EP, the perceived Sinhalese problem.

    First let us look the question of, is there a problem perceived by Lankans as “EP”. As I have not seen a poll or statistics on this matter, all what I can do is take the readers’ attention to some indicators, which will show what the truth is. Writing and reading on CT can be interesting for those who have no touch with the current mental status of the Lankan Sinhala Buddhist, who the King Makers, but that may not represent a real picture. Not just the Profs. David and Laksiri are not sample of the average Sinhala Buddhist, the entire CT community is also lacks this representing ability to the Sinhala Buddhist. So some of the interesting things are appearing on the CT may not even worth enough as much as a ticket Hollywood movie. The articles appear in English in CT, do not make any noise in the Jungle, i.e the average Sinhala Buddhist’s world.

    Government planned well and cheated the western world in getting help to destroy Tamils. If the educated and experienced western diplomats could not stand up for the Royal Government, average Sinhala Buddhist will not ever be. The truth is, from 1948, they never did too. The SICC will never be an election magic in Lanka. Average Sinhala Buddhist is willing to pay their tribute to the King for having destroyed Tamils. That will be the real magic. Some purposefully cheat the Westerner, (in the past, including Kathirgamar) that the King became popular because King defeated terrorist. Some unrealistic diplomats seem to buy this talk, but neither Sirimavo nor Premadasa became more popular, or were able to enhance the ability of their parties to win the election, for having defeated JVP. But, rather worked against them. They both made their parties to lose by that period historical record. So, when that kind of talk was not accepted by Mahavamsa Modayas( the Lankan swing voter), believing those are shame for those international diplomats.

    The last EP election’s theme for the oppositions was created by Blake. His expectation was Sinhalese might be willing to analyze who was most destroyer of the Tamils. Was it King or Fonseka? Blake did not understand the Sinhala Buddhists’ mind. He felt as it was Fonseka who issued the command and expected Sinhala Buddhists too to accept it. So the common candidate was Fonseka on the issue of who killed the Tamils. I do not know if the Sinhalese might like to hear it was not Gamunu win the war with Ellarla, but it was his general. In any case, it was Blake is the one killed the parrot he captured in the bush. He insisted TNA to support Fonseka. He felt this Tamils had a duty to him to vote for the candidate he appoints, as he perceived that Tamils defeated his favorite candidate, Ranil in the previous election. Blake like Educated politicians when they fails to understand the simple feeling of the Sinhala Buddhists, the mass, and expecting the mass to understand their complicated feeling is a matter for laugh. So Fonseka appeared in front of the voters, double faced, as a hero Killed the Tamils and a traitor, works with enemies too. At the same time, King went with a simple message as he was the hero and won the election.

    This time, the King has further simplified the issue for the Sinhala Buddhist. Instead of separating and pointing at Tamils as enemies and explaining why only they alone, he unseparated the Tamils, Muslims and Christian. As a matter of fact, Tamils can be enemies only to the survivability of the Sinhala Buddhist. So there will a question of what about the other minorities. Some explanation can be given if one wanted to say others are not, to that question. As example, Muslims’ dedicated service in during the war and during the UNHRC resolution time could have been presented as evidence of dedication to Royal Government (But not to the Sinhala Buddhist). Rather than complicating the things like that, King simply added Muslims to the list of enemies of the Sinhala Buddhist and doubled his chance of winning the Sinhala Buddhists’ votes. Then he tripled it by adding the Christians to that. So attacking the EP, in this election, so far, does not appear to be thought out strategy, but only an emotional opposition for the UNP’s constitution by the learned left side intellectuals.

    Professors may understand more of principles, but need not to the mass’s feelings. As a matter of fact winning candidates in elections have no known correlated attributes have with professors. The essays they write do not go beyond to be “interesting”. Instead of telling to the mass of what to do, if they try to educate the mass on candidates, election government et al, the mass would make a better decision at the election booth. Because, the proponents of SICC is well foreseeing the King’s victory at the coming election they are coming out with SICC idea. Unfortunately it not the decision for the perceived disease, that is the EP. In contrast, EP is the strength of the Royal Government and the Sinhala Buddhists. That is, there is slim chance of Parliament go off from Royal Family, this time, but the King will be back on his seat. In that condition, opposing the King is fruitless thing. Once before, Dr.DJ suggested capturing the parliament and working around from there. That may appear a practical solution (better than SICC). But, one should not think that the Royal government may sit watch these maneuverings, but not will to react. Royal government is not worried about the Kingship. It is sure, the King’s throne is sure, but it thinks of what may happen if the small Tom, Dick and Harry in the parliament lose their seats. Many of them are not SLFPers(bought out ones from enemies). Further allowing the non SLFPers contest on their seats also can be a problem. So the Royal government is considering a referendum, instead of parliament election. So instead of carried further away from the point, what is perceivable here is, EP is not a problems in the minds of Lankans and for the Royal Government. But, after the last PC election, it appears that the parliament may turn out to be problems. If that is correct, the dethrone plan should come from capturing the parliament and changing the constitution, rather than the capturing EP and lose the parliament.

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