22 May, 2022


Rajapaksa Wants To Meet Tamils And Muslims

Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa has indicated his interest in meeting representatives of the main two minority communities, sources said.


According to sources, Rajapaksa wants a platform to discuss the current political situation in the country with them, and a tentative meeting is scheduled for next month between the representatives of both communities, including leaders of political parties, and Rajapaksa, who has been largely unpopular in the face of both minority communities.

Sources said that Rajapaksa is seeking their support in his efforts to further strengthen his position in the political spectrum. “The Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna which is indirectly led by Rajapaksa is hoping to contest the local government elections later this year, and it is very likely that during the meetings, this will also be discussed,” sources said.

Rajapaksa largely lost his popularity among the Muslim community following the Aluthgama carnage in 2014 allegedly carried out by the Bodu Bala Sena, which was a movement with the support of Gotabaya Rajapaksa, the then defence secretary and brother of Mahinda Rajapaksa.

Meanwhile, last week, Tamil National Alliance Leader R. Sampanthan castigated the present government under President Maithripala Sirisena and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe and said that the Tamil community was losing patience and was also disappointed by the Yahapalanaya Government, as they were treating the Tamils very similar to how Rajapaksa’s government treated his community.

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  • 26

    A devil will always be a devil as far as the Tamils are concerned. Mr Rajapaksa , leave politics and do some farming.

    • 19

      Sure, if he will announce his meeting with them, many of tamila nd muslim leaders will hide themselves, since they are well aware of the harmful nature of the blood sucker.

    • 16

      Before he meets the Tamil leaders he must take full responsible of the Genocide of the Tamil civilians killed at Nanthikadal. According to UN sources over 75, 000 Innocent Tamils been killed by using chemical weapons and heavy Artillery.

  • 2

    Yes but as the saying goes ,I say known devil may have better than an unknown Angel .HUh !

    • 14

      That is no means appropriate to the current context – not just one high allegations on Murders, High profile money laundering acts, but over several dozens being levelled at former Leader Rajapakshe.
      Thanks god, in today s context, even if bond scam or several other malpractices have been reported and due actions have been underway on them. Was that the case in the high days of most abusive Rajakashe era.

      To tell you the truth, I was visiting the country shortly before the 21 Nov 2014 – meaning the nomination of Mr Sirisena was announced as the common candidate, there, I had all fed up just having compelled to see the sky high placards of Maharajanoo… whenever you happened to walk up in colombo city – in every 2 meters. How and what funds were abused to make his image that way – is still not investigated, perhaps, they have done it, and stay mum since the loads of much high profile acts and the like allegations are heavey and beyond all bearing.
      Anyone with sanity would question, as to why the current duo are no keen of having them investigated ASAP…. but that is again connected with their party politics… they may see beyond the 2020… Mr Sirisena could use his executive power ONLY for that matter, work on speedy manner on all the allegations levelled at Rajapashe. Alone that Rugby young player s murder alleged to have carried out by Rajaakshe family should NEVER be delayed….
      Let alone the mother of the murdered should give more hopes of convicting the alleged men:
      The torments of such mothers are to date in hopeless modes… all in all none should allow very same abusive men to destroy us again

  • 14

    Hey , now only this guy knows that there are minorities in Sri Lanka . damn shame he must be thinking still the country’s population is dumb and grass eating cows , no now they are smart and intelligent . not like the days when he was in power . when elections around the corner only he forgets past and comes people by forgetting all past religious nationalities . he would have been forgotten all are Sri Lankan’s that when he was in power . stay away in politics and let’s some body to do the good governance and to do the development’s for the country’s better future .

    • 8

      In commmon parlance, that is called ඕකට තමයි කියන්නෙ කිම්බුල්කන්ඳුලු හලනවා කියලා. shedding crocodile tears to the very same folks. Definitely, grass eating majority folks will go on lick his balls. His et al is provably a curse to this lost country.

  • 24

    Do you think Tamils and Muslims will vote for uneducated filth like you after what you and your family from hell have done?

  • 15

    We should consider ourselves extraordinarily fortunate that Mahinda Rajapakse chose to go to the election early. Had he delayed, he would have learnt quite a bit from authoritarian President Donald Trump on how to manipulate the minorities, the media and the general populace.

  • 13

    You think people with Brains in both communities will ever meet him and discuss his future plans. They have said good bye once for you to go to Medamulana and do some farming

  • 12

    Interesting better try to bring a bill in the parliament to ban all racism Organisations in all the communities and have a public apologies to all the communities for dividing by way of religion.

  • 11

    Yes we know who you are. We do not wanted you to meet or beat us. . Please get los. You are a robber

  • 9

    Beware Tamils and Muslims attending this meeting! There might be a fleet of white vans waiting for you!

  • 4

    Dear MR!
    you don’t have to meet them for now. They will meet you in the near future with their palms together!
    We thought this government would deliver goods; instead we got nothing but disappointment, hardship, economic catastrophes, scams, scandals, mega thefts of public money, and now the underworld!
    Enough is enough! If Tamils and Muslims can not understand the gravity of the problems facing Sri Lanka today, and if they want to run after the constitution only, the majority Sinhalese will take care of all the issues single-handedly, as they had been doing in the past 26 centuries.

  • 7

    He should retire.

  • 8

    He wants to meet Tamils and Muslims? May be some Muslims might support him if he goes back to his Malayan Muslim ancestry and find some remote family connections, if not no Muslim in Sri Lanka would trust him. Tamils trust him, LOL? ILLE!

    • 5

      Thrisu, long time no see, where had you been all these weeks ?
      Btw you may be right.

      This joker is playing with his image if he has it by today.

      See the drama queen made it a big issue louding that the gazette notification of CB should have been a conspiracy, …. today, Governor himself confirmed, the kind of statements had been made even in the past, not just once, several times. MR et al made efforts to paint the picture in favour of him. Now with the inveistgaiton is being carried out, …. they have been able to wait any further.. as if MR delivered his duties in compliance with all morals and ethics at the time, he was in power.

  • 0

    Dear Editor (CT) The emblem is unfortunately no more consistent ,you had a very protective system earlier ,those who were linked with your FB page had their profile as Id and the rest had a fixed color and emblem.
    There is an issue ,mischief makers are abusing the nicks .hope there is some thing that can be considered.
    We are long time readers and patrons. Thank you and regards

  • 0

    MR t read the comments a the rating on them so that he can visualize where he stands 80% of the comments regarding his meeting with the two communities is very negative. He can judge the trend then

  • 0

    What for meeting Tamil & Muslims???

    We can remember and we never forget what he & his brother co, did at Aluthgama for Muslims peoples.
    We can remember what he and his brother co, did for Tamils peoples in the north
    We can remember what he and his brother co, did for Sinhalese peoples when they ask for Water

    Whatever plans he does, he will never comes to greedy power again and we as citizens of this mother land never allow to his family to come again to power.

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