19 May, 2022


Results Out; What Options For The Tamils?

By S. Sivathasan

S. Sivathasan

S. Sivathasan

A great opportunity comes but rarely and it has come to the Tamils now. The North needs the goodwill of the South to resolve its problems. The South cannot eschew the allegiance of the North if central governance needs to be stable. To convey a truism bluntly, both ethnicities Sinhalese and Tamil need one another to go towards peaceful times and to look for new horizons. Options may seem many but are limited to a few. Bipartisanship is the name and it is a compulsion. Support from other minorities is sure to follow when forward movement is seen.

By a strange quirk of fortune a set of circumstances has turned favourably locally and internationally. Taken in its flood, the prospects can be handsomely great. Yet the peace process has to run its course for a decade or more. If the political environment has changed, how did it come about? In close succession were two epochal changes. The bloodless revolution of January 2015 and the silent revolution of August 17. The former triumph complemented by the latter victory compose an earth shattering achievement. Together they have dislodged a regime brought forth through dishonesty, sustained by violence and trumpeted so to the Sinhalese. President Mahinda and his cohorts found culpable for them all, are both sent out of power. Intelligent voting has ended their vision of eternal continuity.

Maithripala TamilAt this nodal point in the nation’s growth, the twin victory of the year needs to be consolidated. With the victory of August 17, the UNF will get better integrated, adding to its strength by the day. The TNA representing a whole ethnicity will set itself to regaining lost rights. UPFA’s descent into disintegration will be unstoppable. Soul-saving pursuits against their evil will be the obsession of the fraying UPFA and its constituents. The TNA will sustain its reputation of a well-integrated political formation maintaining its objectives without compromise. Growth, Fairness, Equality will compose the mantra for the government and the TNA to work on.

Tamils feel safe in their leadership. Quite adroitly the leaders have reached the threshold to parley with the government – the national leadership. The nation has gone through all the miseries that an ill-fated people can undergo. Linguistic discrimination. Ethnic oppression, Religious persecution, Language-based educational marginalisation, bloody suppression of insurgencies – class and irredentist – perpetual emergency rule and a host of other denials. A full circle has been described not bypassing a single misfortune. The country is bled white and the Tamils have had the worst of it. The deposed President who visited tragedy upon tragedy is defeated again with vengeful decisiveness. Never again a repeat cycle is the people’s vow. Never ever should Tamils be constrained to think or say, sufferance is the badge of our people.

If such be the determination, where do we begin? We hark back to 1948 to 1952 when the nation had good governance. This can be the pointer for a new beginning. Paradoxical it would seem, to move forward we have to look backward. We have to get to principles and rectitude and venture to resuscitate them. It is here that the country stands today. At this propitious moment, Tamils it is wished will act with circumspection, having wisely brought to the fore TNA as the third largest party.

The UNF at 92 is likely to reach 105 with national list added. When Maithripala loyalists join in, seat strength will rise to 125. If TNA moves even alongside the UNF yet buttressing it, the governing party will raise it’s vote strength to 140. This is a healthy threshold for the President and the Prime Minister to construct a two-thirds. A National Government will then be well and truly in place.

If the TNA enters and stays in the katpagraham – the sanctum – the powerhouse – the cabinet, it will be a sagacious move.

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    Well said Mr Sivathasan!

    We had blamed others for years for our misfortunes or miseries and expect others to rectify.

    The recent elections had given us a golden opportunity and the leaders should not miss this opportunity.

    The opportunities do not always come but rarely and once missed we may have to wait for years for another opportunity.

    We should proactively engage in resolving the problems.

    We should be part of the solution.

    The TNA should enter and stays in the powerhouse and demand cabinet posts to as many as possible and select suitable persons from the elected members of TNA Who are politically mature and astute and who are capable of proactively getting things done and not to come out with lame excuses for non-performance.
    Are the tamil leaders capable of travelling in a less travelled but different and difficult path.

    Wake up!wake up!

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      “Results out – what options for the Tamils?”
      Well, they can hope for the best that Ranil will deliver them federal if not take few more steps towards the north and jump in the sea!

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      Sri-Krish – You have expressed the view of the majority Tamils. This is a rare opportunity, Tamils got and that too while a moderate govt.is
      in power. The performance of TNA was under question for the last seven months as nothing tangible achieved during this period. They bragged that they spoke to Mr. Modi, Mr.Kerry,European leaders and UN officials
      and diaspora but never engaged the govt.of Sri Lanka in talks during the said period, as far as Tamils know.

      They could not get one soldier moved out from the North,during peace time who are a hindrance to the people of N/E doing the normal day to day activities. Even the lands handed back to some owners, officially,
      the armed forces refused to move from those areas as against govt.
      orders. TNA should change their attitude of maintaining silence and inaction. Engage the govt. in talks and maintain cordial relationship with the govt. and move forward. TNA should give a time frame of six months to the govt. to solve the existing problems faced by the Tamils and not sit back, expecting the govt. to make the 1st move.

      All including MR admit that there is Tamil problem, so, why not settle it and move forward.

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        Lanka Watch,

        “TNA should give a time frame of six months to the govt. to solve the existing problems faced by the Tamils and not sit back, expecting the govt. to make the 1st move.”

        Are you and many others not forgetting the reality? TNA has 16 MPs and received about 5% of the votes.

        TNA can give a dead line and make demands but why do you think anybody will listen to them?

        Now that the TNA is not needed to form a government their real bargaining power is even less.

        My opinion is that the priority of MS and RW is good governance. This hopefully includes the problems of the Tamils.

        Like before some Tamils might resort to violence if the situation continues. Diaspora has many and militants.

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        Lanka Watch,


        Diaspora has many and militants should be MONEY and militants.

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    I feel the extremists on both sides should meet, and discuss problem solutions in non-binding talks. In the past, attempted solutions, proposals to solve the problem have been reversed by extremist protests. Why not include the extremists in the discussion and proceed with a roadmap agreed on by both extreme positions?

    If the extremists agree, all will agree.

    Is it not possible to have a stepped approach in which several simple actions are agreed on by all sides. Infrastructure development is a non controversial step, this can be taken first. The plan must be plausible with accountability. Administrative difficulties must be taken into account. Of course the easy steps will be taken first.

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      Very sound strategy for the resolution of otherwise intractable conflicts.It is always the fringe of extremists who exploit situations for both political profit and psychic comfort.It necessary for the Sinhala extremists to realize that Tamils and Muslims will always be here and for the Tamil ones to realize that they really cannot escape having to deal with the Sinhala people and living in harmony with them in a rational and secular and pluralistic society.If the extremists meet each other they may well begin to understand each other’s concerns and arrive at a compromise and lead the way to a realistic perspective.
      And of course the overseas agitators should be told “Let your people in SL go and find their own solutions” instead of using them to having your emotional needs fulfilled!

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        I concur with what you have said. However, how would you resolve the language issue? Should the Tamil language be confined to N&E only administratively; if not, would the Sinhala truly embrace the trilingual policy with open arms? To me this is the sticking point along with government sponsored sinhalisation programs! The Sinhala must realise that they cannot thrust their language and Buddhism on to the others. This is what exactly has been happening vigorously since the end of the war.

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          Burning Issue:
          a) On the language issue :Trilingual for the whole country and all government business.
          b)No religion can be “thrust” on the masses. Building of Buddhist places worship in Hindu areas is not going to making the people “Buddhists”(Of course hardly anyone is realy Buddhist around here!)What the Hindus can do is go to these new Buddhist shrines and worship there on the theory that Siddhartha Gautama was an incarnation of Vishnu, after all!!In time they can take it over — a reverse of what happened in Katirgamam!

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    “Results Out; What Options For The Tamils?”

    It is certainly not a great opportunity neither it is rare and it has come to the Tamils as they continue to be stupid with a single mind set. The North needs the goodwill of the South to resolve its problems.

    If the North needs the goodwill, they must dump the Tamil Political parties which promote only racism and segregation and learn to vote on party lines UNP or SLFP.

    Tamils need to burn up all the pacts and ideologies and begin to vote on main party lines. WHICHEVER PARTY THAT COMES TO POWER, TAMILS WILL STAND TO BENEFIT AS THEIR REPRESENTATIVES WILL BE IN PARLIAMENT AND WILL HAVE THE CLOUT.
    These two main parties contain many Tamils in their ranks. Why has the Tamils got to have seperate representatives from tamil parties of the North & East?
    Same goes for Muslims too.

    Tamils in North & East can not afford to shun these two Major parties as Tamils have been members of these two parties since their inception.
    Tamils are yet to question their Tamil politicians why they took refuge in Colombo when the war was on and now come to ask for their vote with promises.
    Tamils have suffered much at the hands of their own people & politicians and by the Government as well.

    Even mano Ganeshan got through in Colombo contesting through the UNP.
    Clever Tamil Lawyers & politicians take you nowhere BUT one of the two main parties will.

    Question is Why..why…why ???????? Wake up tamil Voter to the reality.

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      Tamils will continue to vote for Tamil parties as the two main parties have made it clear that they do not represent Tamils by often engaging in Tamil-bashing to win Sinhala votes. How can a self-respecting Tamil vote for a party that practises such extremes. For the first time in history in this elections, a major party (the UNP) has probably not resorted to overt anti-Tamil racism as before, however they too had to downplay their plans to address the huge problems facing the Tamils of the North and East.

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      The Tamils were there and played a significant role in both the national parties during the time they were founded, but when the said parties changed policies inimical to the Tamils they ceased allegiance.
      If and when both national parties adopt policies that can be perceived as not inimical to them, the Tamils will not have any qualms about joining.
      It is simple as that..
      By the way who is Vijalakshmi of the UNP and from which constituency in the North did she contest?

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    The question one need to ask and answer is what is different this time compared to the past from Chelvanauagm era where Tamils have been king makers of the UNP.

    what is different to Chelvanayagm era is JVP uprising and Thirty years of civil war and final apoclypse at Nandhikadal.

    The Sinhalease, Tamils and Muslims and others alike have suffered immensley during the civial war and JVP uprising.What they now seek is reconciliation and national unity.

    Rajapakse fought the elction on anti Tamil racism twice and lost.

    I am sure our clever lawyers in TNA will factor that and seek a solution within a united Sri Lanka.

    I am sure the new Ranil My3 coalition will also seek a national unity and respect all minority rights with devolved power within a united country

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    Mahinda got over 470,000 m pure Sinhala Buddhist Manape votes ..

    How many did Vellala ‘s mate Batlanda Ranil get?.

    So how can you reconcile the Vellalas and the South?

    Do you know what happened to the SLFP Ministers Mr Sira handed over to his new mate Ranil, to help him give Yahapalanaya to our Southerners ?.

    I am talking about about big guns S B Dissanayaka and Mahinda Samarasinghe.

    They didn’t do any thing or couldn’t do anything with the ministries which Ranil gave them.

    But just the association with Ranil , Mahendran and Pathala Galleon was good enough for our good Southerners to piss them off to pastures.

    If Sira listens to Siva and hand over 30 SLFP MPs to Ranil this time, it will be bye bye to them too next time , which will be any time from now till 2020 election time.

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      KASmaalam K.A Sumanasekera

      Are you planning to instate a despot who can beat Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo record as the longest serving dictator of this thrice blessed island?

      Mahinda Rajapaksa would be 105 or more if and when he breaks Teodoro’s record.

    • 0


      Please send your Balangoda Man where it belongs in a cave for hibernation for another millennia so that there will be peace for everyone in mother Lanka.

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    Credit where credit is due. TNA may have got less than 5% of the vote, BUT will create 90% of the problems as it has done in the past.
    The Muslims on the whole seem to have rejected ‘Muslim’ parties and gone with the national parties. Tamils also have done this but to a far less extent.

    • 0

      Replace “national parties” with “UNP”.
      Implications are subtle and serious although big brains do not realize it.

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    1) No partition and no separate “Tamil” government.
    2) The right for Sinhalese and Muslims to own land, live and work in the North and the East, just like Tamils can own land, live and work in the rest of the island.
    3) A provincial police force is acceptable, so long as the federal police is also in place.
    4) armed forces must not be reduced.

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    It is not that supporting the Government. The duty of any MPs is to speak for the good, fairness and truth. A lie can not be a good. Truth and good should be conjoined and Transparent. listen to people and analyse from all perspectives and decide to support a proposal or not. The idea of majority may be wrong some time. The decisions and acts based on fear, selfishness and jealousy should be avoided. Look at the long term effect of any thing.This should apply not only for TNA but for all members of parliament and parties.

  • 2

    Start bulding the rafts and the boats. Europe and Australia are opening door to those who want welfare benefits.

    • 2

      Peter Casie Chetty

      “Start bulding the rafts and the boats. Europe and Australia are opening door to those who want welfare benefits.”

      What has happened to Namal baby’s fleet of Oruwa services to down under?

  • 2

    For starters, Tamils in the North should stop hating and clamoring for a “separate state”, when their real eelam is in Tamil Nadu, India. It was the separatist rhetoric of the eelamists that spewed all the reactions from the Sinhalese.
    Tamils have Tamil Nadu, where a gazillion of their fellows live. When a Sinhalese tries to protect the only place he has to talk his own language and follow his religion, he is termed a racist by the new govt.

    Tamil separatists, keep quiet and everything will be alright again!

  • 2


    Here we go again.

    “For starters, Tamils in the North should stop hating”

    Stop hating what, their “separate state”?

    “when their real eelam is in Tamil Nadu, India.”

    Tamil Nadu never been Eelam. In the olden time it was known as Thamilakam whereas This island was known as Eelam.

    “It was the separatist rhetoric of the eelamists that spewed all the reactions from the Sinhalese.”

    Wasn’t it the actual physical harm perpetrated on minorities that came back to hound for 30 years, in fact a reaction in kind, for the 1956,1958, 1977, 1983, … colourful events? Am I to understand as far as you are concerned that Rhetoric is bad but actual bodily and emotional harm is alright because Sinhalese find rhetoric abhorrent? Amazing logic.

    “Tamils have Tamil Nadu, where a gazillion of their fellows live.”

    Sinhala/Buddhists have Portugal, Holland, UK, Bangladesh, Bihar, Odissa, South India, Tibet, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Burma, China, Taiwan, …….. where you would find affinity with the people either through historical ancestry or religious belief. By the way the total population of all these countries amounts to more than 3 billion.

    “he is termed a racist by the new govt”

    You are indeed a racist, there is no need for the new government to confirm it.

    “Tamil separatists, keep quiet and everything will be alright again!”

    They may very well be intimidated into keeping quiet. Why should my people? This is our ancestral land and you are only a descendant of Kallathonies from North South India, mostly from South.

    We have had enough of you Kallthonie lot. You should go back to your ancestral homeland, which is in Tamil Nadu. When you go take your Tamil brethren with you. How soon can you leave?

    Witless vids hop into first Kallthonie and sail back to Tamilnadu where you naturally belong to.

  • 1


    ” Times have changed and circumstances have changed so we have to think accordingly for these modern times.”

    Times haven’t changed for the Sinhala/Buddhists. They are still in suspended animation back in the year of 543 BC.

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