26 September, 2023


Ranil Still Mute Regarding Namal’s Krrish Files

The Sirisena-Wickeremsinghe led Yahapalanaya government have continued to remain muted regarding the alleged Namal Rajapaksa / Krrish Files that Ranil was so vocal about then. The current premier openly claimed that the reason behind ‘Sunday Leader’ Journalist Mandana Ismail Abeywickrema’s house was burgled was due to thieves breaking in to rob these files off her at gun point.



The Prime Minister then said that former government was responsible for this ‘break- in’ which was in order to hush up the commissions Namal was to receive from the US $ 650 million deal.

Prime Minister Wickremesinghe being vociferous then openly then claimed in parliament that the Abeywickrema household was burgled which left a robber killed at the premises.

The new government now into its sixth month in power, mysteriously continues to remain ‘tight lipped’.

A current Minister of the present government Dr. Harsha De Silva then wrote in a column that this ‘unsolicited deal’ be investigated, where he went on to write in a Colombo Telegraph story “It now seems that this whole project was a hoax and that Parliament was misled both by the by the investor. We demand that the massive tax breaks granted to this investor be cancelled immediately and an impartial investigation be launched in to what exactly happened. The investigation must find out who were behind this transaction and blacklist all such persons so that hereafter Parliament will not be duped by such fly-by-night operators with connections to high places”.

However the Indian owned ‘Krrish’ company developer’s CEO R.P. Gupta went on to tell a local Sunday newspaper “ The approval to the project has been done on merit and is in the interest of the development of Sri Lanka. The allegations of pay-offs or bribes are not true”.

The so called “Namal/ Krrish” files still continue to remain missing.

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    Ranil will do what Ranil WANTS to do – He will keep silent when his chesnuts are in the fire like in the Mahendran father-sin-in-law fraud case.

    • 18

      Last days, for UNP, thanks to RW

    • 7

      “Mahendran father-sin-in-law fraud case”

      Pun intended? Father Both, the Father-in-law and the Son-In_law are Sins-In-Law where the financial rape of the country is concerned. And still, this Ranil fellow is blind as a bat to the crimes.

      • 3

        Not blind, but part of the scheme

    • 3

      Cut some slack for our PM.

      PM did drag Namal in for that infamous Presidnetial security breach with a water bottle. A beaming Namal himself told the press waiting outside the CID HQ. Dumb Sri Lankan public is being bamboozled once again.

      Apart from that Namal and his corrupt clan can laugh all the way to their Swiss banks.


      PS: Yoshitha is free as a bird too. Despite breaking all rules of the Navy among many other things. Thanks to our forever calculating PM.

      • 4

        “PS: Yoshitha is free as a bird too. Despite breaking all rules of the Navy among many other things. Thanks to our forever calculating PM.”

        What about the Thajudeen murder case? Still dragging it on and finally Yoshitter will be exonerated in public. Logical outcome with the Yahapalanayas.Ill scratch your back in the hope that youll scratch mine-later, if and when my misdeeds are exposed.

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    Please give the bugger,, sorry the PM a break.

    Poor fella is busting his balls to give the Elite Yahapalanaya .

    And his supposed to be trustworthy, and clean as a whistle mates have let him down big time.

    His UNP lawyer mates cleared Mahendran and put the blame on the CB & BOC.

    His other lawyer friends pocketed LKR 3,5 Mil and did jack shit to sack the alleged crooks in Srilankan Airlines.

    Then his trustworthy Finance Minister gave his retired cop BIL a top post to look after the Elite and the Anglicans with their Insurance Policies.

    That of course is a winner according to the Finance Minister himself.

    He even boasted how his BIL increased the policy business by a whopping 34 % .

    What a ripper,

    Elite and the Anglicans must have taken policies for their Poodles as well.

    Wonder whether Bangs introduced Pet Policies, like their Western mates?.

    Getting back to the issue here, Bob Cats and Front end Loaders are already digging up the Krissh Square , according to my mates in Slave Inlands.

    Have the Krrissh Boss paid the last instalment of the deposit which they couldn’t fork out for the last three years?.

    Did the Finance Minister get a cheque? Or was it written Off as a favour for mates.

    I mean with the Foreign Minister promising Duals to all British Tigers Forum members, and already given 150 Duals to them , they need Apartments in Colombo to stay while doing business…Right…

    And closet to the centre. is Slave Islands, unless the BTF blokes buy up the Shangrilla Pads.

    But even Vellalas wouldn’t fork out that sort of money which the Shangrilla is asking.

    With Indian Labour and Low Interest rates in India, Krrish Square might be very attractive to Surensurendran and the Reverend’s flock..

    • 10

      “Elite and the Anglicans must have taken policies for their Poodles as well”

      ShhShh! Don’t shout; Navin and his Mumma may hear this and now run to Bangsa to get policies for their Poodles at the Balu Sangamaya. No problem here. But Navin may use the Sports Ministry funds again at the expense of the poor Gamay Silvas and Andradis.

  • 17

    When this guy loose the next election he and his cronies will have to go into exile before people take the law into their hands. I am sure by now he realise that things are starting back fire, specially FCID, for the past 6 months he couldn’t prove a single thing. He step over the line that nobody dare to cross since independence hoping it will give him a life line for the next 5 years, now that life line become a noose and dangling ever so closely to his neck.

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    We all know that MR was bad. So we voted out the obvious rogue. But RW who has hijacked that victory is sinister. His thinking is sick. He believes that he has some family right to rule and that he can manipulate everything & everybody so that he and his small coterie of old Royalist can enjoy life .

    His favourite method is spreading disinformation and slander thinking that the “foolish ” sri lankans will be duped. That is the kind of political leader he is .

    Now it is common knowledge that the Central Bank scam was engineered by Ranil/Malik/Ravi/Mahendran/Alloysus combine to raise funds for the UNP campaign. Ranil will keep all the money under his mattress and maybe Malik in his love-sack at Royal park !. None of them is a Buddhist ( Ranil’s buddhism is part of the disinformation campaign) and hardly sinhalese. They operate with anger towards the country .

    Do we need this kind of people leading this nation ?

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    Harsha was the worst critique on many issues including Krish deal and Nivard. Harha has gone silent now since he has the power to action if he wants but has no intention of doing so. He is just another politician and hopefully Colombo voters will teach him a lesson.

    Harsha is now the biggest supporter of Arjun M on the bond deal and a yes man of Ranil.

  • 10

    Hell freezes over. We are in a cesspool of decaying political principals and will be sacrificed at the alter of the devilish politicians. The turn of the UNP members to amass wealth is beginning earlier than expected.

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    Don’t worry, you cannot put all the bad guys in the jail overnight. Ranil W has to form his government with majority on UNP side which will happen after next elections. All the robbing, cheating by previous regime led by MR would be exposed and punished after due process of law. RANIL or Maitre will not resort to the jungle laws practised by previous regime.
    Some of these corrupt activities has been done very carefully to avoid getting caught with proof and therefore would take time to fix these cases.

    Do not forget what is happening in Egypt etc.
    There is no escape for all these rogues who have stolen poor Sri Lankan’s money and left them with only large loans in the name of development which will take generations to settle.
    Further, even if they hoodwink the law, there will be a judgement by God where these guys together with their generations would be punished.

    • 12

      Why is Ranil silent on rampant nepotism of his minister Ravi? Is that any difference to MR appointing his brother in law to SRI LANKAN airlines?

      Please please DO NOT trot out lame excuses such as
      “MR did many more such appointments and more corruption”

      and Ravi only did one by appointing a police man as MD of insurance corp. (With no prior experience).

      I saw that none of the usual Ranil cheerleaders commenting on that.

      I thought Ranil came to “clean” up the mess, not add to it !

      • 6


        “I thought Ranil came to “clean” up the mess, not add to it !”

        They say the “situation going to get worse before it gets better”. What do you say to them?

        Where is your soulmate Dayan the war monger?

        Is he spending more of his leisure time brain(?) storming for MR and and his cronies?

        • 7

          “situation going to get worse before it gets better”.

          I very much doubt it going by Ranil’s past 20+ year performance.

          I very much expected things to continue along the same lines as before, only with a new set of rogues after Jan 2015, and it looks like it is the case.

  • 13

    Such mess-ups and more will continue as before under UNP or SLFP-led coalitions ruling the country. The best way forward for the people is to shun both these groups and rally round the JVP who have clear-cut policies for the progress of the country.

    • 5

      JVP – they are not capable of anything. Good at criticising without having to dirty their hands.

      They just cannot beat the UNP young guns !

      • 5

        Point of View

        “JVP – they are not capable of anything. Good at criticising without having to dirty their hands.”

        What exactly do you want JVP to do to prove their capabilities?

      • 0

        With out giving the chance to rule how can you tell like that ?
        We have given both UNP & SLFP enough chance to rule the country and have seen the worst.
        Why not give a chance to J V P this time and see what they can do ? ? ?

        • 4

          M Kuruparan

          In an ideal democratic system JVP also will get equal opportunity to form a government. In a competitive democracy it is not the party/candidate/policy which determine the outcome of the elections but how best he/she deploys the resources to spin and deceive ordinary voters.

          In this island the resources include stupidity of the voters, racism, promises that any right thinking person knows cannot be delivered, thriving conflicts, if none exists create more, ………

          In JVP’s case AKD needs to appeal across the all section of people of this island:

          Reverse JVP ideology of anti Tamil lessons,

          Hand over arms to the state.

          Openly accept their part in the atrocities committed in 1971 and between 1987 and 1991, say sorry and guarantee they oppose violence.

          Clearly state what is its stance on relation with Hindia and India and China (piece loving country)?

          Why AKD is mute on criticizing China?

          AKD should openly accept that JVP brand of Socialim/Communism is not a panacea for all ills of this island.

          He needs to kick those racist old guards out of the the party.

          He must appeal to the secularists/democrats/liberals.

          JVP has to say sorry for what it did/did not do in the past.

          • 4


            Waves of applause!

            Standing ovation.


      • 2

        Point Of View

        UNP ‘young guns’ are only capable of firing blank shots !

  • 14

    Before, it was crooks wearing BLUE shirts. Now it is crooks wearing BLUE, GREEN, RED and every possible color. Jaya Wewa to Sri Lanka.

  • 4

    as usual the CT joker K A Sumanasekera does not fail to impress us with his vellala and dalit theories poor fellow needs break

  • 7

    No doubt this PM, Ranil has “derailed” Yahapalanaya. Although he claims quite lot of achievements during the “100 Day” programme of the President; were it not for the support “extracted’ from the SLFP by its Chairman, at least the 19A would not have gone through. Ranil’s own creation of a “Bond Issue” still going through with the COPE investigations and that will “hang over” him for some time till he even faces the election. His continued refusal to consider the 20A amendments and various “turns” he takes at different times even ignoring the Cabinet decisions has led to a turmoil within the whole Administrative Machinery. Even the much desired and waited “investigative Arm”, set up to bring all, irrespective of party politics, to book for corruption and bribery has been “weakened” by his Government. So far not a single has been brought to justice. Just think of a simple case as that of Rs. 160 million spent on the purchase of “devotees clothes” (Sil Redy) from the CRT headed by the ex Secretary of the ex President. That entire case has been “forgotten” and will never ever come up again. Another simple case of “Tsunami” funds made available to build houses; but not a single house has been built has been “shelved”.

    I remember once when he was in the Opposition during the tenure of Mrs. CBK, he made a “HUGE CRY” over handing over of Air Lnka to Emirates and vowed to scrap the deal when he returned as Prime Minister. Did he do anything about it when he became the PM? Nothing and not even an inquiry into the matter. His track record is very much “questionable” than even to talk of “competency”. He has proved beyond any further checking of his “DUBIOUS ROLE” in Governance.

    I feel sorry for the President who came to serve the country in a true spirit of selflessness. He is also doomed with this man as PM.

    • 7

      Well said, Ranil has been an abject failure as an opposition leader.
      Clinging on to the UNP mantle and taking it down with him over the past 20 years.

      Unable to even put forward a UNP candidate for the presidency for the past 2 elections -yet calling itself “sri lanka’s largest political party” What a pathetic situation.

    • 4

      This man continues to disappoint .He just does not have it , highly over rated .

  • 5

    Ranil Still Mute Regarding Namal’s Krishh Files

    Like what MOHAMED MARZOOK said its time to hand over to JVP who will rule the better than these 2 parties, and JVP will come out with good policies for all ethnic groups and these will fir to our generations to come. Dr. NM once said in Galle that this like the “Rotti”. for 5 years one group bake it on one side and the next 5 years the other group turn flip the “Rotti” over and bake. So this goes on for ever. Remove the ‘Rotti” and make us bake inside and oven one time.

  • 9

    Notwithstanding that MR and his family were corrupt to the high heavens, I cant help but say that the UNP led government is living in its own dream world. RW, Harsha, Ravi have all become ineffective, with defeat staring in their faces.

  • 2

    I am predicting complete, upside down, jumbled, forming new parties, some abrupt ending for main figures in the results of this coming elections.
    The best thing ever happened in the 08 Jan president’s election was that the public all over the country got a perfect training, eye opener, awakening of the real politics, politicians, their style, how they made millions, who amassed funds from ethanol, kudu and large scale construction. Must thank JVP’s firebrand Anura Brother for starting the flame throwing.
    With social media, web portals, e- news, biased and non-biased press and TV, people got all sides of the story; especially the younger generation has a better understanding of the political game plan. People are now wondering in these 100 days, what you did and what you failed to do. Reducing prices of fuel, essential food items are all okay but in the past other parties too have done these to win the voters and it worked.
    On a broader scale you have not convicted anyone to substantiate your large scale corruption allegations. Everyone is questioning this. In fact the JVP is crying out to take these criminals in. So far this Government and the President have failed. President can get away, with his balancing act. He is validated by the people and he can now say he is on people’s side with the people and for the people.
    The target is Ranil, first you did not look at this beyond 100 days. When we look at the central Bank bond issue, Sri Lankan Airlines BOI, Waliamuna report issue and Ravi K’s nepotism, absolute zero action has been taken, In fact you’re so called friend Mahendran could have left, resigned if he wanted to save you, from this onslaught. He did not move.
    Even the National airline, same mouth and trousers that lost billions for the past 8-10 years are feeding and running the company, leading the newly appointed distinguished gentlemen on to a completely unknown minefield. It’s a fool’s gold if one thinks you can revive this company with these same lots calling the shots. People read in e-news pages the same is happening in the foreign ministry, a woman accused so much in and out of the house, with links to LTTE now posted in a Far Eastern country. You spoke so much in the run up for the last Presidents election, about foreign ministry, judiciary, Sri Lankan Airlines, former Central bank Governor, Ethanol, corruption many more. If you cannot convict them at least now stop talking, ask your party men not to make themselves a bunch of jokers, especially Ranjan, Sujeewa, Ajith P. Perera. It’s a matter of days their verbal barrage, joined with many, will turn against you. Act now. To hell with the upcoming election, you need to show your metal now, or I believe this will be your last chance. Sir, prove me wrong.

  • 5

    Ranils policy, You Scratch my Back, I Scratch your Back. Thinks the masses are Fools.

    • 4


      “Ranils policy, You Scratch my Back, I Scratch your Back. Thinks the masses are Fools.”

      MR’s desire

      “Whether I scratch your b***s or you scratch mine we are scratching for the nation, so please keep scratching mine as you know scratching and carrying my clanking b***s are the most smart ass patriotic duty in this serfdom.

      For Mahindapala, Dayan, Weerawansa, Vasu, Ganapathipillai, Dinesh and other smart ass patriots its more than a duty, it naturally come to them.”

  • 3

    The six-member committee appointed by the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) has unanimously decided to nominate former president Mahinda Rajapaksa as the party’s prime ministerial candidate no matter what President Maitripala Sirinsena’s views are on this matter, informed sources said.

  • 0

    Forgotten so soon -a Hero of our times .

    All you good for nothing Politicians can not keep one promise ,can not do justice to the murdered and the family , what damn Politics for guys like you .

    Tell us from the time of Independence what good name has this beautiful island enjoyed ?

    Its got to much Human blood on its soil , so many souls crying and wondering around without justice.
    JVP 1st insurrection in 70’s
    a poor sinhala farmers daughter was brutally raped and buried alive
    Tamils in 83 , thousands of homes and business places and human being set ablaze .

    JVP’s 2nd rising
    so many Innocents were murdered , revenge on petty issues ,the famous rape and unthinkable brutal murder of sagerika Gomes

    the the recent White van stories, Hirunaks father /The Innocent Muslim rugger player , the Innocent poor of Aluthgama ,many other rapes of post war..


    I think you guys are so crocked that none of you have the backbone this country needs to bring justice to the Victims- more and more innocent will have to pay by their lives as to willful the corrupt politicians.

    How long are you guys going take us the public for a ride? were you able to even snatch a hair from these murderers & crooks arm pith you were given a mandate by the people of this country to bring to book and lock away?

    look at the way The racist ,extremist monks are going about freely, no you just wont do anything about anything you yakked about would you? all of you are alibabas . Not even God can help this poor nation and its people

    you are a all a bunch of liars
    A few weeks before his assassination, Editor of Sri Lanka’s The Sunday Leader newspaper Lasantha Wickrematunge penned a chillingly prophetic editorial predicting, “When finally I am killed, it will be the government that kills me.” Published three days after his assassination, the editorial titled ‘And Then They Came For Me,’ said, “I hope my assassination will be seen not as a defeat of freedom but an inspiration for those who survive to step up their efforts. Indeed, I hope that it will help galvanise forces that will usher in a new era of human liberty in our beloved motherland. I also hope it will open the eyes of our president to the fact that however many are slaughtered in the name of patriotism, the human spirit will endure and flourish……” Though Lasantha is only one amongst dozens of journalists who have disappeared or been killed, kidnapped or tortured in Sri Lanka within the last decade, he stood out prominently as one of journalism’s icons. Lasantha’s story is one of courage; a story of a man whose gutsy and fearless stance for what he believed in, never wavered, even in the face of grave threat. This then is the story of a man who lived, breathed and finally died in the pursuit of the truth.

  • 1

    That is not a surprise

  • 1

    Our pocket Tarzan Ranil Wickremesinghe has outlived his
    purpose. The Sri Lankan public now know that he is the
    king of compromise and the greatest Field Marshal of the
    dark arts.

    Sirisena let the cat out of the bag. He told six MPs he
    named to find peace within SLFP that Ranil had a deal
    with Mahinda Rajapaksa. Even more, Sirisena also said those
    below Ranil were opposed to this.

    See how he has interfered in the investigations against
    the Rajapaksa family. Tamils except Sampanthan and Sumanthiran
    do not trust him. For these two so called Tamils, survival is
    the most important.

    If the foolish voters elect Ranil to govern, he will be worse
    than Rajapaksa. His crooked ministers will flourish and all the
    homos will run the country. Nothing wrong but these gus have a
    control over RW and cannot seee beyond their noses.

  • 0

    Betrayal whole sale or Indorsing 969 duo BBS + Ravana + Ravaya , Muslim agenda ?????????????

    Maithri to strive for SLFP govt. with MR, CBK
    2015-06-22 06:28:53


    President Maitripala Sirisena, addressing the Nuwara Eliya district committee of the SLFP yesterday, said that he would strive to form a government led by the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) and include former presidents Mahinda Rajapaksa and Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga in it.

    He said he would team up with all possible forces to form such a government.

    He said his team would never leave room for the party to split, and, if any other group tried to split it, the people would take note of it.
    He said aggressive behaviour and short political talks with various parties would not help to form a government.

    The president said certain elements, who threatened to break ranks with the SLFP-led the UPFA and form different political fronts, were doing a great injustice to the party.

    He said votes from the Sinhala Buddhists alone would not suffice for an electoral victory and, therefore, there would be an action plan to win over the Tamil and Muslim voters.

    Besides, he said, a programme for containing corruption and fraud was also needed to win the people over to the party at the elections.

  • 3

    Never trusted this SOB. So long as,he is the PM, the Rajapakses are safe. Perhaps there is a secret deal.

  • 2

    Now Ranil is taking on Sirisena. Today’s (Tuesday)
    adjournment debate on 20A is to throw some mud
    and threats against him. When there is a Bill pending,
    why have a debate in advance?

    Ranil Wickremsinghe is becoming restless and having
    sleepless nights. He wants an immediate dissolution
    to make sure the Central Bank bond racket, where he
    is one of those involved, blows over. He needs to
    do that before the COPE report is out.

    Even if he gets elections, he will live up to his
    long standing tradition – born loser. Whey not when
    he cuts deals on everything behind the people’s back.

  • 2

    Leon ,This is what you call Sri Lanka’s Political Brothel (vasapalanaya)

  • 1

    Wicky’s mate Mahendran is gong to call Tenders for another whopping 24,000 Million soon.

    8,200 Million out this must is already ear marked to liberate Lalith & Scecilia Kotalawala and their Directors..

    Last time Aloysious Associates scooped up 5000 Million at 13 % , which is 3 % above the market rate.

    Wonder how much they are going to get this time ..

    Even the thinking Elite who pay income tax will say “Budu Ammo, how are we going to pay back these colossal sums at even 10 %” ?..

    “Are our children and grand children also going to pay for this Wicky, CBK, Sira and Diaspora lead Yahapalanaya.”…

    Thank Heavens our Dalits don’t pay Income Tax…

  • 0

    Harsha De Silva maintains complete silence over these issues. Voters were taken for a ride by this fellow before the election with all his BS talks. He will learn his lesson in the next GE.

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