12 June, 2024


Rohitha Abeygunawardhana Released On Bail

Former Minister, Rohitha Abeygunawardhana was released on bail by the Colombo High Court over his failure to declare his assets.

Rohitha AbeygunawardhanaAbeygunawardhana was released on a cash bail and four personal bails of Rs. 10 million rupees each.

The Commission to Investigate Allegations of Bribery and Corruption, filed a case against Abeygunawardhana over his failure to declare assets estimated at over Rs. 41 million.

During former President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s term, he held a Cabinet portfolio and was the Minister of Nation Building from 2007 to 2010.

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    Isn’t these non-bailable offences? There is something radically wrong with our judiciary…….No wonder the international community insist for foreign judges to serve in our judicial system..

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      Mister you must study the criminal procedure before making comment on this type of thing… this is a direct indictment filed by DG of bribery C. Rohitha appears in court on notice.according to the provisions of Bail act if an accused appears in court on a notice he/she should be enlarged on Bail..( subjected to the jurisdiction of the court) here HC has the jurisdiction to try the offence and accused appears on notice. nothing wrong in that order.

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        Yes.They make it so easy for these rascals to appear in court and be released on bail immediately.For lesser mortals,the law is so tough that they will be arrested,produced and be remanded.Snatch thieves and common criminals enter parliament,plunder public funds and are enabled to go scott free.

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      Since you and I are from the same Village you should know the truth regarding this non declaration of Assets by Hon. Rohitha Abegunawardana aka Raththaran. Udu (Biru) we.. Dhammaloke Saadu could not reveal how the Elephant Calf came in to the Temple until suddenly he saw an Elephant Calf in the Temple premises. You and I have to believe this story as Dhammaloka Saadu never lie and we as pure Sinhala Buddhists and also we all must believe this story because Hon. Wimal Weerawansa also said the same thing.

      Believe me GAMAYA someone has dumped Large number of Money bags in Raththaran’s Garden like someone abandoned Elephant Calf at Uduwe’s Temple. Therefore this Yahapalana Govt. should not create any problem for this Innocent baby Politician. There are some incidents like this

      1. “Mata Mathaka Naha”- Duminda Silva – Bharatha Killing
      2. Someone abandoned Elephant Calf in my Temple – Ude (Biru) we…Dhammaloka.
      3. Someone dumped Some Money bags in my Garden and snake bite story – Rattaran.
      4. Money received from Japan to buy billions worth of Properties – Hon. Wimal Weerawansa.
      5. Billions worth of Properties belongs to Grand Mother – Yoshitha Rajapaksha.

      List will be very long GAMAYA.

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        Interestinly..this MINISTER. Also known as Raththarang had very humble beginings…he was a chain snatcher on trains and then the chauffer to Faleel Hajiar from Beruwala…a die hard slfper…(whose son Marjan. threw stones at CBK and Hirunika. during the elections.He had a warrant issued…god knows what happenen…This foul mouthed chain snatcher has made TONS of illegal money while being a minister …a reasin he cannot deckare his assers even tho he used proxies to buy properties.. a training by none other than MR BR. GR…

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      By the same token, this is the reason these crooks do not want the foreign judges to interfere in our affairs. Justice will be done when the Rajapakses and their cohorts are hauled before international courts for their crimes. Recently Radovan Karadjic was jailed by the international courts for his crimes in Serbia but what the Rajapakses did to the innocents of Sri Lanka was for a longer period and much worse.

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        Sylvia Haik

        ” Justice will be done when the Rajapakses and their cohorts are hauled before international courts for their crimes.”

        You mark my words.

        It won’t happen simply because Hindians will never allow MR, Gota and armed forces to be prosecuted.

        It was Hindian war against LTTE, they don’t want themselves to be dragged into this mess.

        As a regional power, the Hindians believe this could set a precedent for the western powers to poke their nose into Kashmir and other parts of India.

        MR, Gota, and armed forces are safe from serious war crime investigation, and the west is not interested in rocking the boat at least for now.

        Ranil needs MR as much as MR needs Ranil.

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      Your right TG. I agree with you. “There is something radically wrong with our judiciary…….” Yes, because our entire judicial system is a refuge for criminals to thrive. This’s in part what Sri Lankan hospitality means. We embrace, salute and welcome all sorts of criminals. After all, the DNA of prince Vijaya has to be visible somewhere. This is why we cannot take off as a emerging nation, and break free of our vices because the rule-of-law is non existent and we are caught in a web of corruption. This is the reason as to why the International community is critical of our judiciary.

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      Will Dayan Jayatilleke answer Thumpane Gamaya please?

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    Book tickets to avoid dissapointment.


    • 12




      Fully action packed comedy ADULT drama, Now SHOWING ONLY at
      DERANA, HIRU , CSN and at Abhayaramaya.

      • 3

        Sorry Apey Annduwa and Julampitiya Amare,

        The best actor award has already been decided – Wimal Weerawansa for his portrayal of a ‘fast unto death’ tragi comedian. Close behind him came Duminda Silva for his portrayal of a man lying in a Singapore hospital with gun shot wounds to his head.

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    I think he honestly wanted to do what his portfolio suggested to build a nation one person at a time.
    Where better to start than with himself. If you dint kick MR out of power he would have continued and made at least another 10 milliners from within the family.
    So the public has to take responsibility for derailing an objective driven person.

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    It’s better released them on bail otherwise its going to cost more money to the government prison hospital bed.

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    As is customary in SL. NOTHING will come out of this.

    My thoughts are; the no-action, action is to ensure, the current lot and and future lots too will benefit as this chap did when in power, codifying behavior as acceptable.

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    Here we go round the mulberry bush this cold and frosty morning……

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    Lumpen elements have captured the seats of Power.All this began in 1956 and the irony of it is that,an Aristocrat[SWRD] unleashed this lot.

    Perhaps,Sir.John Kotelawela was prophetic when he was defeated in 1956;He sent his driver to Parliament.Interestingly,Themis,a Post Peon was also elected in 1956.

    This chap Rohitha,is a mere extension of the rot that set in since then!
    Minister of Nation Building eh?
    My foot!

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    Thank you for your advise…
    Now can you tell me under what law was a school girl who robbed few coconuts to pay her school fees was remanded by the Judiciary and a well known rogue Rohitha who robbed our money to the tune of Billions get bail instantly? You called this law MY DEAR?

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      to Thumpane gamaya

      well, what you are trying to say is that lessor offender are treated rigorously and corrupted politicians are treated softly by the judiciary correct?

      it appears you are trying to getaway from the exact legal issue arisen in the present news item. if we talk about court ruling given for Rohitha A bailing him out in assets case, i repeat my version on the exciting law ( this is a direct indictment filed by DG of bribery C. Rohitha appears in court on notice.according to the provisions of Bail act if an accused appears in court on a notice he/she should be enlarged on Bail..( subjected to the jurisdiction of the court)

      hence the judges are bound by the Law and there is no discretion to remand a person who appears on notice. the little girls case is deferent, she is arrested for t he offence of theft which is a non bailable offence. if the girl appeared in court on notice ,she should have been released on bail.

      here Rohitha , has not been bribery commission ( non of accused in assets cases arrested so far by t he bribery com) arrest is not he duty of judiciary ,its done by the law enforcement authority… such as police, Bribery com. so what the judiciary should do is to apply the excisting law equally.

      so the existing Laws should be amended to curb corruption in this country and we must pursue to parliament to do that. no point criticizing Judiciary … and one must understand current criminal procedure before making allegations.

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        henchmen are protecting the thieves.

        what ever the amount he is a thief.

        Only problem for the country is, he is prosecuted for a minute fraction of what he had stolen.

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    What I heard, he had RS 400 million in his account but he could not give an explanation. that is long ago.

    Now recently.

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    “You can’t get rich in politics unless you are a crook”. proclaimed US President, Harry S. Truman.

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