17 May, 2022


Ranil Is Well Fitted To Lead The Country: Before The Elections – Part II

By Izeth Hussain

Izeth Hussain

Izeth Hussain

Why is it so important that Governments should observe standards of public morality? It is a fact that all human societies have moral standards. There may be no elaborate system of ethics but notions of what should be done or what should not be done, of what is permissible and what is taboo, have been universal in all human societies right down the ages. That certainly has to mean something about the human condition. The probable explanation is that commonly accepted moral standards are required to hold human societies together, and that is of supreme importance because human beings are social animals. The important point is that unless human groups are cohesive they will not be able to withstand threats from outside the group. Another relevant point is that human beings seem to be born with an innate moral sense. It seems reasonable to conclude therefore that the moral sense and standards of public morality are part of the human equipment for survival. In 1977 the UNP Government assumed power glittering with promise but it showed utter contempt for standards of public morality and by 1989 Sri Lanka was brought to the edge of doom: two rebellions were going on simultaneously, the IPKF troops were here behaving like conquerors, and the Government had lost control over a third of the national territory and almost half the coastline. In 2009 the present Government was glittering with promise after defeating the LTTE. But it too has been showing utter contempt for standards of public morality. If it continues in power without mending its ways another 1989, or even worse, could become inevitable.

Ranil Wickremesinghe 1I will now address the question of what we should look forward to from a change of President and Government. Obviously we have to struggle to bring about a fully functioning democracy. Our experience of dictatorship has shown that an excess of power leads to an inability to distinguish between right and wrong, and also a weakened grasp of reality, after which there follows doom. After 1956 our politics have taken the form of “organized hatred”. Politics of course are inevitably conflictual but there has to be a strong element of the consensual if the public good is really prioritized. The fact that the Opposition Presidential and Prime Ministerial candidates represent the Old Guard of the SLFP and the UNP holds out the promise that our politics might move, at least to some extent, in a consensual direction. A question that arises is this: Why should Maithripala Sirisena hand over executive power to Ranil Wickremasinghe when the electorate chose him as executive President? Part of the answer is that he promised to do precisely that in his election Manifesto. The other part of the answer seems to me more important: he would not have won without the support of the UNP, and Ranil W would not have won without the support of the Old Guard of the SLFP. That fact points to the need for a sharing of power, to a duopoly the successful operation of which would require a significant degree of consensuality between our two major parties, the UNP and the SLFP, which have been in opposition since 1956.

But of course our hopes of a successful duopoly could prove to be over sanguine, and what we might have instead could be rivalry, conflict, and chaos within the ranks of the new Government. However, we would have the obligation of trying to bring about a successful duopoly, unless of course Maithripala S would be content to become a figurehead President with no power worth talking about. There is one factor that favors a duopoly. Neither MS nor RW is the charismatic type who could fancy himself as the savior of the country and would therefore want to monopolize power. Both seem to be the bureaucratic type who would want to do a good job in a practical down to earth manner, and that is what this country needs today. We have had our fill of supposedly charismatic leaders who have abused power and wrecked this country.

I must say that I have a very favorable impression of Ranil W. True he has been a serial loser. But it is a fact that should not be forgotten that he would have won against Mahinda R in 2005 if not for the Tamil abstentions following on the LTTE diktat. But what is there to suggest that any other UNP figure in his place would not also have been a serial loser, particularly in the period after 2009? The truth is that people vote for change when they feel that the time has come for change. My very favorable impression of Ranil W is based on my first-hand experience as an official in the Foreign Ministry when he was Deputy Minister. He was very powerful as the nephew of President JR but he never threw his weight about, in striking contrast to the grotesque power-mad Foreign Minister of that time. He was only interested in getting a job done, and that was his reputation when he moved to other ministries as well. I must add, basing myself on first-hand experience, that he is devoid of anti-Muslim prejudice. He is well fitted to lead this country to a fully-functioning democracy.

The prospect of the UNP and a part of the SLFP coming together seems to have enthused many people, even to the extent of their believing that it would amount to a national Government. That would be a mistake because such a Government would not be properly representative of the ethnic minorities. But the enthusiasm is understandable because people sense that it is a development that bodes well for the future: the move away from an excessively conflictual to – at least to some extent – a consensual politics. At this point it is relevant to recall some observations made to me around 1980 by the late Bishop Lakshman Wickremesinghe. He thought that the 1977 UNP Government was a seriously unbalanced one because it had its center of gravity in the low-country since President JR came from a low-country elite family which had no Kandyan connection. On the other hand, all the previous leaders, the Senanayakes and the Bandaranaikes, represented a fusion of the low-country and the Kandyan provinces, of the Westernized bourgeoisie and the traditional rural hinterland. He thought therefore that the 1977 Government leadership lacked an authentic feeling for the land, and that he believed represented a serious imbalance. The point he was making is worth thinking about. The UNP-SLFP coming together, partial though it is, could turn out to be a highly significant development, the portent possibly of a new polarization in our politics.

An important contrast between the periods 1977 to 1994 and the period 2009 to 2014 is that in the earlier period there were two major problems: the problem of dictatorship and the ethnic problem, while in the latter period there are the same two problems with the difference that the ethnic problem seems to derive from the problem of dictatorship. This is because the dictatorial drive under President Rajapaksa has a distinct racist neo-Fascist character, for reasons that I have explored in earlier articles. The important point is that the prerequisite for solutions of our two ethnic problems of the present day, the Tamil and the Muslim one, is a fully functioning democracy. Both minorities should therefore vote solidly for the combined Opposition. It may be that President Rajapaksa will scrape through to a narrow victory, not a substantial one. In that case he should seek a new direction for his politics, abandoning the present one which without representing a true national consensus will almost certainly lead to national disaster.

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    How can Ranil lead a country when he had to fill the working committee with his acolytes to survive? One who is incapable of leading his own party wants to lead a country?

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      Don’ waste your time Robert R.

      The skull caps are rotating so fast, by the evening of the 7th, the Wahabi Mullahs coud be waving silky fans at MR again.

      This crowd – Hakim, Bathiyrdeen, Mustafa, and Hussain – have no other interest than possessing all the real estate from Kollupitiya to Matara. They will side with anyone who nods.

      But the people of Sri Lanka will answer them on the 8th and they are not going to be in Cabinet ever again.

      These unpatriotic foreign vandals need to be taught a lesson and we will.

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        Just before this declaration of the Presidential election notification, people were very scared to open their mouths to speak their hearts out.

        But, as the campaigning progressed and the it became an all too evidence that the large section of the populace want a change and never expect the murderous thug family ruling ever again, their voice are coming out loudly in support of that change every one is waiting for.

        The people opting for democratic traditions to continue will surely rely on the leadership of Ranil or Chandrika and none else.

        The country has come to a major juncture in changing the track of the prevailing Sinhala Only policies that was engineered by the Zionists in the 1900s and the deployment of the Satanic Criminal Anagarika to the then society to drive and design the future for their creation of the evil Israel and then to work for the fulfillment of their (Zionists) dream in a uni-polar world donimation and enslavement through the New World Order (NWO).

        The Catholic church and the British Zionist Royals and the Freemasonic Jesuits in the US designed the current prevailing world on the premise of the NWO and its forcible implementation.

        So, keeping that blueprint as the basis for their undying killer project in mind they sent emissaries who are Freemasons/Occultists/Satanists to all over the world to prepare those societies to the present prevailing levels of prejudice mindedness and self destructive greedy pigs.

        Sri Lanka had one of them in the likes of Anagarika Dharmapala.The emissaries who came from the earliest Zionist Masters were Jewsish H.P.Blavatsky and Henry Steele Olcott. These two evil personalities identified the vulnarable nature of the sinhala’s to adopt any filth when its flavoured as Buddhism. Thus they fakely showed that they have converted to Buddhism and they wanted reforms to the present states.

        They reformed not the Buddhism to its original forms that was taught by the Great Teacher The Buddha the enlightened one. But, to the Zionst plans of converting Budhdists into a Mass Murdering Standing Army for their projects – the Master Plans in Rothschild backed NWO.

        Anagarika was a Christian before and he declared as a Buddhist after being lured into the Zionist Master plans like the Satanists Blavatsky and Olcott. Thus, was born the Anti-Muslim and the Anti-Tamil indoctrination’s birth in the then Ceylon.

        The British had lot of plans in their mind for the future and they did everything to make sure even if one day they don’t rule the parts of the world by direct rule from the British soil, they still can rule remotely through their ideology pumped into the blood veins of the unsuspecting poor majority in the Ceylon.

        Socialism, Communism, Apartheid System, Slavery etc., are all Zionist ideas fed into each selected area of the world to prepare for the Mass Depopulation they had in their mind to execute through in-fighting killing on racial and religious lines.

        Isn’t it better for them to employ a crack pot from each society an a group of people to launch the mass murders to carryout by themselves??? So, the Hitler, Poplpots, Mao, Stalin and many more were born out of that systematic indoctrination.

        Sri Lanka had the Mass Murder project in the form of “Sinhala Only”. This is the one bloody single ideology which is still taking a toll even today.

        Chandrika and the leaders of the time handing over the power to the next in line knew who Mahinda Rajapakse is. His family has a proven track records in thuggery, murder and thefts and also anti minority mindset driven people.

        He had a record of theft and murder even at the time of his selection for the presidency then. The Chief Justice Sarath N Silva’s , UNP Karu Jayasooriya and many others wanted Mahinda to be in the Presidency for one bloody reason….Its none other than the continuation of the SINHALA ONLY project. Thats why even though everyone knew how criminal Mahinda is and how unsuitable he is for the presidency they had to save him from all those criminal records and needed a cover up to place him at the altar for the murder project as correctly planned by the early Zionists to work for the future and eternity.

        Zionists from the US, British and even the Israel continuously pumped money and weapons to keep that traditions continuing until all killing each other on religious lines and racial lines. Then its easier for them to control remotely as it is happening now.

        BBS, JHU and all the crack pots got backing from the US/British Zionists and still these groups hold true allegiance for the Zion and hatred towards the Muslims as the automatic intended results of such plan.

        Now, we are at the crossroads to change that direction. Putin and his Russians have identified the real criminals in the world that set one group of people against the other for mutual killing spree. Almost all the Soviet leaders and Bolshevicks were Jewish. Almost all the mass murderers were of Jewsih origin or at least had a Jewish connection somewhere in their genealogy.

        There’s one way to check the Pro-Zionists in the Sinhala Only project, that they will never utter a word against the ZIONISTS or their crimes anywhere in the open media or even secretly. Many Buddhist organisations have been transformed into a kind of a Mafia gangsters like what they have done it in Burma. Burma is one of the few countries that recognised ISRAEL when it was declared a country. There’s always a connection between anti-Islam campaign and the ZIONIST MASTER PLANNERS.

        There are ZIONIST Muslims too having Zionist Muslims leaderships holding Muslims into ransom. SAUDI is a clear ZIONIST Muslim entity. They never condemn Israel for any murders. They support the Zionists through socio,econmic and military alliances.Turkey is another Zionist Muslim country.

        The only non-Zionist Muslim countries are those that the Zionists want them driven into anarchy and then total control through the ZIONIST BANKS IMF/WORLD BANK and almost 99% of the banks worldwide. Rothschild cabal owns banks, medias and corporations.

        These are the Muslim Zionists: Karzai was a Zionist Afghan, Musharraf is a Zionist Pakistani, Egyptian leaders, almost all of them are Zionists including Anwar Sadat, Hosni Muabarak and the present SISI, Saddham Hussein was a Freemason and he was an Iraqi Arab Zionist who later was defamed by his own masters. Saudi Royal family has a Jewish ancestry and they’ve been chosen by the British for the Job of NWO implementation. Kamal Ataturk was another evil Zionist who completely wiped out Islamic faith from the state was a Freemason and a Crypto Jew.

        There are Zionist Christians. Who are they? They are the Catholic Church, evangelical Churches all comes under the full control of the Zionist Masters.

        There are too many Zionist Hindu in India. Modi, RSS, BJP and the likes are all heavily funded by the Zionists. Easy test to find out their allegiance is the anti-Muslim projects and its execution in perfect lethal operations. They too will not condemn any ZIONIST murders or crimes against the humanity.

        Nehru was a Freemason and a pro Zionist who triggered the blood shed for the future India through the takeover of Kashmir. Even almost all the groups that are fighting against their states are funded by the Zionists. They do this according to their depopulation project of self annihilation through struggles whether right or wrong premises.

        Sri Lankan private media is connected to the Zionist Master Plan through the continuous brain washing by the Zionist linked Buddhist groups such as the present age JHU, BBS, Theosophical Society, and all Anagarika path following groups and gangs. This is why Mahinda engineered Donald Perera to issue a statement condemning the Palestinians as TERRORISTS and the theft of Israel as legitimate. ZIONIST MASTER PLANS>>>>>

        First and foremost the Sinhala should identify the real enemy to their race and their progeny. If they do an honest research they would surely find the imprint of Zionism etched deeply into the system of Sinhala Only Buddhism.

        If you need critical research info, just watch the following videos:

        The Coverup of Zionist Organized Crime!

        Zionism’s Greatest Fear – unite against zionism

        NWO, illuminati, Nazi Zionist Government (Jim Marrs)

        SHOCKING TRUTH Jewish Zionists – Communist Bolsheviks
        bolsheviks were zionist jews

        The Evil King Zion

        Only 3 Countries Left Without a Rothschild Central Bank

        Final Warning Video – Jesuit Pope Francis I – 666 The Mark of the Beast

        Mubarak and the Fall of the Zionist Running Dogs

        “Saudi America, Servant & Master” Documentary 1/4https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jHDnRJnTfKE

        Sen Rockefeller: Let’s Depopulate!!! Kill the Elders and Poison the children!!!!!

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      Ranil is better in economics than combatting a war. He is very skillful economist and i believe if he becomes the Prime Minister he can lead the country to the new era.

  • 2

    Izeth Hussain –

    “Why is it so important that Governments should observe standards of public morality? It is a fact that all human societies have moral standards…”

    Except that the Medamulana Mahinda Rajapaksa , his Shills, his cronies and other associated with him…do not think they should observe standards of Public Morality, wxcept the Morality of MaRa aka Mara and their goons [Edited out]

  • 4

    Ranil may not have been that charismatic but he is strong adminstrator with wide knowledge in all aspects of governance. During his period as Minister, Prime Minister etc he has managed the affairs with good planning, e.g.in the short period as PM, for a short period dec.2001 to feb.2004 he addressed the economic issues from the root cause and followed with all proper remedies to rectify same but unfortunately he was not allowed to complete his full term.
    If as planned and agreed when Maithree is elected on 8th, Ranil may be appointed as PM which you be rest assured will be well handled. When it comes governance he would not do politics and also would never mislead .

  • 0

    [Edited out]

  • 1

    Izeth Hussain –

    Ranil can be a good , minister.

    To lead the Country, they need Anura KumarAa Dissanayaka,

    At least he an Undergraduate degree in Physics, and must gave an IQ well above of 125, in a country where the average IQ is 79.


    28 Sri Lanka 79

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    You can only type these comments till January 8th. No one is going to pay you after that. Who ever is paying you don’t realize you are a worthless piece of rubbish.

  • 1

    Ranil may be upright and incorruptible but that’s not enough to run a nation. If he gets any position of power in a new government, CBK will subvert him once again.

  • 1

    No, RW certainly is not fitted to lead the country. I am not happy that MS is transferring the role of Premiership to him.He has already messed up our country when he was PM under CBK period, and we know about his Batalanda pedigree. Thumbs down from me, I am afraid!

  • 2

    Mr Izeth has shown shown some wisdom in contrast to our Sinhala PhDs here.

    Have the Colombo Elite who normally are dyed in the wool Elephant supporters finally realized that they are being take for the biggest ride of their life, by the arch enemy, the Old Guard of the SLFP, as the writer correctly has identified?.

    “Reveal All Interview” of CC Sira in the Elite Rag, Daily Mirror yesterday, leads me to believe that the Colombo crowd have no faith in either Sira or his Madmam’s coalition of undesirables..

    Responses to the interview in the comments column were as follows.

    Madinda 5 Sira Zero….

    I go along with Mr Izeth,

    It will be more than a narrow victory….

  • 3

    Ranil is one of the few uncorrupted politicians.
    It is because of this he lost many elections.
    Even CBK took away many portfolios from him when he was abroad, but is now in the coalition including Ranil, which supports Maithri as president.
    Ranil will be very tough on corruption, and this worries many in both camps.
    He will be the most incorruptible prime minister ever, after the 8th of January.

  • 1

    THIS should have been Ranil’s crowning moment. As the Leader of the largest political party in the country he should have presented himself to the people as the one who would bring back decency and good governance to this blessed land. He has allowed himself to be side-tracked, and the party has been press-ganged into supporting an opportunistic candidate who until MR called the election was hand-in-glove with MaRa and others screwing the country left, right, and centre. So for the second successive Presidential election RW will be playing best supporting actor. This is NOT the hallmark of a true leader. Mr Hussain, and others, would have been impressed by Ranil’s undoubted gentlemanly qualities in their dealings with him. However, as the leader of the largest party in opposition he has been rather shy in holding this odious regime to account.

    If, and when, Maithripala Sirisena prevails, HE will rightly claim the prize, and will call the shots. He has NOT put his neck on the line in order to play second fiddle to someone who took a back seat when the call came.

    MaRa is down BUT he is NOT OUT. There is still much life left in this Regime, and even if the King is in two minds, he may lose control over the large coterie of sycophants and ‘supporters’ who may well panic at the imminent derailing of their gravy train. Their revolt may be out of his hands, and Gota and his forces would have to step in ‘to save the nation’.

    This weekend will be crucial for Sri Lanka, and IF the forces of sanity do not prevail, expect a Black Monday, or worse.

    May the many Gods of Sri Lanka guide us through these dark days.

    • 0

      Spreading so much gloom and doom, this may be a “kakka” masquerading as a “koha”.

      Now the loss of Maaru Sira seems crystal clear, the next card seems to be the army intervention.

      There will be a black monday – only if the brain washed and the corrupt NGOs try a colour revolution based on false allegations of vote rigging. They will learn their lesson if they try the CIA playbook instructions.


  • 2

    Ranil, a leader the Motherland was not blessed to have. For now.

    Twice he was robbed of the Presidency by the fascist LTTE. Once with the blessing of Rajapaksa.

    Rajapaksa went to bed with the Tigers to get to where he is today. He showed gratitude to them by destroying them.

    Ranil was streets ahead in dealing with the LTTE, politically. Rajapaksa took them the knife.

  • 0

    Dear Sir,

    Thank you for the article.

    Since you have brought up the morality of government, [Edited out]

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