22 May, 2022


Remove Sirisena From UPFA Chairmanship: Coalition Leaders

Close on the heels of several SLFP stalwarts calling for the removal of President Maithripala Sirisena as the party Chairman, the leaders of other parties in the UPFA too said that Sirisena should not lead the coalition at the upcoming local authority polls.

MaithripalaPivithuru Hela Urumaya leader Udaya Gammanpila told media today that all affiliated parties, other than the UPFA want Sirisena removed.

Gammanpila said that his party would not be part of the UPFA or support the coalition in future polls as long as Sirisena remains as the UPFA leader.

Gammanpila went on to state that a majority of the SLFP members too want Sirisena ousted, although they dont come out in the open fearing the wrath of a president with executive powers.

He predicted that the UPFA will face certain defeat at upcoming local government polls if Sirisena leads the party.

The Pivithuru Hela Urumaya leader observed that senior SLFP members including Prasanna Ranatunga, Kumara Welgama, Lohan Ratwatte, Vidura Wickremanayake have openly said that Sirisena should not lead the party.

Meanwhile Vasudeva Nanayakkara too said that Sirisena was the biggest hindrance to UPFA triumphing at future polls.

Nanayakkara charged that Sirisena had hijacked both the SLFP and UPFA by appointing his stooges to key posts.

The National Freedom Front (NFF) leader Wimal Weeranawnsa too noted that UPFA had no future with Sirisena at the helm.

On Sunday Parliamentarians Lohan Ratwatte and Vidura Wickremanayake in two public forums had expressed similar feelings noting that Sirisena will not be able to lead SLFP to victory.

Meanwhile beleaguered Sirisena has called for an urgent meeting of the SLFP Central Committee on Tuesday and an Executive meeting on Friday in the backdrop of a mutiny against his leadership.

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  • 7

    It seems that Coalition Leaders have recognized that they have been outsmarted and sent to oblivion (Uthurukuru Divaina) by MS. I expected the penny to drop for sometime. So this is it: a cry of pain MS, now is the time to kick their b**l*c*s. But beware of the Trojan Horses on your side, like those who were uttering statements like that people’s decision on the 8th Jan was a mistake. We are fed with crooks monopolizing the parliament.

    • 5

      Lets identify the rabble rouser – you mean the fat one who loves ladies and is still dreaming of PM ship ?

    • 2

      In srilanken parliament of today

      a) There are kunakatuwasa that dont see anything beyond but making every effort to survive politically

      b) There are cobras that would revenge on the rivals for any price

      c) There are Katussas, that would work for any agenda if they fall in favours of their personal gains

      d) There are meeharakas like MR and few would do anything to please instant moments of gawky folks but that could work their outreach to extend their terms

  • 5

    It seems like a political strategy for the Pro Rajapakse group. They realize a certain defeat at the upcoming LG elections and preparing to blame their losses on Sirisena. Why are they afraid to go on their own and stand at the polls with a new party? Are they certain that they will be rejected at the polls

  • 13

    Prasanna Ranatunga, Kumara Welgama, Lohan Ratwatte, and Vidura Wickremanayake are criminals who want to regain power to escape prosecution and to continue their extortion, looting, and womanising. Lohan was charged for the murder of 11 people as well. Vasu is a foul-mouthed outdated Wattakka Marxist who is already a goner. Gammanpila and Weerawansa are the worst scum at present in Sri Lankan politics: two bitches who want to whip up racism and get innocent people slaughtered in order to get votes. All these shameless lowlifes think SLFP led by the Mafia King Mahinda is their only chance for political survival. The people will teach them a good lesson once again as more of their crimes come to light in the near future.

    • 7

      Off The Wall.

      “The people will teach them a good lesson once again”

      People have already done so twice. In January and in August.

      It is time for both RW & Sirisena to quit playing games with the mandate they already have.

      Where are the criminal cases against Yoshitha & Namal? What about Shiranthi, Mahinda & Gota? Where is that father of all thieves Basil?

      Gates of Welikada should be closed once Prasanna Ranatunga, Kumara Welgama, Lohan Ratwatte, and Vidura Wickremanayake are all inside.

      All of the above can easily occupy space soon to be vacated by former LTTE detainees. So, no problem there. GOSL should start sending in the new occupants real soon. Before it’s too late.


  • 7

    I feel lost!

    Should I laugh out aloud at what these prize clowns are saying?

    Or should I give vent to the fury that I feel that such a lot of rogues should be allowed by the powers above to still survive on this earth?

    Or should I cry that if the members of this rogues’ gallery were to contest whatever election is held next, about 50K of the 13 million possible votes that my countrymen have, will still go to them?

    O tempora! O mores!

  • 9

    What a Joke! Who are these idiotic people who try to remove Chairman of the party. Yes , there is way to remove and there are people who can bring a proposal to the central committee., but not these bunch of rogues and outsiders. Its a laughing attempt by these idotic members for the people who really build this party in the recent past.

  • 5

    M Sirisena the man who responsible of down fall of last SLFP led coalition ruling alliance.

    How can such man become Leader of SLFP?

    Is that MS think all Sri Lankan are foolish?

    MS has no knowledge of democracy of politics.

    MS goes to history man who betray SLFP join hand with CBK!

    • 15

      how could a man like MR become SLFp s leader ? a man who looted and rooted all the entire nation ?

      Either you are a born idiot or you should be brain sick not tohave grasphed it yet.

      Besides, the way the bugger appointed a former LTTER TERRORIST as the party deputy … remember or you are fully lost ?

      • 1

        Yes, he ruled it with might not respecting anyone.
        Today, Nimal Siirpala or anyother would come forward and make big statements, but to that time, all those men were like dogs hiding their tail behind the rear legs. I really donot know how these so called senior men tick at all. They just change their stances for no reason, even if there are few others still there to see it right. I think Mahinda YAPA is one of good ministers who now realized it, one another is Dayasiri, .. they seem to be doing their part well while all other dried pumpkins the like do anything and everything to sling mud at the current regime spreading whatever lie in favour of them.

    • 2

      Please Adhikari@,

      please change your Punnaku brand – you really need to change it.
      You like are the curse of this nation. Once you will ever grasph it can take another few hundreds years. That is why I believe – nothing can work on the nation so long the majoratarian idiots are in the country.

      Just going through the election results of the last – even if all the evidences were made very clear by JVP and UNP, Maharaja was given a significant mandate for no reason ?

      Even if all the bodies would prove that Maharaja and horu tika are caught by horns, you the like men and women would stay even more gawky (kata aragena), so gullible as no other folks would do.
      I woudl rather compare our folks of represented by you – with those living in bushes in AFRICA. There those bush people we can forgive for being away from civlization, but you guys, abuse the laws by all means. God save our motherland

  • 7

    All these guys have no following of their own and hanging onto SLFP.

  • 2

    January election was won by taking UNP and minorities’ votes.

    August election was won by taking in SLFP candidates and Hakeem, Rashid group. What is the method to deal with the local elections?

    So it is reasonable UPFA’s other parties worrying about SLFP

  • 1

    Politics aside this is a nice problem in set theory. heer is what we have.

    Set A: MP’s who belong to UPFA
    Set b: MP’s who belong to SLFP
    Set C: MP’s who belong to either UPFA and or SLFP and do not want MS as leader.

    How many is that? I get 5 as the answer. I am not sure. But then, I am not good in set theory.

    Come to think of it, like Gammanpila, I am not good at anything.

  • 4

    Looks like Sirisena is paying the price for his wishy-washy administration. Instead of keeping the pre-election promises he made which got him elected, he has dithered with the appointments and decisions that proved his dishonesty and betrayed us who voted for him.

    Not one of the criminals whose files lie dormant at the Bribery Commission have been incarcerated. He has appointed his brothers to positions without consultation or a selection process. He has appointed goons who are clearly on the side of Rajapakse to parliament. So what does he expect?

    Now he has an alleged murderer like Lohan Ratwatte and crooks like Prasanna Ranatunge, Welgama, and others who are very much allies of the Rajapakses, calling for his head!

    “As you reap, so shall you sow”, goes the saying!

    Is it too late to clean out the Augean stables and prove to his supporters that it is better late than never to win back some credibility? If not, “Aiyo Sirisena” will become a reality and we may well be returned to those dark days with criminals running the show!

  • 1

    Apologies: that should have read – “As you sow, so shall you reap” goes the saying.”

  • 3

    What is the alternative ? MR ? Let alone his dictatorial corrupt and nepotistic conduct, he is today the MOST DIVISVE force in Sri Lanka. If MR hasn ANY love left for the country he should stay away and not create problems for all others. His only interest is to ensure his personal family prosperity. Please MR lay off. Then all you chokkas will also be lost.

  • 1

    The move should have come earlier as MR had made a tactical mistake by not going out of the SLFP before his defeat at the hands of Judas arses. When you have the case of an SLFP LEADER acting as the chief spokesmen of the UNP what did he expect? Reformed Brutes and friendly faggots? His primary mistake of not running for the 2 years for the UNP to implode as happened when the UNP supporters attacked Sri Kotha and MR foolishly sent the STF who saved the faggots life!What a missed opportunity or else we would have continued the peace gained by our Armed FORCES.
    The mongrel supporters of R are still barking about lost Lamborghinis and golden horses and multiple purchases of non-existence lands think that some fools
    still would believe that Joseph Goebbels was right! OF COURSE IN THEIR HYPOCRISY they are deafeningly silent on bond scams and shielding terrorist money launderers.
    I would remind these numskulls about the power of the Triple GEM that protects our Motherland, which manifested for us to see when the guiding power sent our own Rasputin who acted as a midwife to an unsavory birth called yahapalanya on a one-way visit to Singapore. Thia alarmed the husband so much that he too ran to the land of the Lion a few days later, hotly pursued by Maraya doing a recce on the instructions of the all-powerful Triple GEM!

    Finally let me tell the faggot lover’s supporters divine justice Always prevails over Kangaroo courts set up by the faggot through the fcad’s Gestapo SS waffen unit reborn.

    O Tempora o mores

  • 1

    New politics of minority democracy has been an introduce by MS and CBK regime join hand with Ranil.W… of moribund of UNP leadership.

    UNP has won power game by 42 odd members of Parliamentary has given an oppournity to selected Primer by UNP leader, who had rejected by 29 times since 1994.That was democracy created by MS regime.

    MS has discarded majority elected democracy that exist since 1948 which that Parliamentary democracy came into being after liberated from colonial rule by British Empire.

    Indeed MS join hand with UNP and CBK that totally undermined principle norms of majority democratic by that detour values against People Verdicts.

    Lack of political mission and poor educational background of MS has wrongly misdirected roots and reality of rights of People’s sovereignty and democracy. That is how SLFP turn politician of MS betray values and principle of democracy. This will leads to tragedy of New version of democracy.
    How can such man lead country?

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