14 June, 2024


Ranil In Committee-Appointing Spree As Minister Of Law And Order

Immediately after being sworn in as the Minister of Law and Order, Ranil Wickremesinghe has appointed a slew of committees to look into various areas relevant to the ministry, according to a media release issued by the Prime Minister’s office.


Accordingly, a three-member committee was appointed to expedite measures with respect to bribery and corruption. The committee comprises of ministers Dr Rajitha Senaratne, D.M. Swaminathan and Ajith Perera with the Secretary, Ministry of Law and Order, functioning as its secretary.

According to the release, the decision to set up such a committee was taken during a special meeting at Temple Trees this morning (26) called by the Secretary, Ministry of Law and Order with the Inspector General of Police and other senior police officers in attendance. The report submitted by former Minister of Law and Order Sagala Ratnayaka on measures taken so far to combat bribery and corruption was also discussed during the meeting.

Another committee headed by the Prime Minister and including Thalatha Athukorale and Sagala Ratnayake was appointed to to coordinate matters related to the setting up of a university for criminal justice.

Meanwhile, a third committee, made of Thilak Marapana, Ranjith Maddumabandara and Sagala Ratnayake was appointed to expedite action on appeals regarding political victimization in the Police Department.

According to the release, Wickremesinghe had stated that drug raids and operations against organized crime should continue and heavy punishment meted out to wrongdoers. He had also stressed that laws pertaining to the harassment of women should be enforced. Wickremesinghe had furthermore emphasized that where verdicts are unfavorable to cases filed by the Police swift action should be taken to file appeals.

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  • 2

    what can sarath do for law and order when the judiciary is moving at a snails pace
    he cant shoot them can he?

    • 0

      There is always something called an “ENCOUNTER”. Indian policemen even have in their ranks , so called “ENCOUNTER SPECIALISTS”. So the General with his wisdom can well use similar tactics using highly trained police/stf personnel.

  • 3

    This committee-thinghy is a way to distract attention from issues.
    Remember the IIGEP of 2007? This was the International Independent Group of Eminent Persons to monitor the progress of various committees on human rights violation. Well well well IIEGP disbanded in disgust because they were hampered at every step. This ugly incident set the stage for the 2011 “The Report of the Secretary-General’s Panel of Experts on Accountability in Sri Lanka” aka the Darusman Report. We are still struggling in the UN radar.
    This round there is some hope though. The RW-committees and the MS-committees may check and balance one another.

  • 2

    Ranil’s forte is appointing committees and
    burying issues. Time will come when he
    will appoint one to decide whether he
    should have a shower. This is because
    his reputation now stinks to high heavens
    He only know what is happening in the
    walls of Temple Trees and not outside.
    There the people are saying in one voice
    Go in the name of god!!

    The chorus is horaata policiya deela. Why
    doesn’t the man who talked of Latimer House
    principles resign like a democrat?

    • 1

      W C
      Good write up; but polite..
      Ranil is cunning and enjoys power. He is very good at looking after himself and enjoying the perks. He is not a democrat; but only an opportunist; enjoying his own lifestyle.

  • 0

    Law and Order 1st commission appointed, Bribery and Corruption is talking and moving. The 2nd Commission of PM, Sagala and Thalatha as stated here of a University for Criminal Justice, if it is still not high voltage, why not catch at least the Judas who betrayed 1000 SAITM students most of who fully paid up for a govt approved MBBS, but did not hold exam. though he was unhindered. He thanked H.E in public for taking these students to KDU as these are one group already studying medicine legally and no need to be screened over again. ONE CLASS ACTION LAW with equal protection of the law for all including state students with lower marks.

    GMOA against private medical edu. and H.E wants to end University corruption. GMOA suddenly wants to send locally registered SAITM MBBS to Russia to get SLMC registration on an illegal TWIN MEDICAL COURSE of Nizhny Russia set found with financial rewards for those who approve. This is the same NF course of SAITM which failed 10 years ago till govt. gave local MBBS then. NF/CEO/Job agent offerings to GMOA finally to SLMC is a chain worth investigating to prevent future uni. students from being hoodwinked out of their finances with false promises. When they return, ERPM mafia 15% pass rate will throw them out of SL or be ceo.

    This new uni. must investigate financial criminal justice for SAITM owner.

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