6 July, 2022


Ruling Coalition Partner Communist Party Says They Are Not For Impeachment Of CJ

By Colombo Telegraph

“The Communist Party of Sri Lanka dissociates itself from the initiation of the process for impeachment of Mrs. Shirani Bandaranayake, Chief Justice” says the Communist Party of Sri Lanka.

Raja Collure

Issuing a statement its Chairman Raja Collure says “it notes that the motion for impeachment was brought forth in the background of a conflict between the judiciary and the Executive. Conflict between the judiciary and the Executive is a product of the Executive Presidential system and would continue to recur as long as the Executive Presidential system in place. Therefore our attention should be drawn to the urgency of abolishing the Executive Presidential system.”

“The political Bureau of the Communist Party of Sri Lanka has advice the Communist members of parliament to refrain from been nominated to the Select Committee on the impeachment.” he further says.

Lat week the Colombo Telegraph reported that the Politbureau of the Lanka Sama Samaja Party (LSSP) has instructed its national organizer and MP for Kegalle District, Y.G. Padmasiri to withdraw his signature from the impeachment motion against the Chief Justice.

The Politbureau had earlier decided that LSSP MPs should not sign the impeachment motion. However, after a meeting President Mahinda Rajapakse had with UPFA leaders, Minister Tissa Vitarana who is also the Secretary of the LSSP had unilaterally instructed MP Padmasiri to sign the motion. At the Politbureau meeting held on 02nd November, members had been highly critical of the Minister for overriding a decision of the Party. Sources said that Minister Vitarana had been greatly embarrassed and had apologized for what happened. Thereafter, the Politbureau had instructed Mr Padmasiri to write to the Speaker and withdraw his signature.

This episode comes in the wake of the Communist Party Special Congress that took place on 28 October resolving in a self-criticism that voting for the 18th Amendment was a mistake. On 02 November, the Politbureau of the CP had censured Minister Chandrasiri Gajadheera for signing the impeachment motion against the Chief Justice without its permission. Gajadheera had explained that Minister DEW Gunasekera had instructed him to do so. Minister Gunasekera had come in for severe criticism and the Politbureau has decided that the two CP MPs should obtain instructions from the Politbureau in future.

Meanwhile Democratic Left Front Secretary and Minister of National Languages and Social Integration Vasudeva Nanayakkara said that the party leaders have not signed the impeachment motion. Nanayakkara told The Sunday Leader that he will give his views on the motion once he sees the allegations after it is presented in Parliament this week.

Read the press statement here;  English and Sinhala

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    The “The Communist Party of Sri Lanka” is long dead and gone. These are bunch of opportunists who are clinging on to the terror regime for privileges. They all are ailing with osteoporosis as they don’t have a back bone to stand against injustices and corruption that are taking place. the worst perpetrator is DEW Gunasekara who doesn’t have any principles whats or ever.

    They are the worst enemy of the masses and i am sure S a wickramasinghe must be turning in his grave.

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    Hope that other ‘Independent Parties’ in the UPFA will also have the courage to do what is good for the country.

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    CP and LSSP are becoming a laughing stock. They asked their MPs to sign the impeachment and then when they see the tide is going against, ask them to withdraw. How can a MP withdraw what he has already signed. They should read carefully what they sign and then do it. Withdrawing after signing shows how stupid our politicians are.
    Even the 18th Amendment they signed gleefully and now after doing the damage to the country and the whole system they confess what they did is wrong. What for, to escape the blame after necessary damage is done and after their positions and perks and all other befits are enjoyed. These people are real jokers.

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    These renegade leftists they first misled the working class till they got positions in fake socialist Govts. and then continue to mislead the whole country. They should first sent out of the political arena before others are dealt with.

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    Why has it taken so long for the Chairman of the CPSL to wake up to the realisation that the Executive Presidential sy which he and his party buttressed and supported for over 18 years or so has now suddenly outlived it’s purpose?
    Having fattened themselves like rats he feels it is now high time to jump the sinking UPFA ship that has stuck ground.
    He cannot fool the people any more.
    It is better if he and all those in the CPSL get back on board and go down together.
    Their earstwhile leaders, Dr.Wicks;Vaithi;Saranankaro Thero;PBGK;MGM all must be spinning in their graves.
    The LSSP and Tissa V deserve no comment.

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    Communist party bosses and LSSP bosses, what perks are you looking for by opposing the impeachment of the CJ?

    • 0

      Well, for Tissa Vitarana- a few more trips abroad to study scientific affairs, with his consultant of course. For DEW, nothing much- a couple of years more of perks. Vasu will also join- a promise that the son will be looked after. These guys don’t ask for much. But they want to enjoy what they have got.

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    This is one BIG CIRCUS OF CLOWNS.

    Look what has happened:

    CP: MP signs motion – censures DEW for instructing him to do so –then instructs MPs to refrain from being nominated to the Select Committee.

    Now telling us that Party support for the most draconian bit of legislation introduced in Parliament – the 18th Amendment- was a MISTAKE.

    LSSP: MP signs motion – now asked to withdraw it. Then censures Vitharne for over-riding a decision of the Party. This is nothing new to Vitharne since he is the same man who over-rode the Party’s decision not to support the 18th Amendment. He is still around ( without any Party stricture for that crime) –and “greatly embarrassed too!

    We now have to wait to see what Comrade Vasu will say…and DO.

    It is best for all if these 3 parties are disbanded – because their high sounding Politbureaus add up to nothing. Their members could then hang on ( for dear life), like the 20 odd UNP pole valuaters , without any party affiliations – and free to do the bidding of the President.

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