24 June, 2024


Release All Volumes Of PCOI Report On Easter Attacks: Muslim Council Tells Ranil

The Muslims of Sri Lanka stand in solidarity and brotherhood with the thousands of Christians and Catholics who were affected by the dastardly terrorist attack on April 21st 2019. The suspected terrorists were Muslims by name but Islam forbids suicide and killing innocent civilians, hence Islam does not condone such acts of violence.

Overnight on April 21st 2019, the 2.1 Million Muslims in this country were considered as terrorist suspects or their sympathisers. The Muslims have stood by the Catholic church in demanding an independent inquiry to the Easter Sunday attacks in 2019, which many believe is a politically motivated violence. We call upon HE President Ranil Wickremesinghe to release all volumes of the PCOI report on the Easter Sunday attack to the general public. We also demand the immediate arrest and bring to justice all who have been named in the PCOI report.

The arbitrary arrest of Muslim youth under PTA and ICCPR and the detention of some of them continues to this day. No one has been found guilty after 4 years of investigation. The selective use of PTA and ICCPR on innocent Muslim youth should be condemned by all civic conscious citizens.

President Wickremesinghe in a special statement made on 18th July 2022 as Acting resident said “he plans to obtain the assistance of the police and intelligence services of the UK in order to complete the investigation into the Easter Sunday terror attacks, as the lack of a proper investigation has meant that this issue is yet to be fully resolved.” He had further said “We must ensure that this is brought to an end, and there should be a full scale impartial review of the material that is available.”

It is regrettable that nine months have lapsed since the above statement and we are yet to see any meaningful effort by the Government to bring to justice the perpetrators of one of the darkest days inSri Lankan history where over 350 were killed and over 500 were injured.

The Muslim Council of Sri Lanka calls upon the Government to: –

a. Immediately honour the statement made by President Wickremesinghe on 18th July 2022 to complete the investigation into the Easter Sunday terror attacks with the assistance of Scotland Yard.

b. Immediate justice to be dispensed and compensation to be paid to the families of those killed and injured in the Easter Sunday attacks irrespective of their race or religion.

c. Muslims arrested on suspicion under the PTA languishing in remand be investigated immediately and released or granted bail.

d. A thorough investigation be carried out and arrest of those responsible for the wanton destruction of Muslim property and compensation paid immediately in the aftermath of the Easter Sunday attacks.

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  • 7

    If the Thanajudden murder would have investigated thoroughly and brings all these hidden hands and the fair judiciary would have served these wouldn’t have gone beyond.
    What would you expect from these majority cruelty Buddhist.land of prides,
    Split these two states in one nation. These thug Buddhist above the law.maka Sangam gives shields, these beggers sells their own women and even monkeys….
    This blood thirsty land is being blessed it seems sadu sadu

    • 6

      If you don’t like Sri Lanka being a “Sinhala Buddhist only” country, you can always return to your mother land Thamilnadu. Sri Lanka is better off without rabid minorities.

      • 12

        “Tony” is a funny name for a racist Sinhala-Buddhist to be using.
        You may also have to re-consider the use of English to convey your horrible message. Of course, you manage to get some of us to read your comments, but not in future. You will be ignored by me.
        Panini Edirisinhe (NIC 483111444V) of Bandarawela

      • 5

        We all like SL as SB only or predominant country, without the vicissitudes of SB HEGEMONY, that’s being often practiced to undermine other Religions and faiths!!!???
        Nothing different to HEGEMONIC DOCTRINE, early Western Colonialists – Portugal and Netherlands (Dutch), practiced, were extreme Racism – WANTED THEIR FAITH TO BE “PRIMA DONNA ABSOLUTA” (PDA) in REPLENDANT ISLAND OF Taprobane!!?? SB’S ARE BLAMELESS!!!??
        What is being attempted is CAUSATIVE REVULSION towards PDA attitude – 450+ years ago!!!
        On the matter of “returning THOSE DISSATISFIED WITH – Buddhism only, to one’s MOTHER LAND, OR STATE OF ORIGIN OR ROOTS”, as solution, whilst remaining CONTENTIOUS, may resolve issues at hand!!! Lo and Behold!! Includes – Repatriation to, far out Lands, thousands (9,500+) Kms from our shores, WESTERN EUROPEAN CONTINENTAL colonisation roots!!!??
        (Why only Tamilnadu, what about Orissa (Odisha), Kerala and Karnataka), who have to embark on PROCESS, GUIDING principle, “LAST ENTRANT, FIRST OUT”, BASIS ONLY, as applicable!!!???
        GOING BY EASTER 2019 EPISODE, appears that sector is the PRESENT PREDOMINANT SOREPOINT!!

  • 3

    It’s not because they are Buddhist that they do these things, it’s because they are NOT Buddhist. As for selling their own women, there are thousands of Tamil women in the Middle East too.

    • 9


      “It’s not because they are Buddhist that they do these things, it’s because they are NOT Buddhist.”

      We can accept your point, that it’s because they are NOT Buddhist, and they are Sinhala/Buddhists, like our nimal fernando.

      “As for selling their own women, there are thousands of Tamil women in the Middle East too.”

      You mean there are Tamil Women in the Middle East (you believe they too are being traded) it is okay if Sinhala women are being sold.
      Brilliant excuse, reason, argument, …… you are a typical Sri Lankan.

      • 3

        Vedda, you are losing your grip. I meant that the women in the Middle East are not Sinhala alone, all sorts of women are victims, Sinhala, Tamil, Muslim.
        So, having misunderstood that, you then extrapolate and conclude that I am a typical Sri Lankan. What is wrong with you? You used to be quite articulate. Perhaps Nimal Fernando was right after all.

  • 5

    All “VOLUMES” were handed over to ONE and the ONLY person who was to initiate ACTION on all of the “Recommendations” contained therein. He was none other than the then Attorney General – Dappula de Livera.

    Before his retirement, he made a public statement: ” This Attack was a CONSPIRACY”. I presume that would have been his summarized “Conclusion” after studying the volumes. He didn’t stop at that. He sent a “Seven Pages” letter to IGP based on his observations of the reports. It was only a day before after a lapse of FOUR years, Dappula de Livera was summoned to make a statement on what he said.

    Mr. Dappula de Livera didn’t answer the call, but sent one of his Juniors to CID, and through him, he said: ” Refer to my seven pages letter addressed to IGP that is presently held by him”. Now is the time to know what ex-AG said, probably justifying his “Conspiracy” theory and the “Directions” he would have given to IGP to proceed on an “Action Plan” to bring the culprits to book. Isn’t it now more important to know the “CONTENTS” ( a justification of a CONSPIRACY?) of this letter than the demand for the “Volumes” of the reports? Will an RTI application be made by someone?

    • 4

      Fully agree, we should get an opportunity to read the Learned ex-AG’s advice and direction to IGP (sorry ‘then’, but he continues, awaiting until the call by St Peter) to pass-on to someone thereafter (New IG position) and it will take another 4 years for New IGP’s familiarisation process!!!?? Then comes Presidential election 2024 and we have an “Aappaya” installed, who may instead of inquiring the misdeed, want to forget about enquiry and the sordid happening, because he was fined by the Judiciary!!! He may even give an unsolicited Pardon!!!
      He may also issue FIAT, the matter be closed off as he has been “so enlightened” during his Singapore Shopping Spree, Post Thirupathy worship and prayers, which has been now received, AFTER JUDICIAL IMPOSED FINES as he didn’t have time then to await, all mighty God’s wishes!!!
      What a bloomer, Sri Lanka has become, from being a predominant democracy in Asia to such low down level!!?????????????????
      Singapore, is definitely a Para dictatorship, nay Autocracy, is seen BLUSHING!!!
      Total and utter astonishment!!!

  • 3

    Well Evil and Royals brought Muslim Police and spies to catch Tamils. Now bringing Scotland yard to catch Muslim Police and ministers who planned the 4/21 attack on Tamils Churches. What is call about? Yahapalanaya Ministers like Rishard, Hakeem, Hasbullah Haris…….. need to be arrested by Scotland Yard? Remember, Ranil set up a hotel trap in a Langkang hotel to arrest and accuse an FBI police officer of bringing in bombs to Langkang though Airport, only because the FBI wanted to come and investigate Welisara Navy base for supplying bombs and other arms for the Muslim killers? Now what is the Evil Emperor’s new plan to nap Scotland Yard Police.

  • 2

    The fundamental mistake with Sri Lanka and Sri Lankan politics is based on race or religion than a country. When we Sri Lankan wants independence from British we all united together against the master but not against the wrongs of the master. We accepted the wrongs of master to divide the people as Muslims, Tamils and Sinhalese. Muslims supported PTA when it was brought against Tamils supporting their masters Sinhalese. Now they are crying when it comes to Muslims. Similarly, Sinhalese are crying when it comes to Sinhalese from their masters.As a Sinhalese lady pointed about that “Kuttimani told us in 1981 about PTA and warned Sinhalese you will also experience the same pain or horror that the pain and horror against Tamils using PTA. Still not too late to identify the wrongs of the masters and for your masters are no different to British masters.

  • 2

    Raj-UK: Yesterday, we “CROWNED” another “Master” .i.e. the President of the ruling SLPP. The SLPP “Elected” a Buddhist Clergy as its “Chairman” replacing Prof. G.L.Pieris. Presently this “Priest” is also the Chancellor of the “Buddhist Pali University”. Most probably this “Master” could become our President or PM. The only “Requirement” is for him to enter Parliament through the “National List” as our President Ranil W did.

    In comparison, I heard that your Deputy PM has stepped down because he was “Bullying” his colleagues. Is this correct?

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