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Ranil And Sirisena Manipulate Media: Weerawansa

The government in order to cover up their subjugation to US, UK and their European allies has ordered all local TV stations, not to carry live debates on the UNHRC resolution on Sri Lanka which was adopted in the council’s 30th session in Geneva without a vote.

“By doing so Ranil and Sirisena are trying to quash independent views on the matter while trying to stamp only their version on the issue in the public’s eye” The National Freedom Front leader and UPFA MP Wimal Weerawansa said.

Addressing journalist in Colombo yesterday Weerawansa questioned the actions of both Ranil and Sirisena in trying to manipulate the media. Weerawansa recalled that the duo had shouted themselves hoarse at election platforms, about “Media Freedom”, not so long ago.

Weerawansa pointed out that both Ranil, Sirisena, Mangala and company were engaged in a media blitz to showcase that the Geneva resolution was a major victory for the country and the proposed judicial mechanism to try the so-called war criminals was one which is fully owned by Sri Lanka.

The NFF leader questioned how a judicial mechanism which included foreign judges, prosecutors, investigators and lawyers could be called a fully owned local mechanism.

“The media which is refraining from revealing the truth and helping in the rulers to cover up their mess should be ashamed of themselves”

Weerawansa said that Japan has already stated that the Judge they are going to send to officiate in the “Hybrid” court in Sri Lanka was the one who occupied a similar seat in the Hybrid court set up in Cambodia after the notorious Pol Pot rule’

The NFF leader went on to say that Ranil should learn from his famous uncle JR Jayewardene on handling such matters.

Weerawansa pointed out that after the 1983 July riots the UNHRC brought four successive resolutions on Sri Lanka calling for international intervention.

However JR undeterred had not only stood against such resolutions but finally was also able to convince the UN that Sri Lanka had arrested 6700 people in connection with the violence and it was also wrong for the countries who brought the resolution not to cite the atrocities of the Tamil rebels whose actions at the first place had led to the mayhem.

Weerawansa noted that although JR was guilty of many wrongdoings during his tenure in this instance he had prevented any international involvement in a domestic issue.

Weerawansa said he had reliable information all 22 commanders who led their respective brigades during the final stages of war have been cited in the report compiled by the UNHRC panel.

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