26 May, 2022


Rajitha Says Action Will Be Taken Against Everyone Involved In Transporting Thajudeen’s Body Parts To SAITM

Health Minister Rajitha Senaratne said that action will be taken against everyone who was involved in sending the body parts of murdered ruggerite Wasim Thajudeen to SAITM. “We are awaiting the report from the Sri Lanka Medical Council,” he told Parliament yesterday.



The Sri Lanka Medical Council has commenced an investigation to ascertain how the body parts of Thajudeen was sent to SAITM.

JVP MP Kalutara District MP Nalinda Jayatissa said that sending skeletal remains of Thajudeen to SAITM was a violation by law, and instead of sending it to SAITM it should have been send to the office of the Judicial Medical Officer in Colombo.

Meanwhile, in a new development, ex-JMO Ananda Samarasekera who functioned as the Vice Chancellor at SAITM has taken a leave of absence since 28th September 2016. His leave of absence has been approved by the Council of SAITM.

Samarasekera is facing risk of arrest due to violating laws by sending the body parts to SAITM. The original autopsy of Thajudeen was conducted by Samarasekera who ruled the cause of death due to accident, however a subsequent autopsy revealed that the ruggerite was murdered.

Early this week, the CID recovered 26 body parts believed to be of Thajudeen’s from SAITM, despite an earlier claim by the institute’s chairman, Dr. Neville Fernando that Thajudeen’s body parts were not at SAITM.

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    I used to have a high regard for this fella.

    I am not sure anymore whether I would continue in this fashion. The article that appear on island.lk today shows quite a disturbing trend that has developed particularly with his wife and crony appointees in the ministry.

    • 23

      Levels of MEDICAL PROFESSION has been draged to this date – is appalling.

      These mentioned medicos have worked as senior medical professionals but to be caught with Rajakashe – criminal gangs is beyond all ethics and morals.

      How could these both Senior Medicos be exemplary to their students anymore ?
      SAITEM has been destined its future. Thanks go to Rajapakshes.

      The word Rajapakshe will become synonymous to name criminals bred in the island – srilanka before long.

      If my brother or someone in family, would ahve been murdered and treated the body parts this way not respecting the dead as due,I TRULY WOULD HAVE GONE MAD by this date.

      • 10

        I think all murder cases that this crooked ex-JMO had handled must be now be subjected to judicial reviews, especially those that appear to be political killings. The whole medical judicial processes and evidence from this crook might have been compromised and now suspect. Obviously he has been a paid twister by the previous regime.

        • 6

          Yes, all those forensic invetigations should be subjected to further investigations.

          My million dollar question: so how can we rely on lanken judiciary system ? as we reiterated to the world lately ?

          • 1

            My million dollar question: so how can we rely on lanken judiciary system ? as we reiterated to the world lately ?

            Are you complaining about the Chief Judge ?

      • 9

        What areu talking about SAMA ?

        This is a country even if you have been murdered, the majority would not rise up against the injustice.. that has become so indifferent to them – no civil courage at all…

        Actually the harm being done to Wasim and his family in his case is reaching to all unbearable levels. World is watching close than never before is my hope.

        Why have the responsible investigators done much less in terms of the investigations ? No arrests,
        No remands yet.
        Where i am sitting, in Swtizerland – believe me, if a rumour was in air, similar to the kind, they would nt be backwward to any one regardless of the status to catch by the law – sometimes within 24 hours they do everything pleasing victimized parties.

        But sad truth is, counterparts in the island have even permitted, alleged men- YOSHITA RAJAAKSHE to leave the country for Australia for his so called operations- related to PENIS EXTENSION the like surgeries. Not just ofr few days, but for a month

        Can you imagine the differences between the civlized and uncivilized world ?

      • 6

        When considering the news of the kind, I feel current silly actions being taken by GMO led doctors should be considered as mild ones, but still they should be learnt a lession by the current politicians making clear that Medical profession is a great one but no exemptions be made interms of benefits.

        The bunch of Medical docs only focus on their children than anyone else derseve to be give all benefits – as if they have every right to stand out in the society, as Buruwa led adminsitration created it. But their performance are limited to their regulations – make very unpleasant for the side of the patients. Today, most that engage in GMO are PROVED racists and opportunists of all kind. Some are arrogant as no other. I have been dealing with european doctors for my work, but most of them are humble as any other professionals.

        I simply believe those men SITTING in lanken GMO should be changed if any betterment to be achieved in the medical profession of the country.

        It is said – Katusage Kare Raththaran banda wage, like a camelian wear a gold neck lace – the behaviour of local MBBS holders. Some have not even obtained their PGs as is the case for counterparts of Germany, UK, Irland, Denmark, France and other devleoped countries in the Europe. In Germany even if you are a specialist in Medicine, you are not considered as above the other professions. Even Nurses have their own authority being able to get on with Medical Doctors in the hosptials.

      • 2

        Today I noticed mylsef Ex JMO to have visited courts –

        where are we actually ?

        If the person is there, why not to have arrested for let missing the body parts of the murdered Person ?

        I have no doubt, there is no properly functiong Judiciary inthis country yet…

        I have no doubt, there is no properly functiong Judiciary inthis country yet… I have no doubt, there is no properly functiong Judiciary inthis country yet… I have no doubt, there is no properly functiong Judiciary inthis country yet… I have no doubt, there is no properly functiong Judiciary inthis country yet… I have no doubt, there is no properly functiong Judiciary inthis country yet… I have no doubt, there is no properly functiong Judiciary inthis country yet…

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      De Silva, you may have differences with the minister, but what matters is the gravity of harm done by Rajakashes with some poor people of this country. Wasim s is one of them with now reveal all the levels of harms being carried out by them wihtout leaving the least respect.

      No doubt, we agree with you, if any wrong doing would have been done by Rajitha et al too should be subjected to investigations.

      How brutal it should have been, if they did not even respect teh dead parts…. they call themselves very buddhist… people kneel them even today….. are these all lies, or fairy tales being spread by Rajaapskeh proxy media men such as DERANA AND HIRU.

      Why people allow them to be that vulnerable to any kind of high abuses to be played with them ? Are srilankens really born stupid people ?

      I am telling you, I really dont think even Lybians woudl have gone that far with the murder cases…. even if the entire world are against to Gadafi reign.

      • 4

        but what matters is the gravity of harm done by Rajakashes with some poor people of this country.

        Name Rajapakses are good escape for yahapalana thieves and incompetants.

        Accuse rajapakses every time when Yahapalan thief steals something or when Yshapalana donkeys do not know what to do.

        • 2

          You the mongles would not see it let alone today, but those with little brains even notice how much damaged the bugger et al did within his second term.

          Having studied all these, I am honestly feeling – I dont mind him being put in International Jail – after an international investigation /Hague.
          The have been so intoxicated by power.
          As no other.
          Even today as a flawless man he moves around.
          Why were other high criminals restricted to do so ?

          All the cry being continued by Joint Oppposition led by MR is to intimidate the govt from taking prompt actions on them.

          Aba kewa miniha feel that his head is burning.

          • 1

            MA RA saved us from the Tigers. B grateful. Got a for next president.

            • 1

              Not Mara but brave forces under the lead of Field Marshal SF.

              Even today, SF is much more humble to say the manner they fought, but all other being in colombo ac OFFICEs, grab and even make more efforts to steal the credit.

              SF is not telling a word – since he must not claim a big credit, his heart knows how much life sacrificed he did.

              Even Ranil W or Current President would not go boaasting for anything….. since they know that is nothing to boast, one fraction of lanken were damaged, while the other fraction rose up. …. both are from same nation……. not a war victory, but defeat of a rebell group and their terror actions.

              Instead, those idiots, that make every efforts to grab power against by abusing so called victory and the skills to have mastered… bla bla… are just for another thieves.

              Truth will always succeed even if that can take some more years.

              True colours of MR like leaders are far from the average mind sets, since Rajaakshes are born abusive men to make others fools. No honesty is their top of agenda.

        • 1

          “Accuse rajapakses every time when Yahapalan thief steals something or when Yshapalana donkeys do not know what to do.”

          This is becoming a disturbing trend…

          Too bad Rajapakses can’t blame the Chandrika government.

    • 6

      This case is becoming even sharper AND world will have their focus too to know why the investigators in the Forensic labs contributed themselves in the missings of dead person s body parts.

      UNHRC will focus on this – than any other war crime related issues, no doubt about that. The rulers need to provide them with the truths but truths… not letting this investigations extended day to another.

      a) It is reported that the vehicles belonging to Rajakashe first lady were alleged to have used for the MISCHIEVOUS murder

      b) It is reported that former Army men thenworked for the family issues – Tissa or someone, was alleged to have worked on this murder

      c) Namal Baby and Yoshita baby not to have joined the funeral but be away until 2 weeks since the death occured, was beyond explanations, but boys continue fairytaling to have been buddies in sports. Questions were not yet directly raised by them by any media men, since the gravity of harm thatRajapakshe men could exercise on the media can be guessable by them.
      Lanken media have proved that they have no backbornes even if the media freedom is given to them today than had been in the days of MR regime.

      d) Investigations move forward with a slow motion, but the patience is being expected by all parties.

      e) Now the latest have been – even BODY PARTS OF THE SLAIN person had been subjected to missing – why ? What was behind that if the murder should have been resulted by a motor accident ?

      Why the journalists have no guts to get this information directly from Rajapkshe family….. now they have more information to extend their long awaited quesitons ?

      Where has been the EX JMO ? Why dont we hear anything about the man yet ?
      What caused him to be free from being arrested ?


    • 5

      The best course of action now would be for the ex-JMO to come clean and spill the beans as to why he did what he did.
      If not it will be only his head on the block.
      Take the entire lot down with you ex JMO.

    • 6

      “The article that appear on island.lk today shows quite a disturbing trend that has developed particularly with his wife and crony appointees in the ministry. “

      Don’t take “The Island ” newspaper seriously , Shamindra Ferdinando is a disciple of Gota the goon and it’s on the same page as “Ada Derana ” .

    • 5

      More I read about the ground realiteis of Rajaakshes day by day:

      I become benumb- I become very silent – not being able to speak anymore…

      a) My respect towards Mr. Sirisena and Mr RW continously grow to have fought in driving away Rajaakshes from their de facto dictator rule


      Had the MR been re elected, he would have passed amendments to order killings on broad daylight comforting Rajaapakshes clans – asking brutal leaaders of the world be as invitees – as North korean leaders and their relatives are said to be enjoying. Rajapakshes rascals are merciless buggers born to destroy this nation.

      Killings of own rivals could have become their routine amusments, had the bugger been reelected. No doubt about that- They are killing minded as no others.

      b)My respect towards – late Rev. Sobitha Thero and former President CBK grow as no times before, becuase without their mediation nothing woudl have worked for the SUDDEN CHANGE. – PUBLIC SECRET:

      c) Also my respect towards JVPrs and any other smaller parties and all civil society groups to have stood firm to drive away the THE RASCALS FROM THE their dictator rule.

    • 1

      How about the six sishing trawlers bought during the last govt? and some other assets are in his secretary’s name.

  • 18

    I have been saying this for some time.

    Arrest the whole of KILLER MARA FAMILY for aiding and abetting in the ghastly murder, PAPA,MAMA,SONAS AND BAPA. They are the real executioners of this murder, the rest were only carrying our orders for fear of life. In fact the murder itself would have been a warning to the others, either toe the line or face the same sentence. Such was the threat at the time of this murder under MARA’s deadly regime.

    But, people who toed the line also should be taught a lesson so that they will think twice before doing something immoral, especially for financial benefit.

    If MY3 and RW has a deal to protect the real executioners of this murder, then all these is a waste of time.

  • 11

    The question is when ?`

    Or these are just limited to the fairy tales of the current govt.

    Why the men are still not arrested ?

    Ex JMO should long be remanded or not ?

    What would the Muslim Srilankens feel today, in the lines of serving justice as promised to them – to date, nothing much is done in term sof this investigation – how brutal they should have been to let the body parts of the murdered person missing this way…

    Whose body parts would be collected by Rajapakshes men next ? Will that be mine ?


  • 6

    None of these crimes could have been committed without the explicit knowledge
    of the Ex-President and Co. The whole Country knows about these heinous crimes and the perpetrators, including those who pretend not to know.The Govt’promise to the Nation at the Elections was that all these criminals will be brought before the law,but now the people are suspicious about the honesty of the present day Leaders.They should do well to remember people have had enough of
    this tomfoolery from the Politicians.No one will blame you for doing the right thing by the people.Please make sure that you will not be cursed by the very same people who placed their trust in you.

    • 5

      You say whole country knows the kind of heinous crimes, but whole country also knows that there are masses behind Rajapaskehs even today.



      This country has been turned out to be a place where even high crimes should not be treated as high crimes by today. That is the level Rajapakshes achieved over thelast 10 years.

  • 5

    “Early this week, the CID recovered 26 body parts believed to be of Thajudeen’s from SAITM, despite an earlier claim by the institute’s chairman, Dr. Neville Fernando that Thajudeen’s body parts were not at SAITM.”

    fernando must be arrested immediately.You don’t need the medical council to investigate an outright lie.he did not expect the CID to come and search.

    minister we need action not talk talk and more talk.White collar criminals are not beeing arrested charged and jailed in this country.samarasekera and neville fernado will be in jail by now in singapore.Oh i forgot this is not singapore.

  • 4

    You were with the ‘Jarapakshas’ when all this took place, were you not?. We knew you are a fraudster, thug and possibly more. Karma will follow you where as like the cart wheel follows the Oxen.

    • 5

      but annonymous@, do you think even if Rajitha or today President were in the previous cabinet, they had been made aware of the their secret killings. As we perfectly know not many in that cabinet were given upper hand – but to that Sajin, Basil and Gotabaya and those criminals like Jonsten and few others only.
      Rajitha and Mr Sirisena were critical of those men, that is why we got to see them being out of the close circles. Were you born yesterday ?

      After all the former minister of health was today president. We could better get more info from him directly how the SATEM collected those body parts…. can we .. never ?

      They the Rajaapkshes lived together but also killed even the close guys such as Baratha and Lasantha Wickramtunga. It was reported Lasantha was very close to Mahinda…..
      But I am telling you, this beliaththa rascals and their real faces are far away from the people. Real colours of Mahinda Rajapapkshe is similar to that of multi killers.

      • 0

        Oh dear!, no, I wasn’t born yesterday my dear Samuel. Buddha was not a rocket scientist either. Try and figure out what I am trying to say. If you can’t, you aren’t aware of your own families actions. I can see only one thing in you. You are a biased SLFP member and hate Rajapassas. Please do correct me if I am wrong.

        • 1

          Annonymous – your thoughts make me really laugh.

          Pleae read the news papers NOT FORgetting to compare them with those in archives – and expand your knowledge on the issues closely as you can – there are even cases where only a few within the former cabinet were usually informed – but according to them continued to the end.Be them with night races of road building… or bringing new airports to please their names… these were the truths.
          SB reiterated this several times.
          Other senior men of the SLFP reiterated. However penisless Wasudewa and other powerless but perks greedy leftists not forgeting NFF condom supports of the MR family – Wimal WEERAWANSE were partly informed, since their nature was similar to those of Rajapakshes. You see, even today they are the ones who leech Rajapakshe even to daily toiletting.

          Paper articles were there to compare with
          JVPrs and UNP louded them in and out of parliament loudly as they could even if ended up in vain not being able to control MR thugish actions. Brutalities were beyond all limits;

          if you were unable to notice them yet today. THERE YOU NEED TO SEE THE SPECIALIST LET ALONE TODAY.

          Ask your vicitinies, I am not from srilnaka but being out of the ocuntry, I have sufficient informaton to see the way I do.
          I am no means a party sympathiser of any lanken parties but a person who feels the right side shold get the backing.
          I HAVE NEVER BEEN A SLFP MAN -though I loved MrB and her politics to some extent
          I HAVE NEVER BEEN A UNP MAN – but I respected Lalith Athu for bringin Mahapola scholarship for all undergrads
          I HAVE NAEVER BEEN A JVP MAN either – but I feel they are yet not practical -and senior enough to get on with lanken politics
          Just feel free to guide you LET alone today by reading numerous reports.
          Rajaakshes are born rascals and will die as rascals – they have proved and have further been proving.

          Perhaps except former Speaker CHAMAL – his behaviours prove some differences from all other 3 siblings that are in lanken politics.

          Worst of all is Basil -he must not be scot free -for all the high abuses made by him sofar. That costed the country BILLIONS.

  • 3

    Limit this minister’s capability only to his words. He is one of the main protectors of this medical degree factory. Guy is only talk no action. He will say anything to cover-up his corrupt deeds.

  • 0

    Rajitha is just another [Edited out]

  • 1

    Permit me to think aloud.

    I am for the punishment of all these crooks who are involved in this affair, a murder and its cover up. Let us for argument’s sake assume that the former JMO who is now the CEO of SAITM is involved in the cover up. Obviously then he is a high class crook. But why did he become so foolish to keep the body parts in SAITM without destroying them? Is it simply a case of even the highest of the crooks performing a silly mistake that give them away? This baffles me. I would appreciate if someone can give an explanation as to what could have been the situation.

    • 0

      “I would appreciate if someone can give an explanation as to what could have been the situation”
      The answer is very simple. It is part of the conspiracy. DNA report will come out as negative. How come Rajitha is out all of sudden getting involved in this? He has been very silent for some time lately. Smell any fish?????…He was the fisheries minister of the ‘Jarapassa’ clan and accumulated an awful amount of wealth during his time.

      • 1

        Dear Anonymous,

        Thanks for your explanation. If the DNA report comes negative the whole accusation of having the body parts will fail. Not only that he has the upper hand to say he is being framed. Finally as a result of it the findings that poor Wasim was murdered can also fail.

        • 0

          If DNA result is mnegative means no one is guilty of the murder

  • 0

    Most VVIP thieves do some theft in Sri lanka. then come here get published an article with their photo in that.

  • 1

    When a Minister speaks, people must respect and more than anything TRUST what is said. The trouble with this Minister is, he has lost his trustworthiness and honesty. Today it was reported how people have been recruited to the Ayurvedic Corporation on a list given by his wife, that also without following the normal procedures. This was in evidence at the inquiry conducted by the FCID. Apart from that he is a Minister who also failed to honor a call by the FCID so many times. With that background, it is best for this Minister to KEEP QUITE and allow the relevant authorities to do their job. That would be the best HONOR, this Minister and the Government could do to the deceased and his family.

  • 1

    I wonder if any justice will be served in this life time to the Medamulana thugs who did all the killings and then the cover ups during their regime. Then of course, there is no escape for them from the supreme ruler. They are one day going to face the justice from him it may be in this life time (as Dittadhamma vedaniya karma) or at a later life cycle. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction according to Newton. What I think is these actions have a far greater reaction than the action.

  • 0

    The “Shape Network” is trembling in their boots. They know what will happen to them if they continue to try and cover up anymore. They have been monitored by local and international entities so their masters will be more than willing to sacrifice them.. Let the International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL) and the CIA get involved in all these Rajapaksa cases and see how soon things start to get caught and exposed including those trying to play a “Game of Shape” (Sri Lankan term for cover up). Come on, let’s see a speedy clean up shall we. Way over due!!!

    Delaying implies that someone is giving room and time to formulate escape paths for criminals. And this too is being carefully watched by the international community!

  • 0

    Did Dr Rajitha graduate from SAITM Medical School?..

    Because he is as smart as they come.

    For example, he has dodged eleven big ass allegations of corruption carried out during his previous gig as the Minister Of Fisheries and Hiring and Leasing Fishing Trawlers.

    Even Independent new BC Chief who is a personal family friend of the Yahaplana PM Ranil couldn’t get him to come along and say even hello to her..

    Now he has opened a another business to go along with the new Gig of Dispensing Pharmaceuticals to Yahapalana suckers and the Others.

    Which is run by non other than the Missus, who has provided 11 of the 45 Yhapalana supporters, hired by his Ayurvedic Drug Supply Corporation.

    Where did Yahapalana bosses find this talented multi skilled work horses ?…

  • 1

    I for one do not hold my breath that some meaningful outcome will come out of this whole investigation.

    What a sad and sorry saga.

    And then the ‘Sinhale’ jump up and down and proclaim Sri Lanka to be a Sinhala Buddhist country. Well is this what a Sinhala Buddhist country really mean. How much lower can the moral fibre of this Sinhala Buddhist country degenerate to.

    • 1

      Mana Sanga will answer your query.

  • 0

    All talk, no action. Don’t trust this big mouth at all. He does not set a good example to the society anyway with child abductions.

  • 0

    What we have is “designer” politics in our country,same
    as fashion designers .

    Sirimavo – Moon Rice brand.

    JRJ – Righteous Society.

    Chandrika- Human Face .

    Mahinda – Mahinda Chinthana.

    My3+Ranil- Good Governance.

    People never bought moon rice again in 1977 and the
    importer even got her licence cancelled by the
    Righteous Society Brand designer whose merchandise
    is still doing the rounds in the Diyawanna market
    with the Human Face management taking over in 1994.
    And then comes a new Brand after the name of the
    designer himself ,Mahinda Chinthana with all kinds
    of juggleries attached to it.His brand was mainly
    aimed at Sinhala Buddhist customer base. Racist
    Extremist products that finally saw its waterloo
    thanks to My3Ranil “yahapalana” magic which keep
    digging graves to establish “yahapalanaya.” Well,
    yahapalana brands are still on production line and
    all you can see is ingredients are daily tested and
    added to production.Now , let our experience speak!
    We never got that rice from the moon and the designer
    instead ended up in the moon! JRJ escaped to Nirvana
    after changing his brand name to Sucharitha of his
    buddy Premadasa designer . Premadasa brand didn’t
    even see the market . Chandrika’s human face was a
    farce ! Her own face became one eyed ! We are now
    in the process of digging Chinthana files and some
    are visiting Aunty’s house on appointments just to
    prove “justice is being done” as promised . Only
    one easy target has been punished so far .Duminda
    Silva is given his due place . It was daylight
    murder. Many others who should not be in the out
    are still out enjoying full freedom to deceive
    innocent vulnerable voters in the same fashion they
    did when in power. Yahapalanaya is gambling with the
    MARA gangs to stay in power . If not , use your
    power and speed up justice .

  • 0

    Oh! Yeah!! Just leave us alone!!!
    People seems to be impatiently waiting for the next series of elections:General, Presidential, Co-operative, municipal, provincial, or whatever that you guys would take part!!! A referendum will be preferred since with one shot the Yahapalana herd can be sent home!

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