26 May, 2024


‘Rathu Ali Patiyā’ Says Ranil Wickremesinghe Also Responsible For Bond Scam

Leader of the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna Anura Kumara Dissanayake has declared that Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe must also take responsibility for the Treasury bond scam committed at the Central Bank.

Anura Kumara Manupulated

A meme of Anura the Rathu Ali Patiyā

Addressing a press conference on Friday, Dissanayake highlighted that even though the scam was disclosed soon after it took place, instead of taking action against it, Wickremesinghe chose to suppress it. “The bond transaction occurred in February 2015, and a few days later, we disclosed this scam. But, the government, instead of taking action against it, or even ordering an investigation, chose to suppress it,” he said.

“It is the government’s duty to safeguard the money they earn from the people. We saw people voting for change at the January 8, 2015 election because people opposed all forms of corruption and stealing, so even more than the previous government’s duty, it was this government’s duty to ensure the wrongdoings by the Rajapaksa regime did not continue, but this is not what has happened,” the JVP leader said.

He said that if the government was clean, then when the controversial bond transaction was first highlighted they would have ordered an investigation. “But, they are not clean,” Dissanayake said.

He noted that during the Rajapaksa regime 30 COPE reports were released but all the reports ended in the garbage bin. “But, we are hoping this will change now and action will be taken against the culprits,” he said.

Dissanayake added that the Parliament’s role was limited in such a scam, and it has done its maximum, through the COPE report, but taking action against the culprits was the responsibility of the authorities. “We will ensure that the culprits will not go unpunished,” he said.

He also hit out at Wickremesinghe demanding that the Prime Minister stop trying to intimidate the media for their role in highlighting the bond scam and the COPE proceedings. “We are telling the Prime Minister and his supporters, to stop intimidating the media because they were reporting on the bond scam and the COPE. Before pointing fingers at others, the Prime Minister and his supporters should come clean first.”

Prior to the Handunneththi led investigation, many gossip web sites and social media sites circulated stories claiming that the JVP were being manipulated by Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe. There was also a meme created sometime ago where even the traditional red cap and red shirt worn by the JVP leader Anura Kumara Dissanayake was photoshopped in green, the colour of the United National Party. Anura Kumara Dissanayake was also branded as a ‘Rathu Ali Patiya‘ metaphorically meaning ‘Baby Red Elephant’.

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    “Leader of the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna Anura Kumara Dissanayake has declared that Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe must also……”
    This is why Wimal Weeravansa calls you a Rathu Ali Patiya: Why do you need the word ‘ALSO’.

    • 16

      Bravo and hats off to Anura Kumara!

      Ranil Wickramasinghe should be forced to resign and held accountable for the bond scam. Ranil’s duplicity is boundless, after failing to have his corrupt attack dog Sujeewa Senasinghe scuttle the Cope report, he now claims that the report is a victory for good governance!

      The corruption and lies of Ranil Wickramasinghe are clear to all today.

      UNP-SLFP bi-partisan collaboration in corruption is also clear now. Sinahla Political leaders of UNP and SLFP are a corrupt caste of parasites looting Lanka and destroying the body politic.

      AK is the only politician with some of the other JVP guys like Handunetti among Sinhala Moda politicians who has a brain and is not corrupt.

      The mask of MR. Clean has come off. Ranil has been protecting Mahidna Jarapassa and his corrupt brothers and sons in the parliament of morons, in collaboration with Jarapalanaya partner Sira!

      Sri Lanka is doomed with Jarapalanaya gang unless JVP can now lead from the front and refrain from being racist against minorities.

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    Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna Anura Kumara Dissanayake

    RE: ‘Rathu Ali Patiyā’ Says Ranil Wickremesinghe Also Responsible For Bond Scam

    “Leader of the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna Anura Kumara Dissanayake has declared that Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe must also take responsibility for the Treasury bond scam committed at the Central Bank.”

    Well Well, there are a lot of Dimwits, nitwits and Blockheads in the Yahapalanaya Govt.

    Ranil W is not alone. Then there is Gon Sirisena Gamarala and the Defense Minster, Rajapaksa, who was bought out by the Rajapaksa stolen Billions.

    Remember, the National average IQ is 79, and Wimal Buruwansa says, 2/2 =0.

    • 3


      “Well Well, there are a lot of Dimwits, nitwits and Blockheads in the Yahapalanaya Govt.

      Ranil W is not alone. Then there is Gon Sirisena Gamarala and the Defense Minster, Rajapaksa, who was bought out by the Rajapaksa stolen Billions.”

      The body of members of the JVP core team appointed Modaka Wimalaya as their Media Secretary and made him “somebody” with a BIG dustbin mouth. Then the modakaya bolted over to MARA’s odokkuwa and robbed billions out of the tax money culminating in the murder of his daughter’s boyfriend. To his crime the whole JVP core team is responsible and must be punished in a court of law following the same guidelines AKD et al now argue against RW who has committed the crime of appointing a professional to the post of CBG.

      Thousands of youths, the cream of the country, were mislead and lead them to their graves at the hands of security forces suffering extreme pains before they died as a result of JVP creating two revolts against elected governments. To this crime against government and will of people the JVP is responsible and must be sued in court of law for murder by the thousands.

      JVP play a major role in promoting and electing MARA as the president when he did competing with RW and JVP is responsible for each and every crime and murder MARA and his gang of criminals have committed thenceforth.

      JVP committed an untold number of murders, arson, vandalizing, uprisings, strikes, system breakdowns and immense loss to the national progress including bombing the very parliament. To this crime the JVP core team and their cadres are responsible and must be sued and punished.

      The JVP through its proxies is sustaining the ragging system in the universities and has caused untold suffering including murder and assault, mental harm, personality disorders, character assassination, contempt and inferiority complex to the innocent university students including total anarchy in the university system. Many parents do not send their children to universities even though they are selected due to this inhuman and barbaric conduct and treatment of JVP gangs and they send them to private universities local or overseas spending massive amounts of national wealth. Thousands of current university students and forced to engage in JVPs political projects like SITEM protest including the latest and upcoming protests against NSBM. While the whole world is progressing past us JVP is leading the entire intellectual population the country is producing each year out of meagre resources mostly out of poor peasants and laborers down the garden path destroying the future of country, its younger generations and the destroying the hopes of the elder generations and common destiny of the country. To this crime the JVP including their Core cadres, proxies, supporters and voters are responsible and must be punished by imprisonment.

      The JVP is promoting and propagating an outdated and expired economic system in the world and this political eddy current has been a pain in the ass in the national progress, policy making and progressive dynamics of the country. This self cancelling in-system revolt prevent our country from gathering political momentum in the first place and secondly the economic and social advancement and fulfillment. To this crime of obstructing and preventing pursuing future aspirations of the citizenry the JVP is responsible and must be sued and punished to the maximum.

      The JVP is an incorrigible and hell bound backward political movement pursuing losing, limiting, isolating and retarding political visions. JR pardoned them twice or trice so that they become a mainstream political force to reckon with that would shape the progressive politico-economic landscape of the country but the uneducated buffalos in the JVP translated that political gesture into utter sectarian, partisan, tribal and forever-at-war-with-the-system language which they inherit at genetic level. If this country is ever to pursue and accomplish its future prosperity it must first of all get rid of these things immediately:

      Gamarala from Polonnaruwa
      MARA Faction in the parliament called Ekabadda Vipakshaya
      Rajapakshas and their henchmen at key positions in the government
      Religions and Bana talks
      Choonpan vendors


      • 1


        Thanks for reminding and clarifying the antics of JVP in supporting MARA, aka MaRa, for robbing , pillaging and carrying out the killings in the Land, and the counter reaction by the state.

        Would you say the same about VP and LTTE?

        The Tamil People were subjected to far greater abuses than what the JVP was complaining about?

        Double Standards?

  • 14

    When the ‘Bond Scam’ hit the fan, “Mr. Clean” should have the integrity to immediately tell his buddy Mahendran to resign until the investigation was completed. Instead, he made every effort to cover it up and defend the man. So much for his integrity!

    So, of course he is “also responsible” (in part) for the scam although it is unlikely he was part of the plot.

    His attempt to retain Mahendran in the post in spite of the evidence against him is a permanent stain on his character.

    • 4

      Do you know the second bond issue cost the country even more

      • 4

        appa kadde soma can’t pay,
        victory through violence stays violent and takes many forms.
        enjoy the UN parippu- preek preek preeeeek like kochi miris.

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    This happens when Sri Lanka takes Singapore as an Example for Development

    • 1


      “This happens when Sri Lanka takes Singapore as an Example for Development”

      What the Dimwits, Nitwits, Blockheads and Simpletons in Sri Lanka do not understand is that the average IQ of Singapore is 108, the highest in the world, whereas the average IQ for Sri Lanka is 79.

      Attenting “Royal College”, does not necessarily increase your IQ, but can help optimize what the person has got.

      National IQ Scores – Country Rankings

      The intelligence scores came from work carried out earlier this decade by Richard Lynn, a British psychologist, and Tatu Vanhanen, a Finnish political scientist, who analysed IQ studies from 113 countries, and from subsequent work by Jelte Wicherts, a Dutch psychologist.

      Countries are ranked highest to lowest national IQ score.

      ——– Country
      ———————– %
      1 Singapore 108

      28 Sri Lanka 79


      • 4

        Your excessive ranting over & over on this silly iQ stuff makes me think you must be suffering from iQ deficiency since you seem not to realise it causes a lot of pain in our nether regions

        • 1


          Let’s call a spade a spade, and a Para-a Para, low IQ low IQ, and if the Earth goes around the Sun, let’s accept it, and not send spaceships into empty space.

          There is a good correlation between IQ and GDP. If Sri Lankas average IQ was 100, one would have looked for an alternate explanation.

          Years ago, an IQ study of Peradeniya Undergraduate Students from the different faculties and departments was done. Heard about this from a student who went to Peradeniya. Basically the rankings were as given below.

          Faculty Science: Physical Sciences
          Faculty Engineering
          Faculty – Medical, Science- Biological, Agriculture
          Faculty- Arts.

          How can one get hold of that study?

          All Students must be tested. One cannot go by the OL and AL results alone, as those may not fully correlate with the capabilities of the student.

          The above are the averages, and of course there is the distribution within the averages.They should test all the undergraduates during the first and final year, so that they can be directed into filed of study in keeping with their capabilities and skills.


          IQ and the Wealth of Nations

          The book includes the authors’ calculation of average IQ scores for 60 countries, based on their analysis of published reports. It reports their observation that national IQ correlates with gross domestic product per capita at 0.82, and with the rate of economic growth from 1950–1990 at 0.64.

          The authors believe that average IQ differences between nations are due to both genetic and environmental factors. They also believe that low GDP can cause low IQ, just as low IQ can cause low GDP. (See Positive feedback).

          The authors write that it is the ethical responsibility of rich, high-IQ nations to assist poor, low-IQ nations financially, as it is the responsibility of rich citizens to assist the poor.



          ——– Country
          ———————– %
          1 Singapore 108

          28 Sri Lanka 79

          • 0


            “All Students must be tested. One cannot go by the OL and AL results alone, as those may not fully correlate with the capabilities of the student.”

            Of course these exams do not reflect the full capabilities of the student. They simply show whether a student has the basic foundation to pursue more advanced training in a particular field. The three levels of training are bachelor, master, and doctor. For some fields, like psychology, most people are capable of doing the first two levels. For other fields, like pure maths, many will struggle to finish the first level. The third level is the most difficult, as it requires original research and a solid grasp of the field as a whole. This is how the educational works, all over the world.

            My personal opinion is that we should encourage everyone to complete the first level of training, the bachelors. Only the 2nd and 3rd levels require deeper levels of abstraction, so the selection process will have the greatest impact there.

            • 1


              “Of course these exams do not reflect the full capabilities of the student. They simply show whether a student has the basic foundation to pursue more advanced training in a particular field. The three levels of training are bachelor, master, and doctor”

              The above is for those students who enter a University. However, the bulk of the students do not enter the University, and goes elsewhere. A nation cannot afford economically to send all its students to a university. Besides, some perhaps many students do not have the inteelct to pursue such studies.

              Think about the resources required and the time spent bu the student on education and training that has very little impact for most student. They are better off learning vocational training and other trade skills.

              See what Germans are doing about this.

              The German School System Explained
              Germany’s school system offers a variety of different paths for students based on their abilities and interests—from getting hands-on training at vocational schools to doing research at top-notch universities. Young Germany explains the system from the ground up.


      • 5

        IQ has nothing to do with HONESTY.

        High IQs probably helps Crooks to get away with Murder!

    • 3

      I don’t understand it either why many want Sri Lanka to be like Singapore. Sri Lanka and Singapore do not have many things in common. Apples and oranges!

      • 2

        To be like Sinhapura Sri Lanka has to give up her History, Culture and Tolerance of Low IQ!

        • 5

          “” has to give up her History, Culture and Tolerance of Low IQ! “”


          Dare not reason as to why the professor (psycho Manchester) author of imaginary IQ refused to acknowledge him and Sinhala man- Talawakelle (Sinhalese: තලවාකැලේ,- the chief of jungle- the arrogant stupid uva monkey

        • 1

          True Hamlet.

          Some fallacy promoted during mahadena muththa’s time that other countries are better.

          Except this silly non-acceptance of multi-ethnicity, diversity, religion and some HIDEOUS PARANOIA of all ethnic groups that the other will take over, this island has much more than other countries. Was giggling at a campaign on CNN about Sri Lanka where they mention about SLAVE ISLAND.. Seriously this…

  • 11

    I may be saying this without any solid evidence, but I maintain that Ranil is not a crook who benefitted from the bond scam. He may have a lot weaknesses in other spheres but not in pocketing MONEY. Like his “Uncle JR” he is loyal to his friends. But in trying to manipulate things to safeguard Arjuna, Charlie’s son, for instance appointing a committee of 3 lawyers “to investigate” he swam in real mud. He, in the first place, should have had saner counsel. In fact he should have appointed the present Governor Indrajit instead of Arjuna.

    What he should have done after the event was not to manipulate even COPE findings but let the COPE pass an adverse judgement. If and when a civil case is filed for the recovery then it would be really difficult to prove that Arjuna was liable. Fortunately for Arjuna still we do not have the Audit Act. Otherwise the slap would have come from the Auditor General himself.

    Incidentally the JVP boss in green attire reminds me of an old saying:

    “If you are under 40 and not a leftist you have no HEART. If you are over 40 and not a capitalist you have no BRAINS”.

    • 5

      “I may be saying this without any solid evidence, but I maintain that Ranil is not a crook who benefitted from the bond scam”.

      I would feel much better if that is true because we trusted him and no one wants to be taken for a ride.

      Judging from the silly and irresponsible way he talks and behaves, it is possible that he has one off his rocker and the King has become an Andare. Can you imagine JR behaving that way?

      May be the absence of an off spring has affected him adversely.

      • 0

        The American currency bears dictum ” In God we trust”. But generally any politician in the third world cannot be trusted. Ranil’s honesty is my subjective judgement, I can be proved wrong upon producing solid evidence.

    • 2

      The photo is not real. It is photoshopped. Similarly your thinking of Ranil is flawed

    • 9

      Common Sense,

      Ranil plucked green bucks while he was youth boss via gentlemanly wattilapam just like uncle.

      “”“If you are under 40 and not a leftist you have no HEART. If you are over 40 and not a capitalist you have no BRAINS”.”

      dictation of plain ideology by public opinion.

      It entails one to be seated on their senses and emotions.

      fools cant reason.

  • 3

    It may be that Ranil benefited from the fraud?

    • 3

      There are honest people in Sri Lanka still.

      • 9

        But Ranil is not a one.

  • 21

    Sri Lanka’s Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe and disgraced central Bank governor Arjun Mahendran are life long friends. They come from the same school , which is an important factor in Ranil’s mind. Whenever Ranil gets into the government( generally as prime minister for only short stints of 2-3 years) the first important appointment he makes is his intimate friend Mahendran to some government post or the other.

    This time also ,(Ranil is very predictable) He appoints Mahendran now a Singapore citizen, to the crucial position of governor central bank. All over the world this is a respected and independent position. Not a position to appoint your personal boy friends. Governor of the central bank has to act independently in the interest of the country. You dont appoint lackeys there.

    But Ranil ignored principles of good governance in appointing mahendrna , a man who is totally beholden to Ranil as governor central bank.

    Then Ranil took the central bank out of the portfolio of the finance minister and brought it under the prime ministers direct control. So mahendran came directly under the PM.Control over bonds etc were tightly under this man now.

    Mahendran within one month of taking office got together with Aloysius ,his dubious son in law and invented a scheme where Perpetual the son in law’s company made unconscionable 25 Billion profit in six months. It is the poor people of this country who will have to pay the increased interest on these bonds for 30 years !

    The son in law Aloysius formerly of alcohol salesman repute, started the small company Perpetual only about 4 years back. After Ranils crooked appointment(of mahendran) this primary dealer in soverign bonds (perpetual) which came under the central bank ( father in law!)

    When nivad cabrall ( another rascal) was governor of the central bank the son in law had Cabrall’s sister as a director of perpetual. So it is clear the son in law knows the benefit of having the governor of the central bank on good terms and how to manipulate it. When his father in law was appointed governor by the all knowing Ranil Wickramasinghe , Aloysious could not believe his good luck !

    When the Bond scam became public Ranil Wickramasinghe went to parliament the very next day and made a statement that only he and Arjun Mahendran ( Ranil is just a lawyer and a man who has lived a super life as a politician for more than 50 years now)know about soverign bonds and that the rest of the population know only James Bond !

    When the pressure built up,this man(Ranil) who is a lawyer and a interested party, appointed three lawyers from his own UNP(party)to investigate the bond issue, a matter Ranil obviously was neck deep.This is against all known principles of justice and fair play. The main suspect appoints the investigators !The report of the three lawyers was a waste of time and money

    It is impossible that Mahendran and his son in law would have dared to do a crime of this magnitude without the participation and knowledge of Prime minister Ranil.When Perpetual wanted to get 10 Billion from the Bank of Ceylon to buy bonds( another primary dealer!)they gave the money in two hours! One primary dealer is giving 10 Billion to a rival primary dealer so that he can make a huge profit !

    If a citizen wants to borrow 10000 rupees from the bank it will take one month. Without the prime Ministers orders bank of Ceylon would never have given 10 billion to Perpetual Co.Another very important bit of evidence is that on the day this soverign bond scam was committed Ranil’s hit man Malik samarwickrama turned up at the Central Bank !

    Ranil wanted to extend Mahendran for a longer period as Governor of the Central bank.Only the intervention of the President stopped it. We all remember how when the President came to the Central bank on a visit ( to push Mahendran out)how within minutes this disgraceful prime minister dropped all his work and rushed to the central bank to protect his partner in crime.

    When mahendran was pushed out by public opinion ranil appointed his his adviser!

    Not to be out done Ravi karunayake gets Arjun Aloysius to sponsor investment seminars in Singapore to attract investors to Sri Lanka ! This is like the American Mafia promoting investments for America !We have fallen very low under this prime Minister indeed.

    The criminal is not Mahendran. He is only an accomplice. But it is a man who globe trots in suit and tie and talks pompously to the people of this country like a know all.
    A man who has been a curse on this country, his party the UNP and everybody else for 50 years now. It is like a perpetual curse.

    • 11

      harry hatton,

      You are entirely correct.
      Even now, the role of the Bank of Ceylon in granting a massive loan to Perpetual Treasuries – Mahendran’s SiL’s company – to enable the Bond Scam, is not even mentioned.
      BoC, which takes months to grant a loan even on solidly owned properties, handed over Rs. Ten Billion ‘over the counter’!
      BoC has NOT been asked to explain – this should be demanded at least now.

      In any other country, a man like RW would have been forced to resign.

    • 8

      Thanks a lot for your detailed explanation. many people are either attacking or defending Ranil without knowing what the facts are. The defenders are generally Ranil fans who believe he is a clean politician.

      If one just closes one eyes to the fact that this is Ranil and think of mahendran’s sponsor as some unknown powerful politician X, and then go through the facts of the case, the only reasonable conclusion one can come to is that this is a scam and both M and X are the culprits.

    • 3

      harry hatton

      ” It is like a perpetual curse.”

      Nopes, it is crony feudalism/tribalism.

  • 10

    By Mahendran’s own admission at a TV interview that took place soon after the bond scam, his passport had been impounded. Who released his passport for him to run away?

    From the way Ranil speaks and behaves, he is still a 12 year old in his Jungees, playing hide and seek with his jungee wearing partner Chandrika. Everything is a game for him. Every utterance a joke. There is no sign of reponsibility. Is this the example he wants to project to the next generation? A joker whose only concern is the Royalist clique around him. A King who has forgotten his role and become an Andare.

    He has let people like us down very badly – those who trusted him to be a clean person. We have become the laughing stock of the MR crowd.

    The man should resign forthwith if he has even a semblance of shame and honour, which I very much doubt.

    • 9

      “”He has let people like us down very badly – those who trusted him to be a clean person. We have become the laughing stock of the MR crowd.””

      opposing gene is freezing??

      rice from moonshine??

      When it comes to money no politician is clean. the power gives the cover to wealth squandered.

      humbugs of Buddhism should know that.

      Money, like a queen, confers both rank and beauty.

  • 10

    Arjuna Mahendran together with Ranil Wickramasinghe is responsible for this crime. Both should be sent to jail. Welikada Prison should be their home for next 10 years or so.

  • 4

    This galkatas man also responsible for this.

  • 0

    Any news from Wimal Chumonky..about the young man’s death. .

  • 4

    Are Namal Rajapakse, Arjuna Mahendran and Arjuna Alosius have had any dealings and friendship or “business relations” while this ex CB Governor was employed in the “Banking Sector” in a Middle Eastern country? Was it widely reported that at one stage this son-in-law of Arjuna Mahendran, the Business Wizard Arjuna Alosius took Yoshitha Rajapakse armed with a “Power Of Attorney” from Namal Rajapakse to a Bank in the Middle East to transfer a large some of money that was lying in an account. That could be the reason for observing “DEEP SILENCE” by the “Kurahan Satakaya” deposed “KING” and “His Majesty’s Court Jesters” over this Treasury Bond Issue. Now can we identify another “Blue Aliya” in this “CONGLOMERATE”.

  • 6

    “”‘Rathu Ali Patiyā’ Says Ranil Wickremesinghe Also Responsible For Bond Scam””

    We are deceived by the semblance of rectitude.

    Culture is not British.. touched ගාවුනා Wattalapam – way of life leaving the rest to the gods.

    MR1 is about to lose his shoe,

    watti ammaa Viper is a danger for all- roller coaster spin and spin.

  • 0

    Mahinda – Wijedasa rajapakse
    Ranil – sunil handunetti

  • 4

    The General Public by and large were baying for the blood of the former Governor of the Central Bank, to be implicated by COPE for the Bond Scandal, and they appeared to have got what they asked for, but is that the whole story?

    The former Governor for his part has said that he will return from Singapore to clear his name from this implied indiscretion that has been the talking point in Columbian circles since it blew up well over 20 months ago, and could well have prevented the UNF from obtaining an overall majority in the Parliament at the General Election in the following August.

    Those responsible for the Auction, the Public Debt Department of the Central Bank, have yet to answer for their sins, as it is they in the end who have since “Time Immemorial” called for offers to purchase the Bonds from Primary Dealers, who IN THE END decide who does and who does not get allocated the Bonds that are sold to raise funds for the Government.

    If common sense was to return to this argument, without any personal agenda, then it MUST be accepted that during the previous Government’s tenure, their political appointment (just as Mahendran was this Government’s political appointment) of Nivaard Cabral should be held responsible for the way the rules were circumvented where instead of having auctions, they determined how much, what rate, as well as who should be given the allocation of the Bond sales to which Primary Dealer!

    Now it is for the Attorney General, acting as the Government’s Prosecutor, to determine if there is a prima facie case to charge Mahendran for any impropriety and if so, let the Court determine if Mahendran in guilty, having regard to all the evidence available in this regard. It is only fair for the Country, Mahendran and also for Perpetual Treasuries, the company that was allocated the Bonds, after bidding for them, that this be so! Otherwise JUSTICE WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN SEEN TO BE DONE, LET ALONE DONE!

    It is obvious that the sins of the past Regime with regard to the issuance of Bonds, has conveniently been forgotten and the Role of the then Governor, the connivance of the Public Debt Department and any Primary Dealer, who would be party to any insider trading scam/scheme on a long term basis, would NEVER see the light of day. Due to forced nature of allocation, and the lack of auctions to determine market rates of interest, this will not permit a calculation of a LOSS, even if large losses were incurred by the STATE.

    One MUST be cognizant of the fact that one of the Government’s and Mahendran’s chief critics, former Deputy Governor of the Central Bank was in a senior position at the Central Bank during that time, and appeared to have played ball with the gross improprieties at that time, but who now mysteriously is being used as an expert in this matter. In reality, it was he who wanted that position of Governor, and since he did not get it, has had a serious case of antagonism since.

    I would like to point out at this stage, that I was of the opinion Mahendran SHOULD NOT be given a position in the Treasury or CBSL due to the conflict of interest of Perpetual Treasuries being the most significant Primary Dealer even then. On January 16th Arjun Aloysius the former Governor’s son in law, resigned his directorship of Perpetual Treasuries, prior to Mahendran taking up the appointment, to cover this shortcoming, however it still would NOT pass the test “for justice to have been seen to be done.”

    If the Prime Minister is to be faulted, it is on this point that he erred, which time has proved to have been a colossal error of judgment for which he has already paid a heavy price in the Court of Public Opinion. Let me at the same breadth report that the Prime Minister firmly believes, as he did then, that auctions were the best way to go forward in the issuance of Bonds, where the market chooses the rate, and the fact that other Primary Dealers had not bid in sufficient quantity is what resulted in Perpetual being allocated such a large offering at the high rate that resulted.

    Let me add that as it was the first of these auctions on the new basis, the equilibrium interest rate had NOT yet been determined at that time, and though it seemed higher initially, the rate settled from thereon. Perpetual merely took advantage of the lack of interest amongst the other Primary Dealers, to bid at the rates they did, and at the final call it would be the CBSL right to accept or deny these bids, which they accepted.

    As for borrowing facilities afforded to Perpetual by the BOC, there is a simple explanation, due to the collateral given by related companies with Substantial Asset Base, which can be explained in another comment.

    It is for the Court to determine, if Mahendran had any say in the rate, and amount of bids to be accepted, and if so, whether that amounts to collusion, or error of judgment in hindsight, as Mahendran cannot be found guilty of having personally enriched himself from this transaction, by any stretch of the imagination. This is where COPE HAS NOT looked into the possibility of any collusion or passing of information by any senior member of the CBSL, who may in reality be the source of this problem or SCANDAL in the first place. Hiding under the cloak of Government Servants, these people who were suspected of acting in concert with Nivard Cabral, are still in senior positions of the CBSL today.

    This is the REAL BOND SCANDAL and seems to have escaped the cretins also known as the Columbian Performing Pontificating Pundits, if I was to name one who is respected, reported upon and used as evidence by the literaaty or a person, who knows what he is talking about, but who either out of senility or envy, has grossly missed the point! They are those who have opined in CT.

    Can we then expect any more from the Media, Parliamentarians, and the General Public?

    I would seriously appreciate a differing point of view on this as it goes to the heart of our Sri Lankan disease, which prevents true GOOD GOVERNANCE, not Hallucinating Dreams in CT posts, from being embraced by one and all. My desire is for true Government of the People by the People, for the People and we somehow seem to have lost it in translation here.

    Think about it, it is like a conspiracy of the Government and all opposition parties to hang all their rhetoric on this SINGLE ISSUE at the expense of Gross Abuse of power, Corruption, and mismanagement that continues unabated, and thereby FOOL THE PUBLIC into believing that this is a huge scandal, because it is easy to convince where (so called) eminent persons have for reasons unknown been able to be roped into the same frame of mind.

  • 1

    Malik Samarawickrema ( now referred in business circles
    as Basil Samarawickrema) has been able to provide all
    the largesse to Anura Kumara Dissanayake, the jVP leader.
    Your headline is very apt. He will not should loud against
    the UNP any more. And he will not speak a word against
    Malik, now his paymaster.

    What has happened to Sri Lanka’s left leaders?

  • 4

    “”What has happened to Sri Lanka’s left leaders?””

    What a farce they made of taxpayers monies to get rich quick.
    All were frauds and they are rightly dead.
    Hora Vasu,woman and child are your best Left over bandits.

    Now all that is left is definitely Left carrying the same old dirty begging bowl across the west.

    The Left finally died with Glasnost in 1985 but Putin wants to sell his wares but not the diamonds, platinum etc. With USA as the largest exporter of Gas and the prices low Putin must negotiate with Trump- if it goes right or it’s the World at War.

  • 1

    I have never seen an image of AKD like this before.
    Is it real or faked?
    If not real ‘Rathu Ali Patiyā’ is uncalled for.

  • 0

    Anura must be mindful about dislodging RW,though COOP and Mr Handunethi had done a good job.We must not let in the previous scoundrels through the back door.Instead get the bond money back to the government..as we have no honest politicians left.

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