27 June, 2022


Ranatunga Wants Cricket Board Dissolved

Ports and Shipping Minister Arjuna Ranatunga has called for the immediate dissolving of the Cricket Board, while announcing that he is ready to give leadership to an interim committee to save Sri Lanka.

ArjunaIn a request to President Maithripala Sirisena and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe, Ranatunga cited that cricket in Sri Lanka was today at its lowest, hence action should be taken to ensure the country’s most popular sport will not suffer from further deterioration.

“An interim committee must be appointed, so money cannot be pilfered,” Ranatunga told media today.

He went on to say that he was ready to take the leadership of the interim committee ‘for the sake of cricket in the country.’

Ranatunga, the former cricket captain said that in the past he had served in an interim committee and did not let anyone swindle money off the cricket fund.

He also alleged that the current members of the cricket board have appointed their friends and allies who have no idea about cricket, which has led to a further deterioration in the management of the game.

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    Correct, like many other institutions, cricket also deteriorated by political involvement, corruption, mafia involvement, bribery to take players without proper talent and obviously racism and Buddhism. Every institution starting from the defence and legal to go through deep cleaning. Last 20 – 20 is a good proof.

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      Ports and Shipping Minister Arjuna Ranatunga

      “He also alleged that the current members of the cricket board have appointed their friends and allies who have no idea about cricket, which has led to a further deterioration in the management of the game.”

      Yes. Dissolve the cricket board.

      They have been following the Traditions of the Sri Lankan Airlines. What a disaster.

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    This guy is like a dog with a bone regarding getting into the plum position in SLC, notwithstanding his loss at the SLC elections.

    He goes on and “alleged that the current members of the cricket board have appointed their friends and allies who have no idea about cricket, …”!!! Sounds familiar, in that his appointment of his brother “who has no idea” of Port matters was appointed by him to head that agency.

    And to talk about “members of the cricket board have appointed their friends and allies who have no idea about cricket,” is the height of hypocrisy when another brother (recently in remand) is alleged to have made millions off SLC.

    Give us a frigging break, Captain Crook!

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      A scorcher off the back foot between cover and extra! 4 from the time it left the bat!!

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      Come on man, it is not because of his fault but because of his siblings.

      Actually, AR is fine with his attitudes towards thejustice. But Prasane Ranathunga is a creeper- born dimwit. I hate him the way he has been uttering being that intoxicated to Meeharaka Rjaapakshe et al. So blind as the villagers that would believe only in Astrology.

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      In Germany, Franz Bekenbauer https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Franz_Beckenbauer
      is still held as their old hero for soccer.

      So why not Srilankens should not respect AR or former sportsmen giving them the due position.
      That thuggish Sumathipala should be defeated by all folks. I hate the bugger, no second to Rjaakashe thugs.

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    This is a gallant offer by a one-upon-a-time Trophy winning skipper of our national one-day team. Please let that remain the pinnacle of his career. HE is simply not qualified for the task of running our cricket board. Arjuna will only bungle things much the same way like so many others who have tried and failed. That is once he has tried to make it another family business.

    The task at hand is for a capable and competent administrator, with a wider vision to see the bigger picture. The person chosen need not necessarily be a international cricketer; it will more than suffice to be a cricket lover.

    Sri Lankan cricket is now at a watershed. Can the government let go? Can domestic Cricket get its act together? Can we drop the free-loaders and hangers-on?

    At national and international level, Cricket is a (entertainment) business and must be run as such, with all the skills demanded. Otherwise, we will be the laughing stock, and beating Afghanistan will be our last hurrah.

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    Arjuna, you seems to be omniscient. It’s good to think like that. However, are you proficient enough to be a Minister in the Government with only O/Level on the academic side. During the MARA period there was a man with a PhD heading the Port which comes under yr Ministry. What does yr brother Dhammika has to be proud of to be the Chairman of the Port Commission. I do not think you have forgotten way back in 1992 you pumped yr car full tank on the last day of yr employment in Mercantile Credit that was bankrupt.How can you supposed to be a gentleman do such a low thing. If that is not robbing what else would you call robbing Arjuna?

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    Arjuna Ranatunga may have played cricket and even captained the winning World Cup team.Yet he must remember he alone did not bring fame to the Country.Neither his previous record when handling cricket administration nor his current record in managing the Ministerial duties qualify him to take up the Leadership at Sri Lanka cricket.

    People of this country are sick of Ranatungas though they seem to think that they have done a yeoman service to the Nation in CRicket and Politics.In both spheres they have only managed to serve self interest.

    That is the stark truth

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      This is a neat flick at the stumps; clean hit, and the umpires’ finger has gone up straight-away.

      I was dismayed to hear the way Arjuna, as skipper, belittled the valuable contributions that many others made to the success of the team. He was very grudging even with praise for his ‘favourites’.

      He is a selfish me-me-me.

      He should not allowed anywhere near Maitland Crescent.

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    Pot calling the kettle black!

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    He is unable to control his weight, an important parameter that determines how healthy the person is. How can we expect him to be efficient and control any organisation?

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    His brother was the Secretary of the SLC for the last ten years. He awarded the TV rights to broadcast cricket to CSN where he was the CEO and made millions of rupees. His brother is number one crook and he should be in prison. Arjuna appointed his other brother Dammika as the Chairman of the Port Authority. He has only O/L qualifications and no previous management experience in the government or private sector as a manager. We all know that this man played cricket at highest level. It is not a qualification to become the Chairman or CEO of SLC. He was the interim committee chairman before under MR government. During that period He did not perform and made many enemies within the team and SLC board it self. My opinion is that the government should keep this man away from SLC for ever.

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    Majority ex-crickets are belongs this or that Mafias.
    Is that well known fact.
    The game of Cricket become lucrative business in world.
    Money corrupted so many crickets that created hidden issues are there, in and out of result has been surface many political allegations against crickets related management since last 10 to 12 years.

    So-called uneducated crickets are now in helm of leading political parties they play havoc, which against norms of democratic politics and undermined rights of citizens of Sri lanka.

    My opinion is all crickets must be out of politics ,they are NOT educated enough and NOT fit for Jobs given by Party leaders to holding Portfolios in Sri Lankan governances.

    The current UNP led regime that very “good governance” and “rule of Law” had been violated by ex-crickets of Ministers and Member of Parliament.

    Rantunge’s family members are involving many unknown scandals, their past and present is not in good books.

    Old Reggie Rantunge was man of certain principles, sorry to say their children are up to so many mischiefs and misdeeds..

    I agreed Race Books persons and business magnets are destroying Image of Sri Lankan game of Cricket.

    Removed all leading officials and dissolved Sri Lankan control of Board of Cricket at once.

    We do not want Arjuna Raantunge to be handed over such responsibility to C o B.

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    This “Capt. Cool” is still feeling the PAIN of losing the contest to become the Chairman with his brother as the Secretary. More than that, his failed attempt to provide his brother a JOB, who robed the Cricket Board and “Mismanaged” its affairs, is pinching him the most. He REFUSES to understand what “NEPOTISM” means. We saw how he appointed his own brother to the Port and even recently a Judge from the courts reprimanded him for his behavior in court premises and said: “If this is your behavior here in court premises, I wonder what you would be doing in your job as the Chairman of Port”. I feel he is trying to replace the struggling “Mahinda Rajapakse Family CULT” within the Yahapalanaya. It is in the best interest of CRICKET and also Yahapalanaya to get off this monkey of the shoulders of President and Prime Minister.

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    President SLC is subject to the Minister of Sport.
    In Parliament Min of Sport is subject to Deputy Speaker (in session) who is also the SLC Pres.
    Really silly situ.
    So why do we need another MP (ie AR) as Pres? Let him PLAY politics now that he is retired from cricket.
    Lets kick politics & politicians OUT of ALL sport.

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