30 May, 2024


Rajapaksa Nomination Saga: Central Committee Yet To Approve Premajayantha Statement

Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa is to sign nomination papers of the SLFP on July 08, former Parliamentarian T.B. Ekanayake said.

MahindaHowever, the decision to give nomination to the former President is yet to be endorsed by the Central Committee of the party.

When contacted by Colombo Telegraph, a senior spokesman of the party said a date has not yet been fixed for a Central Committee meeting.

The Central Committee is the Supreme decision making body of the SLFP and it is chaired by President Maithripala Sirisena.

Although UPFA General Secretary Susil Premajayantha issued a statement on Friday with regard to Rajapaksa’s candidature, it did not make any reference to the SLFP.

Meanwhile, breaking his silence over the issue surrounding Mahinda Rajapaksa’s nominations, President Maithripala Sirisena today said that he would not let the return of family rule, adding that the silent revolution of January 8 will not be turned back.

He made this comment at the ceremony to mark the beginning of the Matara-Hambantota stretch of the Southern Expressway. The event was held at Godagama in Matara. UNP General Secretary Kabir Hashim, several other politicians and senior state officials were also present at the event.

“I have been in politics for 49 years. Any decision I make will be in line with the ‘change’ happened on January 09,” Sirisena said.

In a twitter post, Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe today said that the UNP was not interested about nominations of other parties.

“Together, President and I pledged to change the course of the country. That was the mandate. I will not go back on that promise,” the Prime Minister said.

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Latest comments

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    There is a big catch when the nomination of Mahinda, as the central committee has not approved his papers

  • 8

    Since MR and his cabal have been operating from the temples, it would be prudent for the accountant and auditors of the temples to see how much has been stolen during these visits.

    He probably would have promised the corrupt, who allowed him the free hand, that he would give them mega-deals when he is back in the corridors-of-power.

  • 3

    Any body can nominated their candidate, but crux of matter is to be win by majority votes is problem?

    Consent and will of voters are important in respect of Respretantive Democracy.
    Mahinda Rajapakasa is respect and accepts democratic norms and he valued democratic institutions exist our country since Independence 1948 as leader of President of Sri lanka, 2005 to 2014.

    He was democratic elected leader, but his act not only in words, but in deeds. That is why such person has every eligibility be candidate of coming next Parliamentary election.

    He was well worse & contributed to future democracy to Sri lanka as well as South Asian Region.
    MR mattered when it came to democracy to distinguishing between permanent friends and permanents enemies of that democracy of Sri Lankan.
    MR realized that LTTE army seems to be command of foreign power ,if we lost war our nation turning them into colonial domination.

    MR was tested leader after independence that with range of policies and principles has been implemented on; during war tone country, MR has realized What Machiavelli said was correct ” for men change their rulers willing hoping to better themselves and this hope induces them to take up arms against him who rulers; wherein they are deceived, because they find by experience they have gone from bad to worse.”..
    While LTTE war was it is violence and not benevolence to the people of Sri lanka which that realized by MR alliances.

    1 War tone nation change into Peaceful country after 30 Ruthless war
    launch by LTTE Tamil terrorist outfit. Bring back to Peace for all
    nationalities including Tamil in north-east of Sri lanka.

    2 Regain lost democracy of Right to vote for every citizens ,that
    specially Tamil in north-east. Rule of Vote is the rule of democracy,
    being learn by MR during his ruling period..

    3 Safeguard unity and stability, as well as security of whole Island.
    Life line is that security of pillar of modern nation building
    been realized by MR alliance.

    4 Upheld National Sovereignty ,Territorial Integrity and Independent
    for Island. MR led alliance War not against Tamil ,but defeated
    proxies war lunch by separatist funded by Foreign big power. War
    was national salvation of majority Nation survival.

    MR is leader of our country. He has every right be member of Parliamentary democracy. He is a rare victory of Sri Lankan.

    • 2

      That’s nice. :-)

  • 2

    Why is everybody agitated if MR contests the elections for a parliamentary seat? Forget he was ex-president. He is now and ordinary citizen like you and me and he has every right to contest if any party nominates him. Whether he wins or not depends on the voters. If he wins and wants to be an ordinary MP that is his choice. Becoming PM is a secondary matter which is dependent on the President and MR is aware of this. So lets clear the first hurdle of his winning a seat in parliament and think of others later. All this hype shows the insecurity of the people who opposes MR.

    • 3

      Yes he has a right to contest in the election as a citizen. But he cannot keep his ex president benefits and security if he contest in this election. He can’t have both.

  • 10

    Maithri had planned all this and now he will say ” what can I do- party nominated him” and like a saadhu he will pretend to be neutral. He could have said in Matara that he never saw the letter which says he approved the nomination of MR, he could have also issued press communique or even made a speech to the nation denying the story that he gave nomination. His silence is deafening. Why is he going round and round the issue without speaking straight. Has he got pittu in his mouth ( kate pittudha). He has let the voters down. How much of money did he get to do this betrayal. It is all bunkum that he is trying to say that he is saving the party by the reply he gave Rev. Sobitha who really laid the foundation for MS to come up. He had a spine ache to attend the party hosted by CBK, All his speeches regarding his simplicity and scolding MR is a pack of lies. God save Sri Lanka

  • 0

    Yes, why Sirisena is silent?

  • 1

    Meeharaka Rajapakshe has no chance – as had been before.
    Only Gombattayas would back him since their survival is connected with the reigncarnation of Meeharaaka..

    Apita budusarnai so long easily vulnerable masses would not see it right.

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