29 May, 2022


Ranil Returns To Dormancy: No Twitter Update Since December 25

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe‘s Twitter account, which remained highly active during the 51-day political turmoil, has now returned to its usual dormancy.

Wickremesinghe upped his social media game during the political crisis and used Twitter as an effective tool to drive home his political messages. Many believed that the political crisis would result in a marked shift in Wickremesinghe’s otherwise lethargic social media behavior.

However, Wickremesinghe’s Twitter account has been inactive since December 25. The last tweet posted by the Prime Minister refers to the flood situation in ten Killinochchi area and the measures taken by the government to support the flood victims in the North.

When contacted by Colombo Telegraph, a spokesman from the Prime Minister’s Office said they were unaware as to who is in charge of the Prime Minister’s Twitter account. However, it is learnt that the account has been put under UNP national list Parliamentarian Ashu Marasinghe’s supervision.

Meanwhile, the official website of the UNP is also not accessible to the public. Party sources said the website has been inactive for at least two years. Before the last Presidential election, the website was supervised by UNP Colombo District Manager and Working Committee member Lasantha Gunawardena. After the election, however, the operation of the official website has been taken away from Gunawardena.

Although Colombo Telegraph spoke to several UNP Parliamentarians to find out who had control over the party’s website, they said they were completely unaware of it.

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Latest comments

  • 11

    I am no admirer of RW, but I think that he is doing the right thing.
    Political statements are far too serious for a party leader to shoot from the hip.
    He resorted to ‘tweets’ in a desperate situation.
    On hindsight I think that he could have avoided it.

  • 9

    Ranil W,

    What happened? Donald Trump still tweeting?

    Others are tweeting and you are not. Mate, at this rate you won’t be able to mate.

    Why not go and impeach Sirisena?

  • 8

    Winter is not over yet so he will wake up from his hibernation in Spring.

  • 5

    Ranil W needs to have a shake up of his party in order to be able to face the forthcoming Elections.
    He needs to reach out to the wide voting public and tell them in which way he is going to go.
    He may tweet or use Facebook or messenger or WhatsApp
    Let’s know who is going to contest for the post of President

    • 7


      The only shake up needed is to boot himself out. We all know that will never happen.
      He is too greedy for power. The well being of the country is not even in his radar.

    • 4

      “Ranil W needs to have a shake up of his party…”
      Where were you Naman? Were you fast asleep like him, or hibernating in Europe or North America? He did it for the 21st time a few days ago. Now he is The Party Leader.
      We are waiting for the next election to ‘eject’ him. (not a spelling mistake)!

  • 4

    To deduce that Ranil is dormant because he is not tweeting is flawed logic. Maybe he is too busy scheming to be tweeting.

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