29 June, 2022


Rich Man, Poor Man, Beggar Man, Thief

By Sarath de Alwis

Sarath de Alwis

The combination of the two titles of Irvin Shaw’s novel is depictive of the troubled but hopeful times we live in. The liberal minded souls are gasping for breath in the Diyawanna swamp, grappling with facts and alternative facts. We too, have our supply of Trumpists.

The day after the much awaited debate on the COPE report on Central Bank Bonds the Sinhala National Daily ‘ADA’ reported that the President has decisively rejected the proposal by Minister of Finance to increase the price of lottery tickets. The President had told his ministers, the move by the Minister of Finance to increase it to Rs.30 has provoked even those who were not critical of the government. They too were now chastising the government. A senior Journalist friend told this writer that the President’s response had been far more picturesque. Now only beggars spare us. With this, even they will not spare us. [‘Hinganno Vitharai Dan Apata Baninne Neththe. Meken Eegolloth Patanganiy.’]

The debate on the COPE report moved as an adjournment motion called for no vote. Yet it was a decisive turning point. The findings of the report together with its recommendations received the full endorsement of the opposition and all SLFP members. The UNP members swallowed it with ill-concealed discomfort. It served as a powerful spotlight on the nonchalance of an arrogant Prime Minister and the cynicism of a Finance Minister who resorts to nod and wink gerrymandering of figures. They must now read the writing on the wall. The largest circulating Sinhala Daily Lanka Deepa reported the debate next day with a four column Banner head line ‘Punish the Bond Cheats.

The debate saw a brilliant exercise of forensic accounting by two JVP parliamentarians. The JVP leader Anura Kumara Dissanayake and Bimal Rathnayake conclusively demonstrated the orchestrated plunder that caused massive losses to the Employees Provident Fund. Despite Puerile interruptions by UNP parliamentarian Sujeeve Senasinghe , MP. Bimal Rathnayake tabled the report of the Auditor General on all bond issues from 2008 to 2015. A scam is a con trick. Commandeering an institution for one’s advantage is a hijack.

The debate did more than exposing a corrupt scam. It was a virtual hijacking of the national monetary authority by a government backed oligarchy that enabled Primary Dealer Perpetual Treasuries to make runaway profits to the tune of Rupees 13000 million in the short span of 21 months.

It was a damning condemnation of a Prime Minister who at the early stages of the scandal adopted a haughty disdain that issues of sovereign bonds were too cerebral for the average parliamentarian to comprehend. He was ably assisted in the futile attempt to deflect public opinion by a heedless Minister of Finance. His attempts to explain it as a rational ordinary transaction by intimidating the auditor general to comply with his wink and nod accounting stood totally exposed.

In the aftermath of the debate on the COPE report on Bonds, Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe, Minister of Finance Ravi Karunanayake and Minister of Development Strategies Malik Samrawickrama have decided to raise the drawbridge and counter the siege by citing the risk of full public disclosure of sensitive information.

Both Prime Minster Ranil Wickremersinghe and Finance Minister Ravi Karunanayake are elitist dinosaurs lost in the chaotic democracy of post 8th January 2015.

The two Royal College Alumni belong to that strange minority in this age of liberal populism who are stratified in the conviction that they are destined to rule. They are not constrained by legal, constitutional and ethical rules and practices. They are not shy of claiming an autonomy to interpret laws, modify them to suit their purpose and refashion public responsibility in a manner that protects their own interests.

There was a time before 8th January 2015 when the state deployed its formidable coercive machinery to intimidate mass media, influence public perceptions by payoffs to discontented groups. For ten long years, they did manage to overcome threats to their vital interests.

The Chancellor of the Colombo University, Chief Incumbent of Bellanvilla Raja Maha Viharaya Bellanwilla Wimalarathne Theros is an eminent Buddhist Prelate of undoubted eminence. He fearlessly confronted President Sirisena on the issue of bonds.

Before proceeding any further, we must recall the days when his ability to call a spade, a spade was not so pronounced. There have been plenty of past instances when the revered monk was ready to a call a spade by different names – a silver spoon or a gold ladle or whatever that Mahinda Rajapaksa desired.

It was another land and another time. The king has gone. This is the deluge after. The new topsy turvy republic is a disorderly democracy. Nonetheless a vibrant democracy. Okay, if the revered Monk thinks that homosexuality is unheard of in this chosen land, so be it. That is for another time.

Confronting the President he asked if the proposed commission of inquiry was a veiled attempt of sweeping the scandal under a carpet of legal Jigamajig . In response, the President was forthright. Discovery of the virtue of transparency is better late than never.

‘It is I who removed Arjun Mahendran. It is I who appointed the internationally renowned Indrajit Coomaraswamy as governor ‘responded the President. He unequivocally praised the Auditor General as an officer of unimpeachable integrity.

Where does that leave the Prime Minister and the Minister of Finance? They are both up the creek without a paddle. The President’s unreserved and much deserved praise of the Auditor General is a distinctly damning rebuke of the Minister of Finance.

The President was clearly embarked on a new trajectory. The choice of venue – Abhayaramaya may have been coincidental, the provocative speech that spurred Presidential outpouring could have been accidental. However what transpired then was a definite outflanking of two inconvenient protagonists- the former President who he dislodged and the current Prime Minister to whom he was a puppet dangling on the strings of promised good governance.

Thieves are thieves whether they were from the earlier or current regime he declared. Once the past two years are probed, I will deal with the earlier periods as well he promised. In the last two years he was guided by the simple maxim’ “Great is truth, but still greater, from a practical point of view, is silence about truth.”  We hope that he will remain on track.

There is an old Latin saying ‘corvus oculum corvi non eruit’ – “a crow will not pull out the eye of another crow.” It is a substitute for “honor amongst thieves.” It explains the stoical solidarity amongst likeminded people who go about their business of subterfuge, regardless of consequences or condemnation of actions which they know to be wrong.

Both Niward Cabraal and Arjun Mahendran are likeminded people. By enlisting Arjun Mahendran for Cabraals job, the UNP oligarchs thought that the bond business was a state owned mechanism in perpetual motion for personal profit.

One year ago, in the columns of Colombo Telegraph in June 2016, this writer described the predicament of the Prime Minister defending the indefensible.

It was captioned “Up the creek without a paddle”. My concluding lines one year ago has a predictive reverberation. I quote “I recall a conversation I had with Dr. S.A Wickramasinghe when he differed from his colleague Pieter Keuneman on the Communist party remaining in the United Front Government in 1975. He said gravely ‘It is not about pragmatic politics. It is a matter of class’ Does Maithri and Ranil belong to the same class?”

Now we know. Or do we?

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Latest comments

  • 3

    Can someone please explain perpetual treasuries has got a profit for the tune of Rupees 13000 million in the short span of 21 months was due to:

    1. so called unscrupulous sale process of Bonds in the Central Bank or

    2. Sale of purchased bonds to EPF…..

    • 9

      THE BUCK STOPS AT RANIL Wickramasinghe. The Bond scam and Ranil’s attempt to block investigation has cost so much time and energy of Govt. civil society, and PROFESSIONALS of Sri Lanka, that should have been spent on real work of Development planning, implementation and DUE DILIGENCE to uplift people, reduce INEQUALITY and Poverty and build genuine PEACE and reconciliation.

      Today Sri Lanka’s development process is driven by external parties, US, IMF China, while public debate and energy is hostage to Ranil’s bond scam, the attempt to cover it, and his corrupt Cabinet, with Swaminathan and Wijedasa Rajapassa among the worst thieves and scoundrels.

      Ranil has failed on advice of his US handlers and economic hit men advisors, to hold accountable the corrupt Rajapaksa family for the massive national DEBT in the first instance. Ranil should have asked IMF to trace Mahinda Jarapassa, family and cronies bank accounts overseas and ensure return of the funds to pay off the debt which is the logical thing to do, rather than borrow from IMF and take Sri Lanka into a bigger DEBT TRAP. Rather, Ranil following corrupt Singapore Mahendran’s advise has blocked corruption investigations, and is borrowing further from IMF while looting the people just as Mahinda Jarapassa did!

      At a future date Ranil and Mahinda Jarapassa must share the same Prison Cell for Economic Crimes against the people of Lanka and the China-IMF Debt Trap the county is in. They are accountable for the Culture of impunity for Corruption that is endemic and entrenched among politicians and their cronies.

      Thanks for naming and shaming Ranil Wickramasinghe as the fountainhead of corruption in the Parliament of corrupt clowns who are only interested in protecting their Parliamentary PRIVILEGES and their Right to loot Sri Lankan people, Tamil and Sinhala, while blocking corruption investigations.

      Majority of UNP and SLFP politicians are Parasites on the body politic and sad to say Ranil Wickramasinghe is accountable for the culture of corruption and impunity. He protects Mahinda Rajapaksa because he, Ranil, himself is corrupt.

      The failure to hold the Mahinda Jarapassa family and cronies and anyone accountable for FINANCIAL CRIMES is also due to the IMF and US led global economic system which benefits the global 1 percent and rewards corruption.

      • 2

        How does US or IMF benefit from Rajapaksa’s corruption? If Ranil is guilty of corruption or protecting the corrupt then he must honourably resign or be brought to face justice.

      • 3

        Right on Sarath, DS.!

        Sri Lanka is a looming development disaster debt trap: Building Mega cities and concrete high rises that need massive amounts of energy for AC and hydro-power, while poor local farmers die of thirst and kidney disease due to water shortages because of climate change and environmental degradation through sand mining, deforestation to feed mega city development for Chinese and Indian moguls and black money laundering financial port cities without environmental sustainability planning.

        Sri Lanka has an even more retrograde and ENVIRONMENTALLY UNSUSTAINABLE AND SOCIALLY DESTRUCTIVE development model than under Mahinda Jarapassa dictatorship, and is headed to be an environmental, financial and security disaster in the Indian Ocean because of massive corruption, lack of DUE DILIGENCE and sell off of assets of the country because through scam development project like Volks Wagon car plant and Horana tire factory.

        Ranil and Malik’s idea of development is miles of road for luxury SUVs, Ragner Rover and Jaguar Auto Shows and car races, just like Namal Jarapassa before, rather than environmentally friendly and cheaper public transport systems. Car Shows should be Banned!

        Meanwhile in the countryside, communities suffer and are stripped of natural resources and WATER due to sand mining and deforestation to feed mega city. Land and marine resources are being sold off to China, US and India, without any clear plan of how People of Lanka will benefit from hot aid projects. Moves are being made to hand over land, marine and security surveying and information systems to the US, Trimble Co. in California while China takes over Hambantota port.

    • 3

      Sarath de Alwis

      RE: Rich Man, Poor Man, Beggar Man, Thief

      1. “A senior Journalist friend told this writer that the President’s response had been far more picturesque. Now only beggars spare us. With this, even they will not spare us. “

      2. “They must now read the writing on the wall. The largest circulating Sinhala Daily Lanka Deepa reported the debate next day with a four column Banner head line ‘Punish the Bond Cheats.”

      3. “The JVP leader Anura Kumara Dissanayake and Bimal Rathnayake conclusively demonstrated the orchestrated plunder that caused massive losses to the Employees Provident Fund. Despite Puerile interruptions by UNP parliamentarian Sujeeve Senasinghe , MP. Bimal Rathnayake tabled the report of the Auditor General on all bond issues from 2008 to 2015. A scam is a con trick. Commandeering an institution for one’s advantage is a hijack.”

      The Land of Native Veddah Aethho, infected by crooks are being exposed by JVP.

      The former crooks and the current cooks are still at large, and MaRa MaRa Chutu Mara and cronies are still at large.

      Who is the President? Who s the Prime- Minster?

      The President has earned the titles of Turncoat, Traitor, Gona, Mala-Perethaya and Sevalaya, from tgise 6.2 mullion who voted for him.

      Is the Prime Minister being trained by the President, who was in turn trained by Mahinda Rajapaksa?

  • 2

    Dear Sarath: You said somewhere in this article “…..attempt to deflect public opinion by heedless Minister of Finance…”. That word “heedless”, I believe, must be a typographical error. I think you wanted to say “headless” (meaning Brainless). My opinion is that people become “heedless”, when they are “headless” or “Brainless”.

    You referred to the President’s speech at Abeyaramaya. The President must be thanked and congratulated for coming out with those bold words, specially in the presence and in reply to the Ven.Bellanwila “Ape Hamuduruvo” Wimalaratana. This “Ape Hamuduruvo” needed to be told by no less than a person like a President “when and where to get off”. I hope he would have got the message loud and clear. That speech of the President reminds me of a “Speech Writer” for President Donald Trump, who said on his inauguration speech: “What truly matters is not which party controls our Government, but whether our Government is controlled by the people”. Simply, the President Sirisena said the same thing in different words – ” I care what the people say and I trust the people first”. Then again, I am reminded of that same “Speech Writer” for US President, when he said “This American carnage stop right here and right now”. The same relates to Sri Lanka. This carnage of “Bond Scams”; leasing of Government/peoples’ property in the name of setting up of industries, some at Rs.1.00 per acre per year and the PM of the country laying the foundation stone at a ceremony even without the prior knowledge of the person to whom the property was leased; laying the foundation stone and opening plaques at ceremony even without finalizing the relevant agreement; laying the foundations for car assembly factories even using popular brand names without the knowledge of the owning companies etc. etc…. must stop right here, right now. Mr. President put a STOP to this “elitist dinosaurs behaviour in the chaotic democracy” right here right now. That is what the PEOPLE want you to do.

  • 10

    JVP and TNA are the only honest parties. Hats off to AK, SH and Mr.Sampanthan!

    • 0

      JVP leader AKD has a house in IReland in his name.

      • 3

        Not true, then give me the details.

      • 2

        Jimmy, your post reminds me of ‘alternate facts’ as known now.

      • 1

        “JVP leader AKD has a house in IReland in his name.”

        I know in Lankawe if one owns property on one’s name and ended up paying tax for that, it is only a hellish Karma. Anura Kumara is Non Buddhist Atheist has no knowledge of it.

        But do you have any kind of list all Old Royal members properties on whose names?

        $18 billions are Tom’s, Dick’s and Harry’s property. Amazing Achievement of Miracle of Asia! Congratulations!

      • 1

        It is for Softy.

      • 0

        jim softy

        JVP leader AKD has balls.

        Sirisena and Ranil have no balls. Where did the balls go?

  • 6

    Ranil wickramsinghe has a history of supporting criminals, white collar thieves and murderers. Yet, people voted him saying he is a saint. but, he showed his colours again.

    Ranil, as soon as he won the election, by taking over the ministry of finanace underhim, he came prepared to steal. As soon as the Central bank scam was exposed his excuse was even the previous govt did the same thing.

    Bond yileds should be based on supply and demand. In their case, they by passed state banks and used state banks as brokers to reach the central bank, they loaned central bank money to a private dealer, they broke rules in order to make the private dealer succeed and finally they gave him an inflated interest rate which made the dealer made humongous profits.

    It looks two of the most important people inthe govt, prime minister and the minister of finanace are out of control and one robbed the central bank. The other one, made his family is in good places.

    How Ravi Karunanayake settled his court case is also very interesting eventhough no one talks about it.

    the constant is even senior politicians believe that Sri lanka has never prosecuted politicians. That should be the reason FCID fails. Again that is a political body which is kept under a politcian.

    Maithripala Sirisena also loks just talking. Otherwise, populace demand of correct the corruptions by the legislators and executives is now two years old. Yet, nothing happened.

  • 7

    Below is the truth. My guess is even if Gotabaya Rajapakses comes, his first priority will be to protect the thieves who are his own relatives. Namal Rajapakse and Basil Rajapakse are just two of them only.

    When it comes to corruption, the country’s two main political parties are hand in glove, Opposition Leader Rajavarothiam Sampanthan told Parliament on Tuesday, as he issued a fiery warning that corruption could pave the way for dictatorship and the termination of democracy.

    Speaking at the adjournment debate on the COPE report on the alleged Central Bank bond scam, the 84-year-old Leader of the Opposition said neither of the two main parties had made honest endeavours to bring an end to corruption, and accused the UNP and the SLFP of colluding and protecting each other on corruption issues.

    “The people are sick of this, they are sick of all of you. They believe you must be packed off and maybe they would prefer a dictator to take over,” Sampanthan asserted, in a clear and concise eight-minute speech.

    The veteran Tamil politician reminded the House that nepotism and dictatorship have been preceded in many countries by rampant corruption. “Rampant corruption has been the main cause of dictatorship taking hold in many countries, and democracy being terminated,” he warned.

    Sri Lanka had flirted with just such a scenario in 2015, but the people had prevented the erosion, the Opposition Leader explained.

    Accusing the National Unity Government of failing to bring corrupt to book, Sampanthan said the country needed to know why no persons of the former regime had been charged in a court of law when so many allegations of corruption were being leveled against them.

    “Is it because you are protecting them? Or because your charges are so flimsy that you can’t substantiate them in court?” he charged.

    “This country is sinking under the charges of corruption, both against the UNP and the SLFP,” Sampanthan asserted.

    The Opposition Leader also urged the Government to bring culprits in the 2015 bond scam to book. “Nobody should be spared. The truth must be ascertained.” Sampanthan pressed.

    He urged the Government to appoint an “upright independent” commission of inquiry to go into the transaction and reveal the truth to the country.

    “This money belongs to the poor people of this country. You have no right to swindle the people of this country in this way,” Sampanthan charged. – See more at: http://www.ft.lk/article/593946/UNP-SLFP-hand-in-glove-on-corruption–Opposition-Leader#sthash.Y8yMlqmU.dpuf

    • 2

      Good points Jimmy.

  • 4

    Sarath Aiya,

    Now Batalanada Ranil & nudge nudge wink wink Galleon Ravi are both in the “creek” trying to push the Shit uphill.

    Don’t you think?..

    Self claimed Sinhala Buddhist kolla’s bro , Car Permit Senasinghe, who tried to hand over a Paddle to Batalanada is splatterd with “it” all over too.

  • 2

    Form a new party of genuine people to fight this curse.I would believe likes of Mr. Sampathan if he wear the right cloths to fit this day and age which reflect the progressive thinking of a person. Hope JVP got this message too.

  • 2

    What is the truth and who is telling the truth? There is a serious deficit of truth of truth in public life in Sri Lanka. In fact truth is both manufactured and diamantled. What we come to know is rarely the truth.

    I highlight here two such recent instances:
    1. Hambantotota port deal with China.
    Listen to PM’s interview with Shejar Gupta on NDTV at Davos and JO accusations.

    2. Horana type factory.
    Read Minister Malik Samarawickrema’s explanations in the Daily Mirror of yesterday and Minister Ranjitha Senaratne’s statement on the subject.

    I hope Mr.Sarath de Alwis will comment on what he perceives as the truth.

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

  • 1

    As for “class” neither RW nor MS has any

  • 1

    Kathirgamar, Radhika, Indrajit, Sripavan, LTTE IGP, Mahendran all have their apparent weak points and they are being the sacrificial objects of the Sinhala Government.

    When Krishanti Rape/Murder case was in court, the accused Soldier Rajapaksa gave very accurate details of whom and who killed Tamils and where the bodies were. Chandrika closed down the case and imprisoned that state witness. That is what happened in Pillaiyan’s case too. Rajapaksa received Presidential Amnesty, it is unlikely with Pillaiyan. Mahendran saved his master and now going to pay the price.

    Ranil went to New York to meet UNSG so as to protect Old Royals. He refused to sign ICC accord. During the elections (Both – EP and general) they all promised that No Leader, No Commander and No soldier would be prosecuted. On the morning of election after, he went to Temple Three House and promised Old King to protect from any investigation. He openly claims that stopped the UN Electric Chair. Ranil was so mad with Mangala to let the UNHRC resolution 30/1, which requested to investigate all war criminal with foreign Judges and Lawyers, to go through. Ranil edged as the head of Impunity provider to criminals.

    If Mahendran escapes, Ranil will not have escape route. One thing he can do is turning the hat off and put Mahendran in trouble. It more and more seems to be Mahendran will answer to 12 years of two terms’ looting by serving in prison. If Mahendran is ended up in prison, the pride service of protecting his Sinhala Masters will end his career internationally. That is a very good chance to happen with Sinhala Jury.

  • 3

    Sri Lanka’s whole hydro carbon energy intensive MEGAPOLIS concrete jungle development MODEL and policy needs to be turned upside down and re-designed given new global realities of: a) CLIMATE CHANGE and Perennial water shortages b) De-globalization, no more cheap FDI, no more high growth rates and, down turn in free trade and FTAs (with Brexit and Trump (who got it right on TPP). Sri Lanka today has persistent DROUGHT, WATER SHORTAGES, and de-forestation and rural communities and farmers have chronic kidney problems related to water scarcity. Mega Cities and apartment developments require increasing the population but where will the water be sourced for these?

  • 1

    After Ven. Bellanvila Wimalarathana Anunayake Thero confronted and castigated President Sirisena for his lethargic attitude toward the CB Bond Scam at this public meeting, the President had no choice but was compelled to make a statement; if he had been silent it could have been suicidal for him. He had no escape route; therefore, he said that he would take action by appointing a commission. What’s the use of closing the stable door after the horse had bolted! He is now thinking of appointing a commission after a 2 year waiting period!
    Prez Sirisena’s move raises more questions than answers! Let me bring in a few to your attention:
    1. Why did he dissolve parliament on 26 June, 2015 the day before the 1st COPE chaired by Dew Goonesekera, was due to submit the final report on Bond Scam. It was alleged by the Opposition that there had been a clear conspiracy between PM Ranil W and Prez Sirisena to safeguard the Bond scammers! The country could have saved several billion rupees, and the culprits could have been behind bars by now if Prez Sirisena had acted quickly in the best interest of the people. Unfortunately, he turned a blind eye to it and did nothing to rectify the situation!
    2. Then, it happened again! He failed to remove Arjun Mahendran (AM) from his position until a huge backlash was imminent from within the country.
    3. Even after all these ugly scenes and deals AM continued to work as a powerful decision maker for the government since he had the blessings of the PM. Even today, he works behind closed doors, many allege, to undermine the investigations against him and his son-in-law and Prez Sirisena doesn’t or cannot do anything to stop it.
    4. When an issue of this nature is not resolved immediately this is how it multiplies and goes out of control. Prez Sirisena’s slowness in dealing with important issues has jeopardized the nation’s development, day-to-day affairs of the government, and it is the innocent men, women, and children who suffer today because of his indecisiveness.
    5. You don’t eat the entire egg to know that it is rotten; just by mere smell you sense it and throw it away. Why this Prez had to eat it completely to know that it was rotten? That too when it was reminded to him; otherwise he would continue to consume more rotten eggs.
    At media briefings, the cabinet ministers behave like babies and contradict the Prez including the above speech; people don’t know whom to believe because there is no clarification (denial or acceptance) from the President’s office! Recently a journalist wrote: “Even the rib-ticklingly hilarious Charlie Chaplin shows have more gravitas and send across more meaningful messages than … the Sirisena-Wickremesinghe government’s media briefings”!

  • 0

    The Class represtantive of Mathripala Sirisena and Ranil W…outline of politics having no major differences time being in which policies related matters.
    The two persons and their Social roots and class having differences on ground reality ,but they come into govt. politics of compromised status since 2015 January!

    The origin and development of classes roots of MS & Ranil W..are not that an identical further evolution of Comprador bourgeoisies of UNP politics .They attempted go backward of politics is the cause of current crisis has been challenges by UNP governances.

    UNP as local party of USA,UK, EU and western countries has lost his mission because of US led Imperialism has lost cause of domination by de-colonization of Old World Order after emerge China Revolution led by Mao and CPC.

    The wave of Independent and liberation movement of Asian, African and Latin American countries, that USA hegemony become more weaken than previous power of Military that end of Second World War.

    In fact Second world war that leading role played of War of resistance against Fascism & Nazism by Soviet Union led by Stalin made great contribution to New Independent of Asian, African Latin American countries.

    We are politically living unfinished Democratic revolution led by foreign loving forces in power last 24 months—Island.
    This path has to be change by new sustsnibility of non capitalist mode by people-oriented set of principles.

    That is urgent task of the nation politics need to address by New leadership of political classes of emerging elites. The politics of backward and un-developing bourgeoisies has no way to seek future guide and vision of our land.

    The nation an emerging democracy of bourgeoisies is more complexities and complicated matter than before; newly identities local bourgeoisie and internationally bourgeoisie want write their rules and order to suited their own path and model of Development.
    The Version of Democracy and Development are working not that old Rules but new ones.

    Most of countries, nations and People that including Sri Lankan are rise of an inequality between have and have-nots been widen ,that local bourgeoisies working on that Old pattern of developing ,that is outdated and invalids for new situation is concern.

    Sorry to say we have lost path of development and democracy that ongoing current politics led by UNP led compromised Governess.

    The current that Sri Lankan ongoing crisis of politics, economic, social and cultural is not individual matter, it is matter of whole nation and people interest.

  • 2

    “In the aftermath of the debate on the COPE report on Bonds, Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe, Minister of Finance Ravi Karunanayake and Minister of Development Strategies Malik Samarawickrama have decided to raise the drawbridge and counter the siege by citing the risk of full public disclosure of sensitive information.”

    This troika’s raising of the drawbridge to counter the siege won’t help them when they are further up shit-creek without that paddle. Let’s fervently hope that MS doesn’t do an about turn so that these shitheads can drown in the shit of their own making – at the expense of the country.

    These guys deserve to be hung and quartered for their role in the scam and for their their arrogant and indifferent treatment of it all.

  • 2

    Ranil takes a lot of credit for not signing up to the International Criminal Court. He did not sign because the Americans (who did not want any country to agree to surrender American soldiers to the ICC) ordered him not to sign. He takes credit for this like the bantam rooster takes credit for the dawn!!

  • 1

    They are playing ” good cop , bad cop ” – all are rotten to the core .

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