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Rebel In Government: ‘I Know How To Tackle Rajiva Wijesinha’ – Mahinda Rajapaksa

By Colombo Telegraph

“A rising of rebels from opposition parties, the UNP and the JVP, had been a commonplace occurrence in the recent past.  These rebels had been stealing much limelight with the national weeklies and dailies giving them wide publicity. However, opposition parliamentarians crossing over to the government is not an unusual phenomenon. Of late, a government MP turning a rebel has begun making news for a change.  The rebel is none other than UPFA National List MP Prof. Rajiva Wijesinha.  Wijesinha, since his parliamentary debut, until recent times, has been a leading protagonist of Mahinda Chintana. But Wijesinha has now begun criticizing the country’s foreign policy in particular and certain government measures in general. Wijesinha has also begun expressing his views in interviews with foreign media as well.” Ceylon Today reported today.


Under the subheading  “Rebel in government” the newspaper says; The government, however, did not appear to be taking Wijesinha’s conduct seriously. Some ministers had decided to report Wijesinha to the President when he failed to turn up in Parliament when the Vote on the Second Reading of the Budget was taken up.  The ministers concerned had decided that time had come for them to complain about Wijesinha to the President and they did. The President patiently listened to allegations made by the ministers without showing any immediate reaction. After several minutes of reflection, the President said: “I brought Rajiva to Parliament with great faith in him on a request by his father Sam Wijesinha. The other reason is that Rajiva asked me to give him the Higher Education Ministry.  I casually told him I would consider his request.”  The President added: “Ok, I know how to tackle him.”

Meanwhile Dr Rajiva Wijesinha says “I had been asked to speak on the votes of the Ministry of External Affairs during the Committee Stage of the Budget Debate, but was subsequently told that there was no time for this. Since I had prepared a text, which I felt discussed urgent issues in the current context, I thought it would be useful to make this available instead of forgetting about the points raised.” Read his cenosred speech here

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