26 June, 2022


Rajapaksa’s War Exhibition Temporarily Halted

The government today announced that it has made a decision to tentatively suspend holding the Deyata Kirula exhibitions that were held during the Rajapaksa regime wasting exorbitant amounts of public funds.

But the government stated that despite halting the exhibition temporarily, the development activities out to be implemented subsequent to the exhibition will continue as planned minus the unnecessary costs.

UNP and JVP slammed the government for proposing the Deyata Kirula exhibition during the previous years, stating it was wastage of Rs. 26.5 billion state funds. Despite the protests and objections however, it continued and in 2012 alone the Rajapaksa regime spent a whopping Rs. 25.5 billion for the event which was held in Oyamaduwa, Anuradhapura.


Deyata Kirula

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    Good move. Besides Wating public fund thesevkind of war celebration leads to Polarisation of the communities physically and mentally.
    The next step ithe govt should do is to destroy all the war memorials elected all over the country. Some of them are so ugly and distasteful and a reflection of the mental state of the ex Defence Secretary.

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      RE: Rajapaksa’s War Exhibition Temporarily Halted

      Why not have a Rajapaksa’s CORRUPTION Exhibition?

      Anyway, I came across an interesting comment on the Rajapaksa Corruption written by one Jayantha on the Lankaweb, on Rajapaksa corruption.

      “Jayantha Says:
      January 18th, 2015 at 8:36 pm
      Dear Lankaweb and Prof. Hudson McLean,

      This you may not see as relevant but please read on.

      On 4th June 1979, Flight Lieutenant Jerry John Rawlins the son of a woman from Ghana and a man from Scotland seized power in the West African country known as Ghana.

      Ghana was ruled by successive Africans from its time of independence in 1957. Ghana too was invaded and ruled by the Portugese, the Dutch and the British about the same timelines that Sri Lanka was invaded and ruled, except that the Porthgese invaded in 1481. Ghana is rich in Gold, Diamonds, Cocoa, Oil and Natural Gas.

      Till Jerry Rawlings seized power even though it had the best education systems in West Aftrica and produced the most of the scholars for Africa, though it had huge deposits of natural reserves the lives of the poor, which was 98 percent of the population, remained extremely poor at that time. Jerry Rawlins was only 31 years of age.

      Jerry Rawlings changed all that. He jailed and executed the known corrupt. He did not waste his time. On one Friday afternoon in July 1979, he lined up every living ex-prime minister and made them face the the firing squad. The so called civilized world screamed but the so called civilized screamers never fed the poor of Ghana.

      Then Jerry Rawlins re-built Ghana. When he wanted to leave office after four years the poor cried and wanted him to contest the elections. He did as a civilian and won. He then built Ghana to be one of the strongest economies in Africa. He left after two four year terms.

      We need a Jerry Rawlins in Sri Lanka. The corrupt politicians, however big and whoever, should be tried and got rid of for good.

      Soma, my mother’s poor house maid who worked for my mother for the past 25 years during the periods of various governments got poorer and poorer. Even though she is paid 40,000 rupees a month, given health care, travelling money etc., now fifty years of age she is frail and has nothing to show for her life. My mother built her a two bedroomed house complete with attached bathroom, a living room, a kitchen and a dining room (all tiled and at a cost of four hundred fifty thousand rupees) and at least she got something she can be happy to show for her life’s work. Soma is lucky. My mother herself had humble beginning and brought all of us up with great difficulty. She never forgot that she was poor once.

      Where did Namal Rajapaksa get money to lead the super luxury life of his. Rohitha and Yoshita and Shiranthi, and thousands of Rajapaksa relatives and hangers on had a life un – believable for Sri Lankans. All these came from the sweat of millions of poor Somas.

      Come on General Fonseka you are one hope Sri Lanka has. You rid Sri Lanka of the terrorists. It is time you rid the country of economic terrorists who are the scum of this country who drained it for nine years and treated Sri Lanka as their private cash cow.


      PS. This is what Gotabaya Rajapaksa said about Sarath Fonseka.

      Sri Lanka’s defence secretary, Gotabaya Rajapaksa, says General Sarath Fonseka will be executed


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      Rajash, you are so right.

      I have been speaking to several Sinhalese Voters who honestly believe that it was MR who ended the War, and it was for this reason that they voted for him.

      Their animosity towards ALL Tamils, not just the Tigers, was evident!

      This is the first issue that should be addressed by the new Government in order to establish Reconciliation in Sri Lanka.

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        What I found amazing is that Sinhalese I interacted with (in Colombo) are decent people who show no anti Tamil animosity . The Sinhalese in question were: relatives , government officials , friends , contractors and merchants.

        Yet online the Sinhalese posters show a lot of anti Tamil sentiment. The only time I experienced anti Tamil sentiment from Sinhalese was down South around Matara.

        • 0

          That is because you have come into believing a stereotype that Sinhalese have animosity towards tamil.
          That perception is wrong.

          Show them your same anti Sinhalese hysteria and whitewashing LTTE crimes that you do online then you will get their response :)

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      Your godly Douglas too colluded in the game. They all must be brought to justice.

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        Your godly Douglas too colluded in the game.
        …..he is not my godly Douglas…..he was god sent gift to Mahinda

        … They all must be brought to justice.
        Of courses ..You don’t need rocket science to understand that

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    These were not Economic Investments returning Economic Returns to the people

    These are political investments returning political returns for the polititians

    Stop the Waste.

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    For reasons of credibility it is necessary to quote the source for the two amounts Rs 26.5 and Rs 25.5 billion.

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    These are the things that rapassas did to rob money. Only low intelligence people will get exicited with exhibitions. Rapassas are low intelligence people. They tink the people wil get excited nad support them through erecting pandals, by cut outs in every 1meters and decorating themselves with flags etc. Every time I saw these posters or giant pandals of rapassas i thought how stupid this Son of B is. I hated when he started MIHIN air inspite of war against LTTE we had to start another airline. Hope this admistration will make a stop to this BS and take all the planes to Sri Lankan Airways and make it one. Our coutry was ruled by the biggest idiots in the past decarde. I am sad when I get to know hoa many people voted for the idiotc jackasses in the last presidential election. Cut out and posters should be bannded. Its an evnviormental mess.

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      This is a problem for South Asia in general, the problem being masses who are easily manipulated and led by dynasties and religious leaders.

      This is the fault of poor nutrition and education that does not emphasize critical thinking and rationalism. Instead South Asian education is about rote learning/cramming.

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    Spot on.I am with you on holding a CORRUPTION exhibition.After all there was GamUdawa,a WAR EXHIBITION,now is the time to hold a corruption exhibition.You bet there will be crowds larger than the previous exhibitions put together!Of-course it should be decentralised and held in every district.

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    Rs. 26.5 billion rupees

    That is almost $200 million. What a ridiculous amount for a tiny nation to waste. That is a considerable amount for even a developed nation.

    More money for MaRa and cronies’ coffers. MaRa has been taking SL masses for a ride but since he was suppressing Tamils, the people supported him.

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    The government should stage a ‘Corruption exhibition’ with exhibits of confiscated items and images of immovable property. Why not make it a part of a museum display so in a few years when another crook wants to make a come-back, (Oh yes! they will.) we can be reminded of their past.

    We have a few in the Cabinet. Mangala who advised Chandrika to dissolve Parliament under Ranil and then arranged for Tiran Alles( His Golaya) to carry the money to Tamil Chelvam which lead to Ranil’s defeat in 2005. And, Ravi Karunanayake of CWE fame and more recently Raj Rajaratnam’s man in Colombo. Wait for Tiran Alles to pop upas an advisor before long too. These are snakes and they slither to whereever they can make money.

    Rani K say the charges are unproven. Yes, I am also waiting for my friends to transfer 3 million dollars for love… Their mothers never taught them shame; just to grab whatever they can as fast as they can.

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    It is fair to cancel it because it is a wastage of lot of state funds.

    Otherwise, during 30 years of so much carnage in which lot of innocent civilians were killed, tamils asking only the eelam and then the federal solution, now they talking about national question and reconciliation … that is stupid rhetoric.

    Things should be always how the tamils want.

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    Great decision.

    We salute you Mr. President and Mr. Prime Minister.

    Hope you would deliver your promises in the future as you promised.

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    There is an exhibition for those who have been accused of committing war crimes?? Only in Sri Lanka!

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    Many are talking about the luxuries found in Temple Trees. We do not know whether all this is true until we see it with our own eyes, especially since only the politicians have seen these.

    But as we know Politicians cannot be trusted and the Trusted cannot be politicians.

    I suggest that we open up Temple Trees for the public to see.

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    Don’t call it Rajapakse’s exhibition.This was an exhibition for the people and was very popular, people flocked to see it. It was no an illegal deal.

    I am sure his ministers supported it as well

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      yeah minsiters wont have supported it if it is not legal….are u kidding me?

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    Thanks.You are an Encyclopaedia!How do you find the time for all this?

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