30 May, 2023


Rajapaksa Regime Brought Down Phone Tapping Equipment Worth $ 150,000

Digital Infrastructure Minister Harin Fernando has said that the government under former President Mahinda Rajapaksa had imported hi-tech equipment worth US $ 150,000 for the purpose of tapping telephone lines.Harin

Addressing a news conference at Sirikotha yesterday, Fernando said that a decision has been taken to return the equipment back to the supplier, as there is no need for such equipment in the country.

“The Rajapaksas spent a lot of time spying on the people and the opposition when they were in power,” Fernando claimed.

During Rajapaksa’s term, many journalists who were identified as those critical against them, had complained about their phone lines been tapped by unknown parties.

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    These equipment were brought as a National Security requirement. These equipment helped to apprehend LTTE suicide bombers, handlers and the planners. It may be used extensively by Minister Harin to listen to JO. Please give it back to the police and the intelligence units. They need this equipment to protect mother Lanka. These are the type of guys who would even give away their mother for few rupees.

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      No use of it for us. We directly hook our lines in at exchange and enjoys the conference calls. This was used to watch American Embassy’s cell and Global wirelesses. Ambassador Robert Blake said to have recorded Brother Prince’s cells on the White Flag case. That is why we bought this. It’s all well after the war. We don’t need.
      Can buy couple of new bottles or even have fun vacation in swiss for the returned money! Let it go Bro. Feel better!

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        In the meantime, the US Zionist entity is destroying countries that are loyal to it throughout the span of 90 years of utter slavery to their masters.

        The Turkish entity is creation of the evil British Empire with its hidden and open ZIONIST agenda by destroying the world’s countries that were seen and powerful during their colonial rule.

        Sri Lanka is one of those lands they invaded, looted and destroyed its prevalent cultures and the ruling elites whom were natives and have been running the territories with nature loving and progressive system of government.

        The Jews backed British did something barbaric, they rounded up the Kings and rulers and then either beheaded them or destroyed them along with their progeny leaving it with a vacuum in the political hierarchies to take back the country again by anyone from that BLOOD ORDER.

        The Mahinda Rajapakse clans and their partners in crime like the Sinhala Zionist groups like the BBS, JHU, Sinhala Ravaya, Ravana Balakaya, Elle Gunawangsa the criminal monk included, were all Zionist local agents step up and kept in waiting to put the country into A CRISIS AFTER A CRISIS, manufactured and trained in Tel Aviv and Washington by the CIA/Mossad/Mi6 terror outfits.

        Look at the Turkey now….. the coup can be described by the following excerpt I copied from a youtube channel post..and it says:

        The three most important regiments involved in the Turkey Attempted Coup plot and implementation have been part (members) of NATO’s Rapid Deployable Corps (NRDC) since 2003.

        A group of plotters of the failed Turkish Coup Attempt used a WhatsApp group to communicate with each other. Based on well-documented information and established identities gathered from these intercepted communications, at least three out of the five coupist regiments were (and still are) part of NATO’s Rapid Deployable Corps. Further, the group used the emblem and slogan used by NATO’s Rapid Deployable Corps: “Peace at home, peace in the world.”

        The intercepted communications also expose the role of the CIA-Gulen network within Turkey’s police force, and how it readily welcomed and aided the Failed Coup Attempt.

        Newsbud news with Sibel Edmonds and Spiro Skouras delves into this significant exposé and provides viewers with context and analyses missing from western media outlets.

        end quote.

        Please check here the full discussion with MIND BLOWING infos:

        Newsbud BREAKING NEWS: Turkey’s Coup Plotters are Members of NATO’s Rapid Deployable Corps

        So, this is what they do to any country, be it their friends or enemies. Like what they tried to do to TURKEY (The partner of many crimes committed with the NATO) but, failed due to the far thinking populace acting rightly at the right time and right moment.

        Sri Lanka is den of CIA/Mossad operatives. The US is using HAARP technology to alter the climate conditions of the country that saw many surprise floods and Tsunamis. US is planning to take over the entire land which was under British rule 65 years ago and which has become a strategic place once again to be retaken by the same Jewish cabal who are running the British/US/EU evil zones.

        BBS, Mahinda and all those Sinhala Zionist media will become very handy for that take over by these criminals in the future in their Geo-Strategic global order.

        This is why Ranil or Maithree is not doing anything, anything to fix the criminals (Mahinda & co., BBS, and the Sinhala Zionist media) for any of their crimes. When there was LTTE was in operation, even a whisk of a suspicion was enough to arrest a Tamil citizen and to convict him of being a danger to the society by all the governments that came after the evil JR’s rule. Virtually no Tamil was safe from the TERROR OF THE STATE enterprises. Sinhala Zionist media kept the RACIST propaganda alive throughout the conflict.

        Then came the US/Israeli trained Gota’s WAR ON ISLAM with under the contract of the Zionist system. He unleashed many terror trying to destroy the Muslims with multi pronged and multi faceted psy-op. It was an all out war on the Muslims in their Religious, Cultural, Industrial, Economic aspects as the Zionists knows that the Muslims are alone and having no support from any quarter in the Muslim world. Like it happens in Burma. Rohingya people have no one to save them. Zionist Jews are experimenting the WAR ON ISLAM in the South Asia region with Burma being their feather in their cap operation.

        Gnanasara went to Tel-Aviv on many occasion for Mossad brian washing programs on how to attack the Muslims. They started with HALAL issue. It was the same Jewish tactics followed by BBS/GOTA/MAHINDA Axis, right from the Jewish/Israeli books ditto following it word by word.

        Remember? Once Gnanasara uttered his Pro-Zionist statement he made hurriedly to wink his masters in Washington and Tel Aviv saying “If Maligawatte (Muslims) is Gaza, then we (The Bodu Bala Sena) is Israel” ….That’s the slave statement he made his Jewish benefactors loudly and openly saying it in the Pro-Israeli Sinhala and Sri Lankan media (Private & State run).

        So, Sri Lanka is on the Zionist card and the Zionist plan to be invaded and kept for their World War 3 project which has been planned and waiting for implementation.

        The Pro-Israeli Sinhala Racist politicians helped the Zionists to the De-Population (UN’s Agenda 21) program by inciting the Tamils to take up arms and then killing each other to the loss of nearly 100,000 human beings. Jews want all the NON-JEWS (Goyim/Gentiles) destroyed by whatever means and by who ever. Sri Lankans have proved many times over that they are a very useful tool in that project.

        Take my word…. Sri Lanka will be destroyed not by anyone, BUT, BY THEIR OWN PRO-ISRAELI Media and the Politicians (Racists) who wants corruption to rule and with FULL IMPUNITY they are enjoying under the continuous rule by their (Pro-Racist, Pro-Israeli) Political order.

        I wish them all the best, as there is no one capable of STOPPING THESE CRIMINALS from doing it.

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          Get the more info about HAARP Technology of the US Zionist system in this link…. The Indians have found out…will the Sri Lankan dumbos identify the real enemy of the humanity, at least NOW????

          India’s Environmental Minister: U.S. HAARP May Cause Global Warming

          The Phone tapping system installed by the Racist Scumbag Mahinda is not only a spy system for his Junta (when he was ruling it…) It has a backup system which goes to the US intelligence. Which means, the US is spying our country through these techniques through our DUMBOS who believes that the US and Israel are actually helping them in all matters. ITS A BIG NATIONAL SECURITY THREAT TO OUR COUNTRY.

          Sri Lanka is on the card for invasion or occupation by the Zionist system and its Army. China, Russia and their allies are getting ready for the oncoming World War 3 and that’s why the Zionist Jews are backing Hillary Clinton to capture power. She is a Psychopath and a Zionist Agent propped to take over “Show-Time” Presidency, which is nothing but an eye-wash to the world as these individuals who becomes Presidents in the US are not the real rulers.

          The real rulers are planning and controlling everything from behind the scenes. They are the JEWISH BANKERS. The same bankers funded our Sri Lankan internal WAR ( The SL State Terror Vs LTTE group Terror). All the funds fro the both parties came from the Zionist WEST.

          They allowed the Tamil people to escape from Sri Lanka and find a haven in te UK and EU. They financed Prabhakaran’s war fro the West, while the Jewish IMF World Bank funded the SL Dumbo Govts, with loans, that has stacked up to a whopping 45 Billions of Dollars…..

          We are now a pawn of the Jews. That’s why Jews are now funding the Mahinda faction and all those who can show card-Board Heroism against the minorities, the Sinhala Racist Buddhist groups backed by the ever loyal Sinhala Zionist Media which pivotal in whipping up Anti-Islam campaign through Lankadeepa, Mawbima, TNL, Derana, Swarnavahini, ITN, Rupavahini…and even FM Radio channels. Muslims have none of those vital tools to defend them against this massive onslaught by the Sinhala Pro-Zionist Jewish back licking Buddhist forces.

          All indications are showing that the plan is to pull the country into many conflicts that will cause more mayhem, and more damages…PLUS MORE MASSIVE DEBTS by borrowing from the Criminal Jewish enterprises.

          All Wars Are Bankers’ Wars

          The threat to Sri Lanka is the same Buddhist forces that wanted this country to be reserved only to the Sinhala Buddhists which will ultimately become a slave state functioning under the Zionist system as THERE IS NO WAY SRI LANKAN Buddhist Dumbos are PAYING BACK 44 Billion Dollars. Which also means that US/British Eu Jews own Sri Lanka.

          POPE’s visit is to Sri Lanka (Catholic Church’s real estate) is an inspection tour organised by the Zionist system and its local agents as Pope is the head of the Bank of England which owns all the other banks in the world.

          Vatican- Owner of world’s biggest banks and top companies [Catholic Church Exposed]

          If any Sinhala Buddhist have an iota of brain in their racist skull, they must check the above videos and its contents and then start thinking…..

          The Sinhala’s are always distracted fighting a non-enemy (Tamils/Muslims) at the same time dumb headed not to identify the real enemy that has nearly 300 Military bases around the world, bombing countries into submission for not falling in line, inciting one another to fight for non issues, and have bombed with most cruel weapons like Nukes, Napalm in Vietnam etc.

          Keep on following their news media about who the enemy is….one day Sinhala’s will end up becoming the worst slaves in the Zionist system.

          How the Jews infiltrated the Vatican & changed the Catholic Church

          • 1

            This video is from an expert Russian political analyst ALEXANDER DUGAN. Just listen go his what he says about the US Empire which waning and about fall into pieces very very soon.

            He explains how the US system infiltrates into govts, private companies/Corporations, media, and military of other countries to further their agenda. Asian, African countries and even their own allies are being spied on and have conducted CIA backed coups to topple the govts., that are not in line with their evil war mongering projects.

            If anyone in his right mind thinks that all those equipment were given for the benefit our good…think again. They have destroyed many countries throughout the last centuries with such methods. Its an old trick of them to pose as a friend and then infiltrating into the local system and the society to destroy it from within.

            The Sinhala Only system which is ruining the country for the last half a century has been duped into believing these Zionist Jewish scumbags as FRIENDS or the GOOD GUYS (as according to the US George PIG Bush).

            Dugin’s Guideline – American Hegemony – The Dragon is Wounded

        • 3

          Jihadi `Holman` desert storm saddam and his family are no more.

          I have to speak candidly to be of value, but I do not want to offend the Muslim community… I think we were progressing very nicely until the surge of Islam came, and if you asked me for my observations, the other communities have easier integration – friends, inter-marriages and so on – than Muslims… I would say, today, we can integrate all religions and races, except Islam.
          Lee Kuan Yew, Interview with Fareed Zakaria
          Let us not deceive ourselves: our talent profile is nowhere near that of, say, the Jews or the Japanese in America. The exceptional
          number of Nobel Prize winners who are Jews is no accident. It is also no accident that a high percentage, sometimes 50%, of faculty members in the top American universities on both the east and west coasts are Jews. And the number of high calibre Japanese academics, professionals, and business executives is out of all proportion to the percentage of Japanese in the total American population
          Lee Kuan Yew The Search for Talent,

          Islamist are only good at slaughter and rest of the time buy sell belch and fart.

          • 0

            Lucky Luke…..What a funny comment…..

            Before the advent of the British criminals invading and destroying countries, Islam was the height of progress with many of the present day invention was possible due to their efforts and contribution added to the advancement of the whole humanity. ALGEBRA…..is that one dart that slits all the dumb allegations made against the Muslims and their scientific advancements.

            JEWS don’t have brains…they are only diabolical smart in infiltrating into societies to destroy them. They invented the worst things in humanity. Like the Usury (Money lending on interest) Isn;t it why the entire world is in a financial fix without a solution to redeem itself from the clutches of the evil Jews?

            Fareed Zakaria is bloody Zionist slave working for Jew owned CNN. What else do you want to hear from him? A good word about Islam and the Muslims??? Come on!!! Grow up.

            The world is seeing the so called “Islamic Terror” is the Zionist campaign made to appear so to the dumb headed, mind controlled freaks who cannot see the truth when its smashed on their face. Like you for example.

            NOBEL Peace prize is a political tool to show the world who is acceptable and who is not when it comes the Zionist agenda. Obama got one and he is heading the world most evil system that goes around destroying the world of the gentiles- the US.

            Have ever seen JEWS bombing another JEW??? NO! Because, they are the one
            The US citizens are waking up to the monstrosity of the Jewish cabal and their destruction made against the NON-Jewish world population.

            It was their control of the media that made them super intelligent although they are the same historical criminals who wants to steal other’s wealth and spread corruption on earth.

            JEWS stole other people’s (non-Jew’s) ideas and plagiarized them. Then they promoted their own kinds through their evil media with fake achievements. They are the ones who selects and elects are publicize the geniuses according to their whims and fancy. JEW’s world…..

            They stole Islamic scientific records and copied them as theirs….Do you still believe these historical criminals as geniuses??? Come on…

            Watch these Videos and bring your brain from the bottom of your body to its original place….

            1.Jewish fraud Einstein debunked by Nikola Tesla Part 1)

            2. Albert Einstein, The Incorrigible Plagiarist

            3. Albert Einstein A Plagiarist, Jew, Communist and Warmonger

            4. The Rothschilds & The Two World Wars ~ Eustace Mullins

          • 0

            Yo Lucky Luke,

            Watching this video will bring out all the bloody truth the Jews were hiding from the public until today, what they did through their control of the media, spewing hate and lies.

            Jeff Rense & Christopher Jon Bjerknes –

            2. Communism’s Death Toll, and the JEWISH ROLE in Bolshevism

            3. The Bolshevik Decimation of the Russian People

            4. The Ethnic Origin Of Communism, Bolshevism and the Russian Revolution (Documentary)

            The Jews massacred millions of people with their Jewish Banker criminals funding the BOLSHEVIK REVOLUTION and the Genocide in UKRAINE during the times of Jew/Jozef Stalin. Not only that, the world war 1 & 2 is a Jewish project too. Do you know the loss of innocent lives in these two World WARS????

            Remember, the Bolshevik leaders and propellers were all 90% JEWS. They massacred the TZAR and his family to bring about a GODLESS society to destroy the Orthodox Christianity in Russian territory.

            • 0

              And…there is an evil program of destroying nearly 7 billion humanity to reduce it to a 500 million people, which is also a UN Program by the titke “Agenda 21”.

              All the present day wars that is going on only among the Non-Jewish world population is heading towards that mass murder. Sri Lankan govt., too is part and parcel of that de-population project. That’s why the Buddhist groups are constantly kept focussed on attacking the next minority community. Banda was a Weestern mind controlled freak who implimented the draconian rules in real terms that ignited the KILLING ONE ANOTHER in the 40’s., and which is progressing to the 2016s…

              There are many laws available under the cosntitution to bring the racists who has criminal offences to the book. But, they are not doing anything and they have been kept to raom freely and the ever-ready Sinhala racist media keeps the fire burning by giving slots in their media to air these criminal’s views and to spew hatred….its unlimited.

              That indictaes to where the country is bring taken in the upcoming WW3 annihilation as planned by the West.

              Sri Lanka experienced many a recent natural calamities. The Sinhala nuts have been given high positions in the govt., institutions. I mean to ask them “Just what you guys are doing with your power and position? But, just sitting and chatting what a Muslim does and what a Tmail does etc after hearing it from the very same media that is lying and decepting the entire world with their fake news.

              Have these guys ever thought about doing a service at least to their own kind by indetifying the REAL ENEMIES who are silently destroying the country and its people????

              Watch these and you will come to a shocking revelation on what’s going on behind our backs.

              1. The End: Horrific Electromagnetic Weapons Capable of Mass Genocide of Citizens

              2. The Dangers of Vaccines – Part 1
              (autism MMR vaccination SIDS side effects DTaP vaccine danger HPV)

              3. Vaccines-The True Weapons Of Mass Destruction

              …and in the meantime, the Buddhist racists diverts the attention of the public from the REAL ISSUES as above videos, they are paid to distract everyone of us to look for MUSLIMS and TAMILS as the threat.
              Already, the West is destroying all of the population regardless of whether anyone is Sinhala, Tamil or a Muslim. They simply don’t care.

              All they want is from the Sinhala system is TO INVENT A NEW ENEMY and keep on fighting…..they will fund those fights, give you technical training and equipments to destroy 100 people in a single blow……Stupid Sinhala Racists.

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      Patriot, how are you privy to this information?
      Are you just making assumptions?

      • 5


        These equipment were bought by Baya-Gota to spy all the phones.

        One of my friend was arrested in the BIA on his return from holiday and the intelligence men had the graphic details of all the calls he made.

        Then how did they execute the white van kidnaps and murders? How did they had the track of Lasantha before he was killed?

        Mahinda had a another type of special equipment to help him speak in Tamil.

        We are lucky they are gone. Otherwise by they would have introduced all kinds of sexual therapies to keep themselves busy.

        • 5

          most of their equipment were gifts to fight terror so they thought they were bigger than their immediate neighbours. Just like kussi amma CBK and her Viper software used for spy conversations became bigger than India once her party came to power.
          That was the downfall of the regime.
          I still don’t understand why he held an election so soon with Obama staunchly backing Mahinda.

    • 1

      It helps for the good governance government to help the West, in order to give exact information. The good governance leaders are insulting our forefathers who fought against the West to safeguard the Indian Subcontinent.

    • 0

      Did you see the Underworld in Action in the heart of Megapolis this week. all on CCTV in former Hip Territory, Gakissa?.

      May be UNP Cop Poojithya is busy using Harin’s Digital bits, listening to Pada Yatra dudes swearing and cursing these public enemies in Yahapalanaya…

      • 2

        Sumane –
        your master Goat Parayapaksa was the underworld paymaster. How is the underworld operating without their boss? You are having flashbacks of the former regime stupid fellow.

        • 0


          Your new buddies in Yahapalanaya, specially your one time LTTE paymaster’s Financail Advisor and the Trustee of the USD 3 Million in Kirillapona will be offended, by your silly remarks.

  • 28

    It is illegal to tap the private telephone conversations of any Sri Lankan citizen without a Court order. We do not have to make excuses that we the nation don’t use such technology. Use it against the real criminals following due process. It has been illegally used by the MR government to listen in on its citizens, journalists, opposition politicians as well. Going to extents of bugging homes and offices in some cases. Please investigate the Rajapaksas for this. Telecommunications and Digital Infrastructure Minister Harin Fernando it is good you have brought this issue to the attention of the public. When can we see laws put in place to protect citizens against the abuse of these technologies in the future!?

    • 8

      Does this Badulla ‘Gemba’ know if these were used only for illegal purposes?
      He has a foul mouth and the whole area stinks when he opens it!

    • 0

      These must be some old stuff before the invent of communication apps!

  • 30

    Return the hi-tech equipment via local post back to Medamulana Machiavellan Mahinda Rajapaksa. Spying on the people and opposition is a crime and should be severely dealt with.

    Sira and Ranil are going too soft on the Fraudsters, murderers, and Jarapaksa family and its high time for some real action against these culprits.

  • 12

    Sad if this guy had a little bit of intelligence match his looks he would have made a great politician. But seemed like he has no great mentors. Looking at Ranil and how he behaves no wonder this guy also has turned out to become a poor excuse.

    • 8

      Yah, you are correct. Actually Harin should learn something from that great Patriot and would be Political Prisoner Namal Rajapaksha. The way he behaved in Paada (da) Yathra suggested that he is following foot steps of his mentor Mahinda Rajapaksha.

      • 4

        Lapatiya your mentor got the beating of his life at the Nandikadal lagoon at the hands of Padada MR. So your sentiments are accepted.

        • 6


          Seems like now it’s your fallen hero’s turn for a beating ..family included.

          • 1

            Lankan it is the ilk of you and Nandikadal Thambi that beat women and children. If you have a score to settle do it like a man with the man himself. Why bring his family. Shame on you.

            • 6


              Why do you love a crime family so much?

            • 0

              Recently Mangala rushed to praise Condoleezza Rice based on a premature US’s poll numbers. Right after the RNC, Trump surged on polls. Ivanka was a shining star against Hillary, who is no long younger, has lost appearance majesty. It is (poll surge) usual to happen after major party’s convention. Then came the DNC. Hillary recovered what she lost. Trump reacted with his jealous nature. Polls plummeted for him. Now Lankawe is in Thirisanku status. That is, it is in between China and America’s tugger war. Old King’s manipulation is differed from this, but did not have assurance for continued success for ever. He worked with 32 Nations to win the war, hoodwinked them, abandoned them and associated with China for personal favors. This forced Secretary Kerry to chase him out of Temple Tree House. Then Secretary Kerry believed Ranil to take America’s side. But, Ranil could not do after taking power what Old King did after the war. That is hoodwinking the West. Though Secretary Kerry said he had turned around Lankawe the same way Rangoon was turned around, the diplomats who worked for Secretary Kerry, like Nisha Biswas, used different terminology. She talked about American Lankan Relationship and Lankawe taking America’s helping hand. Her talks sounded like she was having lot of expectation but did not see anything as solid achievement of Lankawe that it cannot back off from it. Having failed on their acting that was already over used by Old King and the IC has been already warned of it, Ranil and Mangala fell back on their preparation of welcoming the new administration to come. Now they have some assured situation the coming team would not follow the path of Secretary Condoleezza. This where the Old King was let down and forced him to take his final decision to walk with the Joint Comedians in the Pada Yatra.

              When he was running away from Temple Tree house, he had obtained Ranil’s assurance of saving him. Ranil kept his promise the at any cost.
              “Our sailor oft could scantly shift
              To find a dinner plain and hearty;
              But never changed the coin and gift
              Of Bonaparte.” – Thomas Campbell.

              Ranil had beaten the sailor of Thomas Campbell on keeping promise on all his demises. But, by the same coin, he has failed to assure the protection to Old King anymore. That overdoing of the sailor has earned fame for him but Ranil’s overdoing has raised a suspicion on him for IC. Had Ranil loosed a little bit of his tight hold and had taken the help Secretary Kerry offered him, Kerry might have solidified the hold he put on the investigation. Now that hold is on limbo. Even there is chance the OISL Report’s criminals’ names coming out, not by reissuing the old report, but pursuing the criminals on the ongoing investigation. Every time when the OISL was progressing to the next step on its investigation, Old King has been monkeying around on hanging ropes or jogging half nude on the beaches. He had faith on Ranil’s ability to protect him and he was showing off no fear(struggling to show off no fear is showing fear). Now, he sees no point is letting Ranil on the power; One- Ranil appears have lost the ability to protect him by his overdoing, second – Secretary Kerry is leaving, so he needed not to have run away from the Temple Tree House. So, with his usual manner, he is starting his sabotages against Ranil. It was already there in hidden manner even before the CEB Transformers failed or Army’s Tamil informant from Chavakacheri put the suicide Jacket in his house and his wife called army to complain about it. But openly acting in challenging in this manner has not happened from the time when he left Dayan to read Dayan’s own manuscript in Narahenpita. Now Old King wants to take the power on his hand to protect him, but not want to depend on Ranil anymore. This may bring a split in SLFP, induced by Ranil’s intransigence and for the first time running out of luck from the time of freedom when Don Stephen had successfully bought Soulbury to the fake promise of Naval base in Trinco, a value less than a cup of coffee, the coin he used to buy Tamils like GG, Suntharalingam and other upcountry Tamils.

              Now, what is going to come out in March 2017 UNHRC is everybody’s guess. But Old King is seeing his pictures in his scary dark-room negatives. So he wanted to walk his Pada Yatra. In fact, he wants to walk ahead of UNHRC or IC. He wants to open up a new chapter on the long gone mega series, “UN Electric Chair”. He travelled on his chariot like cars until the Sinhala Modayas start to believe that his legs have boils. He wants to reestablish his image as that he is the ultimate sacrifice-r for the Motherland the Wild Life Sanctuary – SinhaLE Lankawe. UNP-Yahapalanaya down played the walk. Joint Comedian up-played it. SLFP is struggling to straighten its back from the breakage it suffered by this walk against the Yahapalanaya Government, with it, it is a partner. There is chance that this breakage may become permanent and bring a sore on the bloodless revolution Solomon West Ridgeway Dias brought in the 1950s.

              Whether the walk was success or not, it is has brought once more a reminder that there was war crime committed by Lankawe government. The Entire Sinhala Lankawe and Muslim Lankawe were together on hiding that and defending the Old Royal Chitanta Government. But, now they are split on how to protect the criminals. The Old Royals Regime closed the door for witnesses; wiped out bodies by bulldozing them; blamed LTTE for human shielding; Toppled the UNHRC process in May 2009; and claimed still it is zero casualty. They went against the West; Worked with China for bribes and commissions; Paid for American PR firms to defeat Susan Rice hoping Secretary Kerry working with them. Secretary Kerry worked with Lankawe, but isolated singularly the Old King. This created the most complicated process in politics, which was not seen since the time Solomon West Ridgeway Dias left UNP.

              Now there is a multi-prong power contest. From SLFP alone, Old King, New King and Chandrika are on their power wielding. Ranil is on his own way. When Mahendran was fired by New King and Chandrika brought her tail Coomaraswamy, Ranil brought Mahendran again though back door. Communist clique of the Joint Comedians are following their usual “Blind and dead Opposition against UNP”; Champika and Udaya Gammanpila are stretching the Buddha’s preaching to bring pogroms against the minorities. (JVP and TNA are away from these main comedies, nevertheless with their own sub comedies.)

              The end to all these is swinging on the hand of Ranil who tightly holding the Napoleon’s Gold Penny. Ranil went against Chandrika on signing the ICC accord and took his first point to have his government dismissed by her. But he cannot let loose his coin. He cannot go against his election promise of “No Leader, No Commander and No Soldier” investigation. He had a chance to conduct an internal investigation and put the guy for two or three years in and let him go out with all his pride. This might have put an iron coating on Old King and defeated all the IC forces. Ranil did not do that. Now everything and every option are open. He is aware that anything he could not achieve in Secretary Kerry’s time is not going to be easy to achieve in Hillary’s administration. Unless something unexpected happens, she is going to be there. Ranil blamed Old King that he gambled the Country’s economy and sold the sovereignty to China for his protection and pride. But he has not done anything different from Old King; but repeated it on a larger scale than Old King. It is not for the same protection. But to maintain the pride name of most adamant, arrogant and obstinate politician Lankawe has ever come across.

  • 25

    There is more rubbish for the stupid public in Sri Lanka. Who are hungry for rule-of-law and Justice.

    Everyone knows insecure, power-hungry, criminal & lunatic Hambantota clan spied on even their friends.

    Exploiting that problem this “Good Samaritan” Harin Fernandeo claims he returned the equipment. Painting himself as the “Good Guy”. Looking for a few Brownie points. Pathetic!

    Shouldn’t he be filing charges against the criminals of the previous regime for illegal wire-tapping of the population?

    Then follow it up with a vengeance to make sure such things will never happen again.

    Isn’t it illeagal not to report such crimes to the Police? Rather than to the media.


    • 3

      “Isn’t it illeagal not to report such crimes to the Police? Rather than to the media.”
      To tell the police is America because its FBI can reach Swiss and unseat the President FIFA. Lankan police and forces are good to murder its own citizens.

      when all are thieves- the way out is getting the tax department to query politicians, police, judiciary government lawyers etc.

      But Ranil, CBK, SiriS stopped the auditor general from performing his duties and let AM finish his contract.. subsequently took the man as an adviser. the reason being the bonds were issued to cover the election expenses. Remember politicians don’t spend their money except outsiders like Trump

  • 24

    Most Sri Lankans voters don’t care as long as it does not effect them directly. They seem to be blind to the indirect consequences. Example the recent traitors march.

  • 26

    Dear so called PATRIOT, You seem to be a Rajapaksa lackey. More things will be exposed in the coming days.

    P.S PATRIOT BE CAREFUL WHEN CHOOSING WORDS.These are the type of guys who would even give away their mother for few rupees.

  • 9

    Sadly , we lack politicians of substance .

  • 10

    Correct me if I am wrong. I am informed that tapping telephone calls do nt requie exrra equipment. It is already there in the Telephone exchange. But if all the tapping is to be directed towards a central unit then i am informed that you need special equipment which is pretty expensive and much more than 150,000.00. I hope the Minister is not taken for a ride by various enthusuasts for them to get the good name and for the Minister to look a fool.

  • 11

    This bloody government of Judas and Batalanda is a total failure. They do not have clear consistent economic policies. Judas say one thing, Ranil and Ravi do completely different things. Experts say policy decisions of Ravi are not consistent with economic policies prescribed by the Central Bank. Judas go and open projects started by Rajapakse regime and go on bashing Rajapakse to get credit thinking that the people in the country are idiots. Ammata digital karana guys like Harin from time to time come out with BS stories blaming Rajapakse to cover up their failures and divert the attention of people. If he thinks that people are going to buy these stories he is a fking idiot. I think that is what he is.

  • 5

    Yes under the data protection rules tapping communication of persons is a violation of personal rights, but if a court allows to do so in a particular case of national security interests it can be done for a limited period and subsequently the collected data should be deleted. Now MR might argue, that under the political climate during the war it was mandatory to protect the general citizens. And they will say it wasnt necessary to obtain court orders under PTA. Someone should check this. Or generally they can start a JO Pada Yaatra under the Moto the “Patriots who saved the country from the world’s most violent terrorists are being betrayed by the present regime” and the gulible Folk will follow them for a lunch Packet and arrack.

  • 17

    With the MR Government anyone who spoke anything meaningful that the government did not like was branded a traitor, terrorist, Diaspors, LTTE sympathizer regardless if you were Sinhalese, Tamil, Muslim or anything. Go back and check the media documents how they branded everyone they disliked with some of the above mentioned. (Some Journalists even fled the country.) And was good enough to use these on citizens, journalists, opposition politicians and anyone they wanted to suppress, harass or silane. These should be used against the real criminals with strict laws preventing the abuse of these technologies. Due process should be followed. Get the necessary court order when required. Now use these technologies to put away these criminals.

  • 4

    Do you try to tell the people that these equipment were brought to tap your phones. For MR people like you and even your leader are PODIANS. Do remember that all these equipment were brought down to track and destroy the ruthless TIGERS whom were supported by your regime and to protect our motherland.

    • 5

      That’s a weak excuse used to spy by unethical means. The end can never justify the means.

  • 5

    Not only the telephone tapping system, the satellite launched by Rajapakse son and the Chinese Govt has the capacity to manipulate computers, especially election results generating computers. Harin should investigate that as well. Chinese Govt launched such computers else where as well.

  • 0

    [Edited out]

  • 14

    Yes, he did indeed. Parayapaksa ran this country like a hoodlum. He mirrored his life to Prabaharan. The whole country was turned into a Gestapo. Wire tapped all and murdered all who stood against him. An insecure coward. Out of the $150,000, 20% ($30k) went into his pocket.

  • 4

    Why don’t you tap in to a source of intelligence using MRs tapping equipment because you clearly lack substance

  • 6

    In his long term plan to remain in power MR feared some influential and powerful people in the opposition, the free media and in the professions will resist his fascistic moves. While bribing some media leaders and intimidating others – including killing and chasing away some – the Rajapakse family wished to tighten their grip in the country to rule beyond the time of the Rajapakse sons. Illegal tapping of phones, e-mails was undertaken. Even the e-mails of several regular
    CT contributors were tapped by this group. A clique close to Gothabaya R pitched camp in an office at Queen Street Colombo 1 for the job – hiring competent local (Sinhala only) IT men closely connected to the regime. Chinese surveillance equipment, personnel hi-tech help was readily forthcoming. China’s long term plans was to trap Rajapakse to be their surrogate in their battle with India for supremacy in the area and the seas around. China also was conspiring to plant hi-tech electronic surveillance here to penetrate India’s defence system. This is why massive loans were given to the bankrupt Rajapakse government. Powerful officials from Beijing, including President Xi visited Sri Lanka more than once. The Chinese even twisted Rajapakses arms to give them exclusive rights over the air around the Colombo harbour. Little does Sri Lanka know how the semi-educated Rajapakses allowed foreign powers to manipulate them.

    It is up to patriotic sources in the present regime to let the whole country know to what extent this country, all its people and the future were sold to outsiders – for the personal benefit of a single extended family.


    • 10

      “China also was conspiring to plant hi-tech electronic surveillance here to penetrate India’s defence system. “

      Limit you fiction writing to geography and proximity of New Delhi to Beijing and the attached borders of both before you dream.
      Do you know bank fraudsters of europe work on the pakistan india border and connect to europeans by phone from there? Do you know that drones sent to Afghanistan are sent and controlled from American bases in the UK.
      Apollo went to the moon july 69 and we get pictures sounds etc delivered to earth? Finally there are thousands of spy satellites in space that do the job.

      your fault is spoon fed at education- bath guli babba. Try to learn who establishes your credit ratings (clue not your local bank) before displaying ignorance.
      “for the personal benefit of a single extended family.”
      Show us one politician anywhere who has come to power and not made money. that was not due. Heard of NM Perera the LSSP who built Peaking wall at cotta road after taking away all our currency.
      Its the arrogant power hungry voters who have skinned themselves and are now talking of abstracts like motherland as if 90% of all people in any nation are patriotic (stupid scum)

      • 0

        M.S. Johnson

        Your rambling nonsense does not deserve the courtesy of a reply.
        But I realise there are a number of imbeciles with like thinking
        such as you in these pages and, therefore, take you on your simpleton statement “Show us one politician anywhere who has come to power and not made money”

        In the local scene Sir John, DSS, Dudley, SWRD, Mrs.B, MD Banda, W. Dahanayake, JRJ – for starters. India – Kamaraj(who was not in a Delhi Cabinet though) CN Annadurai, Lal Bahadur Shastri – just to mention a few from memory. This is only from two countries. But, if you base your comments on the kind of rogues going as political leaders here today, you are not entirely wrong. That may be because the leadership of the country is reflective of the Nation. I hate to say this, but with few exceptions, we have proved to the world we are a nation of thieves, rogues and cheats – that includes many in the mid-higher levels of the Buddhist clergy too. They have sullied the name of a great religion the Sinhalese borrowed from India. Take your pick.


        • 2

          “”Your rambling nonsense does not deserve the courtesy of a reply.””

          Typical lankan panditya go back to your ambude.

          “But I realise there are a number of imbeciles with like thinking”

          So you are an invertebrate? just tickle your middle so that everyone knows which end your head is.

          “In the local scene Sir John, DSS, Dudley, SWRD, Mrs.B, MD Banda, W. Dahanayake, JRJ – for starters. “

          typical shit pot we know our colombo 7 borough more than your village gossip.

          “I hate to say this, but with few exceptions, we have proved to the world we are a nation of thieves, rogues and cheats – that includes many in the mid-higher levels of the Buddhist clergy too.””

          You are now playing 4&6’s So when in a witness box for cross examination you would make tea in your pants.

          “They have sullied the name of a great religion the Sinhalese borrowed from India. Take your pick.”

          The sinhalese did not borrow even their language from India but the first words are still there and its combination of spanish and portuguese- like sinhala ulu – spanish missionary tiles, kamesa, mesa, salava etc. Sinhala borrowed heavily from sanskrit sometime in the 60’s and more in the 70′ when the courts had to function as there was no dictionary for peiris pappa to teach at colombo campus.

          Go get flushed before you get dizzy and abusive.

  • 8

    Rajapaksa, like all dictators, was paranoid and depended on spying on his opponents and the public to remain in power.

    He never anticipated a close associate, Sirisena, to stab him in the back. I am sure he will regret for ever not spying on his close associates.

    • 5


      He did not suspect Sirisena will stab him in the back because everyone in that Cabinet knew Aiyo Sirisena does not have neither brains nor brawn to take such a step. Why Sira did MR in is because he felt peeved he was denied the post of PM which MR had promised him several times. When Sira found the same assurance has been given to that fool Nimal Siripala as well as the mediocre Susil Premjayanth, Sira fell to the machinations of a few wheeler-dealers around him who were advising him to desert the Rajapakse band wagon.

      That is the low nature of our politics today. Can you expect such a country to come out of the dire economic straits it is in today. It is governance of rogues, by rogues for rogues – with rare exceptions.

      Today we read Venezuela – that Latin American country sitting on vast deposits of oil – is a sea of queues of its own people every hour of the day merely to get a loaf of bread, a kilo rice/sugar. This is a country whose irresponsible President Hugo Chavez (late) transferred US5 billion – no questions asked by anybody – to cash-strapped Cuba of his hero Fidel Castro. Today this country, which only a few years ago was in conditions of wealth, is begging for basic food. That is because of sheer lack of vision and ability on the part of its leader/s. Today’s new leader there is dependent entirely on the armed forces for mere survival. Sri Lanka’s fate is no better.

      L.G.B.T. Perera

  • 5

    Ranil wickramsinghe also got wire tapped information, about his UNP collegues including Sajith, from these same equipment.

    This horapalanaya govt may have disaassembled those. Other than that, there is nothing to find it.

    Incompetant idiot politicians are trying to live by blaming the previous govt because these people can not do it.

    • 6

      Hold it sinhala buddhist gemba, they are from the same plantation stock as you.
      Only dream is power, money vvip travel and accommodation.
      The island will never come right again until you get nuked like japan your aid giver.

  • 3

    The amount $150,000 is peanut compared to other mega corrupt questionable money laundering transactions of the regime of former strongman MR. Also, it is peanut compared to the corrupt deals made by this government since it came to power; how about the luxury cars ordered for MPs and other PAJERO ‘s released from customs for shady deals etc… So this newly emerged mouthy politician trying to make us forget that both parties (Present and Former) are equally corrupt. Harin must remember he became popular due to the excesses committed by MR not because he is a popular visionary or a patriot. On his own he is nothing so please avoid showing “Peanut Deals” for cheap publicity.

    • 5

      that is the reason cricketers with barely O’level were given top jobs.
      They fly by local air and show off like kings to cover the sham.
      Once Peter Mandelson the socialist think tank of Tony blair visited Saudi Arabia he felt sick that he lived in a council home. He got big time Indians to fund him and is a multimillionaire in his own right.

      Lankans are specialist in copying all the bad habits of the west plus adding more to it and saying life is like that.

  • 3


    I must admit, I don’t see the problem. What’s the Big Deal ??

    All our new BFF’s have this technology and have had it for a very long time.
    The NSA and GCHQ spy on pretty much EVERY phone call (to say nothing of internet traffic)

    And for a measly US$150,000 ?????? – when billions are spent by the US and UK for the same – Surely, we must consider ourselves lucky that we are part of the same ‘club’ now ?

  • 2

    This must be a bargain,

    It makes it even more sensational, if our whole Intelligence Unit Operated on an elcheapo system like this.

    And kicked the butts of mighty Tamil Terrorists.who had a Dollar Budget of 500 Million each year for 30 years.

    Did n’t we read in the CT that the ex CB boss who was imported from the Diaspora by Digiital ******* Harin,s boss Batalanada Ranil, clocked up LKR 40 Million on his American Express Card..

    Or was it Diner’s ?..

  • 0

    now that so much of taxpayers money has been spent on this equipment might as well use it to tap the phones of the rajapakshes and their cronies.

    otherwise let the rajapakshes pay the $ 150000 to the government and the government can destroy the equipment publicly with a lot of TV and fanfare.

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