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Reply To Lucien Rajakarunanayake: Why Not A Referendum On Kashmir-Eelam?

By S. V. Kirubaharan –


S. V. Kirubaharan

I read Lucien Rajakarunanayake’s article, Why not a referendum on Kashmir-Eelam? published in the Sri Lankan government media, the ‘Daily News’ of 28 April 2012.  Even though it is late, I would like to write some brief comments about this article.

In the past I have sent a few comments, replies and queries regarding some articles appearing in the ‘Daily News’. But they were neither published nor did I receive a reply. Therefore, I don’t want to waste time anymore in sending comments to the ‘Daily News’.

It is well known that presently there are only a few independent media in Sri Lanka, and they are scared to publish anything against the government, especially against the Rajapaksa family.

Lucien Rajakarunanayake is not part of the Rajapaksa family, but he is one of the people who writes and defends the Rajapaksas. Therefore I am sending this to a few other media.

Firstly, let me briefly outline Rajakarunanayake’s point of view in “Why not a referendum on Kashmir-Eelam?” He expects Leaders and the people of Tamil Nadu to shut their mouth on anything concerning the Tamils in Sri Lanka and to limit their business to affairs concerning India, including Kashmir”. In other words,   Rajakarunanayake says, “Charity begins at home”.

Does not then the same theory apply to Sri Lanka? If so, in March 2001 why was Sri Lanka so worried when the ruling Taliban destroyed those two giant Buddha statues in Afghanistan?

Buddhists in Sri Lanka marched through Colombo protesting against the demolition of these statues. Then Sri Lanka’s President Chandrika Kumaratunga wrote a protest letter on 05 March 2001 to the UN Secretary General Kofi Annan,  “……The Government of Sri Lanka stands ready and willing to do everything within its own capacity, and to join all international endeavours, to save from destruction these objects of particular reverence to Buddhists which, indeed, belong to the ancient heritage of all mankind.”

During the demolition of these Buddha statues in Afghanistan, did Rajakarunanayake say to  Buddhists in Sri Lanka, that they should learn to respect other religions in Sri Lanka before they speak about Buddhist statues in Afghanistan? Or did he consider Buddhists’ strong sentiments and values regarding their religion as an exceptional case? Then why does he continue his full moon wolf howls about Leaders from Tamil Nadu suggesting anything concerning the Tamils in Sri Lanka?

Secondly, he says, “In any case, Kosovo or Montenegro, South Sudan or East Timor is not comparable to Sri Lanka”, why? Has he ever gone through each and every case and compared each of them to the situation of the Tamils, especially in the North and East in Sri Lanka?

Rajakarunanayake also says, “………..From the time of Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru to this day India has rejected any attempt to genuinely resolve the Jammu Kashmir issue, by not creating the necessary conditions to hold the UN mandated plebiscite – the vote by which the people of a political unit determine autonomy or affiliation with another country.”

Well and good, if this is genuinely coming from Rajakarunanayake or from the Sri Lankan government, then they should have raised this matter in the UN long before Sri Lanka raised about the Palestinians.

This year on 1st October, Sri Lanka’s Minister of External Affairs referred in the UN General Assembly to“… the restoration of the inalienable rights of the Palestinian people. Sri Lanka fully supports the implementation of all relevant UN Resolutions on Palestine that would pave the way for the achievement of Statehood for the Palestinian people and bring lasting peace to the region.” 

If Rajakarunanayake’s theory is to be accepted, would it not be correct for the Israelis to tell Sri Lanka to settle the Tamils’ political problem before they speak about the Palestinians?

Thirdly Rajakarunanayake refers to 38 sites of unmarked graves in North Kashmir and more than 10,000 missing persons in Kashmir. Concerning this matter, for anyone to take him seriously, it is worth asking, how many articles has he written so far about the mass graves or missing persons in Sri Lanka? These are just full moon wolf howls and ‘crocodile tears’.

Then why does he object to Leaders from Tamil Nadu suggesting anything concerning the Tamils in Sri Lanka?

Fourthly, he says that Looking back at not so distant history, GlobalSecurity.org states: In 1952 the elected and overwhelmingly Muslim Constituent Assembly of Jammu and Kashmir, led by the popular Sheikh Mohammed Abdullah, voted in favour of confirming accession to India……..”.  

Looking back at recent history, Rajakarunanayake won’t have forgotten that the people in the North and East overwhelmingly voted for their right to self-determination in the general election in 1977. On 8 August 1983, J. R. Jayewardene’s government enacted the 6th amendment to the constitution, rejecting the right to self-determination and outlawing the mandate voted by the Tamils.Rajakarunanayake should not quote and talk about only what is convenient for his argument to please his masters.

Fifthly, he says, One cannot forget that the original call for Eelam, by the LTTE, and its political backers of the TNA had planned an Eelam that included the North and East, with little concern for the demographics of the East that would have made such a polity untenable from the outset. “

Being a veteran journalist, Rajakarunanayake should be ashamed to say that the ‘original call for Eelam (was) by the LTTE….’. It was earlier than that. I request him to read the recent history before he writes and  speaks falsification.

Before he talks about demographics of the East, he should know the statistics of the Tamil and Sinhala populations in the East until 1981. For his information:



Tamil and Sinhala populations in Trincomalee District, Batticaloa District*

(Until 1963 it includes Amparai within Batticaloa district)

& Amparai District (created in 1963)


Trincomalee District

Batticaloa District

Amparai District





































































Why the delay in a solution to the Kashmiri issue, is a burning matter of concern to Rajakarunanayake and Sri Lanka, is astonishing! He wouldn’t have forgotten that his masters maintained a position that “until terrorism is wiped out there cannot be any political solution to the Tamil ethnic issue”. It is obvious that India is also taking the same position regarding Kashmir. I am sure; he and his masters will consider this a fair point.

For Rajakarunanayake’s information, I am in favour of the right to self-determination – including for Kashmiris and Palestinians. These issues have to be settled at the earliest in a peaceful manner.

In the Daily News, 18 April 2009, Rajakarunanayake says, “The longer the war, especially when the victory is obvious, the more civilian casualties. Hence a military solution is, in some circumstances, the best way to save civilian lives. In general, pacifism disguised as “human rights” or not, always leads to more death, especially in remote, third world, small countries vulnerable to the influence of AI or HRW. Ending a war-by force if need be-protects more civilians than prolonging it under any pretexts.”

For those versed in international human rights law, this is a shocking view.

Last but not least, Rajakarunanayake says, “Karunanidhi can …  take Sri Lanka’s Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksas advice and seek to have his unrealized dream of Eelam established in Tamil Nadu in India …”.

It is not a surprise that ex-military personnel Gotabaya who has no knowledge of politics and is responsible for thousands of abductions, killings, torture, rape, etc says this to Karunanidhi or to any Leader in Tamil Nadu. What is surprising, is that it was unquestioningly quoted by a veteran journalist.

Eelam is a name of a ‘territory’ in Sri Lanka, which includes the North and Eastern part of the island. Eelam could be or may be provincial/autonomous or an independent state within the island. Asking a Tamil Nadu Leader to create it in India is purely a fanciful remark, based on emotions.

Rajakarunanayake says he is in support of meaningful devolution of power in Sri Lanka, but at the same time he says uncritically, government today is a coalition that is comprised largely of political parties that were totally opposed to both the India-Sri Lanka Accord and the 13th amendment. The opposition to it at the time was led by the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP), which is the largest constituent of the present coalition.”

In conclusion, I will say, by talking and writing in the same manner as Rajakarunanayake, all Sinhala Buddhist governments have managed for 65 years to achieve their goal with maximum success. If they can manage in the same manner for another 10 years, there won’t be any more ethnic issue in Sri Lanka.

This is the reason the people, leaders in Tamil Nadu and India who have strong linguistic, cultural, religious, social and economic connections in Sri Lanka are looking in a pragmatic way to sort out the ethnic problem meaningfully and at the earliest.

The people and the government of India co-operated well with Sri Lanka in bringing the war to an end.  Now there is nothing wrong in them finding all available mechanisms to find a peaceful solution where all can live in peace and harmony in Sri Lanka.

Lucien Rajakarunanayake’s aggressive, racist verbal attack on a foreign correspondent – Swiss Radio, Karin Wenger, May 2010

click below


The Island, 8 April 2009, Rajakarunanayake says,

“Arundhati Roy has just fallen into such disgrace. The celebrated writer and activist who won the Booker prize for “The God of Small Things” has fallen for her effort to bring Sri Lanka into disgrace. A writer who knew to marshal her facts and even dared challenge the Supreme Court of India on the very important Narmada Dam issue, has fallen flat on her face, through her wholly uninformed and grossly biased effort to become a new deity for worship by the Hindu Tamils of Sri Lanka, replacing the entire pantheon of Hindu deities, and the Christian Tamils by trying to replace all the saints they pray to for succour.”

Daily News, 24 Jan 2009 Rajakarunanayake says, 

“The LTTE proxies, especially in Tamil Nadu, led by a now somewhat frightened Chief Minister Karunanidhi, who were shedding copious tears for the plight of the Tamil civilians in the North of Sri Lanka, as well as Keith Vaz & Co – the MPs in the UK hungry for the votes of the Tamils of Sri Lankan extract in their electorates, and German policy makers and diplomats, who were making the most preposterous charges about the plight of the Tamil civilians in the North, are now effectively silenced. Interestingly, this is not a result of direct responses by the Sri Lankan Government but by others who were always ready with accusatory fingers pointed at this country and its Government.“ 

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    How true is the speculation Lucien R was, in fact, a Tamil Catholic
    masquerading as a Sinhala Nationalist?


    • 0

      How does one convert to be a Sinhalese. Is there a Department of Registration ( Sinhala persons) in Sri Lanka? If so what arethe criteria?

  • 0

    Mr Kirubaharan

    don’t waste your time with this meanigless Sinhala nationalist.

    This Lucien writes for money he has no policy at all. Neither leftist nor for Tamil rights.

    Lucien is for his ambition to be a billioner.

    As you said he is a racist as well

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    this Lucien Rajakarunanayake is like a cuckoo. always find nesting somewhere as for his benefit only

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    I remember seeing this Rajakaruna chap sporting a big beard some years ago when he was present as a representative of the Free Media Movement in London at a meeting which was chaired by the late Mr.Upali Cooray.He exposed himself as a slimy opportunistic character from the way he crafted his glib replies to certain pointed questions by members of the audience.

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    The statistics provided by Mr. Kirubaharan looks doctored. Where are the Muslims in the East. It looks, the data provided has incorporated Muslims in to Tamil group to show a large percentage. If you provide such doctored statistics to win your argument, you will not be taken seriously.
    However, Lucien is a presidential adviser. What more can you expect from him other than to cough for the government.

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      Idiot he meant Tamil speaking

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        Raja,you and Kirubakaran are the idiots or crafty characters.Muslims don’t like to be called tamils,because they are not tamils,simple as that.They learnt tamil because of the koran,which was translated into tamil in tamilnadu.To learn the koran,they had to learn tamil. This fool kirubakaran is just trying to be crafty without mentioning tamil speaking people and calling them tamils. He is also such a fool as to give such publicity to what Lucien says and send it all the media,whereas if he had just kept quiet nobody would have even read what that old has- been fart Lucien had said.

    • 0

      What is the mother toungue of the Muslims in Sri Lanka?

      Dont make a mistake that Muslims are Tamils.

      Do you agree that there only three languages in SL.

      If so, Singhalese, Tamils and English are tha languages in Sri Lanka.

      Mr Kirubaharan stastics are right as Tamil and Singhala population.

      It is not faire to divert the subject.

      This article doesnt provide the right statstics, please provide the right one.

      Can you provide any right stastics about the situation in the East.

      Are you also like Lucien saying that “……..little concern for the demographics of the East that would have made such a polity untenable from the outset. “

      Then you too a Sinhala Buddhist who is for Rajapaksas.

      Come out with facts and figures in this forum. Otherwise have your emotions within you rather than proving that you are a person with limited resources/education.

      Why don’t go for a proper debate with Kirubaharan in a public forum.

    • 0

      You cannot be Pandit may be a bandit.

      A shamed to see that you have no knowldege people in Sri Lanka.

  • 0

    Kirubakaran will do a service to the readers if he gives a break-up, as far as possible on Tamils – as it is alleged here it is more Tamil-speaking people. More relevant will be post-1981 statistics, closer to the day, since State-financed/encouraged colonisation speeded up in the past 3 decades by Govts of different party colours.


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    The saintly Mr S. V. Kirubaharan makes a basic category error. GoSL in protesting about the Talibs destroying that statue in Afghanistan was not commenting on secession or the political make up of that benighted country.

    Kosovo or Montenegro, South Sudan or East Timor are not comparable to Sri Lanka because in those cases the seceding states had the support of a powerful neighbour or world power. The US ended up with a gang of trigger-happy pimps and drug-pushers in Kosovo. South Sudan and East Timor are still basket cases.

    By murdering Rajiv Gandhi (a great strategic move by Fatty, no?), the LTTE guaranteed that India would never allow the Eelam project to succeed and would do nothing to prevent his movement’s annihilation.

    Mr Kirubaharan still doesn’t understand the real world. Gen. MacArthur ‘s speech in at the end of WW2 said it all: “…. The issues, involving divergent ideals and ideologies, have been determined on the battlefields of the world and hence are not for our discussion or debate.

    Only, Sri Lanka’s case, the debate continues furiously, on Facebook and on cupcakes.

    A simple question for Mr Kirubaharan. Why didn’t he move to Eelam when it existed? Was the weather and food in the Vanni not to his liking? I guess once you get used to French food, it must be very hard to move somewhere where you can’t get decent croissants.

    • 0

      So called Mango, good to see you are still around with a bogus name.

      Those who live house should not throw stones at others.

      Do you where you live? Do you know what you are doing now.

      As usual you are targetting the messanger than the message.

      as I said in the past, this is a typical Sinhala Buddhist attitude.

      It is not a question where the author lives, LTTE killed Rajiv Gandhi, etc.

      It is a question of Sinhala Buddhist like you, Lucien and others should be allowed right ne put de quoi.

      Did you studied a night school. This is the reason you writings always slander than speak to the point.

      You cannot be one of educated crowd.

      As Kirubaharan said, “by talking and writing in the same manner as Rajakarunanayake, all Sinhala Buddhist governments have managed for 65 years to achieve their goal with maximum success. If they can manage in the same manner for another 10 years” is enough for you, Lucien, Rajapaksa’s eliminate the Tamils from Sri Lanka.

      Next time when you write, you name youself as “Tamarind” than Mango.

      Good luck.

      • 0

        Hi Dilan,
        I’m targeting the message and the messenger. The living saint, Mr S. V. Kirubaharan is unable to tell the world why he didn’t he move to Eelam when it existed. I’d love to know his answer. Wouldn’t you?

        “.. be allowed right ne put de quoin.” What does that mean?
        Please show us where I’ve unfairly or inaccurately slandered anyone.

        p.s. I’ve always used the same name, so it’s not a ‘bogus’ name. :)

    • 0

      This is nonsense.

      It is not important whether other powerful states support it or note.

      You argument totaly wrong. Kirubaharan reply to Lucien because Lucien was totaly against Indians involvement and what they said about the Tamils in Sri Lanka.

      The people always decide their future but not the States.

      This how Eastimor, Montenegro, Kosova and South Sudan were deicded.

      Dont bring new theories which never ever existed in this earth.

      I have seen your comments in the past.

      I do not think you can participate in this discussions.

      You should go join the either the White van or Grecce man.

      • 0

        Dear Devoted Fan, Luximi
        “..It is not important whether other powerful states support it or note.”
        Yes, it is. Without the support of powerful states and the existence of a failed state from which the seceding state would leave, Kosovo. South Sudan and East Timor would not have achieved their ‘independence’, which in reality is dependence on international aid agencies and their governments.

        “…The people always decide their future but not the States.”
        Wrong, again. The ‘people’ only sometimes decide their future.

        The Tibetan people would undoubtedly love to be free of the Chinese people. But it’s not going to happen, is it? if the Tibetans had spent less time practising their odd version of Buddhism and more time practicing guerrilla warfare, they might’ve prevented the Chinese from taking over their land.

        The Kashmiri peoples’ most fervent wish is to secede from India, but India won’t allow it.

        • 0

          You arguments are good for a street talk not with crowd with common sense.

          Do you know the status Kosova now?

          You are typical supporter Rajapaksa regime.

          As long people like you come out with unjustified arguments, your government can colonise not only the North and East even India.

          Who makes the government?

          What have you learn from the recent past in the middle east with Egypt, Tunsia, Libya and presently Syria.

          Do you think Indian support itself is not for the Tamils.

          For you to realise anything in a pratical manner, wait for few months or a year.

          You arguments are like unwritten law

        • 0

          Luximi, your examples only reinforce Mango’s reasoning which, btw, isn’t for or against secession,but rather a pointing out to you of reality. Rebellion (either political or military) requires popular local support, safe haven, and the ability to threaten the center of power. All three are necessary. Without even one of these factors it will fail.

          Saying “just you wait, Rabbit,” is quite juvenile, and only proof of your inability to oppose an argument. If you want to wait and see, why are you here on this blog, arguing?

    • 0

      Excellent response Mango.

      • 0

        It is not excellent reply, it is excellent bluf! Diverting from the main points.

        • 0

          @ Luxmi
          As David Becker had rightly said, you arguments are hollow and lack substance; in fact they cannot be even called arguments in a forum meant for intellectuals to exchange sensible arguments and ideas on matters mostly controversial and therefore worthy of debate.

          Statements like “For you to realise anything in a pratical manner, wait for few months or a year” only go to show your maturity or rather the lack of it.

          Replies like “
          I have seen your comments in the past.

          I do not think you can participate in this discussions.

          You should go join the either the White van or Grecce man.”

          too show your lack of maturity and the tunnel vision you seem to have been gifted with.

  • 0

    Julampitiya Amare put it very pithily. I remember this one time ‘marxist’ waxing loud and eloquent on the “Free Media” stage with Lalith Athulathmudali. Next he gravitated to the Sudu Nelum movement with Chandrika and was seen bending forwards, backwards. and sideways, saying “Yes Madam. No Madam and three bags full Madam”.
    One remembers that classic TV interviewe where LR timidly put in half a question to CBK, and she went on rattling off for 10 minutes non stop………. and now here he is, a ‘born again’ MR fan. He sure knows which side his bread is buttered.

    • 0

      I agree with Niran W and Julampitiya Amare. Luicien R used the Free media Movement to further his ends as he did every other “public” cause he espoused. He has licked the boots of anyone in power. Mr Kirubaharan should not waste his time appealing to reason, because LR is incapable of it.

  • 0

    Dear Devoted Fan, Luximi,

    Where is Kosovo, now? It’s still a gangster state and the best place to get illegal body parts! :)
    “..In another grim milestone for the United States and NATO, the Council of Europe (COE) released an explosive report … charged that former Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) boss and current Prime Minister, Hashim Thaçi, “is the head of a ‘mafia-like’ Albanian group responsible for smuggling weapons, drugs and human organs through eastern Europe,”


    Ah, and you’re still doing the “wait and see” thing. What exactly are you waiting for?

    Can you define this ‘colonisation’ thing? The last people to colonise Sri Lanka were the British.

  • 0

    Look at what this confused living devilished mango writes here.

    (1) “I’m targeting the message and the messenger. “

    (2) “The living saint, Mr S. V. Kirubaharan is unable to tell the world why he didn’t he move to Eelam when it existed.”

    (3) “if the Tibetans had spent less time practising their odd version of Buddhism and more time practicing guerrilla warfare, they might’ve prevented the Chinese from taking over their land.”

    (4) “The Kashmiri peoples’ most fervent wish is to secede from India, but India won’t allow it.”

    (5) “.. be allowed right ne put de quoin.”

    This means, grey hair Gorilla looking pistal carrying Rajapaksas’s man.


    From point one and two, intention of the living devilished mango can be seen.

    How did this devilished mango fellow knows that S. V. Kirubaharan never moved to Eelam when existed?

    Does that mean that Sinhala Buddhist mango agrees that Eelam existed in the recent past? Great.

    Does he keeps a record of Kirubaharan? If yes, for what reason?

    (3) Living devilished mango wants Tibetans to practice guerrilla warfare.

    Here it is obvious that living devilished mango advocating violence.

    (4) Great discovery of living devilished mango is that Kashmiri peoples’ wish to secede from India and India won’t allow it.”

    Devilished mango should be recommended for a Nobel prize

    The way you put full moon, yellow moon, half moon shows what level of education you had.

    Sorry you are not fit to write in this forum.

    Devilished mango, if you are courageous, rather than looking for Kirubaharan’s blood, you disclose your reall name and go for a public debate. Then the public will decide who is talking something sensible.

    What you presently writes is bullshit. Presently you are reall covered.

    You are practicing typical Sinhala Buddhist attitude by diverting the theme of the article and points.

    Writing bullshit is your profession? How long are you going to do this.

    • 0

      Dear Devoted Fan, Luximi,
      You pose an excellent question: “How did this devilished mango fellow knows that S. V. Kirubaharan never moved to Eelam when existed?”

      Nothing that the Great Humanitarian and Human Rights God Mr S. V. Kirubaharan has written indicates that he ever visited Fatty Prabha’s hot and dusty paradise on earth, in the Vanni. If he did visit, why did he not remain in this paradise?

      A stillborn version of Eelam existed in parts of Northern & Eastern Sri Lanka from 2003 to 2009. But this was felt to be such an affront against nature that the GoSL was compelled to erase it from the map.

      I’m happy to ask questions of the Great Humanitarian Mr S. V. Kirubaharan, who may be too busy enjoying his croissants and coffee to reply to me.

      So, do you care to define ‘colonisation’ for me?

      p.s. I’m deeply honoured that you’ve bestowed on me the honorific, “Devilish Mango”. It has a great ring to it. But you must promise me not to use it with anyone else, OK?

      • 0

        Shame on you Mango

        Luximi really check made you.

        Your were selective in your reply to her arguments.

        Sorry to see that you were defeted.

        • 0

          Hi Sanath,
          You can believe whatever you want, but the facts are still facts. Mr Kirubaharan makes straightforward category errors and won’t tell us whether ever visited Fatty Prabha’s hot and dusty paradise on earth,Eelam-in-the-Vanni and if not, why not?

          I’m just happy knowing that Luximi thought of a special name, “Devilish Mango”, just for me. What an incredible honour.

  • 0

    Dear Kiruba,

    Firstly charity does begin at home. What of the 80 to 100 thousand Tamil refugees in Tamil Nadu who have been in camps since 1983 without sign of the extremist crowd pressuring Delhi to grant them citizenship. 29 years in refugee camps in an Indian state packed to the rafters of their kindred folk. Does it hurt that Australia, Canada USA etc “vella karan” countries treat Illankai Tamils better than their fellow ‘vadagatha Tamils? The bonafides of the Tamil Nadu politicians are in question.

    Second the context of ‘Kosovo or Montenegro, South Sudan or East Timor’ are vastly different to SL. Whichever above mentioned you need clarity, I would be happy to explain. Regardless of your raising irrelevant questions, Lucien initial position remain unaffected.

    Thirdly your position on mass graves does not detract from the fact that there are 38 site in kashmir.

    Fourthly and Fifth points conceded.

    • 0

      Jonny comes late and everything said is out of context.

      Your writing can seen as something within your capacity.

      Some have already raised and checked made presumebly you, your collegue, your friend whom they claim as living devilished mango.

      Do change your name again

      • 0

        Sanath, what’s the scene bro? Your ‘kadda hira-wenawa wage’?

        • 0

          Hahaha…Sanath got owned! hak hak

    • 0

      What? Kosovo or Montenegro, South Sudan or East Timor’ are vastly different to SL.

      Of course those problems are in different region.

      If there is any library near your home, do some reading.

      • 0

        Kosovo checks Russian influence in central Europe, consistent with NATO expansionist moves. South Sudan has oil, also a christian population both close to western interests, so they get UN recognition. East Timor, well go to the library yourself and figure it out. In SL, neither the GOSL or the Indian central govt BjP or Congress wants a separate ‘Ealam’ The US abides by Indian wishes with regards to the sub-continent. China, Russia, Japan etc support the GOSL. So there is no big power that is interested in dividing the Island. MORON!

  • 0

    Hi Senguttuvan

    Lucian R is not a tamil but of Malayali ancestry. He was known as (Khetterama) Thomas in his early days.

  • 0

    Tku – Herman. That makes it at least 3 Malayalees in Govt ranks viz:
    Lucien R, George Seneviratne and Rahulan. There can be more if you
    include people like Prof Vijaya Kumar and others.


  • 0


    On 18 March, The New York Times reported that a Taliban envoy said the Islamic government made its decision in a rage after a foreign delegation offered money to preserve the ancient works. The report also added, however, that other reports “have said the religious leaders were debating the move for months, and ultimately decided that the statues were idolatrous and should be obliterated.”[20]

    Then Taliban ambassador-at-large, Sayed Rahmatullah Hashemi, said that the destruction of the statues was carried out by the Head Council of Scholars after a single Swedish monuments expert proposed to restore the statues’ heads. Hashimi is reported as saying: “When the Afghani head council asked them to provide the money to feed the children instead of fixing the statues, they refused and said, ‘No, the money is just for the statues, not for the children’. Herein, they made the decision to destroy the statues”. However, he did not comment on the claim that a foreign museum offered to “buy the Buddhist statues, the money from which could have been used to feed children.”[21]

  • 0

    My dear friends,
    These are very good links to see maps done by Dutch in 1695 see the number of Singhalese villages in the north and east and references to read about who lived in North and east when Potueguse Took over Sri Lanka and then with them Dutch and British brought South Indian workers and colonise North East and Hill Country taking over lands from Singhalese.


    http://www.gahetna.nl/en/collectie/afbeeldingen/kaartencollectie/zoeken/weergave/detail/start/7/tstart/0/q/zoekterm/ceylon/f/Geografisch_trefwoord/Sri%20Lanka (check)



    In the East of Sri Lanka, South Indian were settled down as a check community taking over Singhalese lands after 1848 Kandy rebellion against British Rule which is very clear from the letter written by Viscount Torrington in 1848 to the Colonial Office in London (page101) in the following link.

    Please read much quoted contemporary Portuguese historian Father Fernao de Queyroz, confirmed in his book ‘The Temporal and Spiritual Conquest of Ceylon’ that North of Sri Lanka was captured from the Singhalese Emperor, which states that “when we first came to that island it was divided into five kingdoms, that of Cota, Emperor, to which all the others were tributary acknowledging that king as that of Raygam and of Seytavaca (Sitavaka) states which he of Cota divided with his brothers; that of Candea and that of Jafanapatao” (de Queyroz bk. I,p.32). Further de Queyroz states. “It remained under the Portugezen sway for upwards of 40 years, wrested from the Emperor by Philippo d’Olivero when he defeated the Cingalezen forces near Achiavelli (Achuvely) by the great pagoda” and further states to confirm that official language was Singhalese when Portuguese took control of Jaffnapatam “These terms written in the Portuguese and Chingala languages were signed and authenticated.” (Queyroz p.371).
    Please read pages from
    This a map from “A true and Exact description of great island Ceylon” written by the Dutch priest Baldaeus in 1672. He accompanied the Dutch forces, which took over Jaffna from the Portuguese, and worked as a missionary. He did a lot of work for the people living in Jaffna. Fortunately he has left details of Jafnapatnam or the kingdom of Jaffna complete with a map. It does not allow me to copy the map.

    Baldaeus also recorded in his book the preamble of the proclamation when king Senarat of Kandy summoned all other subordinate rulers of Sri Lanka (including ruler of Jaffna) to select a successor to the throne of Kandy after him and in that King Senerat was referred as the Emperor of Sri Lanka, The king of Kandy, Sitavaka, Trincomalee, and Jaffna etc. Further Baldaeus recorded in his book all the names of all those rulers who attended this council meeting and an account of its proceedings.

    ‘An Historical Relation of Ceylon’ by Robert Knox confirmed the authority of the Sinhalese King in Kottiar bay in the east of Sri Lanka where he says that he and his companions were taken into custody by men of Sinhalese King and not by men of Jaffna ruler.( pp.189-192).

    Prof. James Crawford in his book ‘The creation of states in international law’ refers to a treaty by the King of the Kandyan Kingdom in 1766, Kirthi Sri Rajasinha, ceded a stretch of land in the Eastern part of the island, 10 miles in width from the coast to the Dutch East India Company as one of the earliest such agreements recorded.

    This not from Mahawansa but from Potuguese, Dutch and English Historians. Please don’t write fiction about history. Write facts. If you want more I can write more.

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      Excellent explanation to be explored by so called experts.

      many thanks to mr sarath Hemachandra.

    • 0

      Reall bluf from a sinhala chuvanist.

      This is nonsense.

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    This stats are till 1981 after which in 1983 terror Tamils drove singhalese and Muslims in that area and killed them.
    What about so many Tamils and Muslims came to south and Colombo?
    This land is for all to live anywhere they want. Not to have some protective law in north and come and grab in south.in any country there will be issues for minority. Be it US, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia.
    So if you want they can go to Tamil nadu. Still it’s not a country.
    Why are only powerless countries are being examined and questioned when the vast amount of land was taken by American inf
    Diana by white settlers and also in Australia from aborigines? Also in New Zealand?
    So go and question them first.

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