23 June, 2024


Rajapaksa Nomination Saga: Central Committee Yet To Approve Premajayantha Statement

Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa is to sign nomination papers of the SLFP on July 08, former Parliamentarian T.B. Ekanayake said.

MahindaHowever, the decision to give nomination to the former President is yet to be endorsed by the Central Committee of the party.

When contacted by Colombo Telegraph, a senior spokesman of the party said a date has not yet been fixed for a Central Committee meeting.

The Central Committee is the Supreme decision making body of the SLFP and it is chaired by President Maithripala Sirisena.

Although UPFA General Secretary Susil Premajayantha issued a statement on Friday with regard to Rajapaksa’s candidature, it did not make any reference to the SLFP.

Meanwhile, breaking his silence over the issue surrounding Mahinda Rajapaksa’s nominations, President Maithripala Sirisena today said that he would not let the return of family rule, adding that the silent revolution of January 8 will not be turned back.

He made this comment at the ceremony to mark the beginning of the Matara-Hambantota stretch of the Southern Expressway. The event was held at Godagama in Matara. UNP General Secretary Kabir Hashim, several other politicians and senior state officials were also present at the event.

“I have been in politics for 49 years. Any decision I make will be in line with the ‘change’ happened on January 09,” Sirisena said.

In a twitter post, Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe today said that the UNP was not interested about nominations of other parties.

“Together, President and I pledged to change the course of the country. That was the mandate. I will not go back on that promise,” the Prime Minister said.

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    Mahinda will be the next prime minister and within a year mithree will be out in tbe wilderness.

  • 13

    This is a disgrace to the SLFP! Wonder what Madam CBK has to say to MRs winning nomination in the party of corrupt clowns?!

    This is a challenge for Civil Society in Sri Lanka. Shows how the island’s political culture is rotten and the SLFP the most corrupt political party in the country.
    Of course, Ranil Wickramasinghe and his bond scam man Arjuna Mahendran on one side and Mahinda Rajapaksa on other side.. Sri Lanka voters are caught between devil and deep blue sea!

    Mahinda Rajapaksa is surrounded by the scum of the earth politicians of the SLFP’s dregs.

    Civil Society should educate masses on need for NEW GENERATION OF CLEAN POLITICIANS in Sri Lanka and to VOTE WISELY.
    Civil society must also protest against nomination to Mahinda Jarapassa.

  • 2

    It is the president who has a mandate.

    If Ranil wickramsinghe says that he has a mandate then every one else who helped Maithriapala sirisena to become the president has a mandate.

    People elected only the Maithriapala Sirisena and not every one else.

  • 7

    Whatever drama is going on with Mahinda & Co, it is early to come to any conclusion or to blame each other. You cannot cheat those peolle who asked for good governance, rule of law and justice to all.

  • 4

    Challenge is for educating Sinhala modaya voters to vote NOT to MR and family rule corrupt cronies and Namal baba..

    Vote for a new generation of young clean politicians and women.

  • 6

    Startling revelations have surfaced as to how the former Monitoring MP of the External Affairs Ministry, Sajin de Vass Gunawardena engaged in lavish spending of public funds during overseas tours. It is also alleged that Gunawardena had travelled to Dubai on personal business tours in the guise of ‘official’ visits using public funds.

    Gunawardena, who is now under remand custody for allegedly misusing state resources during the Mahinda Rajapaksa regime, is said to have controlled the External Affairs Ministry work sidelining the then Minister Prof. G. L. Peiris.

    Sajin de Vass Gunawardena is known to be a controversial politician and a businessman.

    Morton’s The Steakhouse and BLTSteak bills that shows
    the varities of liquor Vass Gunawardena ordered
    with the tax payers’ money and The bill of the Waldorf Astoria New York. Vass Gunawardena has spent lavishly to watch movies continously

    Before entering parliament in 2010, former President Mahinda Rajapaksa appointed him as the CEO of Mihin Lanka – the Rajapaksa government sponsored budget airline. He also served as the coordinating secretary to Rajapaksa on trade and foreign affairs during the latter’s tenure as President.

    Gunawardena, who was involved in several controversies, was widely criticized for his role as CEO of Mihin Lanka as he was held responsible for the bankruptcy and financial misfortune of the budget airline.

    He started his career as a wharf clerk at Trico International and was based in Dubai assisting VIPs with their formalities.

    While at Mihin Lanka as its CEO, Gunawardena owned a Singaporean Company TPL-Inter Pvt Ltd and Mihin Lanka had allegedly given a mandate to this company to provide ground handling work for them. It is reliably learnt that this company procured ground handling equipment on outright payment and leased them to Mihin Lanka for Colombo operations at USD 223,000 per month.

    Gunawardena has also been accused of fraud, unpaid loans, criminal records and unfulfilled promises and is alleged to have accumulated large assets when he did not have any inherited wealth or a good income to acquire such an enormous wealth.

    Questions have also been raised as to how Gunawardena earned money to purchase a 4R RVG Cessna 152 for US$ 46,900 on June 10, 2014 while a used 4R AVG Cessna 172 was purchased on January 15, 2014 for US$ 60,000, a 4R TDA Cessna 152 aircraft was purchased for US$ 38,000, a 4R SAV RA 34 200T for US$ 80,000 and a 4R SAK Robinson 66 for USD 1,000,000.

    Be that as it may, The Sunday Leader is now in possession of all documents to prove how Gunawardena had spent tax payers’ hard earned money to wine and dine in the most prestigious restaurants in the world whilst on official tours.

    While there were no specific duties assigned for a Monitoring MP (MMP), parliament had not passed any budgetary allocations for an MMP. The MMP had to use funds allocated to the Ministry with the authorization of the subject minister.

    Gunawardena, during his tenure as MMP of the External Affairs Ministry, had travelled overseas on 21 occasions from January 2014 to January 2015. Other than on two occasions, the former MMP had travelled overseas 19 times alone and had spent lavishly for cocktails, hard liquor, movies and on entertainment with the tax payers’ money.

    According to the former MMP’s foreign visit details, he was in Dubai from July 9, 2014 till July 13, 2014, said to be a stay on transit. However he was also on a state visit to Washington from July 11, 2014 till July 19, 2014.

    “How could he be in Dubai and in Washington on July 11, 12 and 13? When the payment vouchers came to the External Affairs Ministry, why couldn’t they find out about this grave swindle and questioned Vass Gunawardena?” a former official attached to the Foreign Ministry said.

    Gunawardena had spent public money on unknown expenses to the tune of Rs. 2.77 lakhs in Dubai from July 9-13, 2014 and another Rs. 6.068 million during his visit to Washington DC during the same period. Reports further state that Gunawardena had spent US$ 2,079, equivalent to SL Rs. 2.77 lakhs during his four-day stay in Dubai, UAE and US$ 32,088, equivalent to SL Rs. 6.068 million on his entire tour to Washington DC accompanied by the Chief of Protocol Majintha Jayesinghe for a meeting with the US officials, Congress staff, media and PR companies hired by the government of Sri Lanka.

    On his tour to Washington, Gunawardena had spent US$ 13, 538.01 for accommodation and another US$ 32,088.60 as ‘other’ expenses.

    “Although during former President Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunge’s tenure, when the services of foreign Public Relations Companies were taken, the process went on transparently and the Foreign Ministry officials knew what was going on and how much they were paid. It was not the same during the Rajapaksa regime and especially under the former MMP Gunawardena, who hired these media and Public Relation Companies to promote the country in the USA in the backdrop of allegations of human rights violations faced by the country. Three Public Relations Companies such as Liberty International, Beltway Government Strategies and Thompson Advisory Group were hired by Sajin Vass Gunawardena and millions of public money was spent even without the knowledge of the Foreign Ministry. These PR agencies once disclosed that their client was Gunawardena and the local address given as 9/2, Dudley Senanayake Mawatha, Colombo 8. It was the address of Cosmos Aviation which was owned by Gunawardena and how could the former MMP give one of his personal addresses as an address of a government office,” sources alleged.

    According to the former MMP’s foreign visit details, Gunawardena was in New York from September 20, 2014 till 28, 2014 and was also in Washington DC from September 21 to 28, 2014.

    “According to the reports, Gunawardena had been in New York from September 20 till 28, 2014 as a VVIP at the 69th United Nations General Assembly and had spent US$ 20,802.07 for hotel accommodation and another US$ 7,616.36 for ‘other’ expenses which are unknown and the total amount was US$ 28,418.43, equivalent to SL Rs. 3.779 million. For his Washington tour, which he had undertaken during the same period, the government spent another US$ 8,146.66 as hotel accommodation and US$ 27,087.06 as ‘other’ expenses amounting to US$ 35,233.72, equivalent to SL Rs. 4.686 million. Whose money had he spent lavishly? Was it from his personal accounts or the state accounts,” sources added.

    Meanwhile, questions have also been raised as to why Gunawardena continued to stay in Dubai for two or more days claiming it was a stay during transit. Gunawardena had stayed two days in Dubai from March 2- 3, 2014 en-route to Geneva, Switzerland to attend the UNHRC 25th Session. It is surprising to note that Gunawardena had stayed these two days in transit in Dubai spending SL Rs.54,900 when Dubai is a center point and has frequent flights from many airlines to any part of the world.

    “Gunawardena as known to everyone is a businessman and in the guise of official tours, may have visited Dubai for his business work. If one goes through his travel itineraries carefully, anyone can see how he had stayed in Dubai for over two days en-route to another country. Dubai is a center place where you can secure flights to any destination more frequently. If the former MMP was travelling via Dubai, he would have taken a connecting flight to the destination within a few hours,” sources added.

    The total expense of Gunawardena’s tour to Geneva, Switzerland for the UNHRC 25th Secession was US$ 131,741.52 equivalent to SL Rs. 16.774 million.

    In another instance, although the Indian government had spent for Gunawardena’s official visit to New Delhi from May 25-27, 2014 as a member of the VVIP delegation to India, the former MMP had still spent Rs. 17,813 for an unknown reason claiming as ‘other’ expenses.

    In addition, it has also come to light as to how the External Affairs Ministry has had to pay Rs. 55,000 to hire a BMW 730Li during the MMP’s transit stay in Dubai on March 3, 2014 including the chauffeur charges and departure transfers. The limousine had been hired from Privilege – the luxury car transport company in Dubai, UAE. Another Rs. 2.13 lakhs had been paid by the Ministry as hiring charges for a BMW 730Li from March 22 to 25, 2014 once again to Privilege Car Transport Company in Dubai, UAE. Another chauffeur driven BMW 7 Series (2014 model) had been hired from July 9 to 12, 2014 from Sundial Tourism in Dubai, UAE during transit stay.

    “If there is a delay in the connecting flight, the airline provides hotel accommodation, food and transport from the airport to the hotel and back. However, in Gunawardena’s case, the traveller had to pay for transportation and during his entire stay in Dubai he has hired a limousine to go about from government expense,” sources alleged.
    During Gunwardena’s visit to New York from September 20 – 28, 2014, the MMP had stayed at one of the world’s foremost grand hotels – the Waldorf Astoria. Although the MMP was in New York to attend the UNGA, Gunawardena had been watching movies once again with the tax payers’ money.

    The Sunday Leader is in possession of the hotel bills that shows that the former MMP had spent US$ 77.97 to watch three movies on September 23, 2014, US$ 17.99 to watch another movie on September 24, 2014 and US$ 59.98 to watch two movies on September 25 and 27, 2014 all amounting to SL Rs. 20,864.

    It has also been revealed as to how Gunawardena, while staying in Washington DC from September 21 to 28, 2014 during his tour to accompany the President at the UNGA, had hired a SUV 31 vehicle from September 21 to 25 from Air, Sea, Land travels and Tours, New York which has cost US$ 37,328.58 equivalent to SL Rs.4.99 million.

    “According to his travel itinerary, he was both in New York and Washington during the same period. If so how could he use a SUV 31 continuously? It is up to the present Foreign Affairs Minister Mangala Samaraweera to investigate in to these discrepancies and bring the culprit to book,” sources claimed.

    Meanwhile, Gunawardena has also come under severe criticism for the alleged misappropriation of public funds by spending US$ 30,936.24, US $ 9,500, US$ 22,460.31 and US$ 7,600 as entertainment costs during his visits to Los Angeles from April 22 to 27, 2014, Washington DC from August 26 to 29, 2014, Washington DC from September 18 to 28, 2014 and Washington DC from November 15 to 17, 2014 respectively. The total cost spent on entertainment on the said four occasions was SL Rs. 9.432 lakhs.

    Gunawardena’s food and beverage bills in Wsahington and New York clearly show how he had spent tax payers’ money for expensive hard liquor to pamper his friends and himself.

    During his visit to Washington in July last year, the bill for Morton the Steakhouse on July 14, 2014 was US$ 3,627 for 15 guests and has ordered JW Black (whisky) – US$ 24, Tanqueray (Gin) – US$ 33.75, Bombay Rocks (Gin) US $ 11.50, Hendrick’s Rocks US $ 13.75, Balvenie 12 (whisky) US$ 13, Glenfiddich 15yrs (whisky) US$ 16, Hendrick’s Martini (whisky) US $ 16, Patron Silv Margaritta (gin) US$ 16, Patron Silv Margarita (Tequila) US$ 16, Grey Goose (vodka) US $ 12.75, Grey Goose Rocks (vodka) US $ 520, and JW Black Rocks (whisky) US $ 13.75.

    The bill at BLT Steak in Washington DC dated July 16; bill for 12 guests was US$ 2729.50. According to the detailed bill, Gunawardena had ordered BA Negroni (cocktail) US $ 280, Tanqueray (gin) US $ 10, Bulliet Bourbon (whisky) US $ 11, Bulleit Rye Manhattan (whisky) US $ 12, Glen livet 12 Yrs (whisky) US $55, balvenie (whisky) US $ 80 and Wagyu Tasting (a beef dish where the cow was well fed with grain) US $ 150.

    At Joe’s Seafood in Washington the bill was US$ 4,790 and had ordered Caymus (wine) US $ 810, Sancerre (wine) US $ 112, Patron 1 Neat (tequila) US $ 117, Macallan 12 4 Neat ((whisky) US $ 84, Crown Royal (whisky) US $ 33, High West Rye 2 Neat (whisky) US $ 20, Jameson (whisky) US$ 30 and Grey Goose 1 (whisky) US $ 36.

    In another bill with a sub total of US $ 3,500, two glasses of 100 year cognac had been ordered for US $ 390 and for Banfi Brunello di Montalc (wine) US $ 616.

    It is also interesting to note how Gunawardena was tempted to satisfy his taste buds by ordering the special Wagyu – beef where the cattle has been well fed with grain. Wagyu Rib Eye US $ 234, A5 NY (Special Japanese Wagyu) US$ 288 and US$ 144 and Pieve STA Restit (wine) US$ 825. Although the sub total of this bill was US $2,771 only US$ 1,072 had been spent on food and the rest was on liquor.

    The Sunday Leader is also in possession of all details of the Presidential Secretariat vehicles, which has been misused by Vass Gunawardena which will be exposed later.

    Although the Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Maheshini Colonne was contacted for an official comment on whether Sajin Vass Gunawardena’s foreign bills have been settled and other details, The Sunday Leader was asked to send the questions to her official e-mail.

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      What this guy called Minister Prof. G. L. Peiris was doing when all these were happening?. If CT was able to put his expenses side by side so a fair comparison can be made. It’s all happened because Sajiin was closest to MR than GLP. A baggie boy turned MMP turned GLP off, after all a Law Professor come down that Low. Now they want once more chance to rule the country and I was reading GLP’s writing saying national security in threat as USA warns LTTE is still raising fund. He knew only LTTE would give them a hope, nothing else will be.

  • 5

    If MR comes, I believe slfp voters are confused to vote. There will be split in SLFP votes. UNP can capitalise from this situation.

    How many rings do you need to wear to protect from Karma!

  • 6

    It is absolutely unbelievable that Sirisena who dared to challenge Mahinda Rajapakse over six months ago, at the risk of his life would have now caved in to permit him nomination on the SLFP ticket. Still there is time to know the Truth.

    Sengodan. M

  • 2

    Rail the great, at least in Raising Bonds says he is riding the Elephant alone.to give Yahaplanaya.

    (Sounds like King Elara’s photo in the old history books)

    And demands Rajapaksa to face him.

    That is how the real men should fight..face to face.

    Why is this Bodhi Sira stuffing around here.

    He is the Referee not the coach .. Right.

    He should back off and let the SLFP MPs select their leader to face up to Ranil.

    I mean Ranil already has two kick ass coaches with exceptional credentials.

    Wahabi Hakeeam, Vellala Sambandan, and even an x President in Whisky Madam.

    Plus the whole Anglican and Catholic West behind him.

    Jointly they delivered 6.2 Million votes to Ranil to make him the PM… Right

    Rajapaksa or the SLFP has only our Baiyas in the Village.

    So Why is this kirfuffle among the Elite and the Diaspora supporters.?..

  • 4

    Mahinda Rajapaksa and cronies,

    RE: Rajapaksa Nomination Saga: Central Committee Yet To Approve Premajayantha Statement

    “Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa is to sign nomination papers of the SLFP on July 08, former Parliamentarian T.B. Ekanayake said.”

    “Mahinda However, the decision to give nomination to the former President is yet to be endorsed by the Central Committee of the party.”

    The Central Committee and President Maitripala Sirisena MUST Tell Mahinda Rajapaksa that

    1. He Will not be given nominations for the UPFA or SLFP, because he was one of the Head of the Crooks, Robbers ans Criminals, and he himself was a Crook, Robber and Criminal along with his immediate family and extended family.

    2. The Cronies of Mahindaa Rajapaksa will also be NOT given nominations for the UPFA or SLFP, because he was one of the Head of the Crooks, Robbers ans Criminals, and he himself was a Crook, Robber and Criminal.

    3. If Mahinda Rajapaksa and hois cronies want nominations, they must form a New party, Medamulana Crooks Robbers Amana Party, M-CRAP, and ask for nominations, and Mahinda Rajapaksa be designated the prime Minister Candidate of the Party.

    4. As a Party symbol, it strongly recommended that the Party select the Donkey as the party Symbol. The Donkey will be easily recognized nt the Modayas, Mootals and Idiots, with an average IQ of 65 who voted for Mahinda Rajapaksa.

    Given Below is a Good image for the Part Symbol.


    5. Alternately, have you considered retiring and fishing in the Indian Ocean with all the loot you have stolen? This is an area where you can really help. Part of the fish caught can be consumed locally, and the excess exported.

  • 3

    RE: Rajapaksa Nomination Saga: Central Committee Yet To Approve Premajayantha Statement

    “In a twitter post, Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe today said that the UNP was not interested about nominations of other parties.”

    “Together, President and I pledged to change the course of the country. That was the mandate. I will not go back on that promise,” the Prime Minister said.

    “Meanwhile, breaking his silence over the issue surrounding Mahinda Rajapaksa’s nominations, President Maithripala Sirisena today said that he would not let the return of family rule, adding that the silent revolution of January 8 will not be turned back”

    Let’s hope he makes the correct decision.

    This is the Opportunity for the President Maitipala Sirisena, to a Leader and a statesman.

    If he discards Mahinda Rajapaksa and sends him to retirement and to fish on retirement, Maitripala Sirisena will be hailed as a Leader and a Statesman.

    If he gives Nominations to Mahinda Rajapaksa on the SLFP or UPFA Ticket, he will be known as the greatest traitor Sri Lanka had since independence in 1948,

    To be or not to be a traitor? That is the question the 6,200,000 voters who voted for him are asking.

  • 7

    Dirty scoundrel, look at his fingers. This Hambantota buffoon is decked with GOLD. Where and whose gold is this?

    • 0

      Tamil from the north

      “Dirty scoundrel, look at his fingers. This Hambantota buffoon is decked with GOLD. Where and whose gold is this?”

      That is the Gold taken and stolen from Tamils and Muslims by Maveeran Velupillai Prabakaran, Mahinda Rajapaksa Buddy, and in turn taken by Mahinda Rajapaksa from his buddy.

  • 3

    Thank you

  • 5

    This man named Premjayantha, who have no Love among Sri Lankan public as sounds in this name is the principal culprit of importing petrol mixed with water and ruined so many vehicles and losing billions for the national coffers.

    This man should be hanged in public for that.

  • 0

    They are testing the temper of America.

    They will soon fool Secretary Kerry and get him out of there. They may even tell the elections call they did is only for joke. Until Sinhala Intellectualism wins and they make Secretary Kerry to go to Congress and confess that America has been cheated, they will keep doing things like that. Secretary Kerry has no idea about what we have been talking.

    You know who is with the Old King now!. Buffoon de Silva,the greatest comedian ever appeared on the earth.. He sold his pants and shirts for a penny even long before he completed his law school. These all are his consultations.

    Tamils have lots and lots of experience on these. They simply wants an International Inquiry into the Genocide. After the inquiry they will decide whom to vote, where to live. Until that, they know everything is under the control of the Sinhala Intellectualism.

  • 2

    Snakes and Ladders! This is the current Political scenario.

  • 6

    Never in the history of any nation has a legally deposed and dethroned President fought so desperately to return even as an ordinary MP. The billion dollar question is ‘Why’ ? The answer is obvious!!

  • 3

    MS is making a mistake by dilly dallying on the issue of giving nomination to MR. People would naturally lose faith in any leader who is not firm in making decisions.

  • 2

    Six months ago, I thought that Maithripala Sirisena was a practicing Buddhist who followed the magga with a great deal of humility knowing full well that he had no self, no permanence; and, ergo, in a better position to alleviate his own and the nation’s dukkha.

    His inability to stand up to the ultra-corrupt Rajapakse gang and resorting to musvada to hide the tracks of a private meeting with his nemesis lead me to suspect that he is spineless. The revival of the press council is a sure sign that he wants to cover up his failures.

  • 3

    If Central Committee out numbered by the crooks, it will make supreme decision that will see MR, the super Alibaba, coming back and save them first and then keep flocking dead horses in Tamils Diaspora Jihadists. In the meantime, his BIL, sons and brothers are robbing the nation, maybe the Temple Tree going through yet other round of refurbishment providing a/c for every toilet as are possible while we the fools commuting in trains thumbing our noses while using the toilets in the fort railway stations, are we deserve to get what we get.

    What a foresight to build an airport in down south where there is not much population growth, while the other parts devoid of one.

  • 8

    President Maithripala Sirisena and Ranil Wickremesinghe definitely have a card up their sleeve. Perhaps Part 2 of the coup de main they pulled of in January this year!

    • 2

      Sharmini Serasinghe

      “President Maithripala Sirisena and Ranil Wickremesinghe definitely have a card up their sleeve.”

      Le’ts hope that is the case, Part 2 of the Hopper, Appa Fest. Let us hope that with this Act Part 2,of the MaRa wild goose chase, as Gotabbel is supposed to have said, Medamulana Mahinda Rajapaksa and their cronies fall on their face and crack their skulls this time.

      MaRa MaRa Chatu MaRa Amana MaRa Diraccha Lanu Kana MaRa..

      Sumanadasa, the astrologer, where are you? Can you predict? What does the stars say..

  • 0

    Here I await a modern Lanka to emerge (not useless airports n ports n talk)and the thinking tries to go back pre-8 Jan !

    MS should be either new Indonesian prez or he should not have contested at all.

  • 6

    If MS gives nomination to MARA it is as good as good as burying the aspirations of 6.2 Million voters below the earth just as he said that he will be below 6 feet of earth if he lost the Presidential electi on.

    Furthermore what moral right does he have to refuse nominations to other smaller crooks when he has signed for ACE ROGUE NUMBER ONE.

  • 2

    Your report is fundamentally flawed. There is NO rpt NO
    need for the Central Committee to endorse Rajapaksa’s
    candidature leave alone any others who would be contesting
    on the SLFP ticket.

    It has been decided by the leader of the party Maithripala
    Sirisena. The statement about Rajapaksa’s candidature has
    also been approved by Sirisena.

    Sirisena’s remarks in Matara is face saving. He makes them only
    after the announcement giving nominations that has earned for
    Sirisena the wrath and curse of his supporters. What is the use
    of now saying he will no allow family rule. He has already
    allowed Rajapaksa to contest and that is enough. You cannot
    stop the family from supporting and campaigning for him.

    Sirisena should first see a doctor to see how tongues he has.
    He has brought disgrace not only to those who voted him but
    all those around the world who wished him well. He will go to
    the dustbin of history as another Sri Lankan betrayer.

  • 1

    Mahinda is a smart man. He knows his way forward. Even from downfall he can re-emerge. He has pulled the trump card and it is a masterly move.

    From here, it is going to be win! win! win!

    I admire his persuasive engagements with anyone. My engagement with him before his defeat in the Presidential election is a memorable testimony.

    I am persuading my partner to join me to campaign for him.

    Lord Nallur Murugan will be with him and his victory to become Prime Minister is sealed now.

    • 2

      He lost last time. How is he going to win now?

      • 1


        See how the sympathy wave is moving fast in Mahinda’s favour.

        Last time was an adventurous misadventure. It happens to everyone in life. He has learnt his lessons and when he starts his campaign my God! it will have electrifying effect on the voters.

        My prayers to Lord Nallur Murugan and Kali Devio will have the expected results for Mahinda.

        I am sure he will speak in Tamil in Jaffna. This time, he will go beyond what he did in the past. He may speak from the roof top of the Jaffna Bazar or even from a high rising stage at the Dutch Fort. He can really break the mould in the north.

        I remain excited that he will win. That itself is enough to achieve the best in my life.

  • 0

    Majority of people in Sri Lanka do need a Government which makes life easy for public while safeguarding social & economic right of all communities. To lay a foundation for long term development in planes of economic, social including democratic institutions, education, health so on and ethnic coherence. This is the minimum outcome we need from a new Government and the structure and modeling can be focused for that entity.

    On the otherhand people gave mandate to Mr. Sirisena’;s representation against bandits, mega Corruption ,Waste, Mismanagement, nepotism,cronyism, Thuggery, tolerating crime, Racism, Dictatorshi, Drugs and Ethanol and to Promote Sustainable Development, Education, health, solutions for Chemicals in Agriculture, reduce / eliminate misdeeds of multi nationals, improve International Cooperation and National reconciliation, Establish Law and Order and many other good things under a good governance to achieve above minimum progressive needs. These pledged made by you both together cannot be forgotton in just over six months after Jun 8 revolution by your own words. This is to remind before you discredit the whole nation before bandits not withsdanding to the fact that R too need focusing to public than his pets brought up in his long political carrier or condider his duty to pass to other leaders to take over. This country needs service of these both parties and healthy democratic parties of other communities for post war development with a democratic (not with a corrupted gangs)fanctionality. Please do not misuse power to approve or promote frantic bandits and their Governance by any means in any party or shape. Leadership goes with not pledges but sacrifiyces to achieve the goal (certainly not survival).

  • 2

    MARA is history.

    Don’t worry about him.

    MS has a surprise up his sleeve. Wait and see.

    • 0

      I too feel so !

  • 0

    All what I read in the past couple of weeks about the Mahinda saga reinforces my belief that Sirisena is not a person who can handle a crisis situation. He had been vaccilating all the time. It appears be is being manipulated by various forces and unable to make any firm decision either way. At one time he gives an indication that there is no place for Mahinda and at other times he conducts face to face talks with Mahinda. If you are opposed to someone do not go behind that man. You have to treat him as an enemy. Never try to pacify a wounded animal.

    The whole problem started for Sirisena when he sought and obtained the SLFP and UPFA leaderships with the consent of Mahinda. Sirisena did not contest the January 8 Presidential Election either as a UPFA candidate or SLFP candidate. He contested in the Swan symbol as the candidate of a rainbow alliance with the UNP as the major party. He should have in fact first resigned from the SLFP before he accepted the nomination of the rainbow alliance because he was going to contest an SLFP/UPFA alliance. Sirisena should have remained true to his pledge and he should have remained neutral. That was not the case.
    Had he not accepted SLFP/UPFA leadership he would not have come under the pressure of Susil Premajayantha, Nimal Siripala de Silva or any other SLFP or UPFA personalities.

    If Sirisena thinks he can give nomination to Mahinda and then once the UPFA wins with Mahinda’s popularity,he can reign in on Mahinda,he is making a serious blunder. Mahinda is a seasoned politician and he has the backing of many influential SLFP/UPFA figures who would get elected and stand firm behind him. In that scenario, Sirisena’s machinations would not work.

    Sirisena can still salvage his name and prestige by allowing UPFA to have Mahinda as its Prime Ministerial candidate and then pull out from the Parliamentary election remaining neutral. Let those pro-Sirisena figures in SLFP/UPFA join hands with the anti-Mahinda forces and contest the election against Mahinda’s UPFA. Let the voters be the final arbiters and decide who they choose. Never mind a hung parliament which will be the likely possibility. Whichever party that wins the most number of seats will then be forced to form a government in a coalition with the second or third placed party, or to align with the party or parties on the Tamil and Muslim sides, or to buy out MPs like what Mahinda did to get a two-third majority in the last Parliament. A hung parliament will be a recipe for instability, particularly with the new constiutinal amendment that prevents the dissolution of a newly elected parliament before the end of four and a half years.

  • 4

    Sirisena has proved that he is the number 1 rogue in the SLFP by betraying the Sri Lankan people by giving Mahinda Rajapaksa another chance to come back after he was rejected overwhelmingly by the people on the 8th January. Sirisena can not hide his face now. He is avoiding meeting even Chandrika who brought him to this position. Sirisena has no future in Sri Lanka. Sirisena should commit suicide ASAP as he has no moral right to be the president of this country.

  • 2

    Again srilanka is prooving it is a utter waste third world corrupted country. Welcoming a theif, killer, rapist and a genocider is happening only in srilanka. Maithree is a number one idiot in the history who betrayed the 6.2million voters. Instead of nominating horapaksa Maithree would have withdrawn the election in jan 8. There is no difference between them. The only way remaining is UNP

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